iPad does not respond to touch

What to do if iPad doesn’t respond to touch

After the iPad suffered from a shock, it was bathed, another mechanical impact is to carry the gadget for repair. The reasons and defects are evident. If after installing or updating the application, switching to a new version of iOS, you need to restart the tablet. For this, the standard off-on method will not work. After holding down the power button, you will not be able to swipe the shutdown icon. the iPad does not respond to the screen or does not light up at all. Forced reboot will help.

  • Hold down the power and Home buttons at the same time;
  • Wait 10 seconds;
  • Lower buttons.

This algorithm does not work with bezelless tablets. Models like the 2018 iPad Pro do without a Home button.

iPad does not respond to touch

Unique technology enables Apple touchscreens to handle multiple simultaneous touches. Coordinates and pressing force are determined with high precision. They combine the advantages of resistive, capacitive and wavelength sensors. Despite the high reliability, like all complex devices, these sensors can fail.

Why iPad won’t respond to touch?

The reasons for the malfunction of the gadget are divided into two main categories:

  • Mechanical damage;
  • Software crashes;
  • Manufacturing defects.

Cracks or deep scratches in the glass will break the tracks. Moisture between the layers of the sensor, deformation of the screen, low temperatures affect the capacitive properties. All of these factors lead to the iPad’s sensor not responding to touch. Mechanical defects are usually localized in some part of the sensor. Deformation, scratches, cracks are easy to detect visually. Wet and frozen screens rarely show obvious external signs.

Mechanical damage is almost always irreversible and requires replacement of the sensor. The exception is trapped water or hypothermia. But even in these cases, a professional repair is preferable. Sudden warming of the gadget leads to the formation of condensation. Simple drying causes patina formation in 100% of cases.

Conflicts of running programs, non-compliance of hardware with software requirements, logical errors in applications refer to software failures. Outwardly, this is expressed in the “inhibition” of scrolling or scaling the image, ignoring short touches. iPad does not respond to touch or turns off. Problems appear regardless of the touch point of the touchscreen.

You can restart your device, but even if restarting helps, in most cases this is a temporary solution. Full diagnostics are required for proper operation. You may need to rollback the OS or any application to a working state, flashing the gadget.

Defects of Apple products are extremely rare, the company protects its reputation. All devices are tested at the factory and undergo pre-sale training. Nevertheless, in the process of operation, there are failures associated with the violation of technology. The case with the iPad Pro 2018 is indicative. This model’s case was deformed during operation for no apparent reason.

The screen of the new iPad does not respond. the warranty device will be changed without problems. However, a visit to the SC cannot be avoided, since a conclusion is needed on the reasons for the failure of the device.

What to do if iPad pro does not respond to touch?

  • Briefly press the Volume up button;
  • Immediately press and release the Volume Down button;
  • Press the Power button until the company logo appears on the screen.

Restarting the tablet may not work at all or only have a temporary effect. In this case, contact a repair center that specializes in Apple products.

iPad does not respond to touch

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If the iPad‘s screen isn’t responding to touch, you don’t necessarily need to replace the touchscreen. The cause of the failure may be the device freezing or some applications not working correctly. To determine why the sensor is not working properly, perform the primary diagnostics of the gadget at home.

If, after examining the iPad, you find that the screen is damaged or there are scratches on the tablet case, then you should contact qualified specialists. Mechanical damage to Apple technology can lead to malfunction of internal components. In such cases, experienced craftsmen will be able to find out exactly why the screen does not respond.

The main reasons for sensor freezing

often than not, the touchscreen stops responding to finger touches due to system glitches. The most common reasons are:

  • presence of malicious files on iPad
  • software problems
  • Jailbreak is incorrectly installed
  • some applications do not work correctly

Any of these reasons can lead to problems with the touchscreen of the device. If the iPad screen does not respond to touch due to hardware problems, then professional repair and replacement of defective parts is required.

Apple representatives recommend not downloading applications, programs and games from unverified sources to iPad, because this can lead to the system freezing and the screen responding poorly to finger presses.

Hard reboot stages

Hard restarting the iPad will clear RAM and refresh all processes. This method will not do any harm to either the motherboard or microcircuits.

ipad, does, respond, touch

To completely restart your iPad, follow these steps:

  • unlock device
  • hold down the Power and Home button for 10 seconds
  • release the buttons at the same time after the logo appears

This shutdown is suitable for any model of Apple tablets.

ipad, does, respond, touch

If after restarting your device still won’t unlock or the touch glass still doesn’t work well, try updating the software.

  • turn on iTunes
  • connect tablet to laptop
  • select your device in iTunes
  • select the category “Browse” and click on the “Update” tab

Apple products are designed to update software over the air. To do this, put the gadget on charge, connect to the Internet and in the main settings select the category “Software update”.

If after that the touchscreen does not work well, does not unlock, or the tablet does not turn on at all, then the motherboard, microcircuits are faulty, or the display module is damaged.

Ways to restore a gadget

If the reason that the touchscreen does not work is an application freeze or a software malfunction, then you can restore the operation of the device yourself.

Effective and safe ways to do it yourself:

  • force close all active applications
  • hard reset device
  • cleaning screens
  • 3D touch setting
  • software recovery

Sometimes the iPad touchscreen does not work due to severe dirt on the display. Before rebooting the device or taking it to a service center, carefully clean the glass from dust and dirt.

Also, the reason why the tablet stopped responding to finger presses may be strong cooling or overheating of the device. To get the gadget to work, leave the tablet turned off at room temperature for 20 minutes.

Professional repair from Yudu performers

Only qualified specialists can accurately and efficiently eliminate hardware problems. Experienced craftsmen are registered on the YouDo website, who, taking into account the technical parameters of the model, will eliminate any malfunction of the screens. Yudu professionals will accurately determine why the gadget stopped responding to taps, and then quickly repair the iPad touch display in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If the iPad screen does not respond to touch, contact the Yuda performers, they guarantee the urgency and high quality of work.

Why the sensor / touchscreen on iРad (iPad) may not work. What to do?

As you can see, there may be several reasons why the sensor / touchscreen on the iPad (iPad) does not work, so we recommend not trying to repair the device yourself. If you do not have the necessary skills and experience, please contact our organization “Apple-SAPPHIRE”. Our specialists will be able to make an accurate “diagnosis” of the device and carry out competent repairs with less spending of your time.

IPad sensor / touchscreen not working

Select the device that needs repair:

Despite the fact that tablets from Apple are very high quality products, their users often face such a problem as a non-working sensor / touchscreen. It may fail completely or not work partially. One way or another, this will cause a lot of inconvenience to the owner.

What to do if the touchscreen / sensor does not work on the iPad:

If the sensor is constantly malfunctioning (the touchscreen works, but with malfunctions and errors), it is worth rebooting the tablet. This can be done as follows:

  • simultaneously hold down the buttons “Home” and “Power on”;
  • hold them in this state for about 20 seconds;
  • the device will reboot;
  • if the Apple logo appears on the tablet screen, everything was done correctly.
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If a protective film or a cool bumper is glued to the display of the gadget, try to remove them and test the operation of the touchscreen. It is possible that the screen will start working again, and the reason for the breakdown was the use of such accessories.

If the owner has done all of the above, but the screen has not been “reanimated”, then perhaps you should think about a visit to the “Apple-SAPPHIRE” workshop. The service center specialists will not only be able to assess the condition of the tablet, but also find out the cause of the problem.

As for the display replacement period, it will take no more than an hour. over, fast execution will absolutely not affect the quality of work. And all because we have original details and rich experience (we are contacted with a similar problem every day).

Sometimes the screen may stop working due to damage or deformation of the system board. Such a malfunction requires a complex and lengthy recovery. After all, the solution of serious problems, like the diagnosis itself, lasts much longer than the usual replacement of the sensor.

Please note that all tablet computers from the 4th to the 6th generation are equipped with a touch glass integrated into the display module. over, the module itself consists of 3 elements. a protective (top glass), a touchscreen and the display itself. Therefore, if the sensor stops responding to touch, you will have to change not only it, but the entire module.

Master call

It is very easy to leave a request for a professional iPhone repair at home. fill out the online form or call:

“A-Iceberg”. 27 years with you. 5,700,000 completed repairs.

Touchscreen of iPad tablets. touch glass of the front part of the device. The front panel is covered with a polarizing film and is connected to the motherboard by means of a contact ribbon cable. The operation of the component is controlled by a microprocessor (touch controller). In the event of a malfunction, the tablet touch screen does not correctly handle pressing or fails completely. If the touchscreen of your iPad does not work, professional masters of the A-Iceberg SC will fix the breakdown in record time.

Touchscreen malfunction: 5 reasons

The surface of the front of the tablet is vulnerable to external influences. Screen problems occur due to careless use and iOS system crash.

Physical defects of mechanical origin

At the moment of falling or impact, the glass is damaged, the structure of the sensor grid is broken. As a result: errors occur when handling gestures

An electrically conductive liquid disrupts the electrical sequence in the circuit and contributes to short circuits and also forms a corrosive deposit. Vulnerable elements: touchscreen cable, controller pins (legs) and motherboard

Despite the overheating protection, in hot weather, the temperature sensors may be triggered with a delay. As a result, the thin lamellas of the touch controller are melted and sealed.

Strong vibrations and the effects of falls contribute to the disconnection of the overhead cable from the PCB

The potential difference that occurs when the touch screen is pressed is processed at the system level. Installing unlicensed applications, viruses and firmware failure are the main factors for the incorrect operation of the touchscreen

Advice. In cold weather, the electrical conductivity of the polarizing film of the sensor changes, which leads to problems in recognizing clicks. Use the gadget in the optimal environment with a temperature of 0-35 ° C.

How to solve problems with the touchscreen yourself: useful tips

Problems of software type are successfully resolved on their own. If the sensor does not respond well to touch, perform simple manipulations:

  • Reboot the gadget
  • Restore the device to iTunes
  • Update iOS software if current firmware version is unstable

It will be possible to avoid problems with the sensor if you follow simple recommendations:

  • If possible, use your tablet without additional accessories, protective films or laminate
  • Protect the gadget from rough mechanical stress
  • Update your device regularly
  • Keep the screen surface clean

If the problems persist, and the recommendations above did not solve the problem, detailed diagnostics of hardware faults and repairs will be required.

Signs of a malfunctioning touchscreen

Incorrect operation of the iPad sensor is accompanied by various manifestations:

  • poor response to commands
  • part of the touch cover does not respond to touch
  • sensor errors and phantom clicks
  • the screen is completely unresponsive to gestures
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iPad Unresponsive Screen Problem And Fix, How To Fix Flickering iPad LCD Without Replacing LCD

Manifestations are equally common for hardware or software problems. The exact cause can be established after a comprehensive diagnosis.

Touchscreen: device and principle of operation

The iPad touch glass includes microscopic capacitive-type cells that form a polarizing layer. The structural elements of the touchscreen have a weak electrical potential. At the moment of contact with the touch glass, the electric charge decreases, the change in potential is recorded by the touch controller and transmitted to the motherboard. Structural elements of the touchscreen:

How to fix ipad screen not touching

  • touch panel (glass)
  • contact loop
  • touch controller

Interesting. In the latest generations of iPad Pro, the touchscreen is capable of detecting pressure (3D Touch), which expands the functionality of the gadget.

IPad Touchscreen Replacement

Displays of the latest generations of tablets from Apple iPad Air2, Pro versions are made using airless technology. The touch glass and display in such devices represent a single module. General repair steps:

  • The cleaned surface of the screen is warmed up by a hairdryer, after which the front panel is partially removed from the case (iPad is turned off)
  • The master removes the touchscreen cable
  • In the case of an airless connection, disconnect the display module ribbon cable
  • Installing the original touchscreen (display module)
  • Build and Test

The touch glass replacement procedure is complete. If your iPad’s touchscreen doesn’t work for some reason, don’t worry. Specialists of the A-Iceberg SC will promptly identify problems and carry out complex repairs in just 1-2 hours. Contact us by phone 8 (495) 228-31-78 or leave an online application on the website.

Reboot solution

The first and safest method (if the gadget does not react to your touches in any way), since it does not erase data, is a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the “Sleep” and “Home” buttons for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.


If the iPad turns on, but continues to ignore (not respond) to touching the screen, we perform the second method. If there is a protective film or cover on the screen, remove it. Using a lint-free soft cloth, thoroughly wipe the screen surface, turn off the device. Restart your iPad as described in the first method.

In some cases, removing the SIM card (if any) and the memory card from the switched off tablet helps. Then you need to wait a few minutes for the self-discharge of the electrical circuits of the device and turn it on without cards.

D Touch Settings

Incorrect registration of touches can lead to a lost software screen alignment. Click on the “General” tab in the “Settings” menu and select “Accessibility”. 3D Touch. Calibrate using the recommended software method.

A similar malfunction is common among older models with resistive matrices. It should be noted that the screen should be calibrated only when the screen is entering data incorrectly or with an offset.

What to do if iPad is not responding to touch

The most primitive “malfunction” is the use of iPad with gloves. In this case, the screen will not respond, since the principle of its action is specially tuned for direct capacitive contact with parts of the human body. But, I hope that you are not so inattentive)).

Okay, jokes about gloves aside, let’s get down to serious stuff.

A common and relatively harmless case is the freezing of the iPad operating system while using it. This is due to various factors, such as:

  • careless handling leading to mechanical destruction of circuit elements;
  • downloading malware;
  • malfunction of power supply elements.

Most expensive malfunction

In addition, the most common cause is failure of the touch screen due to rough handling. Usually these are the consequences of falling or being flooded with common liquids. tea, coffee.

If you have visually revealed chips or cracks on the screen, it has been flooded with liquid and you have not been able to “revive” the device with the above methods, you will not be able to avoid going to the service center. Self-repair can significantly increase the cost of subsequent recovery in case of failure. Especially if the iPad is out of warranty.

That’s all for today, I hope after all the above steps, your iPad responds perfectly to your touches.