Iphone 4 S Turns On and Off

Iphone 4 S Turns On and Off

Salon consultants shrug: iPhones that do not turn on after the “apple is burning” are brought under warranty regularly. Customers are not even aware that they can solve this problem on their own. and the troubleshooting will take a minimum of time.

The opinion that the Apple technology is the most reliable is outdated; Now iPhones are regular “guests” of service centers. One of the most common iPhone malfunctions is popularly nicknamed “white apple”: The gadget starts up, the apple is on the screen for a long time, then the screen just goes blank.

Users, not knowing what to do in such a situation, immediately bring their gadgets to service centers, although they can also fix the malfunction with their own hands. without material expenses or a 45-day wait for warranty repairs. How to get rid of the “white apple”?

When you turn on the iPhone freezes: possible causes

Ordinary iPhone users are often the victims of wars between hacker teams. the very ones that develop jailbreaks. For example, grouping Evad3rs overtake the rest of the team and jailbreak iOS 7 first led to the fact that the problem of freezing “apple” gadgets on the logo in 2013 acquired the scale of a real epidemic. Due to the “damp” jailbreak utility Evasi0n 7 smartphones fell into cyclic reboot. sequentially turned on and off until the charge runs out.

Unsuccessful jailbreak and installing a “buggy” tweak. these are two reasons that in the vast majority of cases cause a “white apple”!

However, if the iPhone turns on before the “apple” and turns off, this can be caused not only by a stupid attempt to “hack” the device, but also by a malfunction of the gadget at the hardware level. Here are the hardware problems that can provoke the appearance of a “white apple”:

  • Power failure. Such a breakdown is a consequence of a sharp surge in voltage. In order to protect the gadget from a power circuit malfunction, do not put it on charge during a thunderstorm.
  • Battery outage. You can extend the life of the battery if you use exclusively original and high-quality charging. Owners of old mobile devices are advised not to let the battery run out completely.
  • Motherboard malfunction. Such a breakdown does not immediately make itself felt. If the apple burns on the screen longer with each launch of the iPhone, the user should take this as a symptom and start saving money for repairs.

The problem of the “white apple”, finally, may be due to the fact that the gadget just froze. On the Apple website there is the following scale:

From this illustration it is easy to understand that the stable operation of the iPhone at a temperature below 32 ° Fahrenheit (which corresponds to 0 ° Celsius) manufacturer does not guarantee. If your smartphone is at a temperature of 4 ° Fahrenheit (-20 ° Celsius) for a long time, just wait for trouble.

The easiest way to get rid of the “white apple” caused by the low ambient temperature is to place the iPhone in a dry, warm place and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes.

What to do if iPhone doesn’t turn on after jailbreak?

Step 1. Turn off your smartphone.

Step 2. Hold down the volume up button () on the side of the iPhone.

Step 3. Hold down the key and try to start the mobile device.

An iPhone turned on in this way loads without programs from Cydia. If the gadget turns on normally with the volume key held down, It’s definitely in one of the tweaks.

It will not work to establish exactly which jailbreak tweak is problematic. erase the programs one at a time (starting from the one that was last downloaded) and after each operation try to launch the smartphone in the usual way.

If and with the volume key held down the smartphone does not turn on, the user has no choice but to tear down jailbreak. We talked about several ways to remove a jailbreak from an iPhone. if you have a “white apple” problem, we recommend flashing apparatus.

Flashing. it only sounds scary, in fact the procedure is quite simple:

Step 1. Run iTunes and connect the iPhone cable to the PC.

Step 2. Transfer your smartphone to DFU mode. If this is not done, the PC simply will not see the connected gadget. You will find detailed instructions on how to activate DFU-mode on iPhone in our article on DFU-Mode.

Step 3. IN iTunes A notification appears that an iPhone is detected in recovery mode.

Step 4. Click on the button “Restore iPhone.”.

iTunes he will download and install a new firmware on the gadget. You just have to wait for the completion of the procedure.

Re-flashing in the described way is fraught with the loss of all data. the user will receive a completely “clean” device.

How to get rid of the “white apple” if the jailbreak is not on the iPhone?

If the “white apple” appeared on the iPhone, unbroken, the owner of the device first thing is to do a little test: restart the smartphone and after 5 minutes try to call him. What will give such a test? Very simple: if dialing is going, that means the gadget’s download is interrupted at the very last stage. therefore, access to the file system of the mobile device can. And if there is access to the file system, then there is the opportunity to demolish the “buggy” applications that provoked the “white apple” problem.

Through iTunes Making changes to the iPhone file system will fail. You will have to use one of the alternative file managers. for example, iFunBox or iTools.

Connect the gadget to the PC and through the file manager erase the applications downloaded recently, one at a time (similar to tweaks), alternating the delete operations with the checks.

Let’s go back to the test with a call: what to do if the result of the experiment is negative and the call on the iPhone with a “white apple” does not go? This test result indicates hardware problem: Only technical docks, masters of a soldering iron and a multimeter can fix it yourself. If you cannot call yourself the “guru” of mobile technology, you should not open the iPhone and climb into the filling. make it worse. Better pass the broken “apple” gadget into the caring hands of the service center masters.


If the problem is “white apple”Appeared after an unsuccessful jailbreak, you should not hang your nose. In this case, you can fix the problem yourself. by flashing the smartphone and removing previously downloaded tweaks from Cydia.

But if the “apple” “hangs” on the iPhone, which did not go through the hacking procedure, for the owner of the gadget this is an alarming bell. It is very likely that the iPhone refuses to turn on due to a hardware failure, to eliminate which you will have to contact the service.