Ios 12 2 Beta 3 Update

Last updated December 26, 2019

iOS 13.3 is the third functional update released for iOS 13, but it practically does not contain functional innovations. In iOS 13.3 settings, there was a separate item for disabling the keyboard with emoji, an opportunity to limit communication with selected subscribers through “Screen Time”, an opportunity to configure AirPods Pro control through “Universal Access” and other small functions.

IPhone users complain about network issues on iOS 13.3 21

Ios 12 2 Beta 3 Update

Despite the fact that, as a rule, Apple seeks to resolve these or other malfunctions of its devices as quickly as possible, from time to time it seems that Cupertino either deliberately ignores the problem or simply does not know about it. But how else to explain the complete inaction of the company, which is in no hurry to take any measures to fix this or that malfunction. Fortunately, such situations do not occur often. The most telling example is the Butterfly keyboard, which Apple has been trying to revive for almost four years. But now the list of “long-term construction” includes the wireless connection of the iPhone.

Apple released iOS 13.3.1 beta 1 and macOS 10.15.3 beta 1 31

They say that you quickly get used to the good. Therefore, when Apple stopped releasing several iOS updates a week, almost everyone noticed it. Surely Cupertino has already exhausted the entire planned limit of updates for the mobile OS, and now all we have to rely on are minor bug fixes for macOS and completely useless tvOS assemblies that do not carry any functional load, many thought. But today Apple made it clear that this is completely wrong and released a beta version of four updates for its operating systems.

In iOS 13.3 appeared active angles. Why are they needed and how to enable it 16

iOS 13, despite many shortcomings, has become a largely iconic version of Apple’s operating system. It was during its development that the company actually went against its convictions and added mouse support to the iPad, thereby bringing the merger of the mobile and desktop platforms closer. Well, at least that’s what everyone thought from the beginning. However, after the release of the update, it became clear that compatibility with external manipulators was added only insofar as, because the tablet could not achieve the same comfort from interacting with the mouse as on a Mac. Fortunately, Cupertino did not even think about stopping there.

How iOS 13.3 Changes iPhone Performance and Autonomy 152

iOS 13 has become perhaps one of the most controversial versions of Apple’s operating system. On the one hand, with its release, of course, Cupertino began to delight users with regular updates, releasing 2-3 updates monthly. But, on the other hand, most of them were aimed either at eliminating the flaws made or at adding the functions promised earlier. Nevertheless, by December, Apple developers had prepared more thoroughly and released iOS 13.3 with a huge number of fixes that benefited the system, increasing the productivity and battery life of several iPhone models.

Another reason to install iOS 13.3 77

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 13.3. The update includes the ability to limit the time of communication via cellular, FaceTime or Messages using “Screen Time”, the correction of errors in the “Mail” that could prevent the downloading of new messages, and much more. The problem was even fixed, due to which the recordings created using the “Voice Recorder” might not be transferred to other applications for working with sound. Yes, the abundance of bugs forces Apple to release the eighth update in three months, but, as it turned out, in iOS 13.2.3 there was another serious bug that we only knew about now. it concerns AirDrop.

Apple released iOS 13.3 and iOS 12.4.4 166

The abundance of iOS 13 bugs and shortcomings forced Apple to seriously revise the update release model, narrowing not only the time intervals between new OS versions, but also significantly reducing the number of beta testing stages. There was an urgent need to restore the operation of devices that received software damage as a result of the update, as well as ensure the release of all planned innovations. As a result, already in the third month after the launch of iOS 13, Apple released eight updates, of which three are second-order updates.

Apple released iOS 13.3 beta 4, tvOS 13.3 beta 4 and watchOS 6.1.1 beta 4 27

Did you notice that too? Over the past two weeks, Apple has not released a single update for its operating systems, be it a small patch with bug fixes or a test build of iOS 13.3, which has been tested in Cupertino since the beginning of November. At some point, users even decided that Apple had three stages of beta testing the update and it was about to introduce it to the general public. But as it turned out, it was a big mistake, because tonight the company released the fourth beta version of iOS 13.3 for developers.

Why iOS 13 was a failed experiment 54

Until now, the eleventh was considered the most unsuccessful version of iOS. Apple had to release bug fixes six times, it took about two months for iOS 11 to learn how to behave properly. The thirteenth version of iOS broke this record: it took eight fixes to fix it. One of the releases could not be considered, it concerned HomePod. but the corrections are not finished yet, on iOS 13.3 stocks, the third beta version of which is available for testing.

Apple released iOS 13.3 beta 3 and macOS 10.15.2 beta 3 17

The times when iOS users were happy with the latest updates to the operating system, unfortunately, are in the past. Starting this fall, Apple has shown everyone that fresh versions of the OS can bring not so much joy as bitterness from new bugs and shortcomings that the company’s developers have not bothered to fix. Most users did not expect such a trick, but because now they are wary of all the updates that Apple releases. But today in Cupertino they gave their customers one more reason to doubt the competence of their developers.

Apple released iOS 13.2.3 and iPadOS 13.2.3 125

If you’re used to checking the time of the latest iOS updates, take it as a fact that now it’s a bad idea. With the release of iOS 13 in Cupertino, they changed their approach to releasing updates of the operating system on the same day of the week at the same time, starting to rivet patches one by one, just to fix the accumulated bugs as soon as possible. As a result, updates began to appear both at the beginning of the week, and in the middle, and even at the end. However, thanks to this, it became easier to determine the urgency of the new version, because if Apple did not release a fresh iOS build on Tuesday, then she had to fix something very serious and now she wants everyone to install it as soon as possible.