iPad 1 Upgrade To iOS 10

Have you encountered a situation where, if you wanted to upgrade to a new version of iOS, your iPhone or iPad did not find an update or reported an error in the settings section Software Update? In this article we will talk about several ways to solve the problem in which, instead of the available update, the inscription “Checking for updates.“.

iPad 1 Upgrade To iOS 10

Ios 10 update not available on older devices?

Unfortunately, Apple has reduced the list of iOS 10 compatible devices. Iphone 5s, 5th generation iPod touch, iPad 3, iPad mini and older iOS 10 devices cannot be installed.

Ios update not available (“Checking for updates.“). What to do?

Is jailbreak (Cydia) installed on your device?

If the Cydia application is installed on your device (jailbreak is made), then this is the main reason why the iOS 10 Update is not available along the way Settings. The main. Software Update. Jailbreak developers specifically block the ability to update “over the air.” The fact is that when you upgrade your iPhone or iPad with a jailbreak, the device turns into a “brick” (eternal daisy, white apple, etc.).

In order to install iOS 10 on a jailbreak device, you need to perform the iPhone Restore (iPad) procedure in iTunes. Detailed instructions are available here.

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In other cases, try the methods described below:

Restarting the Settings app

The easiest solution is to restart the program Settings. To do this, open the multitasking menu (double-click the round Home button) and remove the program from it Settings (pull up the thumbnail of the program).

Then open again Settings, go to section The main and check for updates in the section Software Update.

Change the way you connect to the Internet

Sometimes, software updates are not found over a Wi-Fi network. In this case, you can try to turn off the Wi-Fi network and find updates using 3G.

After the iPhone or iPad finds the update, you can turn on Wi-Fi again and download the update for your device.

Reset “network settings”

Some users report that resetting the network helped them solve this problem. To reset the network, go to Settings. General. Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

Please note that resetting the network will result in the removal of passwords for Wi-Fi networks on your device.

Update or restore your device via iTunes

If all of the above methods did not help you, then most likely you will have to update the device via iTunes on your computer. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and open iTunes. In the device information window, press the key Refresh.

The procedure for updating and restoring software is described in more detail in this article.

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Thanks, I’ll know for the future, but I’ve never encountered anything like this before.

I had it with 7.0.4. It helped to check on 3G instead of Wi-Fi. over, on the iPhone and on the iPad. The same thing.

I also had this with 7.0.4. Helped with iTunes

I have an iPhone 4s. And version 7.1.2 for all iPhones already has an update, but it doesn’t come to me. What to do?

The first way helped me, thank you very much.

I have a four, will there be more updates on 7.1.4? Or is this the latest version of the four? ((

I click updates on and I have written: checking for updates and nothing happens what to do?

Tin how many problems does an apple have.

Did not see iPhone 5s and iPad 4. I started to worry. I searched on the net for half an hour. And here you write your article. Thank)

I write that it’s not possible to check the update, because the device is no longer connected to the Internet, I tried it in two ways, I have 4 S, it does not work thanks!

I have 5s. The same garbage
Jobs is dead. They scored a service

Did everything, nothing helped.
Device-iPhone 5s

In general, nothing was needed, everything was already updated

My iPad Mini of the 1st generation, doesn’t see the update at all, says they say 9.2.1 is the current version.

Iphone 4 can be upgraded to iOS8 or 9?

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I have an iPad mini 1. Installed 9.3.5. I check for availability, the latest software is installed. I tried resetting the network, it did not help. There is no time to update through iTunes what to do?

Thanks for the shrinking iPad mini 1! What for? For what? Should I buy every product from the company so that the programs are compatible with my device and iOS? Lol but no! I will be a hater and I will use samsung! Say goodbye to Apple.

I have an iPad mini 2 and want to upgrade to iOS11, but when I go to the software update it says that iOS 9.3.5 has the latest software installed. What to do?

I have an iPhone 5s and I have such a problem. The iPhone itself lasts about 3-4 years if the memory does not lie. I go to App Store, download the application, and then it downloads it to English. I need version iOS 10.0. And I can’t download almost no application. It pops up and pops up. And I go into the settings to upgrade to 10.0 and then the “Check for Updates” does not disappear. Usually when I turn on the phone, sometimes a notification comes and also asks to update. They say it is not updated as old, is that so? Or is there still a chance? Please answer, do not ignore!