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iOS 11 slows down on iPhone 7

Before you blame Apple for slowing down your iPhone or iPad, there are a few work-related ways you can try to speed up your system and improve performance. To get started, try simply rebooting your device. Very often it is the restart of the gadget that solves most of the problems.

If the problem still persists and iOS 11 is lagging, move on to alternative methods. First, remove unnecessary junk and unnecessary data (apps, photos, etc.) from your device. Second, check if the apps installed on your smartphone (tablet) are up to date. It is possible that some of them have not yet been updated for iOS 11, which is why freezes occur, the system is stupid and slows down.

The third thing you can do is disable unused widgets. Also, a lot of resources are spent on updating the content in the background. Therefore, we recommend that you configure background refresh only for some applications, and disable others. And finally, you can try to turn off the animation through Settings. General. Universal access. Reducing movement.

iOS 11 is terribly slow: what to do?

Many mobile device users strongly advise against installing new iOS 11 software, since after downloading it, a huge number of problems appear on devices: errors, lags, application crashes, spontaneous reboots and more. Many iPhone and iPad owners have noted that iOS 11 is terribly slow. This is especially noticeable on smartphones and tablets, the versions of which are already beginning to become outdated, although they support the new platform. In this article, we’ll tell you what to do if iOS 11 is getting creepy.

iOS 11 slows down iPhone X / 8

If the above methods did not help you solve the problem, and iOS 11 still slows down the iPhone, then use Tenorshare ReiBoot, which is great at dealing with system errors and iOS freezes by entering and exiting recovery mode. Important. all your data on the device will be saved, even if you forgot to make a backup.

Download Tenorshare ReiBoot software from the official developer site. Install it on your computer and run it. 2. Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC, on which iOS 11 is terribly slow. The program will recognize your device. 3. Click on the “Enter Recovery Mode” button. After that, you will see the iTunes logo and USB cable on the screen.

When the Exit Recovery Mode button becomes active, click on it. Your device will be restarted and ready to go.

Note that there is also a third button “Resolve Freezes on iOS” here. You can find here the problem that bothers you and follow the further instructions of the program.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is available as a free download. You can download it on Windows and Mac. The tool allows you to solve the most common errors in the iOS system: freezing on a black or blue screen of death, cyclic reboots, iTunes does not see the iPhone, iPhone stuck in DFU mode, and others.

Turn on Reduce Motion

The iOS system has a lot of visual effects that look great, but they load the system. By disabling these effects, you can improve the performance of the device.

  • Open Settings General Accessibility Reduce Motion and turn on the toggle.

After enabling the function, you should immediately notice the difference in the speed of switching applications, etc.

Install an available update

Even though you recently installed iOS 14, still make sure that the next system update has not been released. Apple often fixes bugs and issues in minor updates.

To check for an update, go to Settings. General. Software Update. If an update is available, install it.

For example, iOS 14.0.1 was recently released, and it was only a few days after the release of iOS 14. We advise you to periodically check for updates, because they may contain various patches.

Disable background refresh

Content Refresh allows apps to update themselves. It improves multitasking performance, but slows down the system. It is easy to disable the function and most users will not even notice the difference in application performance.

  • Settings General Content Refresh Off.

This may cause your device to run faster and use up more slowly.

Just installed iOS 14? Be patient

All major system updates, immediately after installation, perform many background tasks for some time. Because of this, the device works slower than usual. This is normal, so be patient and wait. Let your device finish all background tasks so it can start working normally.

Ideally, you should plug your iPhone or iPad into a power source and leave it overnight. If you have a lot of photos, videos, and documents on your device, it may take several such nights. During this time, all background tasks should be completed, and the performance of the device should return to normal.

iPhone 11: Screen is Frozen, Unresponsive, Laggy or Slow? FIXED!

Charging may be consumed faster than usual immediately after installing updates. This, too, will bounce back over time. However, you can read about what to do if your iPhone runs out of battery faster with iOS 14.

iOS 14 slows down: why and how to fix it?

Has your iPhone gotten slower after installing iOS 14? You are not alone. This often happens in the first days after major system updates are released. In the future, your device should start to run faster, but at first the performance may only get worse. This is especially true for older models.

If your iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 lags, don’t worry, we will help you. Below we will tell you about different reasons and ways to solve the problem.

Update your apps

If apps don’t perform well after updating to iOS 14, then it’s time to update them. Applications need to be optimized for new versions of the system, so they need to be updated.

To do this, go to the App Store, select your Apple ID in the upper right corner of the screen, scroll down and click “Update All”.

Developers do not always have time to update their apps for iOS updates, so you may have to wait.

Mail application slows down?

For some users, the Mail application became much slower after the update. New letters do not arrive for a long time, messages take a long time to load, etc.

Sometimes force closing the application can solve the problem. Force restarting the device can also help.

iPhone 11 lags

Why does your iPhone 11 freeze, slow down, and some applications refuse to launch? Have you thought about it? As the experience of our engineers testifies, with long-term use, devices are typical. They start to work slower than they make their owners nervous.

There are times when the iPhone overheats and turns off completely. While the iPhone 11 is tough, the performance level is impressive, but it can also slow down your work, slower to respond to commands. As soon as you notice that something is amiss. do not expect deterioration! Bring or send by mail your device to the Byte Service Center for free for repair, so that the wizard will carry out a free diagnosis of the smartphone breakdown and establish the cause of the braking. We will make repairs quickly, so you won’t even notice the absence of your assistant. Replacement of components inexpensively Kiev, urgent repair of a smartphone, repair at the level of microcircuits, repair in a day. we do everything as comfortably as possible for the client in no longer than 74 hours!

Here are some reasons why the iPhone 11 is slowing down:

  • battery replacement is required, it is tired of working, resources are exhausted and, as a result, the smartphone freezes;
  • there were problems with the software, you need to dig in exactly that direction;
  • you have a lot of background programs running;
  • the smartphone fell, hit hard, damaged;
  • a little earlier, the mobile phone was on a poor-quality repair from an inexperienced specialist. Yes, cheap repairs sometimes have consequences.
  • there are too many applications for your smartphone, it does not have time to execute everything at the same time. Clean it up, delete the unnecessary and you should be fine. If after that the iPhone refuses to work normally, send it to BYTE for a quality repair.
  • restart your phone to eliminate software errors if possible;
  • close background applications and remove unnecessary things from your mobile phone (photos, videos, documents, applications);
  • install a new, up-to-date software version;
  • Throw off your smartphone settings to custom ones;

If everything written did not work, or you are not sure that the actions will be correct. SC Byte will help you do everything quickly, reliably, and lastingly.

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IPhone 11 Troubleshooting: Everything Slows Down and Freezes Frequently

Listed below are some of the possible and common steps or solutions that you should try at least once before drawing any conclusions. We hope that one of the mentioned solutions will definitely fix the freeze or freeze issue on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 series devices.

Check device storage.

  • From the home screen, tap “Settings”.
  • Select General.
  • Click iPhone Storage.
  • If you want to uninstall any application or game, click on this separate file and delete it.

Remove unnecessary or unused apps.

On the home screen of your iPhone 11, check to see if there are any installed apps that you don’t need or you haven’t even been using for a while. You will need to uninstall all these applications without hesitation.

  • Find the application press and hold the icon you will see a pop-up window with the option to delete.
  • Click on Uninstall App and it will be removed.

Force restart iPhone 11.

  • Quickly press and release the volume up key.
  • Then quickly press and release the volume down key.
  • Then press and hold the Side / Power button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Release the button and wait until the device is fully loaded.

Update any pending apps

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Then click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Your account details will appear here. Just scroll down and check the “Available Updates” box.
  • The Upcoming Automatic Updates section will show if there is a pending application available.
  • Separately click the update button in each app to install the update.

Check for iOS updates.

After downloading and updating to the latest iOS version, your iPhone can work properly. Since the latest software updates always provide better stability and security than previous ones.

  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Select “General” “Click on software update”.
  • It will automatically check for new updates.
  • If the latest version of iOS is available, you will receive a notification.
  • Just download and install it.

Factory settings iPhone 11

  • Go to iPhone settings click “General” scroll down and click “Reset”.
  • Click on the option Erase all content and settings.
  • Enter your password and confirm the task.
  • After that, restart your iPhone 11.

Warm up your iPhone with a demanding game or app

If you know that your iPhone should be out in the cold for the next 20-30 minutes, for example, you are taking pictures or having an important conversation on the phone, use an effective “folk” method of countering the cold. Launch a resource-intensive game or application on your smartphone. The processor is activated, the iPhone will begin to heat up and function calmly in sub-zero temperatures.

Real Racing 3 and Hearthstone are great free warm-up apps.

iPhone turns off in the cold: causes and solutions

Why iPhone doesn’t like winter so much and what to do?

iPhone more than any other smartphones do not like the cold. They can turn off even at not the lowest subzero temperature, and after long hours “come to their senses.” About why this happens, why it is dangerous to use the iPhone in the cold and how to cope with this problem were described in this material.

Why the iPhone behaves so badly in the cold

First, let’s figure out why, in fact, the iPhone starts to work inadequately or turns off altogether in the cold. There is no secret here, the culprit is the lithium-ion batteries of Apple smartphones. At temperatures below 0 ° C (and in practice even below 5 ° C), battery ions begin to lose their properties. As a result, the internal resistance rises, and the capacitance is lost.

Due to the loss of capacity, fortunately, only temporary, at subzero temperatures, the iPhone can turn off, while still having a large percentage of the charge left. Lithium-ion batteries no longer provide the current necessary for the smartphone to work, and the iPhone simply physically cannot continue to work.

Use a portable battery

The analogue of the battery cover, albeit less aesthetic and convenient, is the power bank. The principle of operation is the same. the iPhone charges, heats up and tolerates cold much easier. Unlike battery cases, portable batteries are cheaper and in most cases have a higher capacity. In addition, many iPhone owners already have a power bank, so you won’t have to spend money to solve the “frosty” issue.

Why do many other smartphones work without problems in winter

Many smartphones from other manufacturers can easily withstand 30-degree frosts, what is the problem with iPhones, which cannot work for ten minutes at.5 ° C? The first reason is the materials of the case. Aluminum, from which the cases of several recent generations of iPhone are made, has a high thermal conductivity (220 W / (m has a high thermal conductivity (1.15 W / (m.

Plastic is another matter. It conducts heat worse than metals and glass (0.15-0.20 W / (m plastic cases, work great even when the thermometer drops to.35 ° C.

The second reason is the thinness of the iPhone cases. In thin smartphones, the battery becomes unstable much faster than in thick ones. Considering that almost no iPhone can be called “fat”, we get a high instability of Apple smartphones to frost.

Keep iPhone as close to your body as possible

Body heat is the best protection for your iPhone in cold winters. Try to keep your smartphone in the inside of your jacket, and not out of habit in the side It is better not to place the iPhone in the s of trousers or jeans at all, the chances of a sudden shutdown will only increase.

Use a case

The solution to the problem of using the iPhone in winter “with little blood”. putting the smartphone in a case. The cover does not have to be special, with some kind of special frost protection. Any case that covers the smartphone from all sides will do. An excellent option is a folio case, the inner side of which is covered with any soft material.

The ideal option is a battery case. Using a case with a built-in battery is a radical way to rid your iPhone of your fear of the cold. Your smartphone will be constantly connected to a power source, which will heat up and work without problems at low temperatures. The disadvantage of this method is the high cost of battery cases, but if in winter, because of work or for any other reason, you cannot do without a properly functioning smartphone, the accessory will be an excellent investment.

Important! We warn you that it is not recommended to charge your iPhone in cold weather. Turn off the power before removing your smartphone, for example, from a jacket ! Otherwise, you could damage the iPhone battery.

Charge iPhone up to 100% before going outside

The more charge your iPhone has, the longer it will last in freezing temperatures. Ideally, iPhone should be charged to 100% before going outdoors so that even if the battery is severely discharged due to cold, the battery still has resources.

iPhone slows down on iOS 11 / iOS 12

IPhone slows down after iOS update: what to do?

There are several ways to solve this problem. The first is the most loyal. Just wait a while for the operating system to build the cache and optimize the applications. It is possible that the iPhone will stop “glitching” and become excessively hot.

The second method involves changing some system settings: for example, turning off visual effects and transparency in the accessibility settings, activating the motion reduction function, turning off background content refresh, and removing junk on the device. After all these actions, the speed and performance of the system should increase.

If none of the methods solved the problem, and the iPhone is still lagging after updating the iOS system, use Tenorshare ReiBoot program to enter / exit recovery mode.

iPhone Slows Down After Updating to iOS 12/11 How to Fix the Error?

IPhone owners often complain about problems after installing new software. IOS system updates are no exception to the rule. After installing the update, users noticed that the iPhone was unrealistically slowing down. What is the reason and how to achieve stable system operation?

iOS 11 / iOS 12 slows down on iPhone

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a great solution for problems such as black / blue screen, iPhone stuck on the apple logo, display not responding to touches, cyclic device reboots, etc. Including the utility will be an ideal solution in case the system starts to slow down after the iOS update. The problem is solved in just a few clicks:

Download Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac or Windows from the official website. Install it. Connect your iPhone on board to your computer (or Mac) using a USB cable.

We launch the program. You will see several buttons, but only one will be active. “Enter recovery mode”. Click on it and wait for a while. You will see the iTunes logo on the display of your iPhone.

Then press the button “Exit recovery mode”. We are waiting for the time it takes to restart your iPhone. Ready!

Please note that while using Tenorshare ReiBoot, all data on your iPhone is kept intact and safe. After you exited recovery mode and the smartphone was restarted.

Problematic browser extensions

First, make sure not to use apps that are built into the standard Safari browser. These can be all kinds of anonymizers, reading lists, web notes, utilities for quickly creating screenshots or sending links.

Such extensions after a new firmware release can lead to crashes and incorrect operation. You can find them in the Share menu in the browser itself.

Here you will see all the programs that are embedded in the browser in one way or another. It is advisable to temporarily remove all of them to test the functionality of Safari.

This problem has not yet been officially acknowledged by Apple. Don’t wait and hope that the next update will fix everything.

You need to try to solve it yourself.

If it doesn’t help

If the problem persists after removing the embedded programs, it is most likely a software glitch or incorrect system update.

We did not find any regularities describing the appearance of this problem. An error with video playback in the browser occurs on both old iPhone models and new ones.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to restore the firmware on the iPhone. This can be done through a computer or using the iCloud cloud service.

You can restore the firmware via iCloud if the backup fits completely in the cloud. This is possible only if you have a minimum number of photos and videos on your device or if you subscribe to paid iCloud plans.

Create an iCloud backup (Settings. Apple ID. This iPhone. Backup).

Reset the device to factory settings (Settings. General. Reset. Erase Content and Settings).

At the configuration stage, select restore from iCloud backup and specify the created backup.

If there is not enough space in the cloud, or do not want to upload media content to other clouds, you will have to use a computer with iTunes installed.

Connect iPhone to computer, in iTunes, select iPhone. Overview. Create a copy now (check to create a copy on a computer).

Reset the device to factory settings (Settings. General. Reset. Erase Content and Settings).

At the setup stage via iTunes, choose to restore from the latest backup.

What to do if your smartphone’s touchscreen display becomes glitchy

If the phone starts to glitch or freeze for the first time, first try to wait for the response of the corresponding application. The processor will close unresponsive applications by itself and return to normal operation. If there is no response, try restarting your device. To do this, follow these steps:

  • press the “Home” button and the “Power” button at the same time
  • hold them for at least 5 seconds
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After that, the screen will turn off, and then the phone will turn on automatically. If this does not happen, then click on the lock button and the iPhone will work.

Another way to lock / unlock the screen on the iPhone, or simply turn on the device if the shutdown button does not respond to commands, is to charge the smartphone. It is possible that the phone will start to respond to the power button after reaching 100 percent battery charge, as it stuck due to a large number of running applications that require a lot of power.

If the sensor lags, but at the same time the screen works slowly and gives at least some kind of reaction, then you can do without an emergency reboot method. To do this, just try to turn off your iPhone normally:

  • press the Power button
  • wait until “Slide To Power Off” appears on the phone screen
  • slide the slider to the desired position

Next, turn on the device by pressing the lock button. If Athos freezes and slows down due to a large number of open programs, then the methods of restarting and shutting down will help him restore performance.

If the phone freezes or slows down after the update, then reset the settings, but first save all the data on the device. There are two ways to fix your smartphone if it starts to glitch:

  • “Reset all settings”. a gentle method, since it saves all user data, in order to perform a “Reset all settings”, you need to go to “Settings”, then click the “General” button and then. Reset button
  • “Erase content and settings”. a radical method that erases all data from the device, you can also activate this function in the “Settings” section (“General”. “Reset”) by pressing the “Erase iPhone” button

If the iPhone crashes were related to the update, then after resetting the settings, you will be able to dial the number normally, answer incoming calls and messages again.

If the smartphone regularly slows down and freezes, or the screen turns off by itself, then most likely a firmware update is required. Only professionals will help to solve this problem.

How to restart a device without using the power button

There are situations when you need to turn off or restart without using the shutdown buttons (especially important if they do not work at all). To do this, you need to “pull” the “Assistive Touch” function to the desktop. You can do it like this:

  • go to the menu item “Settings”
  • select “Accessibility”
  • activate “Assistive Touch” by moving the slider to the “On” position

This function on the iPhone makes it possible to lock the screen, turn off and adjust the sound, return to the home page, avoiding pressing the Home button, and most importantly, it allows you to turn off the device if the shutdown button does not work.

Why iPhone won’t respond to commands

If the iPhone is frozen, then the first reason you should pay attention to. a large number of applications used. Especially if some of them are constantly running in the background. When running programs that require a lot of space on iOS (for example, geolocation, and various games), the following may happen:

  • the touchscreen will respond slowly when pressed, preventing you from answering an incoming call, dialing a number, sending a message, or unlocking the screen altogether
  • iPhone will simply shut down due to high battery drain

iPhone may start to glitch after updating programs over the Internet. Especially if the “Auto update” function is active.

IPhone is frozen

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

Apple products are one of the most reliable and high-quality in the world, but sometimes their owners may encounter the iPhone or iPad freezing. If the sensor lags, it could be caused by a low battery level or a software glitch. Bringing the touchscreen back to life is most often the usual way of rebooting. To avoid similar problems with the iPhone in the future, you need to understand the reasons for the freezing of the smartphone.

Professional help

If, after all the manipulations performed, the phone continues to slow down, periodically freezes, does not respond to locking and unlocking, seek professional help. Experts will diagnose the device, determine the reason why the smartphone does not ring and does not respond to the shutdown button. After determining the malfunction, the following work will be performed:

  • firmware update
  • replacement of loops on the lock key

Why iPhone lags or slows so much

As a rule, the new iPhone works efficiently, with high performance and responsiveness, practically “flies”, instantly performing the tasks of the owner. If this is not the case, we advise you to immediately consult a specialist and test your iPhone. After a while, a high-quality iPhone may have problems with the speed of launching applications, processing information, which is quite justified. First, complex games slow down, then the process moves to other applications. The owner is in a panic: the iPhone is slowing down! What to do?

First of all, don’t panic. You can solve some problems yourself, others require professional knowledge.

The employees of Repair My Apple will provide full assistance to the owners of Apple equipment: we will test the iPhone, identify existing problems, and advise how to optimally neutralize or remove them.

First of all, you should understand that the iPhone is the same computer with a processor, hard drive, and RAM. Consequently, the problems are identical. the more you install applications, download information, add options, the more serious the load on the smartphone’s hardware becomes, which has a certain limit. As a result, the system begins to decrease performance, failures occur. It is impossible to upgrade a specific iPhone by adding memory, replacing the processor, but, as always, there is a way out.

How to speed up iPhone

Important: these steps will help you not only speed up your iPhone, but also save battery life by extending its life cycle.

Update iOS. You need to check the iOS software version and the apps you are using. If an update is available, install it. The main purpose of updates is to eliminate possible errors and identified problems, to optimize work.

Immediately after the update, the iPhone may continue to slow down. Give it some time to optimize, tweak all applications. As a rule, the problems disappear the next day.

Restart your iPhone if you don’t need to install updates. This process allows you to speed up your work, clear the system cache, delete data that is saved in the process. Hard reboot will remove cached and temporary files.

Disable background software updates. Important applications in iOS load information in the background, which, on the one hand, is useful, on the other hand, increases the load on the processor and battery.

Free up memory. Remove unused applications: iPhone, like any computer, periodically needs cleaning, both physical and software. If only a professional can perform preventive cleaning with disassembling a smartphone, then you can remove unnecessary software yourself. It’s no secret. the more space and memory, the more efficient the work. Go to the Statistics menu, estimate the size of programs and their relevance, remove unnecessary.

Clear the cache of apps and programs. It is worth regularly deleting Safari temporary files by clearing your history and saved information. Remember to clean up Game Center, iMessage, Music and other apps in a timely manner. For these purposes, you can use special utilities or clear the cache manually, freeing up space on the iPhone.

Turn on the “Reduce Motion” option. The beautiful visual animation effects available in iOS look impressive, impressive, but consume a huge amount of resources. Disabling them improves productivity, speeds up work.

None of the above methods worked? You can try a more radical method. resetting iOS settings. Remember to back up your iPhone first to keep your important data.

Professional support from Repair My Apple specialists is the best solution for iPhone problems. We will promptly eliminate malfunctions, optimize the operation of the apple smartphone.

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Why iPhone slows down and how you can fix it?

How can you tell if your iPhone isn’t working as fast as it used to? You yourself will easily notice this: applications start to open for a long time, the phone often freezes, the speed of flipping through desktops has noticeably decreased. Many users think that this is the first sign that the phone has worked out and are starting to think about buying a new one. But there is clearly no need to rush!

Let’s take a look at the root causes of iPhone performance degradation and how these issues can be easily fixed.!

Why iPhone slows down and how you can speed it up?

If the iPhone memory is crammed to capacity, it will certainly affect the speed of its work. No matter how productive and powerful your phone is, it will noticeably slow down if there are several free megabytes left on it.

To solve this problem, you need to delete old videos and photos or transfer them to a PC or cloud storage, as well as “clean” your smartphone from unnecessary applications and games. Starting with iOS 11, memory can be cleared by going to the Storage menu. iPhone “located in the” General “settings.

If you have installed a fresh version of iOS on your phone, while it started to work slowly and sluggishly. do not rush to scold him! The system will take some time to adjust the operation of programs and applications, clear the cache and optimize the operation of all files in the phone’s memory. This may result in slight heat build-up and accelerated discharge of the phone. What to do in this situation?

Actually, no your intervention in the phone’s operation is required here. just leave the phone for a while, it will be able to optimize its work on its own. We recommend that you start updating your phone in the evening, while putting it on charge overnight. by the morning iOS will be fully configured.

  • You have updated againiOS, but performanceiPhonedecreased

If you regularly update your operating system for a long time, but you never install iOS from scratch, at some point it can be noted that the speed of the phone has decreased. This problem may occur due to the accumulated “garbage” in the phone for a long time, which is not cleared with the next update.

To avoid this, the software update (flashing) of the phone should alternate with the periodic installation of the operating system on it from scratch. It is also sometimes useful to reflash the iPhone via iTunes, but not restore the backup.

  • On the old modeliPhonevisual effects included

Often, new versions of iOS include animations and new visual effects that do not in any way harm the performance of new iPhone models, while old models may simply not physically “pull” such innovations, which can cause a noticeable decrease in their speed.

To solve the described problem, you need to disable these effects. This can be done by going to “Settings” in the “General” section, then “Universal access”. The “Reduce Motion” setting must be switched to the “Enabled” position, and in the “Increase Contrast” section, make the “Darken Colors” and “Reduce Transparency” functions active.

The convenient function of updating content in the background has its drawback. Putting additional stress on the phone’s processor can contribute to a decrease in its performance.

To fix this problem, just find the “General” section in Settings, where you need to disable the “Content Update” function.

  • Your iPhone model is the minimum required for the current versioniOS

Apple has always paid great attention to its devices, trying to maintain them as long as possible. Every year she releases new versions of the OS, suitable even for those iPhone models that are far from one year old. New iOS are trying to optimize in such a way that older devices “slow down” as little as possible. But often this is not enough.

If you want to update your smartphone, but your phone model is the minimum required for the new version of the operating system, we recommend that you keep the current one. So, for example, for iOS version 11, this model is the iPhone 5s.

Determine the iPhone problem, fix it in a few simple steps and enjoy the high performance of your smartphone!

Is iOS 14 slowing down? How to get back (rollback) on iOS 13

The first beta version of iOS 14 has delighted many iPhone owners who risked an upgrade. There are many innovations, most of the new functions work stably, and the overall speed of the system is adequate. However, some users have already regretted the transition to the beta version of iOS 14, as its stability is much lower compared to the current versions of iOS 13. In this tutorial, we talked about how to properly roll back from iOS 14 beta to iOS 13.

Important! The general rule of thumb for a rollback that preserves all data is that you must have an iPhone backup created with iOS 13. When you rollback from iOS 14 to iOS 13, you can only restore your iPhone from that backup. A copy created already under iOS 14 will not work. it will not be possible to recover.

If there is no such backup, then downgrading from iOS 14 to iOS 13 will result in the loss of all data on the iPhone.

How to revert (rollback) from iOS 14 to iOS 13

Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes (Finder on macOS Catalina and Big Sur).

Put iPhone into recovery mode. This is done differently on different iPhone models:

iPhone 6s and older

  • Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds. until the iPhone is detected in recovery mode.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

  • Turn off your iPhone. Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button at the same time for about 10 seconds. until the message that iPhone is being detected in recovery mode appears.

iPhone 8 and newer

  • Turn off your iPhone. Press the volume up button and the volume down button alternately, and then hold down the “Power” button until the message that iPhone is found in recovery mode appears.

When iPhone is successfully put into recovery mode in iTunes (or Finder in macOS Catalina and Big Sur), a notification window will appear. Select the “Restore” option in it and agree to the operation.

Wait for the restore to complete. It usually takes about 15 minutes.

When the restore is successful, iTunes (or Finder) will prompt you to restore from the backup. Select this option to restore iPhone data from a previously saved backup. Once again, we note that the backup must be made under iOS 13. Otherwise, it will not be possible to restore to it.

The restore process from a backup takes up to 10 minutes. After completing it, you can use the iPhone running iOS 13 again.

The final and stable version of iOS 14 will be released in the fall. In addition, starting in July, Apple will release public beta versions of iOS 14. Most often, their stability is higher than that of the tested builds for registered developers.

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Symptoms and causes of their appearance

When the iPhone slows down a lot, it’s hard to miss. The device starts to “think over” even the simplest actions, installed programs open slowly, there are delays in displaying photos and videos. In general, it is difficult or almost impossible to work with the device, and this brings a lot of inconvenience and very annoying.

There are several possible reasons why the iPhone is lagging. The first place in this list is taken by updating to a new version of the system. a problem that accompanies many versions of iOS. The pensiveness of the phone can also be caused by the general workload of user files. Also, the device sometimes slows down while updating or charging. Finally, the hardware of the smartphone may be too weak for the new interface.

How to deal with a slow iPhone?

If the iPhone slows down and becomes inconvenient to use, a natural question arises: what to do with such a phone. Possible solutions can be roughly divided into several groups:

  • Reducing load.
  • System reset.
  • Cleaning.
  • Reboot.
  • Expectation.

Perhaps the first group of methods is the most extensive. One good way to liven up your iPhone is with the motion reduction feature. By activating this item in the main settings, you speed up the phone by slightly degrading the animation. Further, in the same section, you will find items such as “lowering transparency” and “darkening colors”. Again, enable them for better performance. The last in the current group will be to disable background software updates, which can also help if the iPhone slows down.

The second method is system reset. This radical approach should only be used as a last resort. Do not forget to back up your iPhone data using iTunes or iCloud before doing this.

Simple and fast ways to speed up

In order for a smartphone to work better, sometimes quite simple actions or even inaction are enough. So, if the reason is the congestion of files, just clear the system of old and unnecessary data. Sometimes even a simple reboot is enough for iOS to work properly.

Finally, there are times when you don’t need to do anything. For example, if the system on the iPhone is buggy immediately after a recent installation of a fresh OS, or with a background software update while charging. The issue will be resolved by itself without your intervention.

What to do when iPhone slows down worse than any Android?

A closed ecosystem, excellent optimization and regular updates. that’s what makes iOS one of the most stable and “nimble” systems. Nevertheless, even this does not always work and you find that your iPhone slows down like an old PC on some kind of ancient Pentium. It is not always possible to say for sure why the smartphone began to behave this way, but there are a couple of effective ways to solve the problem.

How to fix an iPhone 11 that keeps lagging and freezing

The ultimate way to speed up your iPhone

Make sure a backup has been created. After that, move on to the second step: restore iPhone to factory settings. Carry out this procedure at your own peril and risk, since the data will be destroyed, and recovery will be possible only with the help of a backup copy.