iPad mini won’t charge

IPad mini charging problems

The client came with a complaint that the device is not charging. Perhaps this is due to the fall? Quite, but with detailed diagnostics, our engineer found out that the power controller microcircuit burned out.

The power controller is a microcircuit designed to control the indication and charge level of the device.

How can you tell that something is wrong with your power controller IC? There are certain signs:

  • the device quickly charges and discharges;
  • the percentage of charge is incorrectly indicated;
  • when charging, the “lightning” is not visible.

In our case, the reason for the failure of the power controller microcircuit was an analog charger. That is why we always advise our customers to purchase only original accessories for Apple appliances. Only they can keep the quality of your device at the proper level.

iPad mini burned out from analog charging Is it possible to fix it now??

Customers often ask us what is the difference between analog and original chargers. A striking example of why you should not buy analogs is today’s “patient”.

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This iPad mini is the very first of Apple’s mini-tablets.Reliable, successful 2012 model that even now can compete with the latest models.

Unfortunately, the age of a device can be easily determined by its condition. One has only to look at the display glass.

See the cracks in the glass? This means that the device has already been dropped or was crushed by a heavy object, but the matrix itself is still in order.

IPad mini power controller chip repair

Fortunately, 99% of such a malfunction in iPad mini is repairable and its price is low. The engineer needs to disassemble the device and unsolder the old microcircuit. All this is jewelry work using a soldering station and a microscope.

Everyone cannot cope with this, so you need an experienced master solder who knows the internals of Apple’s mini line perfectly. After all, it is easy to spoil the internal “stuffing” of the device. Then the part is replaced with a new one.

The tablet is reassembled and tested for performance. Our iPad mini is charging again!

The owner decided not to change the glass, and it’s a pity, because this causes significant damage to the device. Dirt and moisture gets inside, which “injures” the matrix.

The client was warned from our side about the risks, let’s hope that he will heed the advice of the consultant. You also have questions about your device.?

Then leave a request on our website or call! The FixPoint SC will always tell you how best to solve any “apple” problem in the shortest possible time.

Install the utility to increase the amperage on USB

Knowing about this user problem, many manufacturers of computer equipment have developed special programs that allow you to bring the power of the energy flow through the USB interface to a level sufficient for normal iPad charging.

These utilities are developed strictly for specific motherboards, and not only will not work with other hardware, but can also lead to serious damage to the equipment.

Therefore, find out exactly the brand of the motherboard installed on your PC or laptop and look for advising software on the manufacturer’s official website. It is possible that in order to turn on the amperage amplifier for USB, you will have to make some additional settings in the BIOS. In this case, if you doubt your computer competence, it is better to invite a professional for such a responsible business.

  • ICharger is designed for MSI notebooks.
  • AiCharger is suitable for Asus laptops.
  • ON / OFF Charge software for GIGABITE notebooks.

iPad does not charge from the computer: instructions for solving the problem

As you know, the iPad can be charged both with a charger from the mains, and from a personal computer via a USB port connection. However, having the right does not always mean that it is practically possible to exercise it.

For some reason, the iPad does not charge from the computer?

The thing is that in the process of charging the device consumes quite a lot of power and not every personal computer is able to meet such high requirements.

If you have an Apple computer not older than 2011, there should be no problems with charging your tablet computer. New Macs come with a dedicated USB interface for connecting and charging iPads.

If you do not have a Mac, but a regular PC based on the Windows operating system, standard USB connectors may not be powerful enough to charge iPad.

Typically, the system unit has multiple USB ports on the front or rear panel. All these interfaces can be of different types and, accordingly, can deliver different amperage. Just try to find the most powerful USB connector. Perhaps, during experiments on one of the outputs, the iPad will throw out a notification that charging has started successfully.

To reduce the load, charge tablets only in sleep mode. To put it into sleep mode, you need to block the tap of the tablet. If after that the device does not want to charge, you will have to look for more sophisticated ways to solve the problem.

How To Fix iPad That Won’t Charge

In fact, it would be best to charge directly from the mains using a dedicated adapter. It is advisable to resort to the mediation of a desktop computer or laptop only in cases when there is no special charger at hand or you are somewhere in a remote area. For example, let’s go to the dacha. The laptop is there, but the wife forgot to put the charger in the backpack. Or, there is no electrical network at all on site and you need to recharge the iPad at least a little from the laptop battery.

Tricks and gimmicks

Your favorite iPad won’t charge from your computer? It’s time to get a little smart. The USB interface has one such remarkable property. if you connect to two ports at the same time, then the total energy output also doubles.

And here is an easy way how you can charge iPad even from a desktop that is not suitable for this case. Purchase a conversion cable with two USBs at one end. Connect these two connectors to the two inputs on your computer, and connect the remaining end to your tablet. Now the iPad will receive electricity simultaneously through two channels and this should be enough for a normal charging process.

The gadget turned on, but does not work

If, after the actions taken, the gadget still showed signs of life, but “freezes” on the screen with the logo, or you see a blue or red screen, then you need to restore the firmware. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • You need a computer running Windows or OSX. Download and install iTunes. Connect your device with the supplied USB cable to your computer.
  • Repeat the procedure for forced reboot of the device. But this time, do not release the buttons even after the logo appears and hold until the recovery mode turns on. The picture on the device screen and a message in the program on the computer will let you know about this.

In the message on the computer, in addition to the text, there will also be buttons “Update” and “Restore”. When you press the first, the system will download and install the latest firmware on your tablet, correcting possible software errors. Since this is just an update, all your data, files and settings will also be preserved.

A failure in this procedure is possible, then you need to save STIHL and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Force reboot

There are several options for the inoperability of a tablet or other device from Apple. Now we will consider the options when the gadget “freezes”, in other words, does not respond to normal actions, such as pressing buttons and touches. The same methods will work if iPadmini won’t turn on or charge. All procedures are the same.

“Freezes” happen even with a working device, the screen may not darken, and may even turn black. Of course, the second case is much more terrible. at first glance.

First of all, force restart the gadget. This procedure will not erase the data from memory, and all your photos, music, settings, etc. will be saved in the same form.

To perform this action, simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons for 10 seconds until you see the apple icon. If everything worked out, then the tablet or other device will boot as usual and everything will return to its place.

How To Fix An iPad That Won’t Charge-Easy Tutorial

What to do if iPad won’t turn on or charge

It happens that a nuisance happens. your favorite “apple” device one day simply will not turn on. Even regardless of whether there was a reason or not. In this article, we will tell you what to do if the iPad won’t turn on or charge: what could happen and what repairs you can handle on your own.

If the reboot didn’t work

If after holding these two buttons nothing happened, you should check the most commonplace omission. the battery charge. Try charging your tablet. If nothing becomes visible right away, then wait, it is better to leave the gadget on charge overnight.

If nothing worked

If the iPad still does not turn on and does not charge, then you should contact a professional service center, because you have tried all the easy methods. Unfortunately, you have a hardware glitch that can only be fixed by repairing or replacing broken parts.

IPad Mini won’t charge

During operation, there are times when the “iPad Mini” stops charging from the outlet. In this case, the following symptoms may be observed:

the device does not see charging; no interest is earned; charging is very slow; the tablet is discharged very quickly; the device gets very hot while charging; the back cover or display began to protrude; when charging, the percentages decrease (go in the opposite direction). All of this indicates a problem with the battery or power connector. Their appearance can be triggered by a number of factors, which will be discussed below.

Why iPad Mini won’t charge Wrong choice of accessories. This is one of the most common reasons iPad Mini won’t charge. In particular, we are talking about the use of non-original chargers. Users often choose cheaper Chinese counterparts, which leads to problems. Since the fourth generation, the iPad is based on two-way charging technology, which involves placing U2 (or USB) controllers on the cable and on the motherboard. They are not available on Chinese-made chargers. As a result, the polarity does not switch, which provokes burnout of the microcircuits, and the iPad Mini stops charging.

Poor power supply, power surges. This problem is especially common in homes with old wiring. The most sensitive to poor-quality power supply are devices with Lightning connectors, which are equipped with all iPads from the fourth generation.

Ingress of dust or moisture. If the connector is clogged with dust, the contacts of the charger simply do not reach the contacts of the tablet. If liquid gets inside iPad Mini, it could oxidize the connector pins. As a result, charging is no longer observed or periodically not detected.

Defective battery or other parts. A battery breakdown is usually indicated by an incorrect display of percentages or the fact that charging does not occur. Similar symptoms can occur after strong mechanical stress (for example, falls or bumps). This leads to the appearance of microcracks on the ceramic / glass microcircuits. They stop passing current to the batteries or fail during operation, which leads to incorrect behavior of the device when charging or to the fact that the tablet stops turning on.

FirstFix specialists will perform qualified diagnostics and restore your iPad Mini to work. Call the contact phone number or order repairs using the online form.

IPad won’t charge

If iPad 1,2,3,4, mini, mini Retina, mini 3, Air, Air 2, Mini 4, Pro does not charge, we will help you fix this problem. The site contains specialized companies for the repair of Apple equipment, which will solve any tablet problem in a couple of hours.

All repair work is certainly carried out with a guarantee. Only high-quality spare parts are used to replace broken parts. All services are performed exclusively on specialized equipment by highly qualified masters.

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What to do if iPad sat down and won’t charge

If your iPad is dead and won’t charge, try restarting it to see if your device’s display is still functioning. If possible, check the charging on other Apple devices.

If your actions have not brought results, the best thing to do is contact a professional craftsman as soon as possible. The site contains contacts of experienced and qualified representatives of the tablet repair service in our city. you just have to choose the right one.

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Call us! We will fix your device

Call us on the hot line 8-800-100-39-13. we will quickly and efficiently repair your device. Our operators will advise a service located near your home, or accept an application for a master’s visit.

Today, all your problems related to the inability to charge the iPad will be solved. We provide the best service at the best in our city. see for yourself!

Why iPad does not charge from computer and network

There may be several reasons why the iPad does not charge from the computer and the network. First of all, it is worth checking the charger itself and the cable. If everything is in order with them individually, then the matter is in the internal damage of the tablet.

Sometimes the source of the problem is a banal battery failure. After a couple of years, the battery depletes its resource and may fail. Also, the cause may be a malfunction of the power management chip. Diagnostics, which takes no more than fifteen minutes, will help to determine more accurately.

How much does it cost to replace the charging connector ?

Device Price on departure Price in Pedant.ru services Price iPad 2 on request Convenient from 1 990 rub. Sign up iPad 3 on request Convenient from 1 990 rub. Sign up iPad 4 on request Convenient from 2 090 rub. Sign up iPad mini on request Convenient from 2 590 rubles. Sign up iPad Air on request Convenient from 2 690 rub. Sign up iPad mini 2 on request Convenient from 2 890 rubles. Sign up iPad mini 3 on request Convenient from 2 890 rub. Sign up iPad Air 2 on request Convenient from 2 290 rubles. Sign up iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) on request Convenient from 4 490 rubles. Sign up iPad mini 4 on request Convenient from RUB 3,090 Sign up iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) on request Convenient from 6 190 rubles. Sign up iPad Pro 10.5 on request Convenient from 4,990 rubles. Sign up iPad 5 on request Convenient from 3 190 rub. Sign up iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) on request Convenient from 4 790 rubles. Sign up iPad Pro 11 (2020) on demand Convenient on demand Sign up iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) on demand Convenient on demand Sign up iPad Air 3 on request Convenient from 3 690 rub. Sign up iPad 7 on request Convenient from 3 690 rubles. Sign up iPad 6 on request Convenient from 3 290 rubles. Sign up iPad Pro 11 (2018) on request Convenient from 5 390 rubles. Sign up iPad Pro 12.9 (2015) on request Convenient from 4 290 rubles. Sign up

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