iPad locked says connect iTunes how to unlock

What to Do If iPhone Disconnected Connect to iTunes How to Unlock Without Losing Data

I can’t log into my locked iPhone, the message “iPhone disconnected connect to iTunes” appears. How to unlock a disconnected iPhone without a computer because I don’t have a computer with iTunes.

If you enter the wrong password too many times, you’ll get a locked iPhone that says “iPhone disconnected, connect to iTunes”. But that shouldn’t be the end of the story. We’ll teach you how to unlock a disconnected iPhone without a computer.

Unfortunately, most of the methods I’ve seen require the use of a computer, but what to do if your iPhone is disconnected connect to iTunes without a computer? Not sure how to unlock without losing data? Luckily, I’ve found 7 easy ways to help you disconnect from the iTunes screen without a computer, whether you have an iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/6/6S/5/4 or any type of iPhone. Just read on to learn through it.

About “iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes

Your iOS device is protected by several security features, one of which. Lock screen.

Every time you turn on your iPad with the lock screen, you need to enter the correct password or use Touch ID to log in to the iPad. And once you enter the wrong password for:

  • 6 times: The iPad will shut down for 1 minute;
  • 7 times: the iPad will be disconnected for 5 minutes;
  • 8 times: the iPad will be disabled for 15 minutes;
  • 9 times: your iPad will be disconnected for an hour;
  • 10 times: this iPad will say, “iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes”.

When your iPad is just disconnected for one hour or less, you can wait until the disconnected screen disappears on its own and then enter the password to unlock the iPad.

But once you see “iPad disconnected, connect to iTunes”, you can no longer just unlock this iPad. The only way to fix a disabled iPad. Is to reset. Only by resetting it will you be able to remove the disconnected state and use your iPad normally.

To reset a disconnected iPad, you can follow the instructions on the screen and connect your iPad to iTunes, This can help you reset your iPad, and there are some other methods this can help you reset a disconnected iPad when iTunes does not help. Now let’s see exactly how you can reset a disconnected iPad with or without iTunes.

How to fix a disconnected iPad:

Special Notes: To fix a disconnected iPad by resetting it, all data on it will be deleted, so you’d better back up your disconnected iPad first to avoid losing data.


For all 9 wrong guesses, all you have to do is wait. (You’ll notice that “try again in X minutes” counts down so you can see how much is left). You can’t do anything while you’re waiting, but if you want to, make emergency calls. Tap at the bottom labeled “Emergency Call”.

After the waiting period, your iPhone screen will change to a normal background and you can try again. But it’s important that you enter your password when you get a chance. If you get it wrong again, you will go to the next waiting period.

Once you get to the 60-minute wait, you have one last life. Make the mistake again, and you’ll be locked out until you connect your iPhone in iTunes, and the data on your device will be restored.

ipad, locked, says, connect, itunes

If you’re getting close to 10 times, be careful. Maybe you wrote down the correct password somewhere, or maybe there is someone else who knows it?

It might be worth writing down every guess you’ve had since this point (and all the ones you’ve entered before), but that’s just to help the memory co-occur. Rather cleverly, iOS counts multiple entries of the same wrong access code as one wrong guess, so you don’t have to worry about wasting any guesses that repeat.

If you reach the 10th incorrect guess, you need to go to the next section of this lesson.

ipad, locked, says, connect, itunes

Synchronization is not possible. Itunes asks for your password or gives you an error

If it is not possible to remove the writing simply, you need to do it via DFU (Device Firmware Update). This is the iPad mode where you can reset your device to factory settings and download new firmware. It deletes all files and reinstalls the operating system.

Before doing so, try to unlock your device using the iTunes synchronization. Connect to all available computers on which the program is installed. If that doesn’t work, go to the DFU method. To do this, do the following:

  • Make sure the cable is connected to the tablet.
  • Open iTunes. Don’t pay attention if an error or password request appears.
  • Locate the “Home” and “On/Off” buttons on your iPad. The first one is in the most prominent place. On the front of the gadget. With it you minimize the applications and go back to the main screen. The second button is next to the camera and the headphone jack. It’s what you use to turn your device on or off.
  • Press “Home” and “On/Off” at the same time. Hold it down for about 15 seconds.
  • Release “On/Off”. Hold on the “Home” button until you see a window in iTunes telling you that your gadget is in recovery mode. Press “OK.”. Your tablet may have different settings. If you were not able to activate your DFU this way, try doing the same with the device disconnected (and still connected to your computer).
  • Choose “Repair iPad” option. Clicking on this button with the Shift key pressed will install the firmware from the file if you have it. It is better to do it if you know the issue. Otherwise leave the work to iTunes.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • The download will start. It may be long. If at any point the download stops, don’t do anything. Just wait for the program to install everything.
  • Reenter DFU mode. Now click “Refresh iPad”. After downloading, you will be able to log in to your tablet.

If you haven’t synced your device with iTunes or copied data to your computer, you’ll have to start from scratch. This is the only way to reset a forgotten password.

Fixing iTunes

There are 3 ways to fix the “iTunes can’t connect to iPhone because it’s password locked” error. I hope the following solutions may be helpful.

ipad, locked, says, connect, itunes

Method 1 Delete old devices from iTunes

Usually this error occurs when you try to sync a new iPhone to your PC, iTunes detects a different device than the one you synced before. Itunes can’t distinguish between the two devices correctly, and it gets stuck in a mess. Here’s why the error occurs.

To get your iTunes back to normal, we need to delete the previous entry of the old iPhone.

Start iTunes, unplug your iPhone if you have it plugged in. In iTunes, find My Account and click View My Account in the drop-down list.

Scroll down and click Manage Devices, then you can see the previous devices you synced with iTunes.

Select all old devices, click Uninstall. The deletion will be done in seconds, click OK. To confirm.

Restart iTunes and connect the new iPhone to the PC. Itunes will detect it and start automatically.

Method 2 Reinstall or update iTunes

If uninstalling the old devices can’t solve your problem, you can choose to update or reinstall iTunes.

Ipad is Disabled Connect to iTunes?. 5 Ways to Unlock iPad without Passcode

In iTunes, click Help. And then Check for updates from the list, then your iTunes will be updated to the latest version.

Or you can uninstall iTunes and reinstall the new one on your PC.

After updating or reinstalling, connect your iPhone, iTunes should detect it and sync it successfully.

Ipad is Disabled, Connect to iTunes? Unlock it without iTunes! 2021

Method 3 Fix iTunes error with Tenorshare TunesCare

You can go to the iTunes recovery tool and fix “iTunes can’t connect to iPhone “Question. Here you can choose Tenorshare iTunesCare.

Tenorshare iTunesCare. Is a powerful tool to fix all iTunes errors. Once downloaded, you can use it to fix all iTunes errors in just a few clicks, without any technical tricks or any skills. You can reconnect to iTunes within minutes.

ipad, locked, says, connect, itunes

After following these steps, iTunesCare will take a few minutes to fix your iTunes. When the process is complete, iTunes will launch automatically and sync with your iPhone.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password: installing new firmware

Restoring iPhone via iTunes is not suitable for everyone: the procedure will download the firmware, which weighs almost a gigabyte and a half. If you have a slow internet connection (like a modem connection), the unlock procedure will take hours. Unhappy owners of such a slow connection are advised another way:

Download the iPhone firmware in the format.IPSW on some fast connection (for example, use an Internet café).

Copy the firmware to your PC’s memory in the folder located in C:Documents and Settings user name Application Data Apple Computer iTunes iPhone Software Updates.

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable, and run iTunes. Go to the device section.

Hold down CTRL and at the same time click “Repair iPhone”.

A window will appear where you can select the firmware to restore manually. Selecting the appropriate file.IPSW, press “Open”.

Then just wait for the procedure to complete. After recovery you will get a “clean” iPhone and will be able to reset the password.

Causes of the error

There can only be one reason for the error stating that the iPad is disconnected “Connect to iTunes”: the iPad or iPhone is locked. This blockage is due to several incorrect password attempts.

The thing is that if you enter the password incorrectly many times, after 10 attempts the iPhone will lock. The same thing will happen with the iPad.

This measure helps protect the device from unauthorized persons who can pick up the password by accidental entry (it is very unlikely, but it exists).

There will be other stages of protection before locking completely and requesting a connection to iTunes:

  • After five incorrect attempts, your device will lock for one minute and the screen will say.
  • After seven incorrect entries the device cannot be used for five minutes.
  • On the eighth time, iPad will be blocked for 15 minutes.
  • For the ninth time, the mobile device is deactivated for a full hour.
  • If you enter the code incorrectly 10 times you will have to connect to iTunes.

On iOS 13 and later, you can go to Settings and disable the lock feature if you enter the wrong code

Causes of the error

To protect your personal information, iPad owners can set an access password that the device prompts you for each time you unlock it. Entering the wrong passcode is the most common reason why your iPad has shut down and needs to connect to iTunes.

Usually the problem occurs when the access code is forgotten or a third party tried to unlock the device.

Important! The iPad offers to solve the problem through device recovery. You can do this without losing data only if you have previously backed up using iTunes or iCloud.

Recovering data after a reset

Resetting the password implies complete deletion of all user data currently stored in the device memory. You can’t get it back without the passcode. If the iPhone owner has used sync and backup tools before, you can make a backup.

  • Via iTunes. To do this, connect the device to the PC and go to the “Browse” tab. In the “Restore Data” box, select one of the available copies and wait for it to download to your iPhone.
  • Using third-party software. The method is suitable only if you used other software for backups.
  • Via iCloud. If synchronization of phonebook contacts, calendar entries and notes was used, then after resetting to factory settings, start your smartphone. Wait until the “Programs and Data” block appears. Find and choose “Restore from iCloud Copy” from the list and sign in with your Apple ID.

If your device has never synced with iTunes, iCloud, or other software, you won’t be able to get your user files back. So in order to avoid losing important information, use features to back it up.