Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 Not Starting

Internet explorer browser for windows 10. Internet explorer browser for windows 10

Good afternoon, dear readers of the blog and viewers of the youtube channel, today we will continue to study the top ten, we previously examined the issue of how to activate windows 10, go ahead and now I will tell you about internet explorer browser for windows 10. I think that for the beast of IE, you already know that with the release of the latest operating system, the default browser is already Edge, I’ll teach you how to change all this and find internet explorer, although it was not perfect, but compared to the new-fangled version, It looks very personal.

Download internet explorer 11 for windows 10

I am often asked where it would be possible to download internet explorer 11 for windows 10, and for the hundredth time I say that nowhere. To do this is pointless, since it is an integral part of this operating system, so to speak in the kit. In any Windows 10 IE11 is, everyone figured out this issue. I think it will be useful for you to also see how to download skype for windows 10.

How to open internet explorer 11 in windows 10

If you try to open any shortcut containing a link, or send you a link, then it will open in your edge browser. For example, I created a shortcut inside which there is a link to my site. Clicking on it opens the Edge that I don’t need.

How to open internet explorer 11 in windows 10, if you open the launch, you won’t find a shortcut to it, you will only see a shortcut to Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 Not Starting

Where Microsoft shoved IE 11. Two methods will help us find it.

The first method is to click the search icon and enter the magic word in it iexplore

As you see in the system, it is still there.

The second method to open internet explorer in windows 10 is to follow the path:

Here, as you can see, an exe file named iexplore also lies.

So we all figured out how to open IE 11 in the top ten. Here it is important for you to understand that its support will be over soon, and for security reasons you will have to switch to other browsers, I advise you the Google Chrome browser.

Internet explorer windows 10 does not work

There are glitches with the windows 10 operating system that internet explorer or Edge does not work. Here such actions can help you. Press the WinR keys and enter the following word:

or the same thing in two steps, right-click on the start button and select Control Panel from the context menu

And select Browser Properties.

Here we will be interested in the Advanced tab, here we click the Reset button, after that you wake up that internet explorer 11 does not start windows 10.

How to make IE the default

In order to replace Edge with internet explorer 11 in the top ten, do the following, open the explorer, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner, this is such a gear, then select browser properties.

Go to the Programs tab and see this link.

As a result, you will be transferred to the snap-in Selecting programs by default, you could also get here through the control panel. We select an explorer and click to use this program by default.

All now having opened any link, it will not open Edge browser, but IE 11. Everything is clear.

Standalone internet explorer in windows 10

There is simply no offline mode in this version of the operating system. Well, now everything can be more finely tuned for internet explorer in windows 10, here everything is individual.

Total. We learned how to find and open internet explorer in Windows 10 and set it as the default browser instead of Edge, we realized that you don’t need to download and install anything else and everything is already under the hood of the system.

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Far and not intuitively they stuck it

Everything is clear and understandable. Regards, Ivan.

Thanks for the time saved. A very useful material for those who work with sites that use EDS, and they usually use IE11

An Internet explorer exists, but regularly deeply freezes, how can I overcome this?

Edge at the same time exists perfectly. Maybe delete everything and download again?

Believe me, it will be in the composition, but nobody will use it.

Here you need to look at why it hangs, what resources it lacks, maybe memory due to a large number of tabs, maybe the disk is junk, although Microsoft has not had much trouble lately.

I also do not understand why Edge was even created.

IE is a good browser.

Hello, Ivan. I have a question for you, why every time I open Internen explorer, I need to re-enter the username and password on email. mail? When you enter Yandex and Google Chrome, mail is normally saved. If you have a reason known to you, tell me, please. Tired of entering passwords for each entry. I will be grateful for your reply.