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Last update. October 15, 2019

iOS 13.1.1 is an update that increases the battery life of the iPhone and fixes problems with finding a cellular network. Also, the main change in iOS 13.1.1 was fixing a bug that opened all privileges to third-party keyboard applications at once. In addition, a bug was fixed that prevented the recovery of the iPhone from backup.

Users massively complain about iOS 13.1.2 problems 63

Ios issues 11 2 63 0

I think few can boast that they have never encountered any problems after upgrading to new versions of iOS. All sorts of flaws even became a kind of feature of the operating system, to which most users are quite philosophical, which, however, did not prevent them from splitting into two camps. Some people prefer to upgrade among the first to try new features earlier than others, despite bugs and vulnerabilities. And the latter, instead of suffering inconvenience, prefer to wait until an update with corrections is released. But you just have to wait sometimes oh how long.

iOS 13 outperforms iOS 10 in speed on older iPhones 42

Despite the fact that on iOS the fragmentation problem is absent in principle, there is a separate caste of the so-called non-updates. These are users who prefer either to install updates with a very long delay, waiting for the correction of all possible bugs, or not to deal with updates at all, believing that their iPhone will not work better than the standard OS version. It’s not difficult to explain such a mood. In the end, in recent years, Apple really makes a lot of oversights when developing iOS updates, the installation of which turns out to be one or another problem in the operation of updated devices. But if you’re looking for speed, iOS 13 is your choice.

How to quickly open a specific section in iOS settings fifteen

A couple of weeks ago, a message was found on Reddit stating that Apple had restored the ability to launch certain sections of the Settings app using the Commands app on iOS and iPadOS 13.1. However, until recently it was not possible to collect all the links to open individual settings items. And so, the other day on MacStories all the links supported by the Settings application on iOS and iPadOS appeared.

Where did the Touch ID window disappear in applications and what does iOS 13 have to do with it 20

I, in general, am not the most envious person, but sometimes I also want to enjoy fresh iOS updates as sincerely as others do. IOS 7 took away my interest in updates, turning my iPad mini from a lightning-fast tablet into a lagging thing. Since then, I have changed more than one device, but the fear of breaking something that already worked correctly installing updates still lives in me, and therefore you will never meet me in the queue for the latest versions of iOS. iOS 13 has confirmed that my position is not unfounded.

IOS 13.1.2, watchOS 6.0.1 and macOS 10.15 beta 10 released 264

Despite the fact that over the past two weeks Apple has released two updates for iOS, it was not possible to fix all the company’s flaws. For this reason, Cupertino was thinking about releasing the third update, which was released again without preliminary testing, giving users another reason to complain and blame Apple that it is no longer a cake. Well, or how is it usually?

How iPadOS 13.1 Works on iPad Air 2 28

On September 24, Apple released the public release of iPadOS 13.1, which informed you in a timely manner. The fact that the operating system is perfectly optimized for the latest Apple tablets is beyond doubt. We at wondered how the new iPadOS works on the oldest of the supported tablets. iPad Air 2.

Apple Releases iOS 13.1.1 and iPadOS 13.1.1 with Bug Fixes 314

iOS 13 can rightfully be considered one of the most functional versions of Apple’s mobile OS, and this week is the richest in updates. Having started the working week with updates, in Cupertino they decided to update it and complete it without delaying the correction of the accumulated shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Therefore, today, September 27, the company released iOS 13.1.1, which contains a wide range of various bug fixes designed to make using the OS more comfortable.

iOS 13.1 reduces the power of some wireless charges 18

Limitations are about Apple. Every year in Cupertino, they restrict their users to something, forbidding them one or the other. You don’t have to go far for examples. If earlier it was in the order of things to replace the display with a non-original panel, now it will not be possible to crank the same because of a special mechanism that monitors the authenticity of installed components. No matter how unpleasant the users who installed the fake are, this limitation can be explained by the company’s desire to provide its customers with only the best components. But how to explain the power limitation of wireless charging?