Install iOS 10 0 On iPad

The public beta of iOS 10 will be released only in July (and the release version is not at all in the fall), but you probably want to install a new version of the Apple mobile operating system right now. This time it’s much easier to do than usual. Now we’ll tell you how.

Install iOS 10 0 On iPad

If you want to install the first beta version of iOS 10, first install the developer profile. To do this, follow this link, open it in Safari, click “Download” and select iPhone or iPad. Install the profile and accept all necessary changes until the system prompts you to reboot the device.

After rebooting, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Software Update”. The system will detect the availability of the available version of iOS 10 and immediately begin to download it. To download, you need a Wi-Fi network connection.

That’s all! After downloading, the installation of iOS 10 will begin, and you can use the system without adding the UDID of the device to the developer account.

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Attention! Appleinsider.Ru is not responsible for the incorrect operation of iOS devices, including applications, after installing the beta version for developers.