iPad doesn’t boot and the apple lights up

Reboot the device

Another way to recover any Apple smartphones when the iPad doesn‘t turn on, the “apple” lights up and goes out” is to reboot the device. This is done in three steps:

How to Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo/Boot Loop without Losing Any Data

  • Press Home and Sleep at the same time
  • Hold them for 10-15 minutes until the “apple” logo appears on the display
  • Wait for the tablet to reboot

The same method of resetting almost all Apple gadgets are restored after any software failures. This method is often used after installing a tweak from Cydia or a jailbreak after which iPads hang quite often.

Main causes of failures

When the apple lights up when you turn it on, but the system does not start, you can perform an initial diagnosis yourself and discover the cause of the malfunction.

Most often the iPhone does not boot because of the following factors:

  • malfunction of the “Power” button, power controller, display module and other internal elements (such problems occur when iPhone is dropped)
  • incomplete battery (the device does not turn on further than apple if there is not enough power)
  • Malfunction of USB cable or power adapter
  • Corrosion of internal elements after moisture inside the phone
  • device overheating

To find a solution to the problem, if the root cause of the fact that the apple lights up and goes out are not hardware problems, you can without assistance.

“Symptoms” of the malfunction can be different, for example:

  • your smartphone is slow to turn on
  • Does not charge after a full discharge
  • Logo lights up when turned on, but the system freezes and does not start
  • The screen is black, and the logo is not lit
  • The icon appears at startup, the system boots up completely, then the screen displays the logo and goes blank

If your smartphone did not fall down, all the buttons worked properly, but for some reason the phone does not turn on even after charging, it is likely that the battery is worn out. Such malfunction can be prevented by routine diagnostics of the device.

Reasons why the iPhone is loading farther “apple

If the apple lights up on the iPhone, and then the system does not boot up, then most often the cause of such behavior of the smartphone is:

  • Changes in the file system.
  • Incompatibility of tweaks installed from Cydia.
  • Problems in the work of the custom firmware.
  • Hardware damage to the phone.

The problem is typical for jailbroken iPhone. Usually it is enough to repair the device, but there are other ways.

How to change flash memory on iPad

To gain access to the NAND memory module, it is necessary to almost completely disassemble the device. In particular, separate the motherboard from the case.

ipad, doesn, boot, apple, lights

Once the motherboard is removed, the faulty chip is dismantled, observing the strict temperature regimes. It is important to prevent overheating of the components, for which special equipment and heaters are used.

The old memory module is “unsoldered” from its place on the motherboard

Preparing the pins for installation of a new chip

Then the old memory module is placed in the programmer. The technician checks that the information can be read from it in order to transfer it to the new chip. If the memory module is completely defective, it cannot read out technical information, such as the device’s serial number and other data.

Reading information from NAND flash module on the box

Before you install a new chip, you can choose whether to increase the memory on your iPad or not. You can either just replace the memory module with a new one, or put a chip with a larger capacity. Not so long ago we told you how to do it.

The information was extracted and you can now write it to the new memory module. For this purpose professional equipment is used. Without transferring the technical information, the iPad will not work with the new chip. The new memory module is checked using a programmer, then prepared for installation (rebuilding BGAs) and placed on the board.

Before assembling the engineer always checks the board power consumption and startup without peripherals as well as connects the board (yes, only the board!) to check the DFU mode. The device is flashed, allowing you to once again detect memory errors if any are present.

The board starts up with normal power consumption

Additional diagnostics after flash memory replacement

Only then the motherboard is mounted in place, and you can proceed to reassemble. Install the screen, connect all the cables and the battery.

Reassembly is performed in the reverse order

Your iPad won’t start up: The apple lights up and then goes out. What to do

If your Apple device hangs during the boot phase or shuts down permanently without your command, there may be two reasons. technical and software. Next, we will dwell on each option in more detail, but first we need to find out if your problem fits the cases that will be dealt with in this article.

If the battery is dead

The easiest and most obvious reason that led to the fact that the iPad Mini or other model of Apple tablet did not turn on. completely discharged the battery. Plug the charging lanyard into the device and wait about half an hour. If iPad charging has started, you will soon be able to turn the device on, and it will work without errors. Keep in mind that the tablet takes quite a long time to boot after it is completely discharged.

The charger connector is clogged or broken

If your iPad won’t charge (and therefore won’t turn on), it may be because the charging slot is clogged or broken. Do the following steps:

Most likely, after that your tablet will start charging again when the cable is connected, will start up easily and work correctly. If the connector is damaged, the tablet should be taken to a technician.

Cable is broken or does not fit

You may not be able to charge your iPad because the charger cord is damaged or the charger model doesn‘t fit your device. Apple technology is quite sensitive to the use of third-party wires. Connecting them, you will see an error message on the iPad screen. In this case all you need to do is to replace the charger.

Press Home and Power button simultaneously on iPhone for 10 seconds. Then release the Power button and continue to hold the Home button until iTunes detects your device is in recovery mode (about 10 seconds). Step 4.

In some situations, forcing the open apps to stop or rebooting your iPad is enough. If your screen is frozen and you have failed to close all the applications, try to reboot your device by the following way: Press and hold down Home, Power button simultaneously

So, the following troubleshooting instructions will be valid only for the following cases:

  • Your device freezes and the screen remains black when you turn it on.
  • An apple appears on your device’s screen when you turn it on, and then it goes out.
  • The phone or tablet does not respond to attempts to power on.
  • Download process hangs when Apple logo appears.
  • The phone constantly shuts down on its own, without the owner’s command.

Fully discharged battery

If your iPad does not turn on you should connect it to a power source. The problem may be caused by a fully drained battery. Usually the tablet has enough charge to display an empty battery, but it happens that we see nothing but a black screen. It is recommended to charge the gadget for at least 20 minutes. Then it is worth trying to turn it on. If the screen shows a red battery, it means the iPad is low, so you need to continue charging. If there is no change, try changing the power source (plug into a different outlet, change the charger).