iPad Air 2 Does Not Connect To Computer

iPad Air 2 Does Not Connect To Computer

Especially for those who bought a tablet and don’t know. How to connect iPad to computer, We did a small introductory tour designed for novice users. Therefore, if you just bought an Apple iPad or maybe gave it to you for the new year or some other holiday, then the introductory guide will help you start using this device.

Cable to connect iPad to computer

In order to connect a computer and any iPad tablet (no matter big or small) you need a USB cable, such a cable is always available in the standard tablet kit, if the cable breaks, then check with the MFi base when buying.

One side of the cable is inserted into a computer or laptop, while the USB standard is still used in all cables for the iPad. But the other side of the cable can be of two standards, depending on the tablet model:

  • Lightning (all iPad mini and iPad’s starting from 4th generation models)
  • 30-pin (only the first three models: iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad)
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Connect the 30-pin plug to the iPad with the marking up. The newer Lightning plugs are a little more convenient in this regard, they can be connected either side.

Itunes required to connect iPad to PC

Itunes is such a special program from Apple that allows you to work with your iPad connected to your computer. It is put into the computer, more information about the iTunes program can be found in the materials:

In order for the computer to see your iPad, it is unnecessary to search and download special drivers. The iTunes program kit contains all the necessary drivers, not only for the iPad, but also for all iPhone models and iPods. Drivers will install with iTunes.

First iPad connection to a computer

We hope that you have already installed iTunes and activated the iPad, if you haven’t activated yet, take a look. The instructions for the first iPod activation, the steps are about the same.

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Ipad is connected to a computer

So, if you do everything right, then you can connect the iPad to the computer, start the “My Computer” icon and you will see that iPad has appeared among the local drives. If you have iOS 7 firmware, sometimes on your tablet’s screen you need to confirm your confidence in using iPad’s with this computer.

Why any user connects iPad to a computer?. In order to upload toys or movies with music to it. As an example, we will analyze the installation of applications, for this we need:

If you can cope with the installation of games and programs on your iPad, then you can easily cope with the rest of the instructions:

We hope that our instructions will help you not only connect your iPad to your computer, but also fully use your tablet. Download useful applications, play games, surf the Internet, sometimes use a camera, listen to music and watchs. The main thing is not to disconnect the iPad cable from the computer while downloading information from the PC.