Installing third -party applications on Samsung Smart TV

How to install applications on the Samsung Smart TV TV. Adding official and third.Party widgets

Installing widgets on Samsung television receiver allows you to significantly expand the functionality of Smart TV devices. Like the manufacturer LG, in the Tizen operating system there is a built.In application store. Official applications are available in it, which are set to download via the Internet in several pressing the buttons of the remote control. But the contents of the store are very limited, many, even known widgets. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to install other applications from third.Party sources on the Samsung TV.

installing, third, party, applications, samsung

Unfortunately, Samsung is tough and introduces many restrictions. If the installation of third.Party applications is required, it is necessary to resort to methods that require a lot of actions and synchronization with a personal computer. Consider all the methods that can add new widgets to the memory of the Samsung brand TV.

For the “h” series, the instruction looks like this

Press and hold the button B (green) until the menu appears or press the Menu button if it is on the remote control 2. In the menu, select Smart Hub. Uch. Zap. Sasmsung. Input 3. (once) Select the “Enter” button on the screen 4. (once) Enter the word: Develop (exactly as written) in the ID field, remove the checkmark and click on 5. Select the button on the screen of Develop 6. Press the SMART HUB button, select the upper panel to enter the full Smarthub 7. On the icon of any application (except for the recommended on top), press and hold the Enter button for 1 second, the context menu 8 will appear. (once) select IP settings, press the KeyPad button on the remote control, enter the first IP addresses (for example 192) of the server (see server on the computer), then press the OK button, repeat the input for all four numbers 9. (once) Repeat item 7, select Start User App Sync 10. Close the message that has appeared and the context menu with the Return button. Eleven. In the absence of problems, the installed widgets will appear in a few seconds (!), perhaps they will be on the second screen, as the button “My App (1/2)” is talking about, click on the button with the icon update to see them to see them.

Creating a new user “Develop” Create in the Telivizer a new user click the button on the usual Menu console (or the MISC button on the touch, the arrows bring the Menu button on the screen remote control) select the “Smart” menu item “Uch. Zap. Samsung “, select” Entrance “introduce” email.P.”: Develop enter the” password “including the exclamation mark: SSO1029DEV! Put the box “Remember the password” click “Entrance” leave the menu

Tip: by paragraph: Enter “email.P.”: Develop. The user dial: Develop (not with the capital letter, did not accept with the capital).

Further about the password: I didn’t have a password field, to remember the password too, so after entering the Develop user, if the password is not actively, we immediately press the input and the entry under the user Develop.

Next, I will add what was not in the instructions in the hat:. We go to Smart Hub. Then go to the additional applications (located below). Then go to the settings (on the right in the upper corner). Go to the IP settings menu. Enter the address (enter the address ( Looking for on the Internet or Click the input. Then we go into the string synchronization (also in the settings, is lower) and see the widget loading scale.

And most importantly, make sure that all these operations are ready to work. Otherwise, it will give an error during synchronization.

How To Download 3rd Party App,S in Samsung Smart Tv UHD Tv

How to put Play Market on Samsung TV?

There is bad and good news for owners of technology from the South Korean giant. The good thing is that you can download Play Market on Samsung TV. Bad. Far from always, much depends on the model of the device. If the Android operating system is used, Play Market for the Samsung TV can be installed. Over, the service is most likely present there. Here are just the number of TVs of this manufacturer with Android OS extremely insignificant. These are mainly old models or special series that are not particularly common.

So, when to download the Play Market on the Samsung TV will not work? In most cases. Everyone who uses devices with the TIZEN proprietary system is deprived of the Google application store and cannot install Play Market on Samsung TV. Again, the matter is the lack of compatibility and this is done intended. Consider situations with both systems.

For Samsung on Android TV

How to download Play Market on Smart TV Samsung with Android:

  • Enter Play Market APK for Android TV in Google. We download the file from the network from any popular site, recommend the 4pda forum. By the way, in most cases the application for a smartphone is also suitable.
  • We start the file on the TV, perhaps for this in the settings you will need to activate the item “From unknown sources”. The element should be in the “Settings” menu in the “Security” section.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the installation and start the service.

Advice! To download the file, we recommend using a smartphone or computer, and then transfer it to TV. So it will be an order of magnitude easier and faster.

After we managed to install the Play Market on the Samsung TV, it remains only to log in in our own account, find the application and click on the “Install” button. Everything is done exactly the same itself as on the phone.

For Samsung on Tizen

If the Play Market is not suitable for the current Smart TV, you should use the Samsung Apps proprietary store. Most of the most popular services are available here.

How to download and put the application on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Create an account in the settings (if this was not done before).
  • After authorization in the account, press the Smart Hub button and select Samsung Apps from the list.
  • Select the application from the list and click on the “Install” button.

Interesting! There are also bypass methods of installing applications through the developer mode or by transmitting the program file from the flash drive and its launch on TV. Only in this way to add Play Market to Smart TV Samsung will not work. This is more applicable to pirate films services that are absent in a company store.

Installation for series D

To create a new profile on Samsung television receivers, you need:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button to enter the “Smart TV” section;
  • Button “A” open the window creation window;
  • Click “Create an account”;
  • Indicate “Develop” as a login, password. Any;
  • Cancel the binding to e.Mail;
  • Enter the profile by installing the “Remember the password” mark so as not to enter the registration data again.

3 TOP Ways To Install 3d-Party Apps To Samsung Smart TV

On a note! The fact that the entrance is made, the user icon and the name “Develop” on the left below the screen reports.

Synchronization with a local server is performed similarly to the method described above.

Removing applications

If there is a need to remove widgets (due to the overflow of memory of the TV receiver or loss of relevance of software itself), this is done in different ways, depending on the OS of the TV.

  • At the LG receivers, you must click on the label and, holding it, drag the display to the upper right corner of the display until a notification appears about the removal of the program. Another solution is to go to the section with applications, press the “Change” button in the upper part of the screen on the right, and then select an unnecessary widget and click “Delete” in the context menu.
  • On Samsung TVs you need to go to Samsung Apps, find an unnecessary widget and click on the “Delete” button on its page, which will appear instead of the “Install” button.
  • On TVs under the control of Android, application removal is performed in the same way as on phones with a similar OS. So, you can erase unused software in the store on Google Play or in the “Applications” section in the settings of the TV receiver. A full list of software is available there, in which you can choose unnecessary software and delete it by clicking on the corresponding command in the context menu. As on smartphones, in this section there will also be system applications (preinstalled by default), which cannot be removed.
installing, third, party, applications, samsung

So, installing widgets on TVs with a Smart-TV function is usually made from the corresponding application store (own or Play Market). Another solution is to install files from the flash drive by downloading a distribution from the Internet, but in this case you need to be careful. Downloading content from unverified sources, there is a risk of loading on a malicious software or viruses.

Standard installation of widgets

Such programs for TV Samsung have developed a lot. The reason for this is an open platform. Nevertheless, the company imposes some restrictions on the loading of individual widgets, because I am sure that in sufficient quantities provided their devices.

installing, third, party, applications, samsung

However, craftsmen have long found ways to download and install programs from third.Party sites.

Since TV is connected to the Internet, you need to go to the Smart TV menu by selecting the Smart Hab key to the PD. In the search window, dial the name of the program, activate the search, and then just follow the tips.

When the installation ends, leave the store, find a widget in the bookmarks.

This is the fastest way to install. If you haven’t worked for you, try to do the same, but only with a flash drive.

Top music applications

In addition to radio stations that are available along with digital TV channels, you can listen to music in popular services on a “smart” television reception.


The portal of the same name contains more than a million songs and instrumental compositions of different genres. You can find your favorite artist, track or album by catalog or using a request. When playing, the album cover is displayed.


This application provides access to more than 50 million tracks performed by musicians from different parts of the planet, as well as audiobooks and podcasts. In this case, the user can create his own playlists.


This program offers over 30 million audio tracts, listening to radio stations and loading its own MP3 files. It is equipped with a system of recommendations based on user preferences. The service is available by subscription, and in the free version the sound quality is only 128 kbps and there is no offline mode.

Summarize. In addition to the above 20 best applications for Samsung Smart TV in 2018-2019, many other programs appeared. They can be found in an official store, among independent developers, as well as on portals dedicated to “smart” television receivers. When choosing, it is useful to focus on the reviews of experienced users, read errors and possible problems, study instructions for installing, setting up and working with on.