iOS 11 Failed To Activate Imessage

Hello everyone! Imessage and FaceTime are just great services from Apple. I think hardly anyone will argue with this. Yes, they have flaws, but using them is one sheer pleasure. However, before you begin to receive this very pleasure, they must be turned on. And here the problems begin. Failures and errors during activation, unfortunately, are not so rare.

Is it worth it to despair, worry, throw out a smartphone, send threats to Tim Cook and other employees of the “apple” corporation? Not! Is there anything you can do about it? Sure! Let’s look at all the causes of the activation error for iMessage and FaceTime services, as well as ways to deal with this rare ugliness.

Let’s go quickly and decisively!

So, services are not activated. Why is this happening?

iOS 11 Failed To Activate Imessage

Here are three main reasons:

  1. Blame the SIM card or service provider.
  2. Problem with iPhone or iPad.
  3. Apple. It also happens not without sin.
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What to do? We will analyze each case in more detail.

Imessage Activation Failure. Sim or Operator Problem

Yes, the first thing is to pay attention to which SIM card you use and whether there are any problems with it.

So, if the message is not sent, activation does not occur. Therefore, we act:

  1. Check the account balance. The message is not very expensive (5-15 rubles), but this money should be in the account.
  2. Your tariff should support sending SMS abroad. Especially relevant for corporate tariff owners.
  3. We call the operator’s hotline and find out if everything is fine with them.?

By the way, it is the third point that is the most common cause of mass failures. In preparing the article, I read a lot of sources and noted that at different times, all operators had problems with turning on iMessage. Mts, Beeline, Megaphone. No difference.

Imessage does not turn on. Check iOS settings

In fact, iOS almost always works “like a Swiss watch” and blaming it for errors with activating FaceTime and iMessage is a waste of time. In most cases. Although. “Glitches” are still possible. Therefore:

  1. Rebooting the device. Hard and decisive.
  2. Open the date and time settings. Set “Automatic mode”.
  3. Turn on geolocation (navigation), Wi-Fi.
  4. Go to “Settings. Basic. Reset” and reset the network settings.
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With each action, we try to disable and then enable iMessage and FaceTime. We check whether it works or not?

Apple crashes

As noted above. Apple itself is also not without sin. In some cases, its servers simply cannot cope with the load, which means messaging and call services will work with an error.

Most often this happens during the days of the release of new versions of iOS. And if yesterday or the day before yesterday there was a presentation of a new iPhone or iPad. The failures are almost guaranteed. Although in “ordinary” days everything is possible. You can find out about these issues:

  1. Through a special on-line service of the company. This is where you can see which of the Apple services are currently unstable (detailed instructions). See a red or yellow warning indicator next to iMessage or FaceTime? Activate them right now will not work.
  2. Call the Russian-speaking support service. As a rule, they will not lie there and honestly admit temporary problems.
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Which of these is the conclusion? Very simple: the only thing we can do in this case is just wait. One joy. It will not take long to wait.

Perhaps this is all. In the end, it is worth noting that in my own experience, the most common causes of errors are problems with the SIM card (operator) or Apple servers. And they affect, as a rule, far from one person.

Therefore, be sure to write in the comments and find out, maybe you are not the only one and the failures affected absolutely everyone. It is highly desirable to specify a mobile operator. It will be much easier to navigate.