Installing GTA san Andreas on Android

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Installing the game gta san andreas on android. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a famous computer masterpiece

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Or as it is popularly known. Now on your Android devices. After so many years, you have a chance to remember again the exciting shootings, expensive cars and beautiful girls! So hurry up and install the game on your tablet and help Carl figure out his complicated story.

The protagonist of the game. Carl Johnson returns to his hometown after being wrongfully accused of murder. But after 5 years he discovers that his mother is dead and his older brother is a powerful criminal gang leader. In this case, they are trying to pin a new case on him, and almost no time to deal with problems. Carl is forced to cooperate with the police, to restore order in the family business and solve a lot of problems.

Throughout the game you will have a series of different missions, each one is related to the previous one. You will get money and reputation points for passing. As well as in the PC version you are given the opportunity to upgrade Carl’s skills and different places like snack bars, hairdressing saloons, clothing stores and others are available.

Life in the city doesn’t stand still. On the street constantly moving people, there are shootouts, police arrange chases of bandits, drug dealers. So you will have to maintain your business, earn a reputation in the gangs, participate in races and various operations.

Control by pressing the buttons that are located on the touchpad. Compared with the PC version, you will need to get accustomed to the new controls, to practice walking and driving a car.

In Android version of the game graphics and style remain the same. It is still the same city, the same characters and cars, but some changes have occurred. Graphics quality and detail is slightly improved compared to the PC version. Significant changes are noticeable in the color scheme and lighting. You can also customize your graphics.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the legendary game from Rockstar Games. GTA series is loved by all fans, and when San Andreas came out, it was a real explosion in computer games. The game has covered the whole world, and the main character C. Jay was instantly loved by all fans of the game. San Andreas is still played today, there are a lot of modifications, add-ons and multiplayer. But on January 19, 2013 Rockstar Games again surprised fans. the game is ported to mobile devices.

The game is ported as high quality and well designed. Very user friendly interface and great optimization. over, it is not different from the computer version, but completely identical to it, thanks to which you do not lose the line for the story trimmer and many of the chips of the game.

The game takes place in 1992. Starts in the town of Los Angeles. Santos. The main character. Carl Johnsos, nicknamed C. Jay. He left his hometown in 1987 when his younger brother Brian died. In this death he was blamed by an older brother named Sweet. Back C. Jay is home from. For the funeral of his mother, Beverly Johnson. After that, Carl breaks into the ghetto, paints over enemy gang graffiti, destroys bandits, takes over territories, and raises his Grove Street gang from its knees. The main members of the gang are Ryder, Sweet, Big Smoke or steamroller, and Carl himself.

San Andreas on mobile will not let you get bored. The approximate passage of the game takes 70 hours, which is a lot for smartphones. You can both go through the story line for the trimmer, as well as doing things in the ghetto and the entire state in general. You can capture territory, money. A lot of opportunities for the character, you can go to sports. Hall, do your hair or tattoos. You can drive a variety of vehicles. cars, motorcycles, helicopters, ATVs, planes, boats, trains. Different types of weapons, from guns to grenade launcher.

Ported version of the game is very good, but has one minor drawback. it’s control. It is undoubtedly the most convenient for mobile devices, but unfortunately it can not pass a full computer control. But the management is still on the level, and it could not be done better. So many thanks to the developers for that.

If you suddenly got bored, and you want to re-pass, or even pass for the first time this legendary game, then click download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android. It weighs a lot, but it is worth it. Get ready to lift Grove Street off its knees!

The first thing I’d like to mention is the optimization of graphics and its flexible customization. That is, you can not fear that your Chinese noname-smartphone game will lag. This is good. The game can be set up for any video gas pedal, whether it’s a weak PowerVR 200mg or a relatively average Mali400. For me at one time it was a real salvation, because I owned a prehistoric tablet on which even 2D games lagged. The biggest drops in FPS in the game observed when moving fast: driving cars or other vehicles.

About the gameplay, I think it is not necessary to describe, because with a series of GTA familiar to every gamer, whether oldfag or schoolboy. For some reason people like sowing panic and destruction, breaking the system and creating chaos. And in this game is not even a possibility, and the norm for the passage of the story missions and just fooling around for fun. What I would like to note is the open world and a huge number of vehicles. You feel the excitement, when you steal car after car, and the number of stars in the corner of the screen increases.

As for the aspects of the port itself, I have to say about the main disadvantage. control. You can get used to it, yes. But still it will be really annoying at times. The fact that in GTA San Andreas on your computer just used an incredible number of keys (as in any computer game). And their touch-screen counterparts just do not fit on the screen, they are cramped. It turns out that you’re blocking half of the screen with your hands, trying to hit the little buttons. But you can get used to it! After a couple of missions, you’re already starting to adapt. it’s not like the helicopter mission in Vice City.

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

v2.00 Original. Mod: lots of money

Cache to the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: unpack the folder with the archive in /Android/obb/- get it this way: /Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/- install APK, start the game!

Note: to use the mod for cash, you need to press continue, not start a new game!

Files: Niko

v2.00 Original. Mod: a lot of money

Kesh to the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: The folder with the archive unpacked in /Android/obb/. can be obtained so: /Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/- install APK, start the game!

Note: To enjoy the mod to the money, you need to press continue, not start the new game!

Files: The game

v1.08 Original. Mod: lots of money

Note: to use the mod for the money, you need to press continue, not start the new game!

Files: olezha85

Install APK zombie modInstall APK CLEOCache move to /Android/obb/cache move to /Android/data/ Launch the program CLEO SA, select SA then Install scripts and install the scripts you need launch the very thingThe cheats panel is quick swipe down

Codes for weapons, search, equipment:LXGIWYL. weapon set (shotgun, mini-MP5, AK-47, rifle, bat, pistol 9mm, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, spray can, brass knuckles)KJKSZPJ. weapon set (pistol Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off, Tec-9, knife, assault rifle M4, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades)UZUMYMW. Weapon Set (M4 assault rifle, chainsaw, 9mm pistol with silencer, Spaz, MP5, sniper rifle, thermal RPG, mines).)HESOYAM. health, armor, 250.000OSRBLHH. Increase your crime level by two stars. clear your crime rateLJSPQK. your crime rate. 6 starsWANRLTW, FULLCLIP. endless bullets, no reloadsAEZAKMI. you are never wantedOUIQDMW. full ammo when drivingFOOOXFT. all have weaponsNCSGDAG. Hitman on all weaponsAIYPWZQP. get a parachute

installing, andreas, android

Codes for cars and other vehicles:AQVQIMAHA. all your car options to the maxXICWMD. invisible carPGOMOŅ®. perfect controlBGKGTJH. only cheap cars drive on the streetsGUSNHDE. only expensive cars drive on the streetsCPKTNWT. blow up all carsLLQPFBN. pink autosIOWDLAC. black carsRIPAZHA. cars flyBMTPWHR. farm cars and pedestriansFVTMNBZ. only farm cars drive in the city. reduced traffic on the streetsCOXEFGU. all cars have nitro acceleratorsVKYPQCF. all cabs have nitroBXXGC. cars fly off on impact

Player Upgrade Codes:BAGUVIX. infinite health (immortality)CVWKXAM. endless oxygenAEDUWNV. never hungryBTCDBCB. fatJYSDSOD. jockKVGYZQK. skinnyBEKKNQV. girl magnetOGXSDAG. maximum respectEHIBXQS. maximum attractivenessNATURALTALENT. maximize your skillsAFPHULTL. ninja themeKANGAROO. super jump

GTA San Andreas Weather, Time, Environment Codes:AFZLLQLL. sunny weatherICIKPYH. sultry weatherALNSFMZO. cloudy weatherAUIFRVQS. rainy weatherCFVFGMJ. fogXJVSNAJ. always midnightNIGHTPROWLER. endless nightOFVIAC. orange sky (21:00)MGHXYRM. thunderstormCWJXUOC. sandstormOYSHNUL. speeding up timePPGWJNT. accelerated gameLIYOAAY. slow motion gameBAGOWPG. paradise over your headSZCMAWO. suicideZEIIVG. all traffic lights greenYLTEICZ. aggressive driversAFSNMSMW. flying boats

Other cheats for GTA San Andreas:ASBHGRB. Elvis’s everywhereBGLUAWML. pedestrians attack each other with flaresAJLOJYQY. pedestrians are hitting each other. beach partyMROEMZH. gang members everywhereBIFBUZZ. gang members control the streetJNJOECW. big hare jumpJCNRUAD. explosion (Smash n’ Boom)CQZIJMBJCNRUAD. armored car blowing up other cars!LFGMHAL. mega jumpIAVENJQ. mega punch. riot mode. Theme madnessMUNASEF. adrenaline modeJMANRE. Recruit Someone (9mm)ZSOXFSQ. recruit someone (Rockets)

The process of installing GTA San Andreas on Android

Wondering how to install the game on your mobile device, you should first determine the site from which the download will be made. It is important to choose a proven resource, being sure that there are no viruses that can harm your smartphone. In most cases, you can download GTA San Andreas on Android for free. This will be the full version, not the demo version. You only need to install the application.

To solve the problem, you need to take a few simple steps: find the file Gta San Andreas Download for Android; check the security of the resource from which you plan to download; before you start installing, open the menu “Settings”, go to the subsection “Personal. “Security”; find “Device Administration”. Near the line “Unknown device” set the marker. This will allow you to download files from different resources; install the APK GTA San Andreas on Android. This will not be difficult, because this file is the boot. That is offered by sites from which you can download. To download the APK GTA San Andreas on Android, you just need to click on the active button, which suggests running this action; copy the cache folder in SD/Android/obb; when such a folder is missing, you must create it, using the convenient file manager; the result will be SD/Android/obb/folder_cache/file obb; then it remains to run the application.

Anyone who has decided to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on his Android phone, it is important to remember that without the cache the game does not run. After the installation is complete, be sure to restart your device. This will allow it to function properly without any problems, and you. to fully enjoy the possibilities of the mobile version of the popular game.We looked at how to install GTA San Andreas on Android. Now it remains to perform the above steps. If you are interested in another version of the game, the installation sequence will be similar. But, however, each version has its own differences, so the instructions will need to be found separately.

Grand Theft Auto is a legendary game that has captured the hearts of so many gamers of all ages. San Andreas is the last of the five GTA games. Originally this toy was designed for the console and was released for Playstation 2, but soon gamers were able to install it on Windows and Xbox.

GTA San Andreas

Games studio in cooperation with War Drum Studios has developed one of the most popular games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. At the moment, to increase the benefits of the game, you can use it with cheats, GTA: San Andreas Cheater, designed specifically to obtain additional conditions in the management. You can also play with friends in online mode in the application GTA: SAMP. It was first released in 2004 on consoles and only by the end of 2013 they were able to remake it for smartphones. The story takes its start when the main person. an African-American named Carl Johnson arrives in his old town called Los Santos, after a very long absence, and discovers the sad details and that very dark times have come for his neighborhood. No sooner disembark from the plane arrived, the protagonist of the series meets with new problems, because the local, corrupt police without any reason to do so, turned against him and framed him. Now Carl has no choice but to ask his loyal comrades for help, who also have some problems that only Carl can solve. The main character will have to go to everything, because in front of him are no longer the enemies and friends that he once knew.

Just like in previous episodes, you will have a choice to fulfill various missions, or just have fun doing whatever is possible. The project still has the old missions, a lot of firearms and edged weapons, and a sea of other gadgets. GTA San Andreas. it’s not second-rate action, but a combustible mix of almost all game formats, here you can race cars, fly at high speed in a military helicopter, go to a meeting with friends, jump from the highest building with a parachute, drive a rally, go to a nightclub, and even improve the physical shape of the main character. Players will also get a dozen console arcade games, in which you will have a chance to show your own ingenuity and reaction. In terms of gameplay and drawing the toy has not undergone much change since the distant 2004 year, it is still the same beloved San Andreas about which we can talk for hours.

GTA San Andreas 2.00 without the cache

The famous game GTA San Andreas for Android, is a true cult for many players from around the world. Back the main character will be Carl Johnson, who managed to escape from the dark Los Angeles, which is mired in a street war and drugs. All fans of shooters and all kinds of shooters will be very pleased with everything that happens on their phones. But even despite the abundance of shooting and blood, this toy can not be attributed to the shooter. It mixes many popular genres of modern games and quests.

In the game you will meet a huge number of jobs that will be associated with gangsters, corrupt police, drugs and corruption in government. After all, you will be acting exactly in 90’s America. It was at this time appeared in the U.S. corrupt police officers who covered up criminals for numerous crimes. With this you will fight. You will be able to move freely in the game, drive any car and walk around the big city. The control will be done with the buttons and joystick of the cell phone.

The main task for you will be almost to free the whole of Los Angeles from the criminals of different colors. In graphics it is very attractive. All locations are made quite high quality and clearly, the game has bright textures, and each character is drawn to match the real person as much as possible.

Among the key features of GTA San Address for Android are the following:

  • improved graphics, detailed effects, and models of the game’s main characters;
  • added support for game sync, a color palette and cloud service;
  • You can now use the two analog joysticks as a control;
  • Immersion’s internal feedback system has appeared;
  • Customizable control buttons with context menu appeared;
  • Adjust the graphics for different platforms.

GTA supports all popular European languages. It is easy enough to install on your mobile device. It is advisable to close all open applications, before the first launch of the application, because it will initially require a lot of virtual memory. You will not need this when you run it again.

How to install GTA San Andreas on Android?

Grand Theft Auto is a legendary game that conquered the hearts of so many gamers of different age categories. San Andreas is the last of five parts of GTA. This toy was originally designed for the console and was released for the Playstation 2, but soon gamers were already able to install it on Windows and Xbox.

In brief about the game

In the story, you will control a character named CJ, and San Andreas. a fictional American state (in Honor, which is the name of the game), where all the main events unfold. You will have to play as CJ with elements of a car simulator. Of the distinctive features of the game it can be noted that now your character will be able to swim, climb, and in general, to move with the help of various techniques.

Now the game is available not only to fans of gaming consoles or PC, but also to users of android. Detailed instructions on how to do this, we have given in this article. Of course, the game is not included in the top 5 popular games, but worthy of attention.

How to install GTA San Andreas on Android

This game, like many other games can be downloaded on any device running Android platform. For this you need:

  • Go to 4pda is a great resource for downloading any apps, games, etc.Š“. Here you can even download torrent games, which is very fast and convenient;
  • After we have downloaded everything, we need to go into the cache. Your device must be connected to your computer and we need to find it. Go to the folder “android”, then in the “data”. Here we have to create a folder called “com.rockstargames.gtasa”.
  • Inside you need to create a folder “files”.
  • Now we will rename our cache. Replace the “obb” file extension with “rar”.
  • Next, the contents of these two archives need to unpack and move to the same folder, which can be created, for example, on the desktop. Now the content of our new folder should be moved to the “files” folder on your Android device.

The cache is solved, now we only need to move the file “APK”. You can move it to any convenient place on your device.

Now you need to check on the gadget itself, if everything works. It will need to be in the file manager to find the folder in which you have thrown the file “APK”. Click on it, then “ok”, (maybe more than once) and then “open”. From the first time you can not run the game. But after restarting the game, the second time should work. You have to run GTA with Wi-Fi.


After the release of revolutionary GTA 3 and no less triumphant GTA: Vice City gaming public expected a new part with the “four”, but it was well understood that the developers finish the last part of the trilogy. That’s why there was no frankness in terms of technical specifications: slightly tweaked graphics, the old engine. In any case, the game did not fail, and many fans of the series to this day recognize it as one of the best among the “car thieves.

Improved animation and physics in the game. Maybe we were still far away from the realistic gestures, facial expressions and behavior of the characters and vehicles, but a noticeable step in the direction of progress was made. While the physics of cars sometimes failed, the physics of planes, bicycles, and swimmers was made noticeably better. The appearance of bicycles and jumps on them inspired many stuntmen, who learned the jumps and different places of Vice City by heart.

In addition to a huge number of vehicles players were pleased with a large number of weapons in the game. you’ll find in GTA: San Andreas. You’ve got rocket launchers with bazookas, and thermal goggles, and night vision goggles, and spray paint cans, and fire extinguisher, and gas sticks, and a gun with a silencer, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, the blood spatter on the screen, similar to what was left on the other side of the monitor/TV after using a chainsaw, is gone. Apparently, this was a step towards “softening” the age rating, although the game will still get its “18” on the cover later, but for other reasons.

Using Directory Bind

Now you need to install the Directory Bind program on your device and run it. It serves to bind directories together, that is, you will have a folder on the internal memory with the same name as on the memory card, only in the first case it will be empty, and in the second it will contain all the data. Thanks to the link installed with the program, the device will perceive the folder on the internal memory as if it contained all the files that are actually on the memory card.

What do you end up with? You created a folder on the internal memory, then installed the game on the memory card, linked them together, and now your device is ready to use the game. Run it and enjoy the project, which pleases millions of users on both personal computers and consoles, as well as on mobile devices. As you can see, ROOT. it is a very useful thing if you know how to use it, with a similar method you can install to your device and other voluminous applications.

Before dealing with how to install the preserves for GTA San Andreas, you need to understand what they are. It’s actually quite simple. are small files that you can download to your computer, upload to the game and.

After installing this game will start an endless party with crime and violence in the lead roles. It will stomp out any mention of morality and morals. As an appetizer, the indomitable road rage in heavy traffic will be served. Meet ! GTA.

Many players are interested in how to install the maps in Terraria, because not everyone has the desire or time to create their own world. It’s much easier to use someone else’s designs. Where to download and how to install the maps on.

Sometimes connoisseurs of games ask the question “How to unpack the cache?”, although, as it may seem, everything is quite simple. The fact that the Rar and Zip archivers do not work with jar files, which sometimes distribute data for applications. GLZip is great.

This article will talk about why “Samp” does not run. But first, let’s understand what it is. “Samp.”. is an add-on for the game GTA: San Andreas, which was developed by ordinary users. In this add-on.

Today we will look at how to install “GTA” on “Android. This information is of interest, as a rule, to new owners of devices on the specified platform. The described methods for installation can be used for other applications.

This article will focus on how to install a skin on “GTA: San Andreas”, which will modify the main character. We will analyze in detail where you can find it, how to download the file and what to do with this file further.

One of the most popular parts of the series GTA. Is “San Andreas”. This game is popular to this day. Numerous fans have a lot of fun playing single-player mode. But this is not the main reason for the popularity of the episode.

“Samp” is a modification for “GTA: San Andreas”, which allows you to play over the network. Even though the original GTA was released in 2005, the multiplayer version is still played by many people around the world. Since it was created by fans, there are problems with the stability of the game. In this article you will learn why “Samp” does not start, and how to fix it.

In GTA games there has always been a great variety of vehicles. However, you can still tweak the game to your taste if you use special modifications.