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Unfortunately, any computer user may encounter a problem when the operating system Mac does not boot and as if freezes on the boot process. It usually looks like this: the computer starts to boot, the Apple logo habitually appears on the screen, but then nothing happens. the system does not boot, and the computer does not respond to anything other than forcibly turning off the power button. In other cases under “apple” a loading indicator may appear on the logo (similar to the one shown in the image above), but nothing else happens either. Why is this happening and how to deal with it? Is it required in such cases repair macbook? Let’s figure it out in order.

Why the Mac does not boot and freezes on the Apple logo

The reasons that the Mac stops loading may vary:

  • The operating system crashes due to the damage of important system files (for example, if the update of the system components is not correctly installed, or if a new OS is installed).
  • Damage to system files due to malware.
  • Lack of free space on the boot volume of the computer.
  • Failure to determine the boot volume due to a software error or damage to the hard disk cable (a clear symptom of this. Mac shows a folder with a question mark)
  • Malfunction of hardware components (damage to the hard drive or SSD, chip defect, etc.).

Mac does not load and freezes. What to do?

Depending on the causes of the problem, there are various variations of its solution. Some can be tried on their own, while others can only be realized by a specialist in a service center. Below, we’ll give some recommendations on what you can do if your Mac stops loading and freezes on the Apple logo or download indicator. Let’s start with a simple one.

Download in safe mode

Few people know that the MacOS operating system allows you to boot into Safe mode, which allows you to identify various system software errors. In Safe mode, only the core of the system with the main important functions is loaded, and during the boot of the computer in safe mode, the file system is checked for errors and, if possible, their elimination. Therefore, in most mild cases, booting the Mac in safe mode followed by a correct software reboot can solve the problem if your Mac does not load and freezes.

In order to boot Mac (no matter whether it is MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini) in safe mode, you must when you turn on the computer, hold down the key “Shift” on the keyboard and hold until the bar appears loading indicator. Note that MacOS boot time in safe mode takes much longer than the standard operating system boot, so we recommend you be patient.

Correcting errors using the disk utility

Disk utility. This is a specialized application for working with the boot volume and file system MacOS, which allows, in addition to the standard formatting or partitioning functions, to check the disk and boot partition for errors and the correct access rights to system files.

To run the disk utility if the computer does not boot normally, you need to boot from the built-in MacOS recovery partition. For this it is necessary when you turn on the computer, press the Alt / Option (⌥) button and hold it until the boot partition selection screen appears, then select the Recovery partition. Forced boot from MacOS recovery partition may occur when you press a key combination Command (⌘).R when you start the computer.

When the recovery partition is started, select the item “Disk utility”:

In Disk Utility, select the section “First aid” and press “Run” (relevant for MacOS versions of El Capitan and Sierra), or manually select “Check drive” and “Check permissions” (available for OS X Yosemite and older). If, at the end of the process, the disk utility reports that the disk is healthy or restored, then try restarting the computer and checking the loading of the operating system again. In case of successful correction of the errors found, MacOS should boot correctly in normal mode.

If, during the verification process, the disk utility displays an error message that cannot be fixed, it is worth considering how to save important files and documents, and then reinstall the operating system.

Reinstall MacOS Operating System

If the Mac does not boot and freezes on the boot indicator, and restoring with regular means does not give a result, then most likely you can’t do without reinstalling the operating system. In this case, given the fact that the computer does not boot, extracting files and user documents can be very problematic.

IPad Mini Hangs How to Fix

In order to extract files from a boot volume that cannot be started, you will need to either connect the computer to another Mac in external disk mode (the method is not simple and requires a second Mac computer, a FireWire or Thunderbolth cable, and strict compliance with Mac OS versions on both computers), or connect to the computer from an external medium with an installed operating system, or special software to extract and transfer data.

Unfortunately, not every Mac user has the opportunity to carry out such manipulations and, faced with a situation where their computer stops loading correctly and freezes, and simple ways to solve the problem do not help, they simply don’t know what to do. If your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac does not load or the operating system freezes when loading, you can always contact the specialists of our service center for help. The MacBook will be repaired as quickly as possible, taking into account all your wishes about saving important data and the desired settings that our employees will make for your computer so that it will please its stable operation for a very long time.

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