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Which Skype to download for Windows 7. Download old Skype. all old versions of Skype. Why everyone loves it

Humans are creatures who need to communicate. As everyone ages, they accumulate a large number of friends, people with whom they are in constant communication, business partners and employees. However, the speed of the flow of life today has increased so much that everyone simply does not have time to do the most important things planned for the day, much less time left for personal meetings. And in this case, all to the aid of a variety of devices that facilitate the ability to communicate without the need to go somewhere, to allocate some time for this meeting. So if you are looking for a program Skype for Windows 7 you have come to the right place.

It is an application like Skype. Created back in 2003 and constantly improved by its developers today helps many people to always be in touch. Its free features just help everyone who has decided to use this program not to communicate with friends and relatives at any convenient time, but also to conduct business conversations, organize conference communication, make contracts, make appointments, share experiences. Most importantly, the program provides all of this not only in instant messaging, transferring images, diagrams, texts, and video files, but also through voice communication and video chat. But most importantly. all this happens completely free of charge for owners of the software. It is possible to make calls directly from the program to numbers of different operators and landlines, at affordable to any user.

Now you can download skype for Windows 7 32 or 64 Bit absolutely free for both notebooks and computers.

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It is these features of the program that make it one of the leading among modern messengers. Skype is installed on both computers and mobile gadgets that have the operating system. The most common modern computer Windows 7 operating system. used on most of today’s computers in the layman’s environment, and in offices that are not engaged in specialized developments in the field of IT-technology. For this reason, questions about how to properly and quickly install Skype for this system are most common.

As in our country the Internet has just begun its victorious march over its remote corners, increasingly covering its territory, as well as becoming accessible to people with any income level, programs that contribute to the improvement of the use of computers, the possibilities of the Internet, are becoming the most consumed. Among them is Skype. with its most necessary functions. free communication, voice and video calls between people who are thousands of kilometers away from each other. becomes the most necessary for almost everyone.

Where can I download Skype for Windows 7 ?

All the more so because among the new users there is a large number of older people quite distant from computer technology, and the simplicity of the user interface of this program, provides a real opportunity for them to understand the operation and use to communicate with their children or relatives. They are very interested in step by step instructions on how to download and install Skype on your computer. To install this program, all that is required is to visit the official site of the developers of the program. This will be the most correct action, because if a person is new to interacting with computers and the Internet, it will be difficult for him to distinguish official representatives from the scammers and can easily become a victim of the actions of such lovers of easy gain. This is because the program is free, its installation and downloading do not require any payments, registrations and other actions. this point is often used by those, who set the basis of their earnings. fraud. That is why it is best to use immediately the link. leading to the official site, where all conditions of downloading are respected in accordance with the policy of the owners of the program.

Download Skype for Windows 7 for free

Going to the website of the developer of the program, at the bottom there is a pointer to download the installation file of the program, which should be clicked on. By the way, it is also important to choose the right boot file, which should match the type of operating system of your computer. It is only important that the available Internet has characteristics that allow you to use this program in full. the speed. traffic, etc.д.

When the download is complete, and the speed of this process depends on the speed indicator of the Internet used by the downloader, an icon of the downloaded file will appear at the bottom of your computer window. It’s usually an archive. After you have downloaded the program for the chosen version of the operating system installed on your computer, namely Windows 7, you need to choose a file with exe extension in this archive folder which you have to run. This action starts the installation process of the program on your computer, thus completing the download phase of the program.

The first thing to remember about Skype for Windows is that it is a free program that fully supports the Russian language and works on all current operating systems of the Windows family. So it doesn’t matter which version you download from the list above. it will still work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Some features and capabilities of Skype for Windows:

  • Call from your computer to another computer free of charge. And you can use not only audio communication, but also video communication. With Skype, you will see and hear your interlocutor and he you, no matter where you are. in the next room or on the other side of the world. offers free instant messaging in a simple, free chat room where you can send links to interesting pages, files of any size and format, a list of contacts, short video messages, animated emoticons, and anything else you want in addition to simple text messages.
  • With Skype you can make audio and video group calls, also absolutely free of charge. This means you can talk to a lot of people at once and everyone will hear/see each other as if they were all in the same room.
  • Another free feature of Skype, is that during a conversation you can share your screen. We can, for example, turn on the screen demonstration to show our relatives new pictures or teach them to configure something on the computer.
  • If you need to call in another country or in another city, and the person you need has no Skype. you can call him on a mobile or landline phone at low rates. That is, you dial his number directly in Skype and talk to him using your computer.
  • Another paid feature of Skype is the ability to send an inexpensive text message, directly from your computer, in almost any country. Because typing SMS using the computer keyboard is much more comfortable than from a phone, and in the case of skype it is often even cheaper.
  • Skype for Windows is available in 39 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Free chat and video calling

Great for both business and pleasure, Skype keeps making online communication easy. Make free, high-quality video and voice calls, chat, or send files (up to 300 MB) to your contacts around the world.

If all you know about Skype is that it’s an instant messaging app that also has voice and video chat, then you’re absolutely missing out on some of its features. Save on expensive international calls by calling other people on Skype for free or get a low cost VoIP service. If you’re not near a computer, you can set up voicemail and forward messages to your phone. The app also supports Meet Now, which is perfect for group video chats or business meetings. Invite participants by sending them a link, share your screen, record calls, mute and unmute microphones, and more. Meet Now is limited to 25 participants, and a Skype for Business account allows you to join up to 250 participants.

Some of the features available with your free Skype account:

  • Free calls to Skype users
  • Group Calls
  • Skype to cell phone SMS
  • Video texting and chatting
  • Ability to share your screen with groups
  • Dedicated Skype Number
  • Skype for phone (both landline and mobile) calls
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

How to uninstall Skype

If you don’t like Skype for whatever reason, or you simply don’t use it, removing it from your Windows computer is easy and can be done in under two minutes.

You do not need to restart your computer after uninstalling.

Update Skype. uninstall the old version and get the new one

The first thing we need to do is uninstall Skype. Open the Start menu, go to the Programs and Features search box, and click on the item of the same name.

In the window that will open select the Skype application and press Uninstall.

You can read more about how to uninstall the program in Windows in this material.

After uninstalling the old version, you will need to download the latest distribution from the official Skype website, and then install it on your computer. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, please refer to the article “Installing and presetting Skype. instruction”.

Don’t worry about saving your contacts, they won’t go anywhere t.к. Your contact list is linked to your Skype Name, and stored on Skype itself.

It will also save all the call history and correspondence that remains on your computer, despite the removal of the program Skype.

System Requirements

In order to easily install Skype on your laptop or computer or any other device, it must meet the following OS requirements:

  • Windows 8.1
  • (32- and 64-bit versions are supported). see. note below
  • with Service Pack 3 (SP3) (32- and 64-bit versions are supported). see the. note below
  • Processor. at least 1 GHz,
  • 64-bit version of Ubuntu 14.04 or later
  • 64-bit Debian 8.0 or later
  • 64-bit OpenSUSE 13.3 or later
  • 64-bit Fedora Linux 24 or later
  • Intel Pentium 4 or newer processor with SSE2 and SSE3 support
  • At least 512MB of RAM

New version of Skype for iOS requires iOS 9 or later

Skype for Windows

Skype is one of the most popular programs around the world because it’s free, offers unique features and works on many different operating systems (including computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and others). On this page you can find and download free Skype for different operating systems absolutely free, without any registration, sending SMS, confirming the phone or viruses.


There are a lot of scammers on the Internet, and they often create plausible sites to download Skype, only to download Skype they require money or “phone confirmation”. Be vigilant, never trust such sites and download programs/files only from trusted sources. One such source, is the official website. Also I want to remind you that at our website you can also download Skype for free, since we constantly monitor Skype updates and upload the official files to our server, so users can download the old versions absolutely free.

No viruses

www website guarantees that all files on this server are genuine, virus-free and were downloaded only from official site It’s very easy to check this by verifying the authenticity of files and comparing hash sums, which you can find on every page where it’s offered to download Skype from our server.


You can download free Skype for different operating systems and languages (including Russian). By the way, about Skype in Russian. after you’ve downloaded and installed the free Skype on your computer or cell phone, you can choose any language from 38 available languages in the settings of the program. So, you should know that there is no version of Skype only in Russian, because one version already contains all the languages and you only need to choose Russian in the program settings.

Older Versions

Sometimes, the latest version of Skype, for various reasons, does not fit our needs. That’s why we’ve made a page of old Skype versions, where users can find and download the Skype version they need. So you can download free Skype for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows background. Of course you can download the installation file of Skype on your computer or any convenient device in order to later install an old version of the application wherever you want.


If you have any questions/troubles downloading Skype or installing Skype in Russian, please contact us by email and we’ll definitely help you to solve your problem. You can also ask questions about Skype for free

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You can reset your password using your email address. In the article Account there is information on how to do it.

If you have Mail or phone, you can easily restore your skype, and you don’t need to bother skype administrators with such nonsense. Or if you’re so dumb there’s YouTube where you can find everything.

For your information, harek, Skype and other programs constantly glitch, lose passwords and logins, reboot and update themselves, while hanging.

bro, if you can’t sign in to skype, forget your password and then you’ll get a code on your number and enter the code

Hello, I do not understand why my Skype account has disappeared and I can not restore it in any way. I got an e-mail with a code to authorize it. But it authorizes a new address. I would like to restore the old one. Can you tell me how to do it??

Hello, help me please help me Skype stopped working after the automatic update. I deleted it from my computer and downloaded it again.But it still does not work.

A new version has been recently released which eliminates this error. Just install the latest version of Skype and everything will go back to normal.

Thank you so much for the new version of Skype, I had a hard time with the old ones, they didn’t work but I downloaded this one and it all works. Thank you.

Hello! Please state the exact text of the error, what version of Skype you have and your operating system version.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re asking, because I don’t know this language. Google translator “says” it’s Esperanto, but most likely it’s Georgian. In any case, please write it in Russian, so I can help you.

I signed out of Skype by mistake, I pressed sign out, now I can not download again, I do not know the password, and I need Skype and I would also like to make calls from Skype to cell phones using a new method to help set up Skype thank you

Depending on what kind of account you have, you will need to recover your password using the following methods. All links are available at

In order to download Skype for Windows Phone, you must either go to the official app store (the link “Download the latest version”), or download.XAP file from our server (link “Find older versions”).

please i need your help i downloaded skype for my window 10 when i started creating an account for myself i saw a pop up menu that says skype had stopped working i don’t know what to do i need your help on how to get it working thanks

Thank you for helping me download Skype in Russian. Installed it, but again there are ads. I wish I could download Skype without ads. Where can I get one of these?

Officially, there is no such version as “ad-free Skype”. Well, you can find versions online that supposedly don’t contain ads. But in fact, in most cases, it’s viruses or, in the best case, it’s a regular version of Skype.

Skype works, but when I call someone or accept a call the system hangs up. I uninstalled Skype, tried another version, but it did not work. What can be the problem? the official Skype download page. Ololoshi, how long can you fall for a stupid scam?

Dear, ololoshka! Can you please provide at least one proof of fraud or divorce? In general, do not bother, you can not find it. If instead of getting smart you would spend this time reading the article, you would probably notice that the links to the latest versions of Skype are exactly to the official site.

What’s on Skype in Russian?

Let’s talk more specifically about the features that Skype has to offer:

  • Free service is the primary benefit. Your family, friend, colleague, etc. п. Can be located at great distances from you, this will not affect the cost of communication, it is not. All you need to chat is a microphone and an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. If you’re interested in video calls, you’ll also need a webcam.
  • Conference function. If you want to talk to more than one participant at a time you can have a voice chat for up to 25 people. For video conferencing there is a limit of up to 10 people.
  • Send text messages. Text messaging is another popular program option. Besides free chat you can send SMS from your computer to your cell phone.
  • File transfer. You can promptly send a file, including a video message.
  • Personal number. If you buy such an online number you can redirect all calls from mobile and landline phones directly to Skype.
  • The latest version of Skype for Windows 10 64-bit has a number of quality improvements, including even support for FullHD 1080p.
  • Mobile application. Downloading such an application to your phone saves your budget. Fees are tangibly lower than what mobile operators charge. But beware, emergency calls to ambulance or fire department services, for example, are not possible.

Skype versions

This page was created to help users to quickly find and download the right version of the Skype program, which for some reason can not be found online or is outdated. Here’s a list of all Skype versions that are available for download from our server or official source. So if you need or have an urgent need to use other and/or earlier (older) Skype versions, just find them in the list below.

Skype versions for 2020

Operating system Skype Version Release date
Windows 30 December 2020
Windows 18 December 2020
Windows December 15, 2020
Mac OS X 15 December 2020
Mac OS X December 3, 2020
Windows December 2, 2020
Windows 12 November 2020
Windows October 29, 2020
Mac OS X 29 October 2020
Windows October 9, 2020
Mac OS X October 9, 2020
Windows September 29, 2020
Mac OS X 29 September 2020
Windows September 22, 2020
Windows 8 September 2020
Mac OS X September 8, 2020
Windows September 4, 2020
Mac OS X August 28, 2020
Windows July 30, 2020
Mac OS X 30 July 2020
Mac OS X July 7, 2020
Windows 7 July 2020
Android 16 June 2020
Mac OS X June 10, 2020
Windows 9 June 2020
Mac OS X 5 June 2020
Android May 20, 2020
Windows May 12, 2020
Mac OS X 12 May 2020
Android April 20, 2020
Android April 15, 2020
Windows April 14, 2020
Mac OS X 14 April 2020
Windows March 31, 2020
Android 18 March 2020
Android 16 March 2020
Windows 12 March 2020
Mac OS X 12 March 2020
Android 5 March 2020
Android February 26, 2020
Windows 14 February 2020
Mac OS X 14 February 2020
Mac OS X 10 February 2020
Windows January 24, 2020
Mac OS X January 24, 2020
Mac OS X January 22, 2020

Skype versions for 2019

Operating system Skype version Release date
Windows 13 December 2019
Mac OS X 13 December 2019
Windows 10 December 2019
Mac OS X December 10, 2019
Windows 12 November 2019
Mac OS X 12 November 2019
Windows October 31, 2019
Mac OS X October 31, 2019
Android 16 October 2019
Android October 9, 2019
Windows 3 October 2019
Mac OS X October 3, 2019
Android September 30, 2019
Android September 21, 2019
Mac OS X September 20, 2019
Windows 12 September 2019
Mac OS X 12 September 2019
Windows August 23, 2019
Mac OS X August 23, 2019
Android 15 August 2019
Windows August 15, 2019
Windows August 8, 2019
Mac OS X 8 August 2019
Android 24 July 2019
Windows July 18, 2019
Mac OS X July 18, 2019
Android 13 July 2019
Windows July 2, 2019
Mac OS X 2 July 2019
Android 28 June 2019
Windows 20 June 2019
Mac OS X 20 June 2019
Android 13 June 2019
Android 13 June 2019
Windows 5 June 2019
Mac OS X 5 June 2019
Android May 31, 2019
Windows 24 May 2019
Mac OS X May 24, 2019
Android May 15, 2019
Mac OS X 13 May 2019
Android 10 May 2019
Windows May 9, 2019
Android May 2, 2019
Windows April 25, 2019
Mac OS X April 25, 2019
Android 17 April 2019
Mac OS X 16 April 2019
Windows April 16, 2019
Android March 28, 2019
Windows 26 March 2019
Mac OS X March 26, 2019
Android March 15, 2019
Windows 7 March 2019
Mac OS X 7 March 2019
Android 7 March 2019
Mac OS X 27 February 2019
Windows 21 February 2019
Mac OS X February 21, 2019
Android 16 February 2019
Windows 8 February 2019
Mac OS X 7 February 2019
Windows February 2, 2019
Web 1.125.43 February 1, 2019
Windows 26 January 2019
Mac OS X 26 January 2019
Android January 22, 2019
Windows January 16, 2019
Android January 7, 2019

Skype for Android and iOS

If you have a phone or tablet on Android or Apple iOS you can download free Skype for them at the official app stores. Google Play and Apple AppStore. Just type the word Skype into the search box. These applications are easy to use and shouldn’t be difficult for anyone. You can read more about one of the mobile apps in my article Skype for Android.

I hope this information will be helpful to some of the novice users.