iOS 13 Setup To Save Battery

Until recently, the owners of the iPhone and iPad felt “on horseback.” in their hands was a great technique that seemed to have no flaws! Today, the happiness of users who actively use iPhones is somewhat overshadowed. Their iPhone works without recharging for less than a day!

iOS 13 Setup To Save Battery

How can I increase the battery life of the iPhone?

Few people know that Apple technology can consume energy at different speeds. Master the main functions of your device and “tame” energy!

Secrets to help extend your iPhone’s battery life

1. Control her!

A “small” charge of energy is not a quantity. To extend battery life, monitor the dynamics of its consumption. Turn on your iPhone, go to Settings. General. Statistics. Next, visit the section Using the battery. Activate Charge as a percentage. Now you will focus not on the strip of a standard icon, but on the digital display of the charge. Starting from these data is much more convenient! In the Battery Usage section, you will see data on the percentage of energy consumed by a particular service. Refrain from using the most “demanding” services, if you see that the battery is almost “at zero”.

2. Adjust the screen brightness

Did you suspect that a large screen with bright backlight “eats” a lot of battery? You were right. Set the brightness to 50%. Turn off auto brightness. Feel significant savings. By the way, Apple officially recommended adjusting the screen brightness as the simplest and most effective way to extend battery life.

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You can set the brightness in Settings. Screen and brightness. Move the slider to the left to the level of 50% or to the level until the eyes begin to get tired. Switch the Auto brightness status (automatic brightness adjustment mode for different ambient light) in the same settings.

3. Think about the need for wireless

No one argues about the importance of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Services scan the air, checking for connectivity with other devices. But this does not make one habit less useful. Left the house (cafe, restaurant with free access). Turned off Wi-Fi. I got a saving of 30-40% of the battery. To disable wireless connections, go to the quick menu, selectively deactivate services.

4. Maybe turn off content updates?

Think about whether it’s important for you to know about the weather and stock of apple in this second. By default, these, like many other no less “interesting” veils, are updated in the background. If it’s not important, go to Settings. Basic, and from there. To Content Update.

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5. See Push Notifications in Electronics and Applications!

Only 8% of users really need notifications of new messages in applications that are not currently running. If you belong to the remaining 92%, be sure to go to Settings. Mail, addresses, calendars. Download data and put Push in the off position. In order not to be bothered by notifications from other services, visit the corresponding “Notifications” settings item and select the items that should be disabled.

. To save more, adjust the signal format. Turn off the sound notification and icon demonstration (parameters are set by default).

6. This is a controversial advantage. Gps.

Using the GPS module and the ability to determine location (Geolocation) is quite reasonable, but not when we are talking about battery safety. Know! Geolocation and secondary services (terrain maps, satellite navigation) consume so much energy, and if the first position is really useful, then we doubt a little about the appropriateness of the constantly on terrain map. You can disable Geolocation and save 25-30% of the device’s charge in Settings. Privacy.

7. Turn off parallax

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Parallax (parallax). Cool stuff. Funny, beautiful and unusual. But is it really necessary when it comes to the long work of an iPhone? You can disable the service that decently “eats” the battery in Settings. General. Universal access. Mark on Motion Reduction parameter.

8. Lock your iPhone.

Remember that locking the iPhone (when you do not use it, of course) is guaranteed to prevent the device from responding to accidental touches of the display and significantly (3-5%) reduces battery consumption. We recommend locking the screen for 1-2 minutes. Go to this in the menu Settings. General. Auto-lock, setting the desired period of auto-lock.

9. Turn off keyboard sound

Not surprisingly, when voicing tapes on the iPhone keyboard, a certain charge of the device is consumed. The same applies to the vibration used by many games and programs. Turning off these privileges will give your battery extra energy! You can turn off unnecessary signals in the Settings. Sounds menu.

A few obvious but very important tips for using the iPhone

If, despite all efforts, the iPhone battery continues to upset, the Tekhnari service center will gladly eliminate this sadness by repairing the iPhone and giving your device a new iPhone battery.