iPad pro won’t turn on

Charging check

The very first thing to do, if the iPad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up, then goes out, is to check the state of charge of the device. It is possible that you missed the signal on the iPad screen that its battery is low. At the same time, the charging icon itself may not blink. the iPad will react to a full discharge with an absolutely black display, on which the apple logo will appear for only a second. Even if the tablet “hangs on an apple”, the cause of the malfunction may be the same.

  • connect the iPad, which has an “apple” on and then turns off, to a “native” charger (charging from phones, iPad mini and other Apple gadgets is not suitable)
  • wait at least 20 minutes
  • start iPad again

The use of the “native” charger is extremely important. Analog chargers are capable of overheating the iPad while it is connected to the network, which leads to various problems in its operation. Incorrectly used iPads freeze when turned on and stop charging at all. IPhone and iPod freeze in the same way.

If after charging your iPad still does not turn on, also check that the charging cable and outlet are working properly. connect some other phone or smartphone to them and make sure that they are charging. If gadgets work with this cable and outlet, please go to other iPad recovery methods.

iPad won’t turn on, apple is on and off

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If you are faced with a situation where your favorite iPad does not turn on, the “apple” is on and off, do not rush to carry the device to the service center. There are several ways in which it is possible to restore the tablet to work at home.

Reboot the device

Another way to restore any Apple smartphones, when the iPad does not turn on, the “apple” is on and off “, is to reboot the device. This is done in three steps:

  • press the Home and Sleep keys at the same time
  • hold them for 10-15 minutes until the “apple” logo appears on the display
  • wait for the tablet to reboot
ipad, turn

This reboot method restores almost all Apple gadgets in case of any software failure. This method is often used after installing a tweak from Cydia or a jailbreak, after which the iPad freezes quite often.

Flashing the gadget via iTunes

This is a rather aggressive way of dealing with software bugs, but if the iPad “hangs on the apple” and stubbornly does not turn on, then flashing is the last thing you can try at home. The bad method is that you run the risk of erasing all or part of the data on your device after updating the iPad. This will happen if you have not backed up iPad to iTunes in the recent past.

Re-flashing in situations where the iPads freeze when turned on is performed in several stages:

  • install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • connect to the PC iPad, which turns off or constantly reboots on the “apple”
  • select the appropriate device type in the program settings and wait for the program to download the latest software version for it
  • simultaneously press and hold the power and Home buttons on the iPad. an “apple” will appear on the iPad screen, which will go out
  • follow the instructions in the iTunes dialog that opens on the PC screen

The program will prompt you to set up an iPad that is frozen and does not turn on as brand new (with a return to factory settings and a complete loss of all data) or restore the last backup.

Repair for mechanical damage

All described methods are suitable for home DIY repair of an iPad that is frozen and will not turn on, provided that the damage to the device was not mechanical. If your tablet has turned off and no longer boots after it fell, then the reason for the constant reboot of the device may be an interrupted cable.

Additional signs of this are the following interference:

  • when turned on, the screen lights up and flashes
  • there are streaks and other imperfections in the image before it fades
  • the appearing “apple” has a fuzzy white color

If your iPad goes out due to mechanical damage, do not repair the device yourself. Try restarting your tablet or charging it as described above, then flashing the device. If none of the methods helped, and the iPad restarts and goes dead, take it to the service center.

The most profitable option is to entrust the repair of a non-bootable iPad to the performers of Yud. They will restore the tablet, which does not turn on and does not charge, as quickly as possible right at your home:

  • solder the dangling cable
  • will replace the broken glass of the screen
  • carry out professional software installation

The gadget turned on, but does not work

If, after the actions taken, the gadget still showed signs of life, but “freezes” on the screen with the logo, or you see a blue or red screen, then you need to restore the firmware. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • You need a computer running Windows or OSX. Download and install iTunes. Connect your device with the supplied USB cable to your computer.
  • Repeat the procedure for forced reboot of the device. But this time, do not release the buttons even after the logo appears and hold until the recovery mode turns on. The picture on the screen of the device and a message in the program on the computer will let you know about this.

In the message on the computer, in addition to the text, there will also be buttons “Update” and “Restore”. When you press the first, the system will download and install the latest firmware on your tablet, correcting possible software errors. Since this is just an update, all your data, files and settings will also be preserved.

A failure in this procedure is possible, then you need to save STIHL and repeat steps 2 and 3.

If the reboot didn’t work

If after holding these two buttons nothing happened, you should check the most commonplace omission. the battery charge. Try charging your tablet. If nothing becomes visible right away, then wait, it is better to leave the gadget on charge overnight.

What to do if iPad won’t turn on or charge

It happens that a nuisance happens. your favorite “apple” device one day simply will not turn on. Even regardless of whether there was a reason or not. In this article, we will tell you what to do if the iPad won’t turn on or charge: what could happen and what repairs you can handle on your own.

Force reboot

There are several options for the inoperability of a tablet or other device from Apple. Now we will consider the options when the gadget “freezes”, in other words, does not respond to normal actions, such as pressing buttons and touches. The same methods will work if iPadmini won’t turn on or charge. All procedures are the same.

“Freezes” happen even with a working device, the screen may not darken, and may even turn black. Of course, the second case is much more terrible. at first glance.

First of all, force restart the gadget. This procedure will not erase the data from memory, and all your photos, music, settings, etc. will be saved in the same form.

To perform this action, simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons for 10 seconds until you see the apple icon. If everything worked out, then the tablet or other device will boot as usual and everything will return to its place.

iPad Pro: Black Screen of Death? 5 Solutions

If nothing worked

If the iPad still does not turn on and does not charge, then you should contact the professionals at the service center, because you have tried all the easy methods. Unfortunately, you have a hardware glitch that can only be fixed by repairing or replacing broken parts.

Get rid of iPad button doesn’t work with 5-finger gesture

Multitasking. This is an important iPad feature to fix a variety of issues, including the unresponsive Home button.

Step 1 Turn on AssistiveTouch on your iPad, tap Device. Yet. Gestures and select finger gesture 5.

Step 2 Tap the screen to enter the multitasking screen and release all background apps.

Step 3 Now try the Home button on iPad to see if it works now.

How to fix iPad home button not working

Apple introduced a virtual home button to the iPad. You can head to Settings General Accessibility AssistiveTouch to enable it. To fix Home button on iPad not working you can try the tips below.

fix iPad home button using iPad hard reset

Hardware reboot. This is a troubleshooter where the Home button on iPad is not working. If possible, you should accomplish this on your iPad.

Hold down the Power Home button until your iPad turns off and then the Apple logo appears. After a hard reset, the software issues should be resolved and you can check the Home button on iPad.

How to Get Rid of iPad Home Button Not Working Effectively

There are countless reports on the web of people experiencing problems that the iPad home button stops working. No matter what you do to keep your iPad safe and sound, there is still a chance that the Home button will suffer the effects of normal wear and tear. Beyond hardware, software issues can cause the Home button on iPad to work abnormally.

In this article, we will show you 6 tips to solve this problem effectively.

Why iPad home button isn’t working

There are many factors that can cause the iPad Home button to stop working. Even if your Home button is unresponsive, it is possible that there are no hardware problems at all. When you press a button on your iPad, this is the software that tells your device to complete the task.

So you may just run into a small software glitch when your iPad Home button is not working.

One-Stop Way to Fix iPad Home Button: FoneLab iOS System Restore

If you tried the above tips and the Home button on iPad still works, FoneLab iOS System Restore can help you get rid of the problem.

FoneLab allows you to transfer iPhone / iPad / iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal without data loss.

  • Fix Disabled iOS System Issues.
  • Extract data from disconnected iOS devices without data loss.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

fixing iPad home button by restarting iPad

Sometimes it just happens because the conflicting app and the iPad Home button are not working. Thus, you must restart your device when you encounter this problem.

Step 1 Turn on your iPad like iPad mini and uninstall the conflict app. Hold the power button until the power off screen appears.

Step 2 Move the slider to the right to turn off iPad.

Step 3 Wait until your screen turns completely black. Then press power and release it when you see the Apple logo.

Now press the button to check if the iPad Home button is working normally.

home cleaning button

The Home button is open, so it inevitably accumulates dust and debris. This can cause the Home button on iPad to stop working. The solution is simple: clean the Home button with a cotton swab. Remember you must do it carefully.

IPad won’t turn on

If your iPad does not turn on or boot when you press the Power button, then this is not a reason to immediately panic!

Also, first of all, you need to make sure that the battery of your device has sufficient charge so that it can start. If you’ve charged your tablet and haven’t used it for a while, it doesn’t mean that the battery has a full charge. All modern batteries tend to self-discharge when idle, and the iPad battery is no exception. But if you connected a working charger and could not turn on the tablet or are sure that it was recently launched and charged, then you should think about it.

The simplest reason iPad won’t turn on is if the Power button is faulty. The contact of the power button could oxidize from moisture, dampness, or simply fail due to natural wear and tear. Also, if struck or dropped, the button loop may be damaged and the device simply “does not see” it. Also, the reason for the refusal to turn on may be software failures caused by the incorrect operation of some programs, an unsuccessful update, or even a computer virus. The most difficult case, fortunately quite rare, is considered by iPad repair specialists to be the failure of the device’s motherboard. In this case, serious component repairs may be required, and in particularly difficult situations, even replacement of the board.

Of course, it is almost impossible to diagnose your iPad on your own, let alone repair it. The fastest, easiest and, oddly enough, the cheapest way to repair is a visit to a service center, where there are diagnostic equipment, special tools and qualified specialists. As a rule, repairing an iPad that won’t turn on takes less than an hour from our technicians.

Expert Advice: Keep the power button always clean and dry. You should not press it with wet hands. despite the careful fit and minimal gaps, moisture on the contact is not at all excluded. No need to apply excessive force when pressing. if you have to press harder than usual to turn on the tablet, then this is a serious signal and it is better not to wait, but to contact the service immediately.

Question: iPad won’t turn on

Help! My tablet is behaving strangely. It turns on, but as soon as I remove my finger from the button, it goes out again.

The specialist’s answer: Elena, you will definitely be helped, but only at the service center. Most likely, the power button itself is faulty on your tablet. Such repairs take a minimum of time and are not at all expensive. Come and our masters will be happy to solve this problem.

App Store not working on iPhone or iPad? What to do

If you frequently use the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, then you might encounter the “Failed to connect to the App Store” error. Because of this, you will not be able to download or update applications, as well as generally access the App Store.

Below we will tell you about several ways to fix the problem with the not working App Store. They will help if you see an error message or just a blank screen when launching the App Store.

Make sure the App Store itself is running

Very rarely, Apple itself is to blame for a non-working App Store. In such cases, the App Store does not work for everyone.

If the App Store isn’t working right now, you’ll just have to wait.

Restart iPad or iPhone

If none of the previous tips solved the problem, try restarting your iPad or iPhone.

Here’s how to force reboot on different models:

  • iPhone 8, X, XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro and newer, iPad Pro with Face ID: Press the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • iPhone and iPad with Home button: Press the Power button and Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Check your internet connection

To connect to the App Store, you need an active internet connection. Check if your device is working Wi-Fi or mobile internet. If sites and applications work as usual, then everything is fine with the Internet.

Try reconnecting

You will see a Retry button along with the error message. First, try clicking it. Perhaps after a few times the problem will disappear and the App Store will start working as usual.

Make sure the time and date are correct

Sometimes the date or time on iPhones and iPads gets lost, causing a variety of errors, including the App Store error. This usually happens when the device is disconnected from a dead battery, and you do not turn it on for a long time. However, there may be other reasons for this.

Check that the date and time on your device are correct. To do this, go to Settings General Date and Time.

This does not happen often, but it does make the App Store stop working.

Close and restart the App Store

Sometimes a simple restart of the App Store solves the problem. Close the App Store via the app switcher and then restart it.

IPad Pro 9.7 does not work and does not load?

So, you bought a brand new iPad, and began to actively and enthusiastically use it. An ultra-modern Apple tablet running the latest iOS can easily work without shutting down from several days to several months, you can install a bunch of new software and games on it. But at a certain moment an incident may happen. you turn it off, but it will not turn on! Or it will turn on. but it will hang on the download. How can it be that iPad Pro 9.7 ”does not work and does not boot if it is new?

Let’s immediately exclude those options for which you yourself are to blame:

  • you did not pour water, coffee, cola on it and did not take a shower with it;
  • do not mercilessly crumple the battery cable, stuffing it into your purse;
  • did not drop the tablet or hit it on hard surfaces.

What to do if iPad is not working?

If you answered all the questions honestly, try:

  • forcibly restart the tablet (your data will not be erased). it can be restarted even with a dark screen or no reaction of buttons to pressing. Hold down “Sleep / Wake” and “Home” and hold them until the Apple logo appears;
  • connect the device to the charger and wait a couple of minutes. Very often, users do not turn on the iPad after being completely discharged. The charging indicator should appear. it’s good! Didn’t it go? Check the plug, power adapter, USB cable. Make sure the connectors are connected securely, check the position of the 100% working power cable;
  • the iPad does not work, the apple is on and it doesn’t go any further? Often times, the iPad does not work this way after an update. of course, unsuccessful. Connect your tablet to your computer and open iTunes, then Hard Reset (see above). Hold the buttons until the recovery window appears. There click “update”, iTunes will start reinstalling iOS. In this case, your data will be saved.

If after that your iPad Pro does not turn on, and you observe:

  • the device did not turn on and on the screen. the same darkness even after a forced reboot;
  • the screen is dark, but the device vibrates, you hear signals
  • the display shows a picture, but does not respond to pressing, swiping and other gestures;
  • you cannot perform a forced reboot;
  • the device is not recognized by iTunes, the display shows a one-color screen. the problem may be more extensive.

“Smart-Service” has been carrying out professional iPad repair in Odessa for more than 7 years, and our specialists will quickly carry out a thorough diagnosis of the device and, having identified the problem, will also quickly fix it!

What to do if part of the iPad (iPad) screen is not working?

With such a malfunction, both the display and the touch panel must be replaced, because they are made in the form of one module. Damage to the tablet screen under the same loads is different for different versions. The first generation models have a much thicker display, so it can withstand heavy loads.

Repair time and cost are largely determined by the specific model. As a result, replacement of one element in the first generations of tablets will be cheaper and faster than in the latter.


The specialists of the Apple-SAPPHIRE company will be able to quickly find out the cause of the breakdown of your device and, as soon as possible, will qualitatively eliminate the malfunction. The sooner after the first signs you contact our service center, the faster, cheaper and easier the restoration will be. Do not postpone repairs to the back box, as operating a damaged or faulty iPad leads to additional problems and may even aggravate the progression of existing faults.

So, if part of the screen does not work for you or the display is completely out of order, then you need to contact us. Here we will perform comprehensive diagnostics for free. As a result, you will be able to determine the place, as well as the cause of the breakdown and establish the complexity of the damage. A representative of our company will inform you about the cost of the repair, and if it suits you, he will begin to eliminate the problems. Without special equipment, you will not be able to determine why part of the iPad (iPad) screen is not working. You yourself, relying on external signs, can only make assumptions.

Part of the iPad screen is not working

Select the device that needs repair:

Despite the fact that all products from the manufacturer “Apple” are considered one of the most reliable, malfunctions can occur with this technique. The most vulnerable point of the iPad is the screen.

The touch glass is capable of reacting to any mechanical damage. And if part of the iPad (iPad) screen does not work and does not respond to touch, then this may be due to several reasons. For example, it can be careless operation or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Also, the touchscreen can malfunction if the tablet display is flooded with water, the effect of constant humidity, low or high temperatures.

It is impossible to replace the display of this model on your own, since this will require professional knowledge and high-tech equipment. Otherwise, you can do even more harm by damaging a specific ribbon or connector. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our service center “Apple-SAPPHIRE”, where you will be provided with qualified assistance at affordable prices.

Let’s highlight the main reasons leading to the inoperability of the display part of the iPad screen

  • The screen has been damaged due to a shock, drop, or liquid spill. Depending on the nature of the damage, either recovery or replacement of the screen awaits you.
  • Damage to the power control chip. Such a component is often damaged as a result of voltage surges during charging, with physical and mechanical stress. You can tell exactly about the reasons for its malfunction after professional testing.
  • Internal parts (printed circuit board or loop) are out of order due to moisture ingress. Liquid is a very dangerous factor. Usually, after such an impact, the tablet can immediately fail. However, it is possible that breakdowns will manifest themselves over time (for example, traces of oxidation or corrosion). Therefore, after such incidents, in order to avoid many problems, we advise you to quickly show the product to the masters.
  • Shocks, drops and pressure from solid objects can also adversely affect the ribbon cable, printed circuit board, and components. In this case, you need to perform an inspection, identifying where the failure occurred.

Such symptoms, when part of the screen does not work, can indicate a variety of malfunctions. Therefore, you need to turn to specialists for help immediately. Only qualified craftsmen, using special equipment, will find out which of the components has failed and which repair will be advisable.

We have created the most convenient and favorable service conditions for our clients. In most cases, the diagnosis and the repair process itself is performed right in front of the client. After repair, you receive a warranty for iPad, the validity period of which will pleasantly surprise you!

hard reset iPad

Hard-reset is able to clean up memory including background apps and junk files. Your personal data and settings will remain safe. So this is a good way to get rid of the iPad screen not working problem.

On iPad Pro with Face ID: press the Side Compare and Volume Down buttons until the Apple logo appears on the iPad screen.

On an old iPad with a Home button: hold down the power Home Combine the buttons, keep pressing when the power off screen appears, and release when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Your iPad screen should now work as usual.

restore iPad in recovery mode

Recovery Mode was developed by Apple for iPad users to fix various issues, including iPad screen freezes and won’t turn off.

Step 1 Turn off your iPad. Open iTunes on your computer and update it to the latest version.

Step 2 Press Home and connect the iPad to the device via the lightning cable for older iPad models. For iPad Pro 2018 and later, press the Volume Down button.

Step 3 Now a warning should appear in iTunes which asks you to Restore or Refresh iPad in Recovery Mode.

Note: Restoring iPad in recovery mode will delete your files and settings. We suggest you back up your entire iPad.

factory reset from iPad

If iPad is still freezing and running slowly, it might be time to factory reset your iPad. Keep in mind that it will remove all your files and settings. So, you better back up your iPad first.

Here’s how to fix iPad stuck.

Step 1 Open the Settings app from the home screen and tap on your name.

Step 2 In-person General Reset and select Erase all content and settings.

Step 3 Enter your password if prompted and start setting iPad to factory settings. When it finishes, your iPad will reboot and display the welcome screen.

How to fix iPad screen not working

If iPad touchscreen isn’t working, don’t worry, read the troubleshooting steps below to fix iPad touchscreen not working.

restart iPad

When the iPad screen is completely unresponsive, you cannot restart the device with the shutdown screen. In this case, you can still restart your iPad using the button combination.

On an iPad with a Home button: Press and hold the Power button together with the Home button for at least 10 seconds. When you see the Apple logo, release the key combination and let the iPad reboot.

On iPad Pro 2018 and later: quickly press and release the Volume Up button and do the same on the Volume Down button. Hold the Side Compare button until the Apple logo appears.

comprehensive iPad screen troubleshooting not working

If you have performed the troubleshooting above and the iPad screen is still not working, FoneLab iOS System Restore can help you fix this problem easily.

  • Software troubleshooting causes iPad screen to become unresponsive.
  • Protect your data and files by fixing software problems.
  • Integration of hardware acceleration to improve performance.
  • Compatible with iPad running iOS 13/12/11/10 or earlier.

In short, iOS System Recovery. this is the easiest way to fix the iPad touchscreen not working in some areas.

How to fix iPad not working without data loss

Step 1 Get iOS System Recovery

Download and install the easiest iPad screen recovery tool on your computer and run it.

FoneLab allows you to transfer iPhone / iPad / iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal without data loss.

  • Fix Disabled iOS System Issues.
  • Extract data from disconnected iOS devices without data loss.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Connect your iPad to your computer with a lightning cable and the recovery tool will immediately recognize your device.

Step 2 Set up for iPad screen repair

Hit the Start button to open the next window. Then select Standard Mode And press the Confirm button. Extended mode available when standard mode fails.

Step 3 Repair iPad Screen Not Working

Enter the firmware information depending on the model and system of your iPad. Then click the Fix or Optimize button to start troubleshooting. It only takes a while to complete the process. When your iPad shuts down and restarts, exit the recovery tool and disconnect your device. Your iPad screen should now respond quickly to your touch.

Why iPad Screen Doesn’t Work

If the iPad touchscreen stops working when you tap or press any buttons, it means something is wrong on your device. The good news is that touchscreen issues are usually software-related. The most common reasons include:

  • IPad screen is too dirty to detect your touch.
  • Too many unnecessary files and data. Your iPad storage is exhausted and can no longer respond.
  • Some apps that are not optimized for iPad lead to iPad screen not responding.
  • Incorrect software update. Many iPad users update their device when Apple releases a new version. However, the old iPad cannot run the latest version of iOS. This will slow down your iPad.

What can you do when iPad screen is not working

Apple has added many new features with every iOS update; thus, more and more people are choosing to update their iPad to the latest version. However, sometimes accidents come unexpectedly such as iPad screen gets stuck.Some users have reported that their iPad is suddenly frozen and unresponsive.

This article explains what to do when the iPad screen stops working, whether you touch it or press the volume buttons.

The battery has run out

First of all, if the iPad cannot be turned on, it should be connected to the charger. A completely discharged battery is a common cause of this behavior on an iPad. Usually, the battery charge is enough only to display an empty battery, but it often happens that nothing is visible except for a dark screen.

Apple’s minimum recommended charging time is 20 minutes. After that, you must try to disable it. If the display shows a red battery, the tablet is low and you need to continue charging.

If there are no changes, it is recommended to change the power supply or charger.

What to do, iPad has turned off and won’t turn on

Even the highest quality equipment is not immune to malfunctions. And Apple devices that have won the love of users for their functionality and impeccable reliability are no exception.

If your iPad won’t turn on, don’t worry too much. The reason for this is not necessarily a hardware malfunction, most likely, the problem is solved easily and trivially.

The reasons for this behavior of the tablet should be determined. This can happen due to a failure of the battery or due to a malfunction of the power button.


The most effective action in the fight against spontaneous shutdown of the tablet is considered to be its hard reboot. To do this, press simultaneously two keys on the iPad “Home” and “Power” and do not release them until an apple (Apple logo) or a graphic image of the battery status appears on the screen.

The appearance of an apple on the display indicates that the problem has been resolved, the tablet is charging and will be available for normal operation.

Clearing the computer memory cache. How to do it is described here.

It should be noted that a hard reboot will reset temporary data.

Other reasons

Often, even with a loaded battery, iPad still won’t turn on.

There may be several reasons for this behavior of the device:

  • installation of unlicensed applications and installation of new firmware. A possible solution to the problem is to reinstall the operating system using iTunes. But before reinstalling the operating system, you must try to hard reboot the device;
  • problems with iPad items. Most often, the power button breaks. To diagnose this problem, you need to connect the device to the charger. If the battery charge indicator appears on the screen, then the power button is almost certainly out of order;
  • the charging connector is defective. This type of breakdown is much more difficult to identify, since when the iPad is connected without charge to charging, nothing happens. A possible way to eliminate this kind of malfunction is to clean the connector contacts;
  • ingress of moisture into the tablet. You can try to deal with this problem yourself. You need to disassemble the tablet and let the device dry for 2-3 days. This method is not always effective and risky, since there is a possibility of board oxidation. Repairing the board is usually quite expensive, and in some cases the device becomes completely non-repairable. In this regard, it is recommended to return the tablet to a service center to fix the problem as soon as possible;
  • short circuits. Despite the fact that the reason is incredible if used correctly, this can happen when using a non-original charger. The only way out of the problem situation is to replace the burnt out elements.

Causes and solutions

This behavior usually occurs on iPad after battery drain.

Factors associated with battery damage are conventionally divided into three groups:

In order to restore the operating system via iTunes, you will need:

  • the most recent version of iTunes (preferred);
  • a pre-downloaded file with the version of iOS currently installed on the iPad.

IOS recovery is carried out in the following sequence:

  • connect iPad to the system unit using a USB cable;
  • launch iTunes;

iTunes will automatically delete all content and download the “fresh” firmware to the iPad’s internal memory. After the update, the device will be transferred to Recovery Mode, and the device will be restored to the factory state.

Refresh iPad via Recovery Mode

The next way to solve the problem is by updating through the recovery mode. To do this, you need a Mac or Windows PC with up-to-date iTunes and a USB cable. The method also depends on the model.

  • Recovery Mode on iPadPro with FaceID
  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • On your tablet, hold down the Power button and the Volume Up button until the shutdown screen appears. Use the slider to disable iPad Pro.
  • Now hold down the power button on your iPad Pro and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Keep holding the button until recovery mode is activated.
  • Select “Refresh” on the computer screen when the recovery mode notification appears.

The update may take 20 minutes or more. If everything works out, the iPad Pro will update the system and reboot.

You can also try resetting your tablet and then restoring your data from a backup.

  • Recovery mode on any iPad with Home button
  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Hold down the power button and then turn off the tablet.
  • Hold the Home button and connect your iPad to your computer.
  • Keep holding the button until recovery mode is activated.
  • Select “Refresh” on the notification on the computer.
ipad, turn

Again, you can try resetting your tablet and then restoring your data from a backup if the update doesn’t help.

Force restart iPad

Sometimes force restarting iPad can help. The method depends on the iPad model and year of manufacture. Below we will tell you about all the options.

  • Hard reset iPadPro11 ″ and iPadPro9 ″ (2018 and newer)

Press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then hold down the Power button until iPad Pro restarts.

  • Hard Restart iPad, iPadAir, iPadmini, and older iPadPro

Press the Home button and the Power button at the same time until the screen turns off and then the Apple logo appears on it.

In some cases, a forced reboot will fix the problem and you will get your tablet in a normal state. If not, go to the next step.

What to do if iPad stuck on an apple (Apple logo) and won’t turn on?

Sometimes iPads freeze at the Apple logo on startup or restart. Most often this happens due to an unsuccessful software update, but sometimes there may be other reasons for this.

We’ll tell you what to do if your iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini is stuck on an apple. How to restart iPad if it freezes and other ways.

Check if there is a progress bar on the screen

If there is a progress bar under the apple, your device is either installing a system update or repairing itself. In this case, do nothing and wait for the process to complete.

Connect the tablet to a power source and do not touch it until the process is complete.

If this is a software update, your iPad will automatically reboot after installation. You may have iOS auto-update enabled and your tablet decided to download the update now. Do not interrupt its download.

If there is no progress indicator, then the tablet is really frozen. Follow the steps below to fix it.

Reset and restore iPad via DFU mode

If the method above did not help you, you can use the DFU mode for recovery. This will erase all your data from the tablet, but then you can restore it from the copy.

  • Recover iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, old iPad Pro
  • Connect iPad to Computer and Launch iTunes.
  • Simultaneously hold down the power button and the Home button and hold them for about 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, release the power button, but continue to hold the Home button for another 5 seconds.
  • On the computer screen, select Restore iPad.
  • Recovery iPadPro (2018 and newer)
  • Connect iPad Pro to Computer and Launch iTunes.
  • Press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Continuing to hold the power button, hold down the Volume Down button for another 5 seconds.
  • Release the power button, but continue to hold the Volume Down button for another 10 seconds.
  • Select Recovery on the computer screen.

When the tablet is restored, you can set it up as new or restore from a backup.

Fortunately, the problem with hanging on an apple does not occur very often, but now you know how to solve it. Most often, one of the methods above solves the problem.

How to restore iPad if it won’t turn on

The method to restore iPad using iTunes is quite effective and widespread. This requires:

  • Hold down the “Home” button and connect the tablet to the computer at the same time. In the case of new iPads without the Home button, you must first connect the device to the PC, and then simultaneously press the volume up or down button together with the power key for 5 seconds;
  • You can only release the power button and wait 10 seconds while pressing the volume key;
  • After that, iTunes on the computer should report that the device has entered recovery mode;
  • A window will appear stating that there is a problem with the iPad and needs to be restored;
  • To save the files, you must click the “Update” button if you have not the latest OS version installed. If the latter, then the update will not occur and it will only be possible to restore the gadget with the loss of settings and files (then it will be possible to sync with iCloud);
  • After that, the iPad will turn on and should work normally.

How to save data to iPad if it won’t turn on

If you have enabled the iCloud backup setting in advance, then the cloud service automatically copies the data to the server and you can restore your photos, contacts, music, videos, etc. (there is a detailed article on the site, go and learn more about it):

  • Restore iPad as described in the instructions above;
  • During the first setup, click the “Recover from iCloud” button on the Apps and Data item;
  • Sign in to your iCloud account and your data should be restored.

If you saved a backup to your PC, then you need to connect to iTunes, select your iPad in the list of connected devices and click on “Restore backup”. After that, select the date of the backup and follow the prompts on the screen.

How to hard reset iPad

If your tablet still has a physical Home button, then you need to do one simple action, namely:

  • simultaneously hold down the Home buttons and the power key, and hold until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If the apple is on fire, then the tablet will live.
  • for devices with Face ID, you need to hold down the power button and the volume up / down button, and wait for the apple to appear.

How to fix iPad if it won’t turn on due to mechanical damage

Firmware, reset, or reboot didn’t help? So, after all, your iPad has a problem inside the hardware. In this section, I will not repeat for a full discharge of the battery or a broken (dirty) charging port. First, I’ll tell you how the iPad behaves if it contains mechanical damage.

  • The tablet flashes with a screen when turned on;
  • Bands and other distortion on the display before it dies out;
  • The apple lights up, but does not have a clear white color;
  • Doesn’t react to the power button if there is a breakdown on the motherboard.

The iPad will not turn on if there are problems with the display, namely: the cable goes off, it fell, the matrix or sensor glass is broken, etc. In this case, you are unlikely to fix your device yourself, so let’s move on.

How to flash iPad if it reboots endlessly

It is quite simple to flash the device, but flashing is a radical method of repairing your iPad if the reason for not turning it on was a software glitch. This is done in a few steps:

  • You need to install and run the latest version of iTunes on your computer or laptop;
  • Connect iPad to PC;
  • In the iTunes settings, you must select the type of connected device and wait for the firmware to be fully downloaded (update);
  • Put your smartphone into recovery mode, which I wrote about earlier. iTunes will let you know if you did everything right;
  • Follow the prompts, then the device will automatically reboot.

What to do if iPad won’t turn on?

It happens that the device is simply discharged to zero, that is, the discharge is so strong that even after connecting the charger, the tablet will not give any signs of life. Leave iPad charging for a few hours. If the apple lights up. you’re in luck, and if not, then move on.

Force reboot

If the tablet hangs on an apple, that is, a logo is displayed on the screen and nothing else, nothing happens when you press the display, or the device simply does not turn on, you will need to restart it forcibly.

To do this, you need to simultaneously press the power button and the home key, if there is one, for a few seconds. If there is no Home button, then you need to hold down the volume down or up button and the power button at the same time. The screen of the gadget should go out, then they can be released.

Before restarting iPad in this way, please note that unsaved data will be erased.

After that, the download will start automatically, while the apple lights up on the display and goes out when the device is turned on, being replaced by the background image. Sometimes the tablet does not turn on on its own, then you need to start the gadget with the button manually.

Another option is to turn on without a button, for this you need to connect the iPad to an outlet using a charger or a cable to a computer.

Restart by shutdown

If the device responds with a delay to pressing, you must turn it off and on again. You will need to press the button located on the top end, holding it for a few seconds. A slider will appear on the screen, where you can choose what to do. turn off the gadget or cancel the command.

You can turn off the tablet by moving the slider. After that, you will need to start the technique again by pressing the same button on the end of the case.

At least 10-12 seconds must elapse between shutdown and restart for all programs to exit correctly.

What to do if iPad freezes

Despite the high performance, Apple-branded tablets can sometimes freeze. This happens more often when you open several resource-intensive programs at the same time, as well as after launching and installing updates. If your iPad is frozen, the easiest way to get your device back on track is to reboot.

This procedure can be carried out in different ways, the choice of a specific option depends on the cause of the problem. In most cases, you can cope with it yourself, without contacting a service center.

Suspension reasons

often, users complain that their iPad is frozen in the following situations:

  • After a factory reset. There may be errors in the file system that delay the execution of commands. This is often the case for devices that have been used for a long time.
  • During a software update, during or after installation. The failure can be caused by errors in the code of the received files or incorrect installation. The same goes for abrupt interruption of the installation process.
  • If there is not enough RAM or built-in memory. If it is more than 80% full, the tablet begins to respond more slowly to pressing, often the sensor does not respond.
  • The device has received mechanical damage or has been infected with viruses. Although Apple’s technology is more resistant to external threats, iOS can still be infected by a virus that causes stagnation.

other methods

You can restart iPad even if it is unresponsive to buttons, including the shutdown key. You can reset the network settings or discharge the battery completely, then plug it into an outlet, and when charging starts, the device will turn on automatically.

Another option is to go to Settings by selecting the “General” item and the “Universal Access” sub-item. Activating the Assistive Touch option launches a floating key on the display to control options. After selecting the lock, you need to hold down the button for a few seconds, and the tablet will turn off.