Install Git on Mac OS. Github Desktop. Short review

Introduction to Git: Settings and Basic Teams

GIT is one of the types of versions control systems (or SLE). Such systems record changes in the set of files, and later allow you to return to a specific version.SLE can be useful to you if you, for example, a programmer, system administrator, designer (or generally work with an array of changing files) and want to save each version of the project. You can return to any of the states, view changes and see their authors. So much easier to correct the problems that arise.

In general, SLE can be divided in this way:

  • Local. all files are stored only in your operating system, for example, laid out according to folders with versions.
  • Centralized. the project is stored on the server, and your working version includes only the current set of files.
  • Distributed. copies of the project (and all information about versions) are located not only on the server, but also on several client machines to ensure resistance to the server failure.

Obviously, Git is not the only version control system, but in many respects the most convenient and popular today. Thanks to the distributed structure of the GIT repository, they are stored on all client computers, which protects from data losses and allows you to fully manage the versions of the Offline project.

The main distinguishing feature Git is the approach to data processing. Each time preserving the project data (Committe), the system fixes the state of the file (takes a picture) and creates a link to this picture. Subsequent changes are reflected through links to earlier versions of the file. There is no need to save the file again. In addition, based on control hash shums, the image system provides the integrity of the entire history of changes. In practice, this means that it is impossible (or extremely difficult) to completely delete the data from the working catalog and lose any access to them. In most cases, data can be restored from the early version of the project.

Thus, the GIT versions control system are easiest to represent as a stream of pictures (saved project states).

Principles of working with git

Design files in Git have 3 basic conditions

  • Modified (Modified). Files in the process of working editing.
  • Indexed (Staged). that part of the altered files that is already prepared for fixation after editing.
  • Fixed (Committed). files already saved in the local repository.

GIT has a working catalog where metadata and local base of the working project are stored. This part is copied when you cloning the project (repository) from the server.

Most often, work with GIT is arranged something like this:

  • You make amendments to the workplaces of the project.
  • Index them, preparing them for commita (here GIT creates pictures of new leaves).
  • You make a commune, and indexed amendments are finally preserved in your Git catalog.

What is git?

GIT is A Version Control System, An Open-Source One, that can be usel developes and coders worldwide. IT Helps You Collaborate with Other Codes on a Project and Track the Development. You can also Keep an eye on errors, and avoid interfering in Other’s work.

GITHUB IS What Most of the Projects are Maintained, and Installing Git on You Computer Will Allow You to Submit Code to Github, Comunicate with Members, and Now, there Are a Couple of Ways to Install Git on MacOS, and We’re Going to Take AT Three of the Easiest Methodes.

How to Install Git on Mac

IF YOU’VE AlReady Got Xcode Installed on Your Mac, The Program Will Automatically Install a Version of Git. However, this is Usoally Not the Latest Version, Which is who it’s Always Better to Install Git Manually. After You’ve Installed Git on Your System, You Can Confirm it Launching Terminal and Typing ‘Git‘ Roversion ‘.

1) Use Standalone Git Installer for Macos

This is the easiest way to install git on your mac. There’s a Standalone Git Installer Available for MacOS THAT’S Been Developed by Tim Harper. Follow The Steps Below To Download and Install The Package.

  • Launch Your Preferred Browser and Download The Installer.
  • Install The Package Like You’d Install Other Third-Party App.
  • Follow The Steps in the Installation Wizard. Choose Your Options and Set Up Git According to Your Preferences.
  • Click on the Install Button
  • Inter Installation is Complete, Verify that Git is Installed.


2) Install Git Using Homebrew

Most Developers Prefer Installing Homebrew on Their Mac. This is a well Known Software Management System that Allings You Install Command-Line Utilities and Apps, Such AS GIT. This Method Also Lets You Install Git on a Newer M1 Apple Computer. However, SOME PACKAGES AND UTILITIS HAVENYT BEEN OPTIMIZED for Apple Silicon Yet.

Tostall Homebrew, Follow this guide on the official website. It’s Fairly Simple and You Just Need to Type this Command in Terminal.

/bin/bash.C “(Curl.FSSL https: // raw.GITHUBUSERCONTENT.COM/Homebrew/Install/Head/Install.SH) “

One You’ve Installed It, Follow The Steps Below To Install Git.

  • Launch Terminal AGain.
  • Type in ‘-Brew Install Git‘ in the Terminal and Hit Enter.
  • The Installation Shoup Now Begin. Once it’s finished, Verify the Same.

3) Install Git with Github Desktop

This Method Will Let You Install Git On You Mac Without Having To First Install Homebrew Or Xcode. You can do so download and instilling github desktop on your mac. This Package Will Let You Code with Ease, Connect to your Git Account, and Comment on Projects. You can download the Package from the Github Desktop Website.

Once Again, After the Installation is Complete, Verify that Git Has Been Isntalled by USing The Command ‘Git‘ Version ‘.

The best GIT client for Mac OS X

At the moment, there are many GIT customers for different platforms, but to boil mac, linux or Windows. In fairness, many can say why GIT clients are needed if there is a terminal? A good question, but here is a matter of taste and habit, each his own.

I hasten to share with you the best GIT applications for Mac, in my opinion.

1 Github Desktop. from the creators of Github’a. They tried to make it as simple as possible, but at the same time functional and understandable to the user. Inherits Git Flow, allows you to make Pull Request in 2 clicks, which is very convenient if you are an active participant in the Open Source of the community. As well as a convenient and pleasant integration cannot but rejoice.Price: Free Dawn: Download

2 Tower. Best Git Client for Mac. Pleasant integration, integration with many popular services. Allows you to create without leaving the application, to blame the existing repository. And much more. I recommend.Price: 69.00 /30-day triallser: download

3 Gitup is a promising project that appeared not so long ago. Completely open source, which is good. Of the key features:

  • cancel/repeat the last action (just as it is easy to press Ctrlz);
  • Snapshots. lets return to any point of the change you made;
  • Quick change of comit-me. You can read more about all the possibilities on the site.Price: Free / Open Source Sender: Download

4 Sourcetree. an excellent free client from Atlasian. Very similar to Tower, which I wrote above. It has a number of advantages, among which a pleasant appearance and a large set of features, both for a beginner and advanced users. Of the key features:

  • Support Git-Flow from the box is a model of the GIT project that carries certain rules for creating brunches. Very convenient when working in the team;
  • Interactive reed. provides a tool that visually helps to solve the problems that arise with the reaches;
  • You can read more about all the possibilities on the site.Price: Free Dawn: Download

Creating SSH Keys on Mac

To comunicate with the remote git repository in your Beanstalk Account from Your Mac, You Will NEED to GENERATE AND SSH KEY PAIRA FOR THIS. This Process Requires Only A Few Steps, And All of the Tools Necessary Are Included On Your Mac.

Launching Terminal

Terminal Is an Application that Comes with MacOS and Provides You with An Interface to Run Text Commands, Switch Through Folders, and Managet Files. You can usually found in your applications → Utilities Folder.

Geneering a Key Pair

TYPE THE COMMANDS in your Terminal Window and Press Return. FIRST MAKE Sure You are in your home diectory:

IT Will Ask for Location, Just Accept The Default Location (~/.SSH/ID_RSA.Pub) by Pressing Return. When it Asks for a Pass Phrase, Make Sure to Set a Strong Pass Phrase for the Key. We’ve Included Some Additional Information ABOUT SSH KEYS and HOW to Manage Strong Pass Phrasses in Our Tips For Using SSH KEYS GUIDE.

Now that keys are generated, Copy it to your clipboard for the Next step:

YOUR Public Key is now on Your Clipboard and You Can Easily Add to a Version Control Hosting Account Like Beanstalk. Wen you paste it, your ssh public keyld look someting like this:

Checking Your Connection

Before Trying to Access Your Git Remote Repository, Check if the Connection to Yur Remote Git Repository Works. Enter The Following Command in the Terminal, Replacing “AccountName” with your Account Name:

In this case, this is the url to Access Git on Your Beanstalk Account. IF YOUR ARE USING ANOTRO CONTROL HOSTING SERVICE, The URL WOLD Be Provided by them.

You’ll Most Likely Encounter a Message that look Like this:

You can testes and presses Enter. Which Will Add Your Account’s Hostname to a known_hosts file. This STEP WONED to be Repeated Unless Your Public Key Oragnt Names Changes. ALSO, this must be from the Terminal Before Using Gui Clents.

IF You Were Authenticated Correctly, You Will See a Message Similar to this One:

Now What?

Now That You Have Git Properly Installed and Configured, You Can Use a Client of Your Choice. Whather you Choose a terminal or gui, it is a good idea to learn the bass concerving and commander for viewing your Files Before. Here’s Soome Recommeded Reading to Get You Started:

Alex Hillman is A Community and Developer Advocate from Philadelphia, PA.

Desktop (GUI) Applications

Considering GIT DOES Havy.E., From the Terminal), Perhaps a Gui Woup Be Preferred by Some. With that, I figureed it was Worth Mental Gui-Based Git Repo Tools. For this, Two Options Stand Out: Sourcetree and Github Desktop App.

Sourcetree Has the Advantage of Working with Repositories from Various Hosts (E.G., Github, Bitbucket, ETC.) While Github Desktop App IS Github Specific.


Properly Setting Up a Development Environment and Foursst-And-Foremost in Most Projects. By Taking A Few Minutes to Complete This Tutorial, Git Version Control is now Correctly Set Up on You Machine to Enhance and Optimize Your Throughput.

For Those New to Git or Not Comfortable in the Terminal, Perhaps a Desktop Application Would Suit You Best (E.G., Sourcetree Or Github Desktop App). Thus Provide Many Features, Tools, and Visualization in a Gui. REGARDLESS, The Terminal Is A Must in Some Situations. Plus, A Better Understanding of Git Git and Version Control Wous Be Accuired if One Faced the Learning Curve that Comes With Using It From a Terminal.

In Any Case, Coether an Expert or Beginner, Youth System Shoup Now Be Ready to Use Git. I Hope You Enjoy It!

IF SOMETHING IS MISSING or COULD BE IMPROVED, Please Share Below. Whather a Git Alias ​​You COULD Not Live Without, A Neat Feature, Or Aspect that Cold Be IS IS OUTDATEDEDEDEDEDE. Of Course, All Questions are Also Welcome!

Quank You For Reading My First Blog. Hope Its Enjoyed, Feel Free to Provide Feedback On How Future Blogs Coold Be Improved.

How to Install Git from Source on Linux

Installing Git from Source Is Preferable, As You can Always Get The Latest and Updated Version. You Need the Following Libraries to Install Git from Source: Curl, Zlib, Opensl, Expat and Libiconv. For Those, Who is a System that Has Dnf or Apt-Get. The Two Commands Below Canful for Installing All of the Dependencies:

Note That You Will NEED THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONALEDENCIES to Be Able to Add Documentation in Different Formats (DOC, HTML, Info): Info)

How to Install Git on Mac OSX

There are Different Ways to Install Git on Mac OSX. You can Install Git Using Homebrew, Macports, or by Downloading The Git Installer Package.

Check if git is alriedy installed

Check if git is already installed on your mac using:

IF GIT Isn’T Installed on Your Computer, The Terminal Prompts You with The Following Message:

GitHub Desktop Quick Intro For Windows

Click on Install to Install The Developer Tools Required to Use Git on Your Mac.

The Mac Developer Tools Include Xcode and the Xcode App Development Utilities. After You Follow the Prompts, Agree to them, and Download Git For Mac, At the End of the Process You Have A Working Version of Git Git Git Git.

Install Git Using Homebrew on Macos

Execute the Following Command on Your Mac Terminal:

Press Return Once You Are Prompted. You Shoup See An Installation Success Message Once the Installation is Complicte.

The Homebrew Version You Just Installed May Not Be as Most Recent Stable Build. Therefore, it’s a good practice to update it. To update Homebrew, Enter The Following Command in Your Terminal:

How to Install Git on Windows

Double Click on A Recent Version of Git To Download Git For Windows.

Wen you see an install Prompt, Click on Yes:

Select the Directory You Want Git to be Installed in or Use The Default Location:

Select the Components that You Want to Install. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, Go AHEAD with the Default Selection.

Select How You Want to Use Git From The Command Line from the Options that Are Pressented:

Select the SSL/TLS Library that You Want Git to Use for https Connection:

Select How Shoup Treat The Line Endings in Text Files:

Selecta Your Terminal Emulator, Default Behavior of Git Pull. And Some Extra Configuring Options.

For the Simplest Installation, Keep Mintty for the Terminal Emulator, Use The Default Behavior (Fast-Forward Or Merge), and Enable File System Caching. Wen you are Done Selecting Your Configuration Options, Click Install At the End.

Click on Finish. You Shoup Havy A Working Git Installation on Your Windows Machine.

Team Work: Conflicts of versions and Git Pull

After the release of our application, a lot of time has passed. Application users require updates, and two more developers came to the team. Vasily and Grigory.

It was decided to add a new function to the program. determine the mass of the dinosaur in the image.

However, the team did not work together, and both programmers made changes without consulting with each other. Among other things, they had equivalent rights to access to the repository, which is why Vasya even managed to put up the update to GitHub.

How to download and install Github Desktop for mac and windows | Git tutorial for beginner

The code varies: in the program on the left, the maximum mass of the dinosaur is displayed, and on the right. a sequence of possible values.

Grisha is trying to make a commander and foul of his program, but faces a mistake. a conflict of versions, when changes from different coders are superimposed on each other.

Error report

Before putting the file to the server, Grisha had to get the last changes:

If done, in the Main file.Py will appear a structure in which the changes that Vasya and Grisha made will be visible.

Now, if Vasily considers his version to be more important, he can remove Grisha’s code from the program, and make a fur:

In practice, there are much more conflicts and they can be resolved in different ways. It is important to learn how to sow according to GIT management and google. However, this applies to the entire process of studying Git and GitHub.

Fork and Pull Request

It happens that your repository someone endures and makes its own adjustments. You may not even know who the initiator is. If he wants to share adjustments with you, then create a merger request (Pull Request).

Let’s go from another account, find the Gan-Dino repository through the search engine in GitHub and make fork.

The new Gan-Dino-Fork appeared on our list of repositories-this is Gan-Dino fork-image. Now you can make changes, for example, to Main.Py, and make Pull Request.

Then the owner of the repository must confirm or reject the request. To do this, you need to go to the “Pull Requests” tab, choose an interest of the PULL request and press one of the proposed buttons.


Any competitive developer must understand Git. The GITHUB knowledge will be useful, which has many opportunities that greatly simplify work on projects in the team (Project Management). For example, dashboards in the Projects tab, repeating the functionality of Trello and Jira.

GitHub is a whole social network for developers from different parts of the world.

On this our brief review Github and Git came to an end. We examined how to create GitHub accounts and work with repositories through the GIT terminal (registration and installation, commits, fluffs and pools of changes). This is the main one. information can be found in GIT and GITHUB reference books.