Installing Fork Player On Samsung Smart Tv

If you know how to install ForkPlayer, you can get free access to a huge number of movie sites and other useful services from your SmartTV-enabled TV.

Installing Fork Player On Samsung Smart Tv

The installation order of ForkPlayer differs depending on the manufacturer, model, and even the TV series. We can’t consider all the possible options, so we’ll dwell on the general procedure for adding ForkPlayer to devices from LG and Samsung.

Installation on LG

When adding a ForkPlayer application, consider the year of manufacture of the device and the system installed on it. For LG TVs released since 2010 with WebOS or Netcast, this instruction is suitable:

  1. Open Main menu.
  2. Go to connection settings section Smart TV to the Internet.
  3. Select “DNS Server”.
  4. Enter value
  5. Save the configuration.

If after entering this DNS ForkPlayer does not appear in the application list, try turning off the SmartTV and then turning it on again. Or enter another address:

If you are setting up ForkPlayer on LG TVs with WebOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your TV settings and go to the tab “Network Connection”.
  2. Select the method that is used to connect the device to the Internet.
  3. Choose from the list access point or network.
  4. Click on the button “Advanced settings”.
  5. Go to manual DNS entry tab.
  6. Enter

An error message may appear on the screen when connecting to DNS. Do not worry. Wait a few minutes and reconnect. If the error pops up again, turn off the Smart TV and turn it on again. To start the application after the connection is established, open the Premium tab and select the vTuner, Russia TV or First Car widget.

ForkPlayer can also be installed on LG from a flash drive, but in this case its capabilities will be significantly limited, and to expand them you will have to install RemoteFork and then activate it on the TV.

Since you decided to expand the multimedia library on Smart TV, look what other free applications can be installed: we carefully prepared a selection.

Samsung Installation

Owners of Samsung smart TVs can also take advantage of the ForkPlayer app and add free multimedia entertainment. For this:

  1. Press on the remote red A button, to open the login window.
  2. Enter account name “Develop”. Password should appear automatically. Select “Entrance”.
  3. Press button “Tools” on the remote. Go to the section “Settings”.
  4. Open item “Development”.
  5. Accept the terms of the agreement.
  6. Select IP address setting.
  7. To synchronize, enter the address (or
  8. Click “OK” and wait for the app to complete syncing.

After synchronization is complete, you must close Smart TV and turn it on again after a while. When you turn it back on, you’ll see several ForkPlayer applications below. After its launch, you will be taken to the list of sites and services from which you can play on TV for free.

For clarity, here’s a that will help you figure out where to click and what to choose.

The installation method of the application may vary depending on the series and even models of Samsung TVs. For example, on Samsung UE40D6100SW the password is not added automatically when entering the account name “Develop”. If you encounter this situation, try entering the value in the password field “111111”.

On other models, instead of the Tools button, click on the blue D button, then go to section “Development” continue to follow the steps of the above instructions. In the 2017 M series of TVs, the procedure generally received a different course of action.

  1. Open TV menu.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Press the up button on the remote control and select “Network Status.”
  4. Move the cursor to the left and open “IP Settings”.
  5. Set to automatically obtain an IP address. If this option is initially selected, do not change it.
  6. Go down to the DNS settings and select “Enter manually.”
  7. Enter address Between numbers, click the right arrow to move to the next block.
  8. Click “OK”. Wait for reconnection to complete.

Important: this method does not work on flashed routers that providers provide. In addition, the service provider may block a DNS change so that you cannot complete this operation. But usually no configuration problems arise.

To get into ForkPlayer you need to run the application DivanTV. By default, icons for most sites are turned off. To add them:

  1. Click on the red A button on the remote.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Select “Start Menu Settings”.
  4. Click on widgets to bring them to the start screen.
  5. Go back and select any application to test the performance of ForkPlayer.

For understanding. another in which the user shows that this method works.

If none of the above instructions helped you, write about the problem in the comments indicating the exact model. We will figure it out together, how else Samsung is trying to prevent us from enjoying all the features of Smart TV.

You can do without ForkPlayer and set up IPTV on your TV. we already told you in detail how to do it.