Internet Poor On iPhone 5 5s

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The Internet in our lives occupies a rather important place. And if the Internet suddenly does not work on the iPhone, it upsets us and brings inconvenience and discomfort to our lives. And for some, due to the fact that access to the network is associated with professional activities, this malfunction can adversely affect work.

In any case, it is not worth putting off the solution to such a problem. Read more about network issues below.

Internet Poor On iPhone 5 5s

Apple Service Center Addresses. How much does a repair cost if you don’t catch Internet iPhone. Why doesn’t the iPhone catch the Internet?

The lack of internet in the iPhone 5s, 5c and 5 or 4s and 4 can occur for the following reasons:

1. Software crashes, for example after an update.

2. Mechanical problems (wifi module malfunction).

3. Incorrect internet setup.

IPhone does not see wifi

If your iPhone does not catch the Internet or wi-fi, then such a nuisance can occur for the following reasons:

1. System or software failure. in this case, try updating the software and checking the operation of the device.

2. The wifi unit is defective as a result of mechanical damage. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved on your own, especially when your display is faulty, cracked or broken. First of all, you need to fix the display problems and do it better in the service center. The cost of repair work, and in particular the price of replacing the iPhone 6 plus display and other models, can be seen on the corresponding page of the site or by calling the contact phone number.

There is no internet from the service provider

If you use the Internet services provided by telecom operators and the Internet does not turn on, you should check the SIM card slot, the strength of the 3G signal, the correct Internet settings and try to connect again.

The slot may be damaged due to inaccurate actions when you insert a SIM card into it. And a bad 3G signal can lead to the feeling that it is iPhone that does not catch the Internet. With mechanical types of faults, it is better to contact a specialized service.

Internet setting. connections

Another reason could be a misconfiguration of your Internet connection. In order to properly configure the Internet, you need to consistently go to the settings of the iPhone 4s or 4 as well as other models: basic. cellular. data transfer. Then enter the data of your mobile telecom operator (MTS, Bilan, Megafon, etc.). After check the connection and if the problem persists. contact the service.

Wifi or a SIM card slot does not work. what should I do?

In this case, contacting a service center is inevitable. Our engineers have extensive experience in troubleshooting and malfunctions of any type of mobile device, especially iPhone 4s and 5s, which are the most prone to malfunctions.

Contacting our service center for help if your iPhone doesn’t catch the Internet. You, for free, will undergo a full diagnosis of the device and help identify the cause of this trouble! And then they will fix all the problems, configure the work and reception of the Internet correctly. All our offices are located near metro stations. Contact us. we will help you with any breakdown!
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