Iphone 4 And 4s What Differ

After the release of the new iPhone 4s, many began to wonder whether it is worth changing the previous model to a new one and what exactly the differences exist between these phones. A number of updates and improvements that distinguish the iPhone 4 from the next 4c is quite wide and concerns various properties of the gadget.

Processor and Performance

Major updates to the 4S model relate directly to the internal content of the gadget. Now, customers can access a phone with a large memory card, namely 64 GB, compared to the fact that iPhone 4 could only be purchased with 32 and 16 gigabytes of memory.

The novelty now boasts a 2-core A5 processor, which makes it more powerful and increases battery life. The GPU has become 9 times more powerful. These updates have helped make the new iPhone 4s almost 2 times more productive.

Iphone 4 And 4s What Differ

Comparison of technical specifications of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4s also added a new navigation system, in addition to GPS navigation, now you can use the GLONASS system, which was developed, and is becoming an increasingly real competitor to GPS. Novelty has acquired an advanced Bluetooth module. 4.0. The previous gadget was equipped with a 2.1 EDR module, which was weaker.

Test of speed and performance

Another clear improvement is that now, 4s supports both GSM and CDMA. This means that the new iPhone is becoming a “world” phone, and can be used in almost every place in the world. Using the Internet has become much easier, a page on the Internet loads a couple of seconds faster. This will be a great plus for users who use the function of accessing the World Wide Web quite often.

Design Differences

The external data of the phones is almost identical, if you do not consider in more detail both models. Color schemes remained the same, you can buy black or white. There are a number of minor differences that make it possible to distinguish iPhone 4 from 4s.

  • Firstly, there is a slight difference in weight, the iPhone 4s is heavier than the previous one, the difference in weight between gadgets is only 3 grams.
  • Secondly, if you look closely, you will notice that the sound control button in 4c is slightly lowered. This is the most noticeable difference in the appearance of the new gadget.

Distinctive features of models 4 and 4S

The difference is due to the fact that the antenna located on the side rib is interrupted from the location of this button. The new iPhone 4c is equipped with not just one, but two antennas. Two antennas are located in metal corners. Previously, communication problems could arise, because during a conversation, you could accidentally block the antenna with your finger, which worsened the connection.

But this was taken into account when developing a new model. The antennas were improved, so now the new iPhone is equipped with the so-called “smart” switching function. This will help to make communication between subscribers better and eliminate problems that might arise with iPhone 4.

Otherwise, the appearance of both phones is almost the same, the difference is almost not noticeable. This decision is most likely due to the fact that Apple products are already popular in the markets, and it makes no sense to try to improve the previously developed design, since it is quite convenient for users.

Photo and

Significant changes can be noticed when using the shooting mode. To begin with, the camera of the new iPhone 4s has become an order of magnitude better. Its extension in the new iPhone is 8 megapixels, which is very different from the one built into 4.

The pictures taken on the iPhone 4s will be clearer, and the color rendition is even closer to real colors. When shooting portrait images, or just people, the skin will not differ in purple, the color will be more natural.

When shooting, 4s owners can record in FullHD extension, and the previous model could record only in 720p format. In addition, the camera is now 30% faster. Also, it has software image stabilization, which will make files that were recorded in motion much better.

With insufficient lighting, the pictures will now also turn out much better, since they have reduced graininess. The difference between the pictures taken on iPhone 4 and 4c is very noticeable.

Test photo and

Siri application became available for users, which gave the letter s in the name of the new model. This program was developed specifically for ios, and has a wide range of features that can greatly facilitate the lives of those who purchase an iPhone 4C.

Siri is a personal assistant and help desk all rolled into one. The program will be able to study the user’s preferences, although it will take a certain amount of time, and it will be adjusted individually for each person. This program will be able to help you with an organizer, an alarm clock and with all other phone functions, it will be able to fulfill any search query quickly and efficiently.

The program is controlled by voice. In American models, Siri has a female voice, and in those that were produced in Great Britain, a male voice. This choice is due to the psychological factor.

Siri Voice Control Review

In conclusion, we want to focus on the fact that Apple products have firmly established themselves in the markets and the choice of phones of this brand, regardless of whether it is 4 or 4c, will be a good solution for you.

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I think that in a certain area I was impressed by the voiced voice of Aihon 4 (s). Just great fellows worthy feat (Hurray).

My girlfriend has an iPhone 4, and I have 4 s, but she has a better camera. That is, on an iPhone 4 camera is better than on an iPhone 4s

A 4s camera should be better. Try wiping the lens =).

Question. And will the rear camera fit from 4S to 4 ??

The answer. No), even if it seems to you that it is suitable, it will not. Faced with this repeatedly, visually it seems the same thing, but in fact something is different.

My friend can listen to music on her classmates, she has 4, but I do not have 4s

It’s not about the phone model, but in the version of the add-on through which she listens to this music. You can catch the essence of this article on the example of the add-on “Vkontakte 2 ″

Wai Wai does not work on iPhone (((what to do. and the price of repair

Look here, I won’t tell you the price, since we don’t do repairs.

Hey. Here’s such a question: why does the sound not work on iPhone 4 (when I talk on the phone, I can’t hear the interlocutor almost)