iPad Air 2 Button Replacement

Name of service Repair time Price
Glass replacement (separate from the display) GUARANTEE 1 day 2200 UAH
Display replacement up to 1 day 3800 UAH
Disassembly / assembly 400 UAH
Replacing the battery (battery) 1 day 1500 UAH
Polyphonic speaker replacement up to 1 day 800 UAH
Microphone Replacement up to 1 day 800 UAH
Rear Camera Replacement up to 1 day 800 UAH
Replacing the front (front) camera up to 1 day 800 UAH
Replacing volume and power buttons up to 1 day 800 UAH
Replacing the loop of the charging port, synchronization up to 1 day 1000 UAH
Replacing Tristar (USB Controller) 1-2 days 1600 UAH
Power Controller Replacement 1-3 days 2400 UAH
Home Button Replacement up to 1 day 800 UAH
Replacing Wi-Fi Antenna up to 1 day 800 UAH
Replacing Wi-Fi module 1-3 days 2400 UAH
Moisture cleaning from 1 day from 400 UAH
Flashing 1 hour 200 UAH
Transfer or backup data from 1 hour from 100 UAH
Apple device replacement warranty 4-5 weeks 1700 UAH
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Repair iPad Air 2

Ipad Air 2 has become 18% thinner than the previous model, such an amazing feature allows you to call the iPad Air the thinnest tablet on the market. Also in the new device, the home button has changed. And it has a built-in fingerprint scanner, this increases the protection of your device and improves the interaction with it. The display of the new product has also changed, now it is 9.7 ”. Also, the developers were able to remove the air gap between the glass and the matrix. Actually, this made the device thinner and led to the fact that the image in the iPad Air 2 visually seemed to lie on the surface of the glass. A device released earlier does not have such visual effects. Another change in the second-generation iPad Air device was a reliable anti-reflective coating, which ensured comfortable operation with the device in bright conditions.

The most common calls related to iPad Air 2 repair:

iPad Air 2 Button Replacement

If your iPad Air 2 is broken, you can contact a service center “AppleFun” To repair iPad Air 2, we carry out all types of work and give a guarantee. Repair iPad Air 2 is a difficult and painstaking task that cannot be completed at home, for this you need professional expensive equipment and extensive experience in the repair.