Ipad Disconnected Connect To iTunes What To Do

Ipad disconnected connect to iTunes how to unlock

Apple is constantly releasing new mobile devices to the global market. Their products are in great demand and are desired by a large number of people of all ages. Along with mass production, Apple pays significant attention to the safety of its users. It is this fact that is key for many users of these high-tech devices.

There are several options for protecting personal devices. User identification by fingerprint scanner or creation of a six-digit digital password. However, there are many factors that can lead to the fact that the passcode may be forgotten or entered incorrectly a certain number of times, as a result of which your iPhone, iPad or iPod may be locked.

Full reboot

It may also happen that resetting the password did not help, and you could not remember the password for your device. In this case, you will need to do a full reset of the device. At the same time, if you do not have a backup copy, then applications, photos, contacts will be irretrievably lost.

This requires the device itself, a computer, and iTunes. You must activate the recovery mode of the gadget. How to do it? Let’s do it step by step:

  • We connect the gadget to the computer. We put the tablet into recovery mode. We hold down the power button and the “Home” button. After the display lights up, stop pressing the power button, but at the same time continue to hold the Home button;
  • If everything is done correctly, a message about the start of device recovery will appear on the computer.

The gadget restoration procedure can take 15-20 minutes. But upon completion, you get a workable device.

Reset password counter

This method is suitable not only for a specific line from Apple, but also for all of its products. First of all, you should try to remember the forgotten password. Recall by a SIMple search. This method can be useful if you approach it with a cool head, trying to remember the coveted combination. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to remember the password, then you will need three things:

  • Blocked device;
  • Cable to the device;
  • A computer running the latest version of the proprietary iTunes program.

By the way, if the digital password is entered incorrectly six times in a row, the device will be locked for sixty seconds; if the password is re-entered on the device, the lock will last up to one hour. But the password counter can be reset through the connection to iTunes.

Connect your device to your computer. If the smartphone was previously synchronized with this computer, then following the instructions, you should be fine. Open iTunes. After activating the application, your locked iРad should be displayed in it. Next, find a list of all synchronized gadgets, right-click on your device and activate the synchronization option. A download line will appear at the bottom of the application and a stop button next to it. Click on the stop sync button.

Everything. The counter of incorrect digital password input has been reset. You can iterate over the digital combination again. If your device is re-locked in the same way, you can perform the reset procedure as many times as you like.

In the iCloud service

Separately, I would like to highlight that a backup of your device can be made in the cloud service from Apple itself. Icloud. To do this, it must be configured in a special menu directory. This parameter is very useful and will not take you by surprise, plus everything in the cloud service you can store all your useful data without fear of losing it, and this, you see, is very convenient.

Let’s walk through the activation of this parameter step by step:

  • Go to the gadget settings section;
  • Go to the iCloud section;
  • Open the subsection “Backup”. It is important that the backup switch is turned on. To do this, move the slider to the extreme right position and it will turn green;
  • Click the “Create a backup” button;
  • Wait for the download to finish.

Making a backup

In iTunes

At the end of the article, we will consider how to create a copy of your device in iTunes. Thanks to its fairly SIMple interface, it doesn’t take much time and will help to further protect your tablet.

Run the program, connect your tablet to your computer. After iTunes recognizes your device, on the start page, click the “Back up” button. Then wait for the end of the download process.

By the way, in iTunes you can create an encrypted copy that will be stored in the bowels of your computer, and only you can download it. This option will be available near the button for creating a copy.

After that, your gadget will be backed up. Don’t forget to back up your devices regularly! This will help you not to lose important contacts, as well as memorable photos and videos.

Reset password via iTunes

If the point does not help, and the device cannot connect to iTunes, then you need to do it forcibly. Apple smartphones, tablets and players have a special mode. DFU, which is designed for flashing the device.

  • The first thing to worry about is downloading and installing an up-to-date version of iTunes.
  • You need to connect the iPad to a computer with iTunes when it is off.
  • Now you need to enter DFU mode by long pressing the HOME button (in the off state of the gadget!) And then pressing the power button. It is worth noting that you need to hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  • Next, the iTunes page will appear on the computer monitor, offering either to update the device or restore it. Often the latest versions of the operating system are already installed on tablets and smartphones, so you need to click the “Restore.”.
  • If the “Refresh” button is lit, and the user knows that there is such an opportunity, it is better to update his gadget, since in this case all data is saved. When restoring, all user information will be deleted.

“IPad is disabled, please connect to iTunes.” What to do?

This error occurs when the iPad or iPhone is locked with a four-digit password. When choosing a code to unlock the device, you can enter it incorrectly only 6 times, after which the iPad will be locked for exactly one minute. If you enter an incorrect password further, the iPad is locked after 10 incorrect attempts.

Such situations happen very often, users of iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and some iPod models face them. Not everyone can keep in mind a lot of passwords, appearances and a lot of information. Having forgotten the unlock code corny, the owners start to frantically select it at random. Or children playing with a tablet, phone or player will press a lot of unnecessary keys. Although it is possible that it really will be a scammer trying to hack an expensive gadget in order to completely take possession of it.

All this leads to blocking when the display says “iPad is disconnected, connect to iTunes”. What to do in this case?

In fact, when faced with such a problem, you should not despair. There is always a way out, the main thing. Be able to find him, right? There are two fairly SIMple ways to solve this situation with iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod.

Updating the device via DFU mode

Updating the device through DFU mode avoids some software errors. This is an effective way to replace the operating system in old devices with newer versions. The update steps are almost the same:

  • Download the latest version of iTunes.
  • Download the updated version of the operating system.
  • In the off state, connect to iTunes.
  • Hold down the HOME button, after 5 seconds press and hold the power button. This operation takes 10-15 seconds.
  • Then iTunes will find the device and show the corresponding icon.
  • While holding down the Shift key on the keyboard, select “Restore”.
  • A window will appear in which you need to select the firmware in the.Ipsw format
  • Select the firmware file and click “Open”, after which the firmware installation process will start.
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These are some SIMple ways to unlock an iOS device. Now, faced with the inscription on the screen “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”, what to do, the user knows for sure. A little time, and the problem is solved. And in order to prevent such situations again, you need to change some settings on the device.

Icloud backup

  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then go to the settings, then to the iCloud section. “Backup”.
  • The backup switch must be active. If not, you need to move it to the on position.
  • Click “Create a backup” and wait for the download process. It is important not to disconnect the Wi-Fi network.

This type of backup can be performed automatically, provided the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and a power source. If there is enough storage space and the screen is locked, a copy will be created in iCloud. Many people put their phone on charge overnight. During this time, he manages to create a copy. But you need to monitor the free space in iCloud.

“IPad is disabled, connect to iTunes.” what to do? Ipad: errors, settings, instructions

In the life of almost every person, minor problems or questions arise, the answer to which is not known to everyone, but only to dedicated people. Situations with a variety of techniques are a prime example of this. Not everyone can figure out how to disable an inadvertently activated function on the phone, how to cope with intrusive subscriptions, and the like.

Today we will talk about a rather popular problem that many owners of Apple devices face: the message “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes.” What to do? First, you should figure out the reasons for such a blocking of the device.

Password guessing on the lock screen

The SIMplest method is precisely the selection. The great advantage of this method is the complete safety of the data on the device that is locked. That is, if the device has not been backed up. The disadvantage of this method is that from time to time it will be necessary to reset the number of attempts made through iTunes, which will only work with a device that is familiar to him. That is, if the gadget was previously connected to this computer, otherwise iTunes SIMply won’t see it. Still iPad won’t connect to iTunes?

How to disable the “Erase data” function

You need to open the settings on the device (iPad setup).

Next, you need to find and open the “Touch ID and Password” or “Password” section (depending on the device).

Then scroll to the very bottom and put the “Erase data” switch to the off position (in this case, the bar will be gray, if it is green, then the function is active).

In order not to lose the accumulated data in case of emergency, you need to set up a backup of the device to a computer via iTunes or directly to iCloud.

Itunes Backup

  • Connect device to iTunes.
  • On the main page of the device in iTunes, you must click “Create a copy now”.
  • Wait for the download process.

In the backup storage of information of this type, it is also possible to automatically create copies of the device each time it is connected to a computer. To do this, on the main page, you need to select the appropriate column. This is very convenient, so many people around the world use these tips in their daily life.!

Ipad is locked due to your fault (forgot password). How to find out the password

But what if you forgot your access code? You can find out the restrictions password through a special program for your computer.

Note! A factory reset will also delete the function password. But then all user data will be lost.

For this you will need:

  • PC;
  • Installed iTunes;
  • Iphone;
  • Pinfinder program.

The principle of operation is to decrypt the backup, which must be created through iTunes.

  • Launch iTunes → connect your smartphone via USB cable.
  • Click on the phone logo.
  • Item “Browse” → “Backups” → “This computer” → “Create a copy now”. Important! Make sure the Encrypt backup is unchecked.

Now we will pull data from the copy.

  • Download the program → unpack it from the archive. Pay attention! Once launched, the utility will automatically find your backup.
  • The password will be displayed in the RESTRICTION subheading.
  • Enter it in Restrictions via iPhone Settings.

Ipad disabled, connect to iTunes. What to do. Removing the lock via iCloud (if the password has already been forgotten)

Using a browser (for example, on a PC), log into the iCloud website and log in with your Apple ID. Then you need to select the “My Devices” tab and make sure that your iPhone is online in the menu that opens.

Now you need to tap on the name of the device and select “erase iPhone” in the window that appears.

Re-enter your Apple ID password and wait for the reset to complete. Thus, you will restore the phone “over the air”, which will entail not only resetting the screen lock code, but also deleting all content from the device’s memory.

Now, after re-enabling your iPhone, sign in and create a new password, or skip the last step to disable the lock option.

Almost all Apple technology users can get into an unpleasant situation when their tablet is intentionally or accidentally locked. The most common reason is a forgotten password. If a password is set on the iPad to protect against strangers, then after several attempts to enter it incorrectly, a very “sad” message appears on the display, notifying that the iPad is locked: “Disabled: Connect to iTunes”.

One way to hedge yourself against forgetfulness is to set your iPad so that it clears memory after 10 incorrect attempts. Of course, you will lose all your data in this case, but the iPad will be unlocked and when connected to iTunes you will be able to restore data from a backup.

By default, this cleaning function is disabled. To enable this parameter, follow the steps below: go to Settings Password and enable the Erase data function.

But what if your iPad is already locked? The correct solution would be to unblock it with the help of the specialists of the nearest service. But you can try to fix this problem yourself.

Ipad blocked by fraudsters

Example of a fraudulent message

In addition to the “forgotten password” option, some Apple technology users are faced with remote blocking of the tablet by fraudsters. You, completely unexpectedly, may see a message of the following type on the screen: “Your device is locked. To unlock, write to the mail. “Options for such messages can be very different.

How is this possible? It’s very SIMple. Ransomware hacks Apple ID. To protect your iPad from such scammers, it is better to use a mailbox on a more reliable service, for example, Gmail, to register. Apple strongly recommends setting more complex password options. Even “forces” users to make a secure code when they enter the iPad control page.

If you are the victim of a scam like this, the first step is to make sure the iPad is indeed locked. Often, scammers crack the Apple ID password, but are too lazy to change it to a new one. Thus, there is a great chance of unlocking the iPad without assistance.

What is “Restrictions” in iOS

The restriction function is also called parental control. You can shield your child from features, applications, and content that are objectionable. The following parameters are available for configuration:

  • Deny access to the specified applications;
  • Establish age limits;
  • Website filtering;
  • Privacy setting;
  • Control access to settings;

When an application is blocked, its icon turns gray and inaccessible.

Canceling protection through iTunes (if the password has already been forgotten)

This method is suitable in cases where the password has been forgotten:

  • Run iTunes utility on your computer and connect your iPhone via USB cable;
  • Press and hold the “Home” and “ON” keys at the same time for 10 seconds, then release “ON” and wait for the iTunes message to appear on the smartphone screen, which will mean the device is in DFU mode;
  • The program will offer to do a system restore, which must be confirmed with the appropriate button.
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Attention! Since this manipulation involves pouring a new version of the operating system into the iPhone, all files and data in the phone’s memory will be deleted. To recover lost content, you must have a backup.

If you forgot the password for parental control (restrictions). It does not matter. Through a special program, you can “pull” the access code from the backup, but this requires a computer.

An integral part of any Apple device is protection against the use of the device by unauthorized persons. The latest versions of the iPhone are equipped with a fingerprint sensor Touch ID, which several times increases the level of security and speed of operation when unlocking.

But how do you turn off the passcode on your iPhone or change it to a new one if you’re afraid you might forget it? Now we will tell you how to do it.

Removing a password in a standard way

It is not difficult to find the location of the security control in the iPhone, for this you need to go to the “Settings” menu, in the window that opens, tap on the item “Passcode” or “Touch ID password” (if the device is equipped with a fingerprint scanner).

The settings submenu will open on the right, where you need to click on the line “turn off the password code” and enter the previously set password in the service window to confirm disabling the screen protection option.

In the future, the phone will be unlocked without entering the code, and in order to reinstall it, you need to do all the manipulations described above, only instead of the line “turn off password”, there will be a field “turn on”.


For all 9 wrong guesses, all you have to do is wait. (You will notice that “try again in X minutes” is counting down so you can see how much is left.) You cannot do something while you wait, but if you want, then make emergency calls. Tap at the bottom labeled “Emergency Call”.

After the time-out period expires, your iPhone screen will change to a normal background and you can try again. But it is very important that you enter your password when you get the chance. If you go wrong again, you will go to the next wait period.

Once you get to the 60 minute wait, you have your last life. Make a mistake again and you will be locked until you connect your iPhone to iTunes and the data on the device will not be restored.

If you are approaching 10 times, be careful. Maybe you wrote down the correct password somewhere, or is there someone else who knows this?

It might be worth jotting down every guess you have from now on (and any you’ve entered earlier), but that’s just to help the memory focus. Pretty cleverly, iOS counts multiple entries of the same invalid passcode as some wrong guesses so you don’t have to worry about wasting any guesses that are repeated.

If you reach the 10th wrong guess, you need to move on to the next section of this tutorial.

Disable iPhone error messages

Here’s a relatively common but disturbing notification you may have seen on your iPhone.

“IPhone is locked. Repeat in a minute “

It’s not too bad. However, it could be worse:

“IPhone is locked. Repeat in 60 minutes “.

Frightening. But there is a message that is worse than the previous ones:

“IPhone is locked. Connect to iTunes “

These error messages range from a little inconvenient to completely incompetent, but you definitely shouldn’t ignore them. If you see the third message, things are not good: you can unlock it if you connect to iTunes, but your phone data will be destroyed as part of the recovery process, so we hope you made a backup.

If the serial number is known

A serial number is assigned to each iPad. A unique combination of characters that only the manufacturer and owner can know. The number is on your iCloud or on the packaging in which the iPad was sold.

The serial offers many advantages. It can be used as proof of ownership in a service center, like other things related to the tablet. It is advisable to always have access to the serial number. Do not throw out the packaging or at least rewrite it to another place.

Question answer. Reset password via iTunes

If you have synced iPad with your computer, it will be easy to deal with the problem.

  • Update iTunes to the latest version.
  • Connect to it. If the program asks for a password or generates an error, then this method will not work.
  • Click on the button with the tablet image. It is located at the top next to the list, through which you can go to the music, movies or photos tabs. This must be done when the device is connected to the computer via the USB port. If the gadget is disabled, the button will not be there.
  • The menu will display information about the device. Select Browse. Itunes can immediately open on this window and you don’t need to search for buttons.
  • Click on “Create Backup”. This way you can save your notes, photos and other files.
  • Click “Restore iPad”. It will be reset to factory settings. But it will turn out to be unblocked.
  • Now choose “Recover from a copy” to get your files back. After that, the entry “iPad is disabled” will disappear.

You can also click Update to clear the error. The program will download the new software version. This method is relevant for gadgets that do not have Jailbreak installed. Jailbreak is a third-party program that opens access to files on iOS. This utility may not be supported by newer versions of the Apple operating system.

When you connect to your tablet, you still need to enter your password. What if you don’t remember him? Reset iPad to factory settings and don’t download a backup. This will cause you to lose your files and personal data. You will have to re-download all applications on the device and customize it for yourself. But this is better than helplessly looking at the inscription “iPad is disabled”.

Password guessing on the lock screen

The SIMplest method is precisely the selection. The great advantage of this method is the complete safety of the data on the device that is locked. That is, if the device has not been backed up. The disadvantage of this method is that from time to time it will be necessary to reset the number of attempts made through iTunes, which will only work with a device that is familiar to him. That is, if the gadget was previously connected to this computer, otherwise iTunes SIMply won’t see it. Still iPad won’t connect to iTunes?

What to do if you can’t connect to iTunes?

Check your network connection first. If there are no problems with it, see what error number the program gives. For example, error 1671 means that the tablet is being updated, and 4037 means that the login has not been completed and the device is blocked from further actions.

Typical error numbers:

  • The problem of connecting to Apple servers or the system of another device. Errors 17, 1638, 3014, 3194, 3000, 3002, 3004, 3013, 3014, 3015, 3194, 3200. Most likely, you just need to wait or check the quality of the network connection.
  • Conflict between iTunes and Windows or antiviruses. 2, 4, 6, 1611. As a rule, the problem disappears if you log into the OS with an administrator account.
  • Technical problems with the iPad itself (most often physical breakdowns). 1, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 56, 1002, 1004, 1011, 1012, 1014, 1667, 1669. Contact the service to find out the cause of the problem.

How to recover Apple ID?

Go to Manage Apple ID, select Reset Password and verify your identity. Enter verification code on other Apple devices or enter your email address and answer security questions. If the recovery goes well, you will receive an email with further recommendations for action.

What does this error message mean??

These messages almost always mean that you entered the wrong password many times (or someone else. Maybe you let your child play with your smartphone?) And the iPhone was locked to protect itself from a possible hacker attack.

Iphone has powerful built-in security measures, and one of them is designed to prevent brute force attempts to bypass passwords.

If a thief on your phone can just guess the password. And especially if he can connect it to a piece of software that can guess much faster than a human. Then the phone will eventually be jailbroken. Therefore, if you use a four-digit code, then remember that there are only 10,000 combinations that a person can hack in 4 hours and 6 minutes, and a computer in 6 minutes and 34 seconds.

Ipad Disconnected Connect To iTunes What To Do

To stop this approach, iOS deliberately makes it difficult to enter a large number of incorrect passwords. Enter it wrong several times (up to five times), and you can continue working as usual, making six or seven wrong attempts, then the phone will slow you down a bit, but the more wrong you are, the more difficult it will be for you. Once you get to 10 times, that’s it. No more trying.

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How error messages (and time delays) react to the number of incorrect attempts:

  • 6 Wrong Attempts: iPhone is locked. Try in a minute.
  • 7 Wrong Attempts: iPhone Locked. Try it in 5 minutes.
  • 8 Wrong Attempts: iPhone is locked. Try it in 15 minutes.
  • 9 Wrong Attempts: iPhone is locked. Try it in 60 minutes.
  • 10 Wrong Attempts: iPhone Locked. Connect to iTunes.

In other words, the way to avoid these messages in the future is to be more careful when entering your password, use Touch ID if your phone supports it, or not use a passcode at all (although for security reasons we don’t recommend the latter option).

Please note that the time delays noted above are automatically activated on your iPhone and cannot be disabled.

However, there is an interconnected and more drastic security measure that is optional: one that will completely destroy the device if someone enters the wrong access code 10 times in a row. This can be useful if your iPhone contains data that should never fall into the wrong hands.

Go to settings, then click on “Id Password” (then enter your password) and if you scroll down you will see a radio button next to “Erase Data”.

Forgot password, iPhone is disabled. Reset

If the information on your iPhone or iPad is very important to you, and as for evil you have not made backups before, then the only option to reset the password is by manual selection. As mentioned above, the number of attempts to enter the password for the locked screen is limited either by a time period or by a complete blocking with a request to connect to iTunes. Therefore, in order to remember and constantly enter a forgotten password, you need to constantly reset the password input counter in the iPhone or iPad.

Itunes helped us to reset the password entry counter. Over, in order for this zeroing method to work with our iOS 7.1 firmware, iTunes needs to recognize the connected iPhone or iPad, so if the device appears in iTunes, it will work to zero. Well, if you connect your iPhone or iPad to a “foreign” computer with iTunes (ie to a computer that has never been connected to a gadget before), you will see the following notification:

If we press the button. Continue, then iTunes says:

Well, now attention, if you had messages indicated above this text and you cannot press the “Trust” button in the iPhone itself due to the encoded screen, then this method of zeroing and selection will not work. In order for it to work, connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer with iTunes with which you have already worked with before, may have synchronized, or at least once pressed the trust button, if there is no such computer, then proceed to the next method described a little below.

Well, if an iPhone or iPad appears in the iTunes program installed on your computer, then you can reset the counter of incorrect code entries and continue entering the password in this way:

I don’t know if this method will work on other firmware versions, but it works on iOS 7.1.

I run iTunes on my computer, for convenience I turn on the sidebar that appears on the left side of iTunes.
2. I connect the iPhone on the screen of which it says. “iPhone is disconnected, repeat after 60 minutes” to the computer using the USB cable that comes with the phone. Sometimes this is enough for zeroing, if the same message about blocking for an hour hangs on the screen, then I go to the third point.

Right-click on the iPhone in the left pane of iTunes. I choose. Synchronize.

As soon as the synchronization has begun, immediately stop it by clicking the cross at the top of iTunes (where it says. Step 1 of 4). Sometimes after clicking the cross, an arrow appears instead of it, which you also need to click to stop the synchronization session with the iPhone.

The incorrect screen lock password entry counter has been reset. Now in your iPhone or iPad, which just asked to wait 60 minutes, you can re-enter a forgotten or accidentally set password. This procedure for resetting the passcode counter can be performed as many times as you like, and even if you are prompted to connect to iTunes. As an example of a reset, we tried to sync, but in fact, the password counter is also reset to zero during other operations during which the device is paired with iTunes.

If iPad or iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes and reset passcode counter

The iPad is disabled. 6 attempts. Blocking minute, 10.Connect to iTunes

Greetings, dear friends. In the life of almost every forgetful iPhone, iPad and iPod touch user, an unpleasant situation can happen with a forgotten password set on the lock screen. Details of protection using a passcode can be found in the instructions. “How to set a passcode on iPhone”. The exact same password is set on the iPad and iPod touch.

If the password set on the lock screen of the iPhone or iPad is forgotten, we start to remember it and try to enter various options. As soon as we enter the wrong passcode six times, a message appears on the screen of the device: “Repeat the iPad is disconnected after 1 min”.

When we entered the ninth incorrect password, we saw on the iPhone display:

We conducted all today’s experiments on iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 7.1 firmware. In some firmwares, if the passcode is entered incorrectly, the device increases the shutdown time for the iPhone or iPad, forcing the user to wait even longer for subsequent entries of the forgotten passcode. But there are firmwares in which there is a certain number of attempts, after which a message appears:

If you are faced with a SIMilar problem, maybe you forgot this password yourself or the children accidentally turned it on, then you should not be upset, because today we will consider two options for the development of possible further events.

If not brute-force, then reset password on iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone or iPad is disabled or has not yet been disconnected, and asks for a password, then you can SIMply take and reset this screen lock password, the only drawback of this method is that if you do not have a pre-made backup, then all the information in the iPhone will be lost. This second method may be needed in the following cases:

  • If you’ve tried method number one, i.E. Tried to guess the password by constantly resetting the counter, but your idea was unsuccessful and the iPhone (or iPhone tablet) still asks for the password. But you deliberately made the decision to reset this password, having lost all the accumulated information on it, since you do not have a backup copy either in iTunes or in the iCloud cloud service.
  • If you have a backup (backup) that you did not delete during iTunes cleaning. And they didn’t even try to guess the password, but just decided to reset it along with all the iPhone information. Remember, if your backup is encrypted, you will definitely need an encryption password when restoring information.

Resetting the security password for the lock screen set in the iPhone or iPad is performed by the recovery method, while the device is manually entered into Recovery Mode or DFU mode. The method has already been discussed here. “If you forgot your password in iPad and iPhone.” So, do not hesitate, follow the link and try. We carried out our experiment to reset the passcode counter on devices (iPad tablet and IPhone phone) with iOS 7.1 firmware, while the function to find iPhone (iPad) was not active, there was no password for restrictions either.

In our situation, we exceeded the number of password entries (10 or more attempts) and in the phone with the inscription: iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes, we managed to reset the counter and start entering the forgotten password again. The password could not be found, I had to reset.