Install games without internet on your phone

Install games without internet on the phone

Minecraft for Android: create your own universe from your favorite gadget This popular game has won the hearts of tens of millions of gamers around the world. In 2011, the developers gave users the opportunity to download Minecraft on Android. Since then, updates to the mobile version in Russian have not stopped, and the game is regularly updated with new.

Mobile game project on android devices, which is a kind of arcade game in which you will have the opportunity to visit the role of the chef, preparing delicious dishes.

The player is waiting for both the old maps and additional. The arsenal has become much more extensive, there are new game modes, in which the squads of special forces and terrorists fight for the right to survive.

Everyone has heard about the adventures of talking Tom. This is a fun, exciting and interesting runner. You can install it both on your computer and on your phone.

Poppy Playtime game is not a game, but a kind of guide with a full walkthrough of the eponymous horror with puzzle elements.

Need for Speed Most Wanted. great race. You will playfully leave the cops off, outrun your rivals and become a winner. You are the most wanted street racer. Cars like the pick of the bunch: both famous and lesser-known. All are suitable for illegal racing. Each one can be smashed. a unique innovation for the mobile platform.

Casino Empire Tycoon is an entertaining economic simulator with strategy elements, in which you will be engaged in building your own casino empire.

Terraria. As for the game project, it is absolutely unique game, which is fully developed in the genre of sandbox.

Bubbu. my virtual pet. Your child dreams of having a pet, but you are not sure he or she is up to the responsibility? No problem, install Bubbu on your device. my virtual pet. It’s time to meet an adorable kitten named Bubbu. He is very cute, fluffy and playful. Kitten loves tasty treats, go to.

Traffic Racer. a real game project that can help you find yourself in the skin of the racer. But I want to note right away that you will not have a special track for these races, and the racing car, too.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android. Perhaps there is no person who would not heard anything about this truly legendary game. Many people can not imagine that the game GTA San Andreas someone dared to port to Android devices, however, the company Rockstar took up this challenge.

This game project has become the fourteenth in this unique series, which has been developing for a long time.

Subway Surfers. interesting game project, which was released in the original genre of runner. Here the main character is a very cheerful kid named Jake, who painted everything around him in a variety of colors.

Avatariya. one of the most popular social networking games now for Android! Avataria. a world without limits for your self-expression, a world with a sea of possibilities, a world where all your fantasies can become reality.

An entertaining game made in 3D style, tell you the story of the character Boris, who has decided to become a criminal authority of a large city in Russia.

Bummer. success story. At the moment there are a lot of mobile games that do not have their original storyline. Developers take ideas from one or the other game, while developing the same game.

Arkady Parovozov’s School FREE

And start our review, of course, with the most important children’s rescuer of the country. the incomparable Arkady Parovozov, who tirelessly hurries to help all Sasha, Masha and other children in distress. 100 best cartoon episodes and a lot of interesting and easy educational games are waiting for the fans of the Russian superhero in this app.Google play/App Store

Games without Internet on Android

In this category we have selected for you the most popular, interesting and cool games without Internet for Android phones and tablets. In order to play a game that does not require an internet connection, you can simply download it from our website, install it on your gadget and enjoy.

Hocus, the best logic game for Android phones and tablets. In this game, users will have to move the red cube so that it ends up at the exit, also marked in red. Move it to get past the.

Hyperforma. an original cyberpunk puzzle game designed for Android devices. In this game, gamers will have to show all their hacking skills to hack at each level of special objects and get to their core. Rotate the puzzles so.

Tactic Defense is a military strategy game for Android smartphones and tablets. In this game, users will have to deal closely with the defense of their own base, which will be constantly attacked by crowds of different enemies. Use four types of defensive towers, and.

Apple Picker is a fascinating arcade game developed for Android phones and tablets. In this game, users will have to collect apples. To do this, you will have a basket at your disposal, which must be moved to the left and right in a timely manner, in.

Offline Dino Runner. legendary game about the adventures of a dinosaur in the desert, adapted for smartphones and tablets on Android. In it, users will meet again with a familiar to many hero. dinosaur, who is running through a desert full of.

Games for Android in Russian

My Talking Tom for Android is a fascinating game that mesmerizes the average user with its simplicity and a lot of interesting features.

Hill Climb Racing. an exciting race, which you can play on your mobile devices. Android Games in Russian.

Pou. a popular app among Android device owners, which will help you spend your time in an interesting way.

Tom. is a cute and chubby cat who loves to mock!

Humorous application for your smartphone “Putin says” is made just in time for the anniversary of our president.

Fruit Ninja Free. the best arcade for Android gadgets got a new incarnation.

Who can refuse to play a game of good old Fool?

You want to go on adventures as a team with pony Sparkle and her many friends? Games in Russian download free.

Plague Inc

This epidemic simulator makes you feel like a real mad scientist. In Plague Inc players have to create their own disease and make it as effective as possible. The player wins, if his illness manages to wipe out the entire population of the planet before inventing a vaccine. A creepy but very fascinating idea brought to life through a set of uncomplicated game mechanics. The disease can be mutated in various ways, increasing its contagiousness, immunity to treatment, the duration of the incubation period, and so on. It is necessary to find a balance between all these parameters in order to succeed. For example, if the virus is too deadly, then people will not have time to pass it to each other.

Despite the fact that the title is already many years old, it remains one of the best in its genre. Of course, Plague Inc. does not require an internet connection, so this supervillain simulator you can run anywhere and anytime.

Download games for Android for free full versions without internet

Every user of this site can download games for Android for free full versions without Internet, appreciating the benefits of such entertainment. They will not let you get bored, no matter where you are. While waiting for a meeting or on a lunch break. With their help, you can distract children, picking up for them a great educational game, a good influence on the development of memory and motor skills. Not only children love to play games, but also adults do not lose the opportunity to download something exciting and unusual. There is an incredibly large variety of games of different genres, which can satisfy the tastes and preferences of any user.

Our site presents you popular and unfamiliar games that can become your favorite entertainment. Do not lose the opportunity to download games for Android without internet and without cache for free in Russian, which you will love. This portal contains a large assortment of multi-genre games that are regularly updated with fresh news. To find an application or game as quickly as possible, use the search bar with filters that allow you to find games depending on the rating and genre.

Here you can always download Android games for free, full versions without internet, as this site is working for the benefit of users and constantly offers a newly released games. Players from Russia can find here games that have not yet had time to come out within We guarantee the safety of your device, and to download, you do not need to specify your number or send messages.

Before your collection of a wide variety of games on your tablet and phone, you can easily find one for every taste and characteristics of devices. You will only need to download games for Android for free full versions without internet, then you will need to install the game on your phone, and will have something to occupy your free time somewhere in the car or on the subway.


Calm games that can only be passed by concentrating and thinking hard. If you are a fan of such games like three in a row or search for objects, the following applications are just for you.

Mysterious House: search for objects

Number of downloads Google Play: 5 000 000

A game for fans of the “search for objects” genre. You find yourself in a mysterious house, where the owner, Mr. X, has disappeared. You, along with your sidekick, Joshua the cat, must solve the puzzle by opening and exploring all the rooms, as well as going through three-in-a-row games.

You can play both online and offline, in which case the ads will not bother you.

The graphics are nice, the objects are recognizable and well-drawn. The music is also unobtrusive, pleasant.


Google Play Score: 4.4

Number of downloads Google Play: 100 000 000

A three in a row game. Passing levels, you help Austin butler to repair the family mansion and furnish it with new furniture.

The game is free and does not require an internet connection, and the many different boosters, game territories, daily tasks and plot twists are sure to please fans of the genre.

Also, enjoyable graphics and well thought out in detail the plot, so that Homescapes drags you from the first minute.

Jewel Legend

Number of downloads Google Play: 10 000 000

The classic game of the “three in a row” genre with lots of boosters, colorful graphics and levels with different tasks. Fans of such games will love the daily bonuses, chests with gifts, which can be opened after passing three levels and levels with treasures.

The game works without an internet connection, but in online mode the player can get extra moves for watching ads.

Also, if you play online, be prepared for a huge number of ads, which often begins to play with the sound, even if the smartphone is in silent mode and the game sounds/music is off.

Install games without internet on the phone

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is a powerful military strategy created with innovative technology. The player will find himself in a large-scale world where war has become commonplace. For so many years in a row, it has not

Hungry Dragon. very funny arcade about the Dragon, traveling through different worlds and locations. He will fight enemies, and bypass steep obstacles and traps.

install, games, internet, your, phone

You always want to feel something new and this time you will have a chance to prove yourself as a director of one of the big enterprises of the city, and then in the world. You can become

The most heroic saga on the mobile platform, which is impossible to miss and must be played. You must try to download Farm Heroes Saga on Android so that every day

A fascinating game that’s perfect for any age, will have you immersed in an amazing magical atmosphere. Try to download Slavs: Farm on Android and find yourself on a mysterious

You will have a lot of fun taking part in these funny adventures in the town of Hua Hog along with the funniest characters from cartoons. To do this, you will need to download Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on Android

Classic arcade races in which you have to try to take part and outrun your rivals. To do so, you must download Horizon Chase. World Tour on Android and then you will become

In this exciting three-in-a-row puzzle game, you will have to deal with rescuing amazing pets who are in danger. When you can download Pet Rescue Saga for Android, start collecting

Get ready as best you can to participate in this original and unimaginably cool strategy. For this, you need to download Game of War. Fire Age on Android and then it will become realistic to start participating in

Immerse yourself in a brand new and original action and start participating in shootouts with terrorists or vice versa with special forces. To do this, you will need to download Critical Ops on Android and

The player will be able to take on the construction of a huge city, which could only be dreamed of. All this will become real when you can download Cartoon City 2: Farm and City on Android. The player will be

The unique fantasy role-playing game returns only on mobile platforms and you can once again plunge into such an amazing atmosphere. When can you download Lineage2 Revolution on

Skullgirls is a fast-paced fighting game in anime style, where you will fight your enemies. Discover new characters, each with their own unique abilities, and go into battle.

In this exciting game you will turn into a rich industrialist and engage in managing your own mine. When you can download Idle Miner Tycoon. Lazy Tycoon on Android is unlikely

A huge world of toys and colorful, colorful puzzles await the player in this amazing puzzle game. You can download Toon Blast for Android and start enjoying the gameplay. You

Flow Free. a simple at first glance, but very addictive puzzle game for mobile devices. Although it does not have fancy three-dimensional graphics, but pass the card is still very exciting and

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a new survival-themed action game set in the style of the Dark Middle Ages. Your kingdom is shrouded in terror, it is rapidly advancing forces of darkness, and you

Crash Delivery. a unique mobile simulator, in which you will deliver packages in a very unusual way. All fans of smashing cars into the trash will find here a lot of interesting things. Race to

Royal Match is a cute and cozy puzzle game with combinations and puzzles to solve. Decorate the castle, passing through hundreds of exciting levels and earning coins.

You are waited by fascinating adventures together with the professional doctor by name Allison and she is ready again to save a lot of lives and help people. Try Heart’s Medicine Hospital Heat download

Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee is a new cool strategy game with amazing adventures on an uncharted planet. Assemble a team of heroes from the prisoners and their guards,

Moto Bike Racing Stunt Master is epic motorcycle racing on your mobile screen. Learn how to race bikes and do tricks like a pro here. Compete

Derby Forever Online is the ultimate derby-racing game on your mobile screen. Get ready to take to the track and tear apart all the enemies. Top class graphics with great detail

install, games, internet, your, phone

Ocean Merge is an amazing, interactive adventure that will have you exploring the vast ocean floor. Tritons and mermaids once lived here peacefully, but then pollution

Choice of Argo is a unique interactive novel in which the development of the plot depends on your decisions. Plunge into a dark world of crime, uncover your characters in beautifully crafted dialogues

Memento is an interactive thriller set in the palm of your hand. Get ready to get involved in a murder investigation and solve an intricate crime. Connect your

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