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Download NCALayer for free 2 ways

You can download the latest version of NCALayer from the official website of the national certification center of the Republic of Kazakhstan pki gov kz at the link http://www.Pki.Gov.Kz/index.php/ru/ncalayer

And separate links on operating systems:

Links to download NCALayer from our website:

Perhaps downloading from our site will be more secure due to the fact that we have configured secure encryption, but the official site does not.

The plugin works well on Windows and Linux. We recommend using these operating systems to work with the plugin and in general with state portals.

Ncalayer free download for Windows, Mac OC and Linux

Ipad Settings

In connection with the recent transition of the IS ESF portal to NCALayer, instead of CryptoSocket and a large number of questions coming to us, it was decided to write a separate article about the NCALayer plugin.

Ncalayer plug-in or program, as it is also called, for accessing state portals and signing the received services using your EDS.

Read also: instructions on how to reissue your EDS

For your convenience, we have made it possible to download from the source site and directly from our site if their site does not work.

  1. Download NCALayer for free 2 ways
  2. Installing the NCALayer plugin on a computer
  3. Ncalayer modules egov kz, esf and others
  4. What to do if NCALayer does not start, an error occurs when connecting to NCALayer

Ncalayer modules egov kz, esf and others

Launch NCALayer on your computer and after it is launched in the control panel (in the tray) find the plugin icon and right-click on it and select Manage Modules.

The settings window for available modules will open.

Select the required modules one by one and click the Install module button.

In practice, we most often need 2 modules:

  • Public Procurement Module of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • IS ESF module, which recently began to work with the help of NCALayer.

After installation, the plugin will offer to restart it, with which you should agree.

Actually, that’s all. You can safely work with state portals and sign services using your EDS.

Installing the NCALayer plugin on a computer

After you have downloaded the archive with the required installation file, open it and run the NCALayerInstall.Exe file

Installing a plugin is no different from most programs.

We accept the user agreement by clicking on the button next

And the installation process begins

After the installation is complete, you will be transferred to the official website http://pki.Gov.Kz/help/index.html, where you will be notified that the installation was completed successfully.

You can just close this page.

It remains to configure modules for various state portals.

What to do if NCALayer does not start, an error occurs when connecting to NCALayer

As a rule, the problem lies on the surface and most often on the user’s side.

To avoid any errors, when working with NCALayer, we recommend using the latest Google Chrome browser.

Often the installed antivirus can create a problem and its settings for checking and prohibiting everything suspicious, you can try to disable it while working with state portals.

Also, the reason for the incorrect work of the plugin may be that you downloaded it from some suspicious site and it is corny corrupted. Download from the official site or from us.

If you have any questions or problems while downloading, installing or configuring NCALayer, write in the comments below.

In one office, the Treasury client works with NCLayer perfectly. We move the computer to another office, and there he writes that the NCLayer program is not running, although it is turned on and worked in another office. What could be?

Well, judging by what was described, you have some problems with the internal network in the office. System administrators may have set some restrictions. If you just use the same computer in different rooms.

Download then says error

Hello! Downloaded NCALayer according to the instructions, an error still comes out Error when connecting to NCALayer tried to restart, reinstalling is useless.
With a computer, everything is fine with Windows 10

I cannot download it writes the requested program needs to be increased

Writes error code 740. What is this?

Hello. Please tell me why I can’t go to cabinet.Stat.Gov.Kz. Chrome just writes an error to Google, and NCALayer may not be running in the Edge, although it is running. Windows 10 system. Goes to other sites without problems.

Hello! When I enter the courtroom with a digital signature, it says: User not found. Please select a different certificate. This is how I update my nsalayer every time I login

Hello! Please tell me how to download this application for iPhone 6?

Hello. No app only for desktop

Hello, will the phone ever support NCLayer?

Hello. Anything is possible for mobile traffic the future.

Nkalayer for windows 7 will work?

Unlikely. In 2020, it may be time to switch to windows 10?

Download notebook ete almay zhatyrmyn

And what exactly is the difficulty? Look in downloads, maybe downloaded already.

Loaded the cabinet. I can’t open F200, for some reason it is folded.
And she filled in F300 when she sent it. What you need to wait is the connection to the server. 4 hours passed

Attention! Before each start of work in the Taxpayer’s Office web application, you must launch the NCALayer application.
How is it done? I’m trying to enter for the first time

After you have installed the NCALayer program, the icon of this program will appear on the desktop or somewhere in the Start among the programs. You can also use the search by the name of the program on your computer. After that, just run it. In the lower right corner there is usually a notification saying NCALayer is running and ready to work. After that, you can safely work with the taxpayer’s office and other government agencies. Portals.

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Good day! I can not install the public procurement module in nclayer writes I could not download the module tell me what can be done?

Good day. Try restarting the application, and if it doesn’t help, then restart your computer. Everything should install normally.

I need to download the NED for the lyceum school

So download, what’s the problem. To work with the site https://e.Edu.Kz/nedb-auth/ you need to install NCALayer

Hello! Can’t download NCLayer to my phone. Writes an error?

Hello. The program is intended only for the desktop.

It is difficult to register in egova

How to download nc layer to android phone

No way! Stop asking about phones already. Program for desktop only and preferably on Windows.

Hello, I don’t see the download here. Where is this please tell me

Hello. Just click on the link and the download starts.

Page not found, response when going to the site.

Installed nclayer on Mac OS the KNP model management plugin rebooted, when entering the taxpayer’s office it still writes it could not be found install nclayer, what am I doing wrong ?

In general, it is always problematic to work with state portals from under MacOS. Use a laptop on Windows or install a Windows subsystem on a Mac.

I can’t start NCLayer

Are you sure about this? It starts almost invisibly and only the tray icon appears.

Hello, please tell me why, when trying to get an EDS remotely, when registering in the BMG (Base of Mobile Citizens), during a call to egov.Kz, the operator does not see me and does not hear him, just like I do tried in Opera and Firefox)?

Hello. Access is allowed, or maybe you have something with the drivers for these devices? Do they work correctly in other applications? Skype, for example. For reliability, try again in the Google Chrome browser. Usually it is best to work with the state through it. Portals.

DD, the cabinet does not start up and writes that it is necessary to install and run the KNP module. March 26 this year under the link SONO SD installed NCALayer and worked. Today I also check the installed version of 0.4, and the available version is 0.5. I’m a kettle, tell me, do I need to remove the old version and download 0.5? Is that why the office won’t let you in? Or is it insignificant and you just need to disable Kaspersky? Thank.

Good day. As for Kaspersky, I will not say for sure, I do not use third-party antiviruses at all, protection from Windows 10 itself is sufficient. At the expense of uninstalling programs, this is done as usual by the control panel, installing and removing programs.
At the expense of versions, I have NCALayer 1.2 installed for Windows and all basic work needs go through without problems.

Good day!
If it does not bother you, step by step
Installing this product on the Lunix Ubuntu operating system.
Thank in advance.

Good day. It will complicate because I absolutely don’t understand Linux.
But I think if you search the net you can find articles or about it, or contact directly those who use this system as the main one.

Hello. The second week I can not install NCALayer, after the agreement came out, I press the button: Next, a window appears: To continue, close the NCALayer program. And they only give two options: OK or Cancel. Click OK, this window appears again, click Cancel, everything closes. And that’s all. I have already closed everything, deleted this program wherever possible, downloaded it again, but the result is the same. What could be the problem? On old Windows?

Hello. I just reinstalled NCALayer yesterday and all the rules are installed. And what kind of Windows do you have, is it still worth it? Most modern programs no longer support this system.

Hello, I’m writing to close the Ncalayer program to continue. Everything is closed like

Hello. Do they write exactly like this or close and then open again? Or you can restart.

Hello why my computer is not installed

Hello. Look for the cause in your computer.

Good afternoon, downloaded the NC Layer application, started installing 404 error page not found?

It’s strange. I have not seen this in practice.

Hello, I can not contact the operator, the system asks for permission to use the camera in the browser settings, but everything is allowed for me.

Hello. It means it is not allowed or something prevents it. In the upper left corner, a dialog box should have appeared asking about granting access to the camera. As I understand it, you want to issue an EDS online.

My NCALayer does not start, it gives an error on the JRE, I reinstalled both Java itself and NCALayer three times, it still does not start. The forums are closed, that is, forum pages with such a problem simply do not exist and they give 404.It already pisses me off because it is not there, I drop it here.

This is just a hat, from everything that he gave me in this error, in addition to this it gives out some long logs associated with java

Look for problems in the wait itself or contact the one who sets it up.
Everything works and starts correctly for me. It’s clearly in your computer.

Hello. I want to add KNP module to NCALayer (v1.2). When you click on Manage modules, the NCALayer tray appears: Attention, the list of available modules has not been loaded yet. Please try again later. For the second day, such a message appears, whether the modules will be loaded or something is wrong with me?

Hello. Well, yes, I would have tried to completely reinstall the module for a long time.
Now I checked all the rules with modules, they are loaded and installed quietly. Maybe something in your system is interfering with this, try disabling antiviruses and other similar programs for a while. By the way, the built-in defender from Windows copes with these tasks perfectly.

Reinstalled NCALayer and now it is no longer displayed in the tray. What could be the reason? Is Java required for NCALayer to work correctly? (When you enable NCALayer in the task manager, this process is visible as Java (TM) Platform SE binary (32 bits), but does not appear in the tray)

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I didn’t install anything specifically for its work. Plain clean Windows 10.

For beginners. How to set up your new iPad Air or iPad Air 2

Apple’s Air Tablet is one of the most coveted gadgets of 2015. If you bought or received an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 as a gift, but don’t know where to start, just read this article. From it you will learn everything you need to know about key settings, applications, accessories and customization.

The setup process will take 15 to 30 minutes depending on which of these steps you see fit.

How to add mail, contacts and calendars to iPad Air

Use the appropriate instructions:

Update to the latest iOS version

One of the things to do is install iOS updates right away. The older the OS version, the fewer bugs it will have. At the time of this writing, the most current version is iOS 8.1.2. Make sure iPad Air / iPad Air 2 is connected to a Wi-Fi network and is at least 50% charged, open Settings. Basic. Software Update.

Your iPad will try to find the update on Apple’s servers. If it is there, a window will appear with information about the update and the Download and install button. During the installation of new software, the tablet will reboot. Everything about everything will take up to 15 minutes.

Setting up iPad Air / iPad Air 2 to make calls and send messages (for iPhone owners)

Thanks to iOS 8, iPad has got the Continuity function to make and receive calls and SMS messages. To enable this option, go to Settings, find FaceTime (don’t forget about setting up the iMessage service) and activate the iPhone Cellular Calls item.

You can learn more about calling with iPad and Mac in this article:

Useful features

Modern iPads have some very useful features that you should get to know as soon as possible.

The first is the Control Center. To open it, place your finger on the bottom edge of the screen (where the white, black or gold plastic ends and the screen begins) and slide it up the screen. You will see toggle icons for valuable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and Do not disturb settings.

Here you can also adjust the screen brightness and volume, control the music playing, and quickly access the tablet camera. It’s important to remember that the brighter the screen, the faster your iPad‘s battery will drain. The charge will run out much faster when using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and geolocation services. If you do not need them here and now you should disable.

Another important thing is the Action Center. To get to it, slide your finger from the top of the screen to the center. Here you will see notifications (messages about something important) from games and programs installed on the iPad Air / iPad Air 2, messages from social networks, calendar entries and reminders. In iOS 8, you can also add widgets to the Notification Center (for example, a calculator that does not exist on iPad).

Setting up iPad Air / iPad Air 2 for the first time

Most of the time, your iPad battery is already partially charged, so you can safely turn it on. Press the power button on the top right (when iPad is in portrait mode, the Home button is on the bottom). Charge it to 100% either right now or right after the tablet is set up.

The tablet turns on and greets you with Hello. Swipe the screen from left to right (this movement is called a swipe). Next, Apple will prompt you to select the appropriate options: language, country of use, connection to a wireless Wi-Fi network to activate the device.

Should I enable geolocation? Yes, if you want to use your iPad Air as a navigator in your car or are afraid of losing it and want to use Find My iPad. If the tablet lies at home all the time, and nothing threatens it, it is better not to turn it on so you will save battery power.

Next, Apple will ask you if you want to set up your iPad as a new device or restore it from a backup (iCloud or iTunes). If this is your first iPad, feel free to choose the option with a new device, if not, one of the two recovery options is preferable.

Ideally, this should be a copy of iTunes, with this option you will get back all your content and all settings (only basic data is saved in iCloud). Article on the topic:

Now is the time to resolve the issue with Apple ID. If you already had a laptop, smartphone or Apple player, you probably know what this is about. This is the username (email address) and password for which you buy games, programs and music from iTunes and the App Store. So if you have an Apple ID, just select Sign in with Apple ID and enter your details, if not, skip this step and create an Apple ID later using this instruction.

Next in line is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Want only you to have access to your iPad Air / iPad Air 2? Select Set up Touch ID! First, Apple will ask you to create and remember a 4-digit password. It is needed in order to log in if Touch ID persists in not recognizing your fingerprints, or for the first login after restarting the tablet.

Apple bundles Touch ID on its 2014 iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. If you have the first iPad Air or the first or second iPad mini, you can protect your device from strangers by entering a regular 4-digit (or more complex) digital password.

Launching and configuring iTunes

Most methods require iTunes to be installed for full sync. Also, the application will come to the rescue when you need to send data to the iPhone or to another technique of the apple ecosystem.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Connect iPad to PC via USB cable. This step is required the first time. Then everything can be done by air
  2. Wait until the end of the driver installation. It may take 15 minutes.
  3. Open iTunes. It usually starts automatically. If this does not happen, you should run the program in any way.
  4. Select an iPad in the Device menu.
  5. Synchronize gadgets by clicking on the rectangular icon at the top left.
  6. Go to the Overview subsection, find Settings and click on Sync iPad over WiFi.
  7. Confirm.
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Modem mode

The connection algorithm practically does not differ from the Wi-Fi connection. The only difference here is that the tablet itself will be the gadget that distributes the Internet.

Important: This connection option is only available on iPad models where you can insert a work SIM card. These are called WiFiCellular. It will not be possible to replace the iPhone with gadgets, since you cannot call through them, but you can surf the network via the mobile Internet.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to iPad settings;
  • Go to the Cellular Data menu and enable it.

Click on Modem Mode and start Internet sharing. It can go through wi-fi, bluetooth or usb. After that, you should connect iPad to PC in one of the following ways:

  1. Via Wi-Fi, it is enough to connect from the PC to the network by entering the created password.
  2. When synchronizing via bluetooth, follow the steps described in the paragraph above.
  3. The USB connection option will be relevant if the PC does not have WiFi or Bluetooth module.

Connection algorithm

Connecting iPad to your computer via USB is pretty easy. Here are the steps required for this:

  1. Connect PC and iPad via cable.
  2. Find the connected tablet and select it by going into its file system.
  3. Go to the Internal Storage folder and the DCIM subfolder (this is where all the content is located).

Important: Working through iTunes, you can navigate the file system, copy and delete. If it is not possible to download this application, you will only be able to view the files without the ability to change or download.

This connection of the iPad to the computer allows both gadgets to be connected, even if they are in adjacent rooms. They see each other through the shared network created by the router.

Important: The first connection must go through USB using iTunes. In this program, you will need to synchronize the technique. Then everything will go wireless. Exceptions are systems with OS (OS) Catalina or earlier, you can use the built-in Finder.

Required cables

To connect an iPad via USB, you need an original Apple cable through which you can connect it to a computer.

Its type depends on the connectors of the gadgets:

  • Ipad Pro (11-inch) and iPad Pro (3rd generation) work with USB-C.
  • 2014 to 2018 and simple iPad 2019 require a Lightning USB cable.
  • Older tablets (before 2014) require a 30-pin cable.

You may also need such cords and adapters that are not included in the basic package:

  • USB-C Lightning is needed to connect iPad Pro to Apple devices, which have all the slots occupied except Lightning.
  • The USB-C USB adapter comes in handy when connecting the latest iPad Pro models to a PC from other brands.
  • USB-C AV or USB-C VGA when connected to older computers.

Sync via iTunes

For Mojave OS and earlier, the connection algorithm is as follows

  1. Connect iPad to computer via USB.
  2. Open iTunes and click on the iPad icon on the left.
  3. Go to the Overview menu, find Settings and select Sync iPad over WiFi.

Now you need to connect the tablet:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Basic Sync with iTunes over Wi-fi and allow connection.

Then you need to have a working Wi-Fi on your PC and iPad. By connecting to the same network, the equipment will sync automatically.

How to connect iPad to computer

There are 4 methods for doing this. Each has its own characteristics that will simplify life in one case or another. For example, the USB connection is the most stable, Wi-fi can easily connect devices even on different floors, and Bluetooth does not require the usual manipulations of Yabloko.

details about each of the methods are described below.

The easiest method of connecting two gadgets, which additionally allows you to recharge the tablet during data transfer. This type of connection is a mandatory step when you first connect via Wi-Fi.

Important information

For the L2TP / IPsec column Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android No client required in the server list, a checkmark must be marked that indicates support for the custom L2TP / IPsec protocol.

  • Copy the DDNS hostname (ID ending in “.Opengw.Net”) or IP Address (numerical value xxx.Xxx.Xxx.Xxx) and enter it in the Server field on the configuration screen.

Important information

For the L2TP / IPsec column Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android No client required in the server list, a checkmark must be marked that indicates support for the custom L2TP / IPsec protocol.

  • Copy the DDNS hostname (identifier that ends in “.Opengw.Net”) or IP address (numerical value xxx.Xxx.Xxx.Xxx) and enter it in the “Server address” on the configuration screen.

VPN setup (L2TP / IPsec) for Android, iPhone and iPad. Free VPN Gate Servers

Internet without limits

When the connection is established, all network traffic will go through the VPN server. You can also go to ipinfo.Io to view the global IP address. You will be able to see the location visible from the network, which will be different from your actual location.

When connected to a VPN, you will be able to visit blocked websites and use blocked apps.

Starting a VPN connection

  • You can establish a new connection to the VPN server at any time. Open VPN settings and you will see the following list.
  • Enter vpn in the fields “Username” and “Password” on first use. Check the box “Save credentials”. Click the Connect button to establish a VPN connection
  • After a VPN connection is established, the status of Connected appears in the corresponding entry from the VPN list. A VPN activation notification may appear on your Android device. Click on the message to view the current connection status.


  • Go to the Settings app.
  • In the network settings Connections go to Other VPN settings.
  • Click the menu and select Add VPN Profile.
  • The screen for setting up a new VPN connection will open. Enter an arbitrary name in the name field, for example, VPN Gate and select the L2TP / IPSec PSK connection type.
  • On this screen, you need to enter either the hostname or the IP addresses of the server from the pool of open VPN Gate servers http://www.Vpngate.Net/en/.
  • Open the list of public relay servers and select the VPN server you want to connect to.