iPhone 11 pro how much RAM

Installed memory in BIOS or UEFI of a computer or laptop

Information about the installed RAM can also be found in the BIOS (UEFI) of your PC or laptop (see How to enter BIOS / UEFI in Windows 10).

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In the BIOS of different manufacturers and different versions, this information is located in different locations: sometimes on the main page (Main), sometimes in separate sections like System Information or RAM (DRAM) Configuration. On a PC, these sections usually provide information about the amount of installed memory, frequency and voltage (as well as additional information and settings).

Determining the amount of RAM of a computer or laptop using Windows

Windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7 provide simple utilities to view your computer’s settings, including hardware specifications regarding the amount of RAM. First about the method for all the latest OS versions, and then a separate method for Windows 10.

  • Press the WinR keys on the keyboard (the Win key is the key with the OS logo), the Run dialog box will open, type msinfo32 into it and press Enter.
  • The system information window will be launched. In it, in the first tab, you will see the item “Installed RAM” and its size in GB. This is information about how much RAM is on your computer.

If you have Windows 10 installed, then you can use the following method and get more detailed information about the installed RAM:

  • Open the task manager (for this, you can right-click on the “Start” button and select the appropriate item in the context menu that opens). If you see the “Details” button at the bottom of the Task Manager window, click on it. If not, go to the “Performance” tab.
  • On the Performance tab, select Memory. As a result, in the upper right corner you will see the total amount of installed RAM and its type (DDR4, DDR3, etc.), and in the column at the bottom right (can be cut off when the window size is small). the frequency (in the “Speed” section, and the amount used memory slots (slots).
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Keep in mind that information about the number of used slots may turn out to be incorrect (especially for laptops): sometimes, if there are only 2 RAM slots, the system “sees” 4.

Why the iPhone 11 only has 4GB RAM and Android phones have 12?

How to find out how much RAM is on a computer

If you need to find out how much random access memory (RAM) is installed on your computer or laptop, as well as get additional information about it: current frequency, number of occupied RAM slots, type, model or voltage. this can be done both by built-in system tools and using third-party free programs (in the latter case, you can get more information).

This tutorial details the various methods for determining how much GB of RAM is installed on your PC or laptop, as well as some additional information that you might find helpful. If you are interested in how to find out how much memory your computer supports, I touched on this topic in a separate article: How to increase the RAM of a laptop (also relevant for desktop computers). Also useful: Is it possible to put RAM of different sizes, frequencies, voltages.

Using third-party software to find out how much GB of RAM is installed

Third-party programs for determining the amount of memory and other characteristics of a computer are good because they allow you to get more detailed information about various RAM parameters. There are many different programs for viewing computer characteristics, but in the context of this article, I would recommend using the free CPU-Z, which can be downloaded as an installer or portable version in a ZIP archive from the official website https://www.cpuid.com/softwares /cpu-z.html

After starting the program, go to the “Memory” tab. Here, in the “General” section, you will see basic information about the installed memory (I do not specifically touch on some parameters as unnecessary in the context of the article):

  • Type. memory type.
  • Size. the total size of the RAM.
  • Channel. in what mode the memory works. Usually: Single (single channel) or Dual (two channel).
  • NB Frequency is the current frequency of the memory controller (not the same as the memory frequency and not exactly for beginners). Sometimes the item may be inactive (on older systems) and do not display information.

You can see the current current memory frequency in the Timings. DRAM Frequency section. It can “jump” and be two times less than the declared frequency in the characteristics of your RAM module. this is normal (we get twice the frequency due to the operation of the dual-channel mode, but this field will still display the actual frequency), small the downward difference from the “round” number is also normal and depends mostly on the processor of a computer or laptop.

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Separately, on the SPD tab in CPU-Z, by selecting a specific slot in the upper left, you can get information about the characteristics of each installed memory module: from the main (for beginners). type, maximum frequency, manufacturer, model of the memory module (in the Part Number section). memory module size, voltage (below, in the table under Voltage).

There are other programs that provide similarly detailed information. Popular, but not entirely free. AIDA64.

And a simple video showing the first two ways to find out how much RAM is installed on your system.

Hope the tutorial was helpful. If something is not completely clear, I look forward to your comments.

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RAM iPhone 11

Partially information OnLeaks was confirmed even before the release of new products. A few days before the presentation, the results of synthetic testing of the iPhone 11 hit the Web, which showed that the smartphone is equipped with an A13 processor, about 13% more powerful than the A12, and 4 GB of RAM. This news did not cause much excitement, since the iPhone XS and XS Max had exactly the same amount, which did not notice a special performance increase compared to the iPhone XR.

In addition to the amount of RAM, Hommerstoffer revealed data on the battery capacity of the 2019 iPhone. Of course, the most tangible upgrade touched the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How much RAM is in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

One of the characteristics of the iPhone, which Apple prefers not to reveal either at the presentation or after it, is the amount of RAM. Not that Cupertino considered it useless, just until recently the company’s branded smartphones could not boast of something special. At the end of the day, 2GB of RAM is something that is best not to talk about at all, even if your operating system is super-rational about device resources. Apple continued the tradition this year, but in vain.

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According to insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as OnLeaks, this year Apple has significantly increased the amount of RAM in its smartphones. So, the iPhone 11 received 4 GB, and the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. 6 GB each. This upgrade really can be considered significant, since last year’s iPhone XR only had 3 GB of RAM, which, although it was enough for stable operation, was clearly not enough for bragging.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing & First Look. The Real PRO | Surprise������

What battery does the iPhone 11 have

  • iPhone 11. 3110 mAh, iPhone XR. 2942 mAh;
  • iPhone 11 Pro. 3190 mAh, iPhone XS. 2658 mAh;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max. 3500mAh, iPhone XS Max. 3174mAh.

In the case of batteries, the increase was more noticeable. Anyway, in relation to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, which received an additional 4 and 5 hours of battery life compared to its predecessors. Well, who will now say that the upgrade of new products turned out to be a pass-through?

In fact, it is difficult to say unequivocally why Apple immediately decided to double the RAM. It is unlikely that in a year the situation on the market of applications could change so much that they began to require more than 3 GB of RAM. Therefore, I would bet that Cupertino simply succumbed to the general trend, of course, provided that this information is true. After all, a company like Apple would be ashamed to show such a significant lag behind the flagships on Android, which already have 12 GB of RAM.

Previously, when the RAM was measured in hundreds of megabytes, it was easier to transfer the superiority of competitors. I would even say that by equipping the iPhone with lower RAM levels, Apple even challenged the manufacturers of Android smartphones. Say, see how fast and smooth our new iPhone is, even with half the amount of RAM. But now that Android has become really fast, the same thing is no longer rolling and it begins to really seem that Cupertino is corny lagging behind. To prove that this is not so, it was possible only by following the lead of consumers and giving what they dreamed of, especially since the price of this dream is an extra 3 GB of RAM. source