Install Viber On Nokia Lumia

Install Viber On Nokia Lumia

Today, on the market of any of the famous mobile platforms, there are only three main messengers, which are used by the vast majority of smartphone owners: Whats App, Viber and Telegram. Consider what the Viber application for nokia lumia is.

  • By installing this application on your Nokia Lumia phone, you can not only send messages,
  • but also transmit photos, voice messages,
  • make a free call and even create a conference.

In addition, here you can find special, unlike other instant messengers, emoticons.

Important! Many people wonder how to pronounce correctly, Viber or Viber. By all the rules of the English language, the name reads as Viber.

Viber is supported by the most basic operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BADA.

Nokia app benefits

If you install Viber on Nokia Lumiya, you can get many advantages:

  1. Russian language support.
  2. Sending messages over a mobile network or Wi-Fi.
  3. Sending messages, photos, audio and files, transferring contact information is completely free.
  4. Free calls and calls (supported exclusively with Windows 10), with high quality communications even when you are abroad.
  5. When creating group chats, support immediately up to 200 participants.
  6. Ability to delete messages even when they are already delivered.
  7. Lack of a long and dreary registration: to start work, just enter the phone number.
  8. Emoji with a unique design.
  9. With good Internet connection during calls and broadcasts does not break.
  10. Calls can even be made to smartphones on which the application is not installed or to landlines.

List of disadvantages

There are some drawbacks to this application on the Windows platform:

  1. Rarely enough is the application updated.
  2. Push notifications are late or not arriving at all when the screen is locked.
  3. There is no doodle function. drawing or handwritten text.
  4. Secret and hidden chat are also missing.
  5. There are no paid Viber Out calls.

Viber is a great alternative to regular phone calls. This is a great app with messenger features and free calls. Suitable for those who want to write messages and call absolutely free.