iPad Air 2 Sensor Replacement

Starting with most 1 models, the front side of Apple’s tablets is covered with glass. Despite all the assurances about the use of special types of this material, this part remains one of the most vulnerable to damage on all iPad, including its latest generation Air 2. As a result, tablet users often need to change the sensor on the iPad.

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Ipad Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

Ipad Air Repair

Repair iPad Air 2

Ipad Mini Repair

Repair iPad Mini 2

Repair iPad Mini 3

Repair iPad Mini 4

Ipad Pro Repair

9.7. 12990 / 12.9. 13 990 rub.

9.7.9900 / 12.9. 11990

9.7. 12990 / 12.9. 13 990 rub.

9.7. 12990 / 12.9. 13 990 rub.

9/7. 12990 / 12/9. 13 990 rub.

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What is the feature to change the iPad Air 2 sensor

How repair works:

  • 1Free diagnose brought-
    device you or our courier.
  • 2We make repairs, as well as give a guarantee for new installed parts. On average, repairs last 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

This procedure is both simple and complex. This is due to Apple’s desire to reduce production costs and improve technical specifications.

Especially revealing in this regard is the Aypad Air. Its screen is structurally similar to a “layer cake”, which includes, in addition to the display itself, a touchscreen and an external glass panel covering the front of the tablet. Accordingly, a malfunction of each of these elements entails the installation of a new “assembled” spare part.

The cause of the malfunction is most often moisture entering the internal contacts of the gadget, which are responsible for the screen, bumps after the device falls.

Replacing the sensor on the iPad with the hands of a master

The content of the procedure for replacing the touch glass on the iPad Air is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Disassembling the device.
  • Removing a damaged sensor with separation of loops and fasteners.
  • Display setting.
  • Tablet assembly.
iPad Air 2 Sensor Replacement

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It would seem nothing complicated, but difficulties arise at each of these stages. To perform them, a special tool is required. It differs from its counterparts in the size of nozzles and shape, which reduces the risk of damage. It can be minimized if you have certain skills acquired by continuous practice, as well as knowledge about the internal structure of the iPad Air tablet. Neither one nor the other is present, like most of their owners, and “masters” of third-party service centers that do not specialize in Apple products. In addition, offering low prices, they save literally on everything. For example, using non-original or used parts. What such replacements lead to is not difficult to guess. Crashing a recently repaired gadget.