Iphone 5 How to Install Applications

Iphone 5 How to Install Applications

It seems that it could be easier. install the application from the AppStore on iPhone! However, during this procedure, users experience difficulties associated most often with the quality of mobile coverage. With the ill-fated E even downloading a simple utility weighing 10 MB turns into a torment. what can we say about professional programs like iMovie. If the quality of mobile coverage is poor, the iPhone will only make miserable attempts to download the application, after which it will inform you that downloading is not possible.

The described problem is very relevant for people who live on the outskirts of their cities. Fortunately, changing the operator in order to be able to install applications on the iPhone, in this case is not necessary. it is better to use the power of the stationary (wired) Internet.

How to install the program from the AppStore directly from the iPhone?

There are several ways to download the application on iPhone, and first you need to consider the simplest, but requiring a stable 3G / 4G connection. downloading directly from the “apple” device. The user is required to perform the following actions:

Step 2. In the search engine “drive in” the name of the application that interests you. Then click the “To find”(“Search») In the lower right corner.

You can also search for popular apps on Apple collections and top charts. To do this, you should use the appropriate tabs in the bottom panel.

Then click on “Install“(“Install”).

Step 4. Enter password from Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple account yet, you’ll have to get one. Our site also talks about how to create an account on the iPhone.

The difference between iOS and Android is that when downloading programs, the owner of the iPhone will be forced to enter the password from Apple ID each time. In the case of Android, this is not required.

If the password is entered correctly, the “Install”Appears circular loading indicator.

In addition, you can judge how far the download process has come by the icon on one of the desktops.

Step 5. Wait for the download to complete. Installing programs on the iPhone is automatic.

The more modern the operating system installed on your iPhone, the higher your chances of downloading the application. Each of the programs in the AppStore has iOS version requirements. For example, a popular application Periscope It’s impossible to download to a gadget with the 7th OS, because this software requires a minimum of iOS 8.0.

You should learn from the following message that you should “upgrade”:

How to download applications on iPhone via iTunes?

The second way to download applications is a great solution for users whose mobile Internet leaves much to be desired. Need to use the program iTunes on the PC and already through it transfer applications to the “apple” gadget. Follow this instruction:

Step 1. Run Aytuns and go to the “Programs”.

Step 2. Select the “Appstore”.

Step 3. In the search bar, write the name of the application you want to download. Then click Enter.

On the PC screen, the results will appear on request in two rows: “IPhone Apps”And”IPad Apps”. In our case, we need a program for the iPhone, so we are looking in the front row.

Step 4. Having found the necessary application, click the “Download”Located under the icon.

Step 5. Enter password from Apple ID. as mentioned above, this is a mandatory procedure. Then click “Buy”.

At the speeds that modern wired Internet offers, most programs download in just a few seconds. Go to the tab “Media Library»- if the application is listed, then the download was successful.

All downloaded applications are stored in the computer’s memory in a folder that can be found on the path C: UsersUsernameMusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications. Application format for iPhone.ipa.

Next, we need a mobile device.

Step 6. Connect the iPhone to the PC, go to the device control menu by clicking on the button with the image of the smartphone.

Step 7. Start the synchronization process of the mobile device and iTunes.

Once the process is complete, you will find the application on one of the iPhone desktops. If it is not there, it means that copying the program did not happen due to an insufficient version of the OS.

How to transfer programs from an Apple device to a PC and why is it needed?

You can transfer applications not only from a PC to a mobile device, but also in the opposite direction. Why do you need to do this? Everything is very simple: if the program is stored on a computer, you can download it to iPhone if necessary even in the absence of the Internet. By copying the utility to a PC, you can erase it from the memory of the mobile device so that it does not take up memory.

Transferring programs from iPhone to computer is done like this:

Step 1. Run Aytuns and select the “File”.

Step 2. Find the “Devices”And click on the item”Move purchases from iPhone»In the menu that opens.

Synchronization will begin, at the end of which all the programs will be saved on the hard disk of the computer.

How to download applications to iPhone through third-party file managers?

Copying applications to iPhone is possible not only through iTunes, but also with the help of third-party file managers, which have several advantages over the official media combine:

  • Do not require jailbreak and internet connection.
  • Do not sync.
  • Provide high speed data exchange.

Traditionally, two utilities are given as an example: iFunBox and iTools. We will consider how to transfer applications, using the first example. you can download it here:

Step 1. Download the desired program from the AppStore on your PC and run iFunBox.

Step 2. Connect the smartphone to the computer via the USB cable and make sure that the utility recognized the device. In the upper panel should appear the name of the “apple” gadget and its modification.

Step 3. Click on the “Install app»And through the explorer find on the PC hard drive the program that you want to transfer.

Then click “Open”. So you start the data transfer process, the progress of which can be monitored using the indicator at the bottom of the utility window.

At the end of the process, you will see a report that will show how many applications have been installed successfully.

Please note that the developers iFunBox They don’t recommend downloading applications that weigh more than 1 GB through their program. There is a risk that such an application will crash immediately after the initial splash screen.

How to download and install a tweak on iPhone with jailbreak?

What to do if you need to download a tweak?

Step 1. Add the repository from which you intend to download the application. This is done through the button “Sources”.

Please note that the list on the right offers the most popular repositories. in particular, Bigboss and Modmyy. To add another to the list, click “Edit”, Then”Add”.

Step 2. Enter the name of the tweak that interests you in the search bar and wait for the search results.

Step 3. After finding the desired tweak, click on it. The page representing the application will open. here, click on the “Install”.

It remains only to wait for the download to complete. As you can see, the only difference between the procedures for downloading tweaks and official applications is the need to add repositories when using Cydia.

iFunBox and iTools can also be used to download tweaks on the iPhone. Another interesting application that can perform the functions of an intermediary is iFile. If you have such a utility on your mobile device, you don’t even have to have a computer at hand. Can download deb-package through any browser on iPhone. iFile will take care of turning such a set of documents into an application.


IPhone users constantly complain about lack of memory, but at the same time continue to install applications, the importance of which, to put it mildly, is doubtful. Solving the memory problem is really simple: it is recommended to transfer all the programs that are stored on your smartphone “for a rainy day” and are not used regularly on a PC. For the computer’s hard drive, the place occupied by iPhone applications is a drop in the bucket. The very same mobile device “breathe” will be much easier.