IPad Mini 2 Quiet Sound What To Do

If there is no sound on iPhone 8, first of all, you need to pay attention to whether a special mode is turned on, the settings of which include turning off the sound signal. It sounds corny, but many users may simply not notice that the silent mode is activated. This happens due to the fact that a special switch is located at the top of the phone on the left side. The up position. sound active, down position. silent mode (visually distinguishes by a characteristic orange strip located under the switch in the silent position).

Possible reasons

The factors that provoke the disappearance of sound on the iphone 8 can be divided into two groups:

  1. External factors. these include all kinds of mechanical damage to the smartphone and malfunctions of the elements directly responsible for the sound. This also includes a problem such as the penetration of foreign elements into sound channels;
  2. Internal factors. or rather, software failures or misuse of installed applications and programs.

The way to troubleshoot directly depends on the reasons that provoke them. With the disappearance of sound, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the state of sound channels. If small particles, dust and other foreign bodies are present in them, you should definitely remove them.

IPad Mini 2 Quiet Sound What To Do

If the problem is preceded by a drop in the phone or moisture in it, professional diagnostics will be required to help establish the true cause of the malfunction.

No sound on iPhone 8, but it’s on the headphones

In some cases, the sound on the iPhone is only in the headphones. At the same time, the malfunctioning of the volume control key or their complete inactivity is noted. In this case, one can almost confidently say that the channel through which the headphones are connected is blocked.

Foreign particles in the connector lead to the fact that the device constantly “thinks” that the headphones are connected, and therefore no sound signal is heard. You can remove contamination with a toothpick or other thin object. It is undesirable to use a needle or a metal needle. sharp objects can easily damage the delicate parts of the iPhone.

After cleaning the headphone jack, be sure to restart the phone and connect and disconnect the external headset several times. If the problem persists, try other solutions.

On iPhone 8, a quiet sound during a conversation or the phone is completely “silent”

In this case, most likely, we are talking about a serious software failure. You can fix it in the following way:

  • Connect the device to the PC and copy all the necessary and important files;
  • Update firmware. If updates are not available, then simply reinstall the software through iTunes.
  • Restoring the OS from a backup in this case is pointless, the problem will not disappear.

At the end of the above steps, restart the phone.

In the event that the sound did not appear, we can confidently talk about mechanical damage, which can only be eliminated by replacing damaged elements.