Iphone 10 Turned Off And Not Turning On

The iPhone is not an eternal device, although it crashes somewhat less often than Android, but still it is not uncommon, then the question becomes what to do if IPhone does not turn on. Gadgets often break, freeze and stop responding to user actions. Often the cause is mechanical or external damage to the device, but this is not always the case.

Iphone 10 Turned Off And Not Turning On

Why does not iPhone turn on?

It is not worthwhile to think long about why iPhone 5 and any other model do not turn on if it was externally exposed to undesirable effects:

  1. Perhaps the smartphone was left in the water, even a short dive or rain can provoke a short circuit and failure to work. If the phone was really drowned, do not immediately turn it on, on the contrary, turn it off and set aside to dry. After 1 day, try to turn it on, so the likelihood of restoration of its operation is higher, otherwise at startup there will be a circuit and the smartphone will be unusable;
  2. Mechanical damage. iPhone, falling from a height, often takes a hit on the display, and the insides suffer less. In addition to giving the smartphone for repair there is no way out;
  1. Freezing. Batteries are afraid of a long stay in the cold, and at one point they lose their entire charge due to a chemical reaction. You need to heat it in your hands, and then try to start it, most likely you will have to charge it.
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In these cases, the malfunction can only be fixed at service centers. There are a number of other reasons that lead to a hang, some of them can be easily eliminated.

IPhone turned off and does not turn on. forced start

If the iPhone 5s turns off and does not turn on, you should use a function that forces the smartphone to start. The method is relevant for those cases when the smartphone freezes at some stage, maybe only a black screen is displayed, but the backlight works, or after turning off, the phone stops turning on. However, the procedure does not clear the device data, so it should be used initially. For each version of iPhone there is the same key combination, only in the last 7th model it differs:

  1. Hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time. The retention time should be more than 10 seconds, usually up to 20 seconds. Then the Apple logo appears in the form of an apple. This option works for all versions except iPhone 7;
  1. A separate, more familiar approach is used in the new version, you need to hold Power and the volume control, namely the volume down button. Similarly, you need to hold until the action on the screen begins.

The problem can be fixed by this method, but there are several additional ways.

IPhone 4, 5, 6 or 7 does not turn on. power adapter

A fairly common problem that iPhone 5s does not turn on is a power failure situation. The user, even when connected, may not see any reaction of the smartphone, but often they are not even aware of such a banal solution to the problem as charging.

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The owner of the iPhone needs to connect it to the charger, no matter what power source: 220 V network, car or computer. Do not be scared if no reaction is immediately followed. With deep discharge, for example, when the phone freezes, it takes time for the charging indicator to appear. It is worth the wait at least a few minutes, usually this time is enough. It is better to put on charge for 1 hour, and then try to turn it on, do not forget about the previous method, it is applicable now. Sometimes the process does not begin, it can provoke various mechanical problems.

What can affect charging:

  1. Check the cleanliness of the connectors, remove all kinds of foreign objects and dirt with a needle or brush;
  2. Make sure that there are no kinks in the wire, there are probably interruptions;
  3. Check the density of contacts, perhaps the wire does not enter completely, then you will have to determine the reason for this;
  4. We strongly recommend using original chargers. Lightning cables from Chinese manufacturers overheat during operation, may not have enough power to charge, or produce almost no power;
  5. Sometimes the power or charging controller fails, then you have to use the services of a service center.

How to turn on the iPhone if it does not turn on?

It happens that the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, especially often it reaches the logo and freezes at this moment or turns off. In this case, you can apply recovery mode. To use it you need to have a computer at hand. It is highly advisable that the iPhone is already connected to it before, and the PC is added to the trusted connection source, but this may not be useful.

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The principle of recovery is as follows:

  1. Connect your smartphone and computer;
  2. Launch iTunes;
  3. Force restart the device. Home (for the 7th version, the volume down button) and Power;
  4. A message appears on the computer screen that allows you to restore the iOS system, just click on “Update”.

In this case, an attempt will be made to install the operating system without deleting files. You may need to completely restore iPhone to factory settings. Then in iTunes you have to go to the main tab and click “Restore”.

Ultimately, if iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or any other version still doesn’t turn on, you need to contact technical support. They will remotely provide instructions on how to fix the problem, if this does not help, then they will be sent to the service center closest to you. This will mean that the problem is of a technical nature and the user is powerless here.

If the smartphone was used carefully and charged with original chargers, then most likely it will be possible to restore its operation using the described methods. Otherwise, you will have to give the device to experts.

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