iPad Air 2 Freezes

When purchasing a new device, the user expects a long service, and if the device refuses to work, the owner does not know what to do. In the case when the iPad does not boot, reboots, the iPad freezes or crashes, this is exactly what happens. Of course, it is possible that you can fix everything yourself, but if this fails, contact our telemama service. Our masters in this situation will find out the cause of the problems, find the damaged element, and then perform all the appropriate actions, regardless of the level of complexity of the damage.

You will certainly be pleased with our prices. For the reason that we purchase components directly from the manufacturer, bypassing intermediaries and wrapping, we have the lowest prices.

Why iPad freezes or crashes.

iPad Air 2 Freezes

We suggest that you consider all the defects observed in the tablet computer, as well as find out the causes of their appearance and talk about ways to eliminate them. So, when the iPad freezes or crashes, it is most likely what causes this behavior to work incorrectly. Often this happens after self-firmware, if something went “wrong.” Just because of software failures, the iPad most often hangs. This can occur as follows: there is no reaction to keystrokes, to commands on the touch screen, to attempts to change the position of switches, etc.

Ipad freezes, what to do? As we already wrote, when the iPad 3 freezes or the iPad freezes when updating, you can do some actions yourself. First, try closing the non-responsive program: press the “Sleep / Wake” button, when the red slider appears, do not move it, but press the “Home” button. Keep the buttons pressed for about 6 seconds.

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Also, if the iPad 4, 3, 2, air 5, mini 2 hangs or the iPad hangs constantly, a reboot may be required. In this case, you need to press the power button and the home button at the same time and hold for a while. The same procedure can be performed when the iPad burns an apple, and the download does not go.

Because of this, the iPad does not sync with iTunes and with the computer:

  1. The cable is not working, so the iPad slows down and does not sync. Such a cable just needs to be replaced;
  2. If the connector is damaged, it will also have to be replaced, but this is a task for specialists already;
  3. The lower loop is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced in the conditions of service.


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Photo problems the name of detail
Repair time indicated without crimping, with crimping 4 hours
2, 3, 4
iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad mini
1, 2, 3, 4
Service Services
the center
Corrosion Recovery
Fault: need diagnostics.
(from 2 hours)
from 900
Board Repair
Fault: restoration of tracks, replacement of elements, (this repair can be with any breakdown).
(from 2 hours)
from 900
Software repair
Fault: Firmware, password removal, etc.
(from 2 hours)
from 900
Diagnostics. Is free!
We provide 1 year warranty.
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Do you want to reduce the cost of iPad repair? We will show you how!

The main thing! If there has been a moisture hit or a drop, a shock to the tablet. Do not use it, and you will avoid increased damage.

You know why the breakdown occurred: In this case, you can decide how serious it is and whether it is safe to use a tablet computer for this damage. If, in your opinion, there is no danger. You can safely use it. If it is possible to strengthen the defect, it is better to refrain from operation.

The reason is unknown to you: In this case, we can recommend turning off the Internet tablet as soon as possible, and you should not charge it. After all, it is not excluded the ingress of water or other liquid, which, during the operation of the apparatus, can cause great harm. Water, under the influence of current, reacts with the metal parts of the mechanism, while the current accelerates oxidation several times, from which intact parts can fail. And as a result, the price of recovery will increase. To avoid this, it is better not to use the tablet until diagnosis and repair. The faster you turn to the telemam for help, the less you will have to pay.

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Our wizards will cope with any task and fix such problems as the iPad does not start, many others that were discussed above and are not named. We will also advise you on any occasion, for example, why applications do not start on the iPad, and much more.

How to Protect Your iPad iPad from Problems.

Very often, iPods drop, and since they are quite large, damage after that happens very different and the iPad restarts for no apparent reason. To protect it from falls, it is advisable to purchase a good cover. He will soften the blow, and will not allow such severe damage.

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Touchscreens for:
iPad Air 1.2. 3670 2980
iPad 4. 2300 1990
iPad 3. 2300 1990
iPad 2. 2300 1990
iPad mini 1,2. 3,250 2,780
iPad mini 3. 3250 2780
Installation. 680
(original 1 year warranty)

Replacement Parts on iPad:
Speaker. 1600 950
Microphone. 1600 950
Home Button. 1,400,950
On button. 1500 950
Camera. 1800 950
WiFi Antenna. 1600 950