Iphone 5 Does Not Turn On Without a SIM Card

The very first question after buying a brand new iPhone 5S or lower model, the first question arises after turning on “How to carry out the activation procedure?”. Aplle is very careful about its devices and wants to minimize the risk of a user getting a fake, in connection with which the activation procedure was introduced. We will describe in detail each step that needs to be done in order for the iPhone to start working fully.

In our article, we will consider two ways of activation with a SIM and without a SIM card, since very often the owners of unofficial gadgets are interested in this.

Activating an iPhone with a SIM card

1. Unpack the gadget and insert nano – sim into a special compartment. If you have a micro sim, then you can read the “how to make nano-SIM from micro-SIM” method;
2. Turn on the smartphone, to do this, press and hold the power button for about 3-4 seconds, it is located on top of the smartphone;
3. After switching on, select the country of residence and the language used;

4. Next, select to enable or disable the geolocation service, this is necessary for applications such as the navigator, maps, etc. Note that you can refuse this and do it yourself in the Settings menu;

5. Then we connect to the available WiFi network or use the mobile Internet of our operator. Important: if the Internet is distributed from another mobile tablet or smartphone, activation will not be completed correctly;

6. We are waiting for the completion of activation and initial configuration;

7. Three options will be proposed to end the process:

A) Use as a new device;

B) Recover from iCloud;

C) Recover from iTunes.

8. For new gadgets, option A is acceptable, if you had previously Apple devices, then select the appropriate option to restore the settings. Next, we will consider option A;

Iphone 5 Does Not Turn On Without a SIM Card

9.Create your Apple ID and accept the terms of the license agreement;

10. The last step remains: here we will be asked to enable services such as “iCloud”, “Password Protection”
And “Find your iPhone” will also offer to send diagnostic data about the device to the developer, you choose all this at your discretion;

11. The whole device is activated, you can safely use it.

IPhone activation without a SIM card

Very important, this is a rather dangerous method that can confirm your gadget. For this, you first need to jailbreak iOS 7 (latest version) and install Cydia.

This issue will be relevant by the owner of unofficial smartphones. To do this, you need to have a tweak SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module), which is available in Cydia. This tweak will do all the necessary work and your gadget will be “officially” activated.

1. After the jailbreak, go to the welcome screen;
2. We type 112;
3. Press the power button and click on cancel;
4. From above you will see a green strip along which we tap and do a reset;
5. Connect to WiFi and run Cydia, add the following repo repo.bingner.com repository;
6. We put SAM and SAMPrefs;
7. We reboot the device and activate it via iTunes.

Below is a tutorial on how to activate your iPhone.