Iphone 4 Video Doesn’t Work

iPhones are smartphones that are gaining popularity every year. There may be many reasons for the iPhone 4s not working sound, but they are all divided into hardware and software.

If the sound ceased to function normally after the phone simply fell, or got water, then the problem is on the hardware level, it is better to repair it yourself, it’s better not to try, contact the service center for help.

If the sound disappeared for no reason, then most likely the problem is in the software glitch. Here you can try to return the sound yourself.

Identify the problem

First you need to find out that there is no sound only in the speakers, or in the headphones too.

Check the sound at:

  • launch applications
  • listening to audio recordings;
  • a call arrives (receiving SMS messages is also suitable).

Iphone 4 Doesn't Work

It happens that the sound is normally heard both in the headphones and in the speakers, but when the application starts, it disappears, or it works only in the headphones. 99% is a software bug.

By the way, if the sound in the application works only in headphones, then there is a way out.

Follow these steps:

  1. connect the headphones;
  2. enter the application;
  3. Hold down the volume up button;
  4. With the button held down, you need to sharply pull out the headphones and continue to hold the volume button.

In most cases, this procedure helps to solve the problem with sound in applications.

We also advise you to try to lightly press the phone down from the top and bottom of the speaker, or gently tap on this place. If during compression or tapping the sound appears for a few seconds, then the physical problem is in the hardware. It is necessary in any case to carry to the service center.

If the problem could not be accurately identified, then this can be a serious software glitch, which cannot be eliminated by rebooting and resetting the settings. We recommend either updating the firmware or reflashing the phone.

It is also worth considering that if you have an Unlock phone, jailbreak and install cydia, then this may be the problem. Re-flashing should help.

Turn up the volume

If the sound does not work either on the stationary speakers of the phone or on the headphones, try adding volume with the volume up button (it is located at the end of the phone). If the sound is set to maximum, but you don’t hear anything when playing a melody, read the article further.

Reboot device

If you checked that the volume on the smartphone is set correctly, but there is still no sound, try restarting the phone. Hold the lock button, wait until the phone turns off, and then turn it back on with the same action.

If the reboot did not help, we recommend that you back up the data and reset the settings on the phone.

This is done in this way:

  1. go to the settings of our iPhone 4s;
  2. select the item “Basic”;
  3. click on “Reset”;

We make a backup just in case, but still, after resetting the, music, contacts, notes and other personal data should be saved.

Connector problem

Most often, the sound stops working on the iPhone 4s after listening to music on headphones. A man listened to music, pulled out a headset, and then, during a call, hears neither the call itself nor the person who is ringing, and when adding sound to the menu he writes “Headphones”.

In this case, the problem is in the headphone jack. Either it is broken or clogged. Try cleaning it with a damp cotton swab slightly moistened with alcohol, and then blow it a little with a hairdryer. If the problem is not solved, then the nest is broken.

Sometimes people do not carefully pull out the headphones, and the plug from them remains inside. As a result, the phone thinks that the headphones are inserted, but in fact they are not. Phones with such a problem are brought to the services, but not often.

Sound control chip

If the sound stops working after a strong phone fall, or after getting moisture inside the device, then there is a problem with the sound control chip. The only solution is to go to the service center and change the chip. Expensive, but the phone will work fully. If this part is broken, then there will be no sound either in the headphones or without the headphones.

Mechanical strain

If the sound is on your favorite iPhonenot gone after a strong fall, there can be many reasons, for example:

  • the sound control chip is out of order;
  • the speaker moved away from the board;
  • the speaker is broken;
  • motherboard is damaged.

These are the most common fall failures related to sound.

Moisture has gotten and the sound has stopped working on the iPhone 4s

The telephone is a rather delicate technique. In order for it to fail due to moisture, it is not necessary to throw it in a river or a glass of water. You will be surprised if you learn that the phones fail after talking in light rain, or after a person inadvertently took it with wet hands.

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Moisture can either completely break the phone, or bring out certain functions of it, including sound. Both the speakers and the sound control chips fail. To correctly diagnose a breakdown, you need to contact a service center.

If your phone has got into water, then the first thing to do is turn it off and, if possible, turn off the power. Blackout occurs by pulling out the battery.

The problem is that iPhone phones do not have direct access to the battery, that is, you need to disassemble half of the smartphone to get it. If you do not have experience disassembling Apple appliances, we advise you not to try to disassemble your iPhone 4s yourself. Just turn it off and take it to specialists soon.

Safety net clogged

If the sound did not disappear completely, but became muffled, fuzzy, interference appeared, then the problem is in the protective grid of the speakers. You just need to clean it with a cotton swab. It is very simple to check the operability after cleaning.

First record something on the recorder, and then listen. This will check both the microphone and speakers. We recommend that you clean the microphone jack.

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Regardless of the source of the problem, we advise, if possible, to give the phone for diagnosis to official service centers. In addition, she is free there. If a person lives in a small village, then most likely there will be no official Apple SC nearby, you will have to find out the cause of the breakdown yourself. Stick to the above tips, and in no case do not climb inside the smartphone without experience in this!