Iphone 4s Flashing Backlight

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Professional repair may not be necessary if an apple blinks while charging the iPhone and the device does not start. The cause of the malfunction may be minor system malfunctions or lack of power due to a broken USB cable. Try turning on the device with the original charger. If the iPhone still blinks below, do a self-diagnosis and check the device for mechanical damage.

Scratches and chips can cause a malfunction of the modem, cable, motherboard and other internal elements of the device. It is not worth it to replace the broken parts of your device yourself. seek the help of qualified specialists who will help if the device blinks below and does not work correctly.

Why the device does not start

Software errors can lead to the fact that when the charging is connected, your device does not turn on and the logo blinks. the apple icon. The following problems can lead to this:

  • wear parts
  • low battery
  • moisture in the iPhone
  • system problems

Also, when you turn on the iPhone, the apple icon may appear and blink for a long time if the settings were incorrect. For your device to start working correctly, reset the indicators.

If the phone is sitting down and does not charge due to falls, the problem may be more serious. Connectors could be damaged from the shock or the cable could disconnect. If you do not have professional equipment and experience in disassembling equipment, you should not try to repair the device yourself. Qualitatively and accurately troubleshoot iPhone iPhone can only be a qualified specialist who is versed in the technical features of Apple devices.

How to restore the device

If you use an original and working charger, but the iPhone still does not turn on and the logo blinks, you need to perform a series of actions that will lead to the restoration of the device.

Effective solutions to the problem:

  • hard reset iPhone
  • software update and network reset
  • RAM cleaning

To clean the RAM and restart all applications, just restart the phone. This option is suitable for any Apple technology. If the phone turned on after cleaning the memory, the reason that the smartphone did not work normally and the apple blinked was hidden in applications freezing.

How to perform a hard reboot

If an apple blinks on the screen when charging the iPhone, and the device itself does not turn on, try a hard reset. This method will fix some system problems.

Hard Reboot Stages:

  • disconnect the device from the charger
  • hold the power and home buttons for a couple of seconds
  • wait for the apple to appear on the display

If the reason that the apple blinks while charging is to change the settings and set the wrong parameters, the method will not help to correct the situation. In such cases, a complete data reset and installation of new software is required.

To update the software, follow these steps:

Iphone 4s Flashing Backlight
  • launch iTunes on PC
  • connect your device (the Apple logo should appear on the screen)
  • turn off the device by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons
  • release the power button after the screen goes dark (the icon should not light)
  • release the Home button after iTunes informs you that data recovery has begun
  • confirm iTunes recovery software

The software update will be performed in DFU mode. until the programs are restored, the display should remain black, the Apple logo will not appear on it. After the data download is finished, try connecting the device. The manufacturer recommends using only the original charging and USB cables.

When professional repair is needed

If the phone still sat down after rebooting and restoring the software, and an apple icon blinks during the connection, the cause of the breakdown may be hardware problems. To eliminate breakdowns, it is most often necessary to replace the following elements:

  • motherboard
  • power button
  • power controller
  • flash memory

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