iPad does not turn on, apple lights up and shuts down

Iphone does not turn on, apple is lit. We tell you what to do

Despite the fact that Apple equipment is most reliable and stable, as they say, once a year and the stick shoots. And it can “shoot” anywhere. I had an iPad that just suddenly shut down and never came back on. It’s just stuck on the apple logo. I’ve rebooted it several times, tried to update and even reset it to factory settings through iTunes. But neither helped. The iPad never booted beyond apple. So you had to move on to more drastic measures.

There are times when the iPhone can freeze up on the apple out of the blue

Why won’t iPhone turn on: a diagnosis

Externally similar symptoms can be the result of completely different malfunctions. The correct diagnosis. 90% of success, so below we will analyze in detail the possible options for breakdowns.

Won’t turn on

The device can’t turn on, and there are several reasons for that:

  • Battery deep battery discharge. The device cannot start with an uncharged battery and cannot charge it either, as it is blocked by the controller due to a deep discharge.
  • The battery is out of order. The battery is designed for about 500 charge-discharge cycles. If you actively use the device and charge it every day, after less than two years the battery will become inoperable. In practice, it happens even faster.

The iPhone does not turn on, the “apple” lights up and goes out

There is a white “apple” glowing on the screen either continuously until the battery is depleted, or the device cycles every few minutes. This can occur for the following reasons:

    A bloated battery deforms the circuit board. This defect is more common with third-generation iPhones, where the battery is installed between the “trough”. The lower part of the casing and the motherboard. Deformation of the board leads to the distortion of contacts and as a result the device “hangs” on the screen saver. After replacing the battery with a new one, normal operation of the device may or may not be restored. As luck would have it.

ipad, does, turn, apple, lights

Make sure the iPad connector is not clogged

It is also not uncommon for iPad not to charge, and at the same time does not turn on, due to the fact that the charging port of the tablet is clogged. This happens most often on older tablets that are in active use for more than a year.

Clean the charging port, for example with a toothpick. It is important to proceed carefully and remove the accumulated debris from the connector with gentle movements. In especially neglected cases, there is a lot of debris accumulating in the connector, such as in the image below:

After cleaning the connector try to charge the iPad again. If now the iPad does not turn on. Go to the software ways to solve the problem.

Iphone doesn’t turn on, the apple is lit

The third way, if the iPhone does not turn on and the apple is lit, is to use the ReiBoot utility. Generally speaking, I find it strange that Apple didn’t offer its users something like this, because this thing really comes in handy. It allows you to bring an iPhone that is stuck on the apple logo back to life in just a couple of mouse clicks.

The ReiBoot utility enters and exits iPhone from recovery mode by itself

Ipad Air 4th Gen.: Black Screen, Won’t Turn On?

ipad, does, turn, apple, lights
  • Press “Enter Recovery Mode” and wait for the iTunes logo to appear on the iPhone screen;
  • After that press “Exit recovery mode” and wait for the reboot to complete.

Iphone is stuck on apple. The solution is

This method does not delete any data from the memory of your iPhone, but just kind of helps it to boot properly. However, sometimes this may not be enough. In this case, you should resort to more effective measures.

In most cases, a standard repair will suffice

The standard repair does not delete any data from the iPhone memory

The good thing about this procedure is that it does not affect any data at all. That is, during the “repair”, of course, the utility cleans the iPhone, but before that it allows you to save all the data on your computer, which it then restores itself.

You might have noticed that ReiBoot also provides for the deep repair of the iPhone. This procedure differs from a standard repair because the problems are fixed at a deeper level. In most cases such a serious debugging is not required, so resorting to it without an absolute necessity is still not recommended. It will be good for situations when the device’s firmware fails.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what’s going on at this point, but I’ve had two firmware crashes on my iPad. The first time I took it to an authorized service center and paid 650 for the repair, and when it happened the second time I did a deep repair with ReiBoot and got the tablet back to work on my own. As a result I didn’t even have to leave home.

How to change flash memory on iPad

To access the NAND memory module, you have to almost completely disassemble the device. Separating the motherboard from the case.

Once the motherboard is removed, the faulty chip is removed under strict temperature conditions. It is important to prevent the components from overheating, which requires the use of special equipment and heaters.

The old memory module is “unsoldered” from its place on the motherboard

Preparing the pins for installing a new chip

Then place the old memory module in the programmer. The technician verifies that the information can be read from it in order to transfer it to the new chip. If the memory module is completely defective, it is not possible to read technical information from it, which includes the serial number of the device and other data.

Read the information from the NAND flash module on the programmer

Before installing the new chip, you can choose whether to increase the memory on the iPad or not. You can either just replace the memory module with a new one, or put a chip with more capacity. Not so long ago we described how to do it.

The information has been extracted and can now be written to the new memory module. Professional equipment is used for this. Without transferring the technical information, the iPad will not work with the new chip. New memory module is tested with a programmer, then prepared for installation (BGA balls are restored) and placed on the board.

Before assembling the engineer necessarily checks the power consumption of the board and its startup without peripherals, and connects the board (yes, only the board!) To check the DFU mode. The device is flashed, which allows you to once again detect memory errors, if any.

The board starts up with normal power consumption

Additional diagnostics after flash memory replacement

Only after that the motherboard is mounted in its place and you can proceed to reassemble. Install the screen, connect all the cables and the battery.

Reverse the order of assembly

Apple lights up and my iPhone shuts down, what do I do?

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and run iTunes. Make sure iTunes is up to date. On Windows, check for updates to iTunes from Help → Updates; on Mac, check Updates from the Mac App Store. You can download the current version of iTunes from the official Apple website.

Hold down Home and Power on your iPhone for 10 seconds.

Then release the Power button and continue to hold the Home button until iTunes detects your device is in recovery mode (about 10 seconds).

On iTunes, click “Repair iPhone” and confirm the beginning of the recovery. Important! All media files and other device data will be erased. Also the latest version of iOS for your device will be installed on your iPhone.

In the window that appears, click “Next” and “Accept”.

Note, that first iTunes will download the necessary iOS version for your device from Apple servers and only then will the recovery process begin. You can monitor the firmware download progress by clicking the button in the upper right corner of iTunes.

ipad, does, turn, apple, lights

It should also be emphasized that once you connect your iPhone to iTunes in DFU mode, nothing will appear on your smartphone screen. And only when iTunes has downloaded the firmware and started the direct recovery, the iPhone display will show the progress bar.

Once the iPhone has been successfully restored, all that remains is to make the initial setup and start using the device.

Why the iPad does not boot

This is usually accompanied by the following errors:

Failed to recover iPad [device name]. An unknown error has occurred (9).

Unable to repair iPad [device name]. Unknown error occurred (4013).

These are some of the symptoms that the iPad’s NAND flash memory has failed. The following signs are also indicative of this breakdown:

  • Ipad “died” and won’t turn on;
  • A software intervention (like Jailbreak) has been done;
  • Your iPad hangs in the apple and cannot boot.

Just such symptoms patient in the form of the iPad 9.7 2018 arrived at the Apple Pro Center. In this case, there is only one way out. Replacing the NAND flash memory on the iPad.


Restarting the tablet helps many users with software failures, as the process cleanses the system of excess data, thereby preventing further failures and eliminating previous ones. It can be performed in different ways, but in our case we have to use the so-called “hard” restart. We explained how to do it in Mode 2 of the next article.

The most radical solution to the problem of iPad not turning on. Its reflashing and recovery. Also, this option is the last one the user can apply at home.

Note that it is not possible to create a backup at this stage, so if it was not created automatically or manually shortly before the crash, the user runs the risk of losing all files without the possibility of recovery.

In a situation with a dead tablet only iTunes can reset the iPad and set it as a new one.

  • Using the USB cable, connect the iPad to your computer and open the iTunes program.
  • Click on the device icon on the top bar.

What to do

Certain actions can restore the device to a working condition. If the user identifies the cause immediately, it will take less time to fix it.

The device is dead

If the screen lights up and goes out when trying to turn on the tablet, it looks like a dead battery.

If your tablet isn’t getting power from the power grid, possible reasons:

To be sure, you must connect another device and see if it will charge.

ipad, does, turn, apple, lights

In this case, the tablet must work as soon as the charge its battery will be enough. After a long downtime the device may be completely discharged. It takes a long time to charge it before it can work.

Your tablet is frozen

The device may hang during the booting process, while launching or running any applications. In this situation, the tablet does not respond to commands, does not respond to simple button presses.

The problem can be solved by a forced restart. You must press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time. On new models the procedure is different: You must hold down the volume up button, then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

If the problem repeats when you turn the power back on, an update may help. A special program iTunes will help to perform such actions.

Incorrect update

When the tablet does not boot although it worked correctly before the update, you can use the system restore function. You need iTunes to run it. It is useful to keep a backup copy that corresponds to the state of iPad before the failed updates.

If the user did not make a copy from the device while it was in working order, you can use the iOS image from the official website.

Important! Such actions will wipe the user’s data completely or return it to the backup state.

You will need a computer or laptop with iTunes installed for this operation. Perform the following steps:

  • Connect the tablet to a USB port on your computer.
  • Run the iTunes program.
  • Force reboot your iPad using DFU mode.
  • Select the item “Restore iPad”.

To boot in DFU mode, press the power button, after three seconds press the home button, hold both for 10 seconds, then release the power button.

Defective components

The tablet may behave differently if there are hardware problems. If the screen is blinking or flickering, there are false pressings, in this case the only way out. Is to contact the service center. The same should be done in case of problems with the connector.

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Important! When contacting a service center, choose one that is certified by the manufacturer.

The problems with iOS the user is able to fix without going to specialists, it is enough to restore the firmware. If your tablet is physically damaged only an expert can help.