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Quite often, when working at the computer, you have to take screenshots. shots from the screen, a kind of photo, only better quality (some of them can still be called: screen, screenshot, etc.D.).

Well, for example, some kind of error on your computer flies away (the program does not work, or the Internet payure does not work)-in order to solve the question, you need to explain really what and how: with the picture from the screen, this is much easier to do.

A screen, you can make a Print Screen button on the keyboard. but, if you need one, or two pictures. And if you need to do it more, and if the right window does not creep out (this happens all the time)?

This is where specialized programs will come in handy, which will make a screen for one pressing the key, and for another 1-2 clicks, they will send it to the network and give you a link so that you can share it with other users.

In addition, with the help of such software, you can carry out simple graphic processing: cover unnecessary data, apply arrows (as I often do on screenshots in my articles ✌). something to highlight, cut the edges.

In general, I will give a list of programs that I used myself and which have left the most positive impressions. And so, my list of screenshots that can and should use!


1) If anything, then a screenser is a program for creating screenshots (that is, pictures from the screen).

2) By the way, in this article I will not write about what kind of “good” program, what is its design, etc. I just immediately indicate the main possibilities (features), if any. disadvantages. And there, already, according to the screens of the main window and a list of pluses/minuses. everyone will be able to choose the right one!

To help!

Instructions for creating screenshots from the PC screen on the desktop, in games, films.

Lightshot for Windows

Lightshot. Simple and convenient screenshots removal program. It is possible to choose the necessary area of ​​the screen with the mouse. The finished screenshot can be put on the Internet in one click and on it with anyone.

  • Selection of any area of ​​the screen
  • Loading a screenshot on the server
  • Short link to screenshot
  • Saving in a file in PNG, JPG, BMP format
  • Copying into the clipboard and the ability to insert it into any application: Word, Paint, Photoshop, etc.D.
  • Editing online editor. Has all classic tools.
  • Support for hot keys
  • Instant post in and
  • Search for a similar picture via Google Image Search Tineye

Lightshot. Free utility for creating screen images, with the ability to quickly lay out.

Screen scissors. One of the easiest utilities for quick removal of screenshots from the screen of your monitor.

Ocam Screen Recorder. Free application that can record everything that happens on the screen.

Bandicam. program for capturing video and removing screenshots in high quality. It has a simple one.

Mycam. free and easy to use a utility that allows screenshots and.

Sharex. A powerful multifunctional utility for removing screenshots from the monitor screen from.

Reviews about the Lightshot program

Magadumekb about Lightshot [23-01-2022]

Excellent screenster! I have been using it for several years, I recommend. | 1 | Reply

Lightshot 5 Sherzod.5.0.7 [29-03-2021]

Very good program thanks to the developers! 1 | | Reply

Lightshot 5 bot.5.0.4 [30-11-2019]

Olgaminsk about Lightshot 5.four.0.35 [12-01-2019]

Thanks to the Creator, the program is excellent, very accelerates the process of creating reports and instructions and communication with friends! Thank you for free! 6 | 8 | Reply


Photoskrin. This is a simple and fast application in Russian, which can be configured to intercept the Printskrin or create your own key combinations. Software also allows you to create screenshots manually, capture the entire monitor area, choose a separate fragment and photograph the selected application. During the creation of the picture, the user can apply text, figures, lists; blur or completely hide certain information in the photo; Add lines and draw on the screen. If desired, you can additionally connect a video screenshire.

The final picture can be exported to a hard drive in JPG, PNG or BMP format. Also available are the options for copying the picture to the exchange buffer, so you can quickly send a photo in the messenger by simply inserting it with key combinations. There is also an option for downloading a photo on the developer server with the creation of a publicly accessible link. The application is completely free and does not require account registration and is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

  • does not require authorization and payment;
  • You can configure your own combinations of hot keys;
  • several types of screenshoting;
  • Hide or display of the cursor is available;
  • preservation of pictures in a cloud storage with the creation of a link;
  • several export options and 3 formats to choose from;
  • simple management that can be mastered in seconds.


This screenster offers only two choices: full.screen photo and specified section. Unlike Yandex, it can be installed separately from the Mail services, but to use the screenshot, you still have to undergo authorization and indicate the cloud disk in which the screenshots will maintain.

As for editing, the user is available for the addition of headlines and numbering, figures, arrows and stickers are available. The finished photo can be sent to. Classmates, my world, VK and. and also export to a hard drive in PNG format.

  • loading to social networks from the application integration;
  • tuned hot keys;
  • Automatic conservation in the selected cloud service.

We bring to your attention the top of the best programs to create a computer screen screenshots. The applications presented below allow you to make screenshots using convenient key combinations, save the received pictures in popular formats for a hard drive, send photographs to friends to social networks, store content in the cloud, etc.D. Some utilities will provide a minimum set of functions for instant capture of what is happening on the screen, others will help to edit your picture, configure the image quality parameters, add beautiful effects to it, etc.

MOVAVI Screen Recorder. high.quality video recording and creating screen shots of your computer. It has an intuitive integration with convenient tips for beginners, thanks to which you will not have to deal with management yourself.

The advanced software functionality includes absolutely all the tools that can be useful in photo and video capture. You can write down anything, including: gameplay in any computer games, actions on the desktop, in browsers, various software and so on. The created file can be edited, unique effects, use filters and much more. You can add text notes, insert arrows, geometric shapes, digital signatures, subtitles and stickers. You can cut a certain area of ​​the image, combine several screenshots and even create a video from them or an animated GIF.

The developers provide for the developed features of exporting. The user can independently choose one of different formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.), and then save the file in the specified folder on the hard disk. Materials can be sent to files and cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (Sky Drive). Any of the pictures and videos can be poured on messengers, video hosting and social networks YouTube, Rutube, Skype, Viber. Useful templates are available for maintaining content for portable gadgets Android, iOS. If necessary, you can create your presents.

  • Finely customized key combinations;
  • The presence of a special section for gamers;
  • Ready media files can be loaded to the FTP server;
  • Creation of video tutorials, presentations, instructions, etc.D;
  • The object you are interested in can be drawn manually;
  • Tuning brightness, contrast and color scheme;
  • Integration of software icon in the system tray and context menu.

Picpick is a good utility that provides a simple integer, convenient management and a lot of functional tools for removing screen screenshots. Allows you to capture, view and edit screenshots. There are several useful options, including screen magnifies, a ruler, an angle, a neckboard, a means of applying and filling with color.

The captured picture can be copied to the exchange buffer, loaded into a cloud or file hosting, sent to a FTP server, by e-mail or print, as well as unloading to social network directly through the screenshot program. Exports are supported in Word, Exel, PowerPoint.

  • Choice of cursor highlighting;
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and above;
  • Scaling the mouse scroll button;
  • Repetition or abolition of the latest action;
  • Good functionality of editing screenshots;
  • You can draw with a brush, marker or pencil;
  • It is distributed free of charge for home use;
  • Pruning of unnecessary fragments, you can delete extra objects.

Ashmpoo Snap has impressive functionality for capturing and processing what is happening on your display. It is noteworthy that not only standard text inscriptions, arrows, stickers and logos can be added to the shot materials, but also leave voice Комментарии и мнения владельцев. From several photographs, you can put up a short video clip or gif.

  • Knows how to work with the webcam of the device, captures the video from the screen;
  • Detailed setting of hot buttons on the keyboard;
  • Download files in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive;
  • Support for the Windows 10, 8 operating system.1, 8, 7;
  • It is easy to take PC screen images using the PRTSC hot keys;
  • A wide list of graphic objects for adding to content.

Light Shot is a free application that allows screenshots and immediately process them in a editor. You can take a screenshot entirely or set the selected area. Available for installation in the form of a PC utility and laptops running Windows, Mac OS, Linux operating systems. It can also be installed as a screen capture plugin for the web observer.

  • Opens along with the start of the OS;
  • Can be called from the context menu;
  • Transmission of photos by e.mail;
  • Sending at Photoshop, Paint, Gimp;
  • Editing materials online;
  • Loading into a cloud, repost to social networks;
  • Allows you to instantly take a screenshot with one click of the mouse;
  • This is a completely free program for creating screenshots;
  • Insert arrow, numbering, rectangles and circles.

Monosnap is an excellent tool with which you can make a screen screen that can boast of ease and ease of use. Does not load the processor and RAM at all, due to which it demonstrates wonderful work on weak PC.

Software can be installed and launched on devices running Windows and Macos. There is also a version for the Google Chrome web browser. Having taken a picture, you can quickly add various signs, text annotations, geometric shapes and much more over it.

  • Options of emphasizing and blurring;
  • Integration with cloud storage;
  • Setting up total file access;
  • Sending links to the picture to other users;
  • Eight.time zoom without reducing the quality of the source;
  • Reference section with answers to various questions;
  • Adjustable color palette for arrows and fonts;
  • You can set the hot keys on the screenshot of the active window, the screen area, the capture of the entire image from the screen;
  • Automatic software updates from the official website of the developers.

Review 5 programs for creating screenshots in Windows and Linux

In this review, I will describe the strengths and weaknesses of the five programs for creating screenshots in Windows (Faststone Capture, Jing and Snagit) and Linux (Ksnapshot and Shutter). Detailed illustrated instructions for each of these programs read on Tigrik.Org, here I will give a comparison of these programs to each other, as well as outline the strengths and weaknesses of each program.

Faststone Capture 7.2

Faststone Capture program is a quick, easy and at the same time very functional tool for creating screen images in Windows. When starting the program, a small panel appears on the screen, on which all the necessary tools are located:

You can see the full list of program tools by clicking on the sail button in the upper left corner of the FSCAPTURA panel.

Using FastStone Capture 7.2 You can create pictures of a rectangular area and an area of ​​arbitrary shape, pictures of window applications (including the possibility of automatic scrolling a vertical slider. the Capture Scrolling Window option). In this program you can create screenshots in one click (if you need a quick picture) or two clicks (if the accuracy of choosing the area for the picture is important). Also, it is possible to automatically add a signature with system information to each picture, several options for regional effects and (or) watermark.

In Faststone Capture 7.2 There is a graphic editor that gives you the opportunity immediately after creating the picture to apply additional graphic elements (arrows, lines, frames) on it, as well as supplement the picture with text Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the right places:

Thus, this program contains all the necessary tools to create illustrated instructions for software products.

In addition to creating screenshots, Faststone Capture 7.2 You can also record a video of what is happening on the monitor screen (Screen Recorder tool on Faststone Capture panel). You can write down what is happening in the window of the selected application, select the rectangular area of ​​the screen for recording, or record the entire computer screen (with or without a taskbar):

Also, you have the opportunity to record a system sound with the video, or write sound from a microphone while recording.

In the latest version of the program (at the time of the creation of this review. Faststone Capture 7.2.) Options.) Output tab.) EDIT Video option).

In addition to the tools for creating and editing screenshots, as well as a video for video Catching, FastStone Capture also added several additional tools: Screen Magnifier, screen ruler, as well as a color capture tool. Screen Color Picker.

Made a video showing the capabilities of the Faststone Capture 7 program.1, which may be later supplemented by voice Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

I probably finished a brief overview of this program. I will add a few more words about the strengths and weaknesses of this software solution.

  • the ability to create a screenshot in one click (when the speed is important), and in 2 clicks (when the accuracy of choosing the area for the picture is important);
  • A working tool for creating a window picture with a vertical scroll;
  • a good graphic editor for editing pictures immediately after their creation;
  • the ability to include a delay before creating a picture;
  • high quality video in video chips;
  • quick display of clicks in the video, which makes it possible to show the necessary actions in the created video at an accelerated pace;
  • a good video editor that makes it possible to insert arrows, frames and text Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the video to supplement the information content of the video removed from the screen;
  • the ability to set fast key combinations for most actions available in the program.
  • When video chips, the only type of file available to save the video shot from the screen is WMV.

Snagit 11

Snagit is a tool for creating screenshots and recording videos from a computer screen from a pioneer in this area, Techsmith. I made a video instruction on Snagit 11, which showed the main features of the program:

Using this program, you can create pictures of the entire screen or part of it, screenshots of the desired window (including the opportunity to create pictures of a window with vertical and (or) horizontal scroll), you can turn on the edge effects that will be applied to each picture, you can automatically add a signature and watermark to each picture, as well as capture several rectangular areas in one entry:

By adding to the pictures created in this program the regional effects, you can choose which side of the image to apply them, set the linear size of the effect, and also turn on or disable the shadow display:

One of the main chips of the program is the Snagit graphic editor, which gives you the opportunity to supplement the picture with very beautiful arrows, lines and frames, add vector icons of a wide variety of topics, as well as insert text Комментарии и мнения владельцев, framing them with beautiful contour lines if necessary:

Programs for Linux


Ksnapshot is a light tool for quickly creating screenshots in Linux.

Installing the Ksnapshot program through the console at Ubuntu: Apt-Get Install Ksnapshot

The KSNAPSHOT program gives you the opportunity to create a picture of the entire screen, a rectangular area, an area of ​​arbitrary shape, the selected window, as well as windows under the mouse cursor (for this case, it is useful to install an unnecessary delay).

The program integral is extremely simple and understandable:

install, application, picture, screen

It is convenient to work with this program in conjunction with some graphic editor (for example, GIMP). After creating the picture, by clicking the opening button, you can immediately go to editing the picture in a convenient editor for you.

When you save the picture, the Ksnapshot program supports the following images: TGA, PPM, PCX, PBM, BMP, RGB, PGM, PNG, EPS, MNG, TIFF, PIC, XPM, JPEG-2000, XBM and JPEG.

The KSNAPSHOT program is very convenient and the task of creating screenshots solves on “excellent”!

  • Convenient integration and high speed;
  • the ability to include a delay before creating a screenshot;
  • Integration with other graphic editors, which makes it possible to edit pictures created using Ksnapshot immediately after their creation.
  • Lack of graphic editor
install, application, picture, screen

LG OnScreen Control & Split Screen installation & usage | Windows 10


Shutter is a convenient tool for creating screenshots in Linux with a graphic editor for editing pictures.

Installing Shutter program through the console at Ubuntu: Sudo Add-Apt-Repository PPA: Shutter/PPA Sudo-Get Update Sudo-Get Install Shutter

The program gives you the opportunity to create screenshots of a rectangular area, create pictures of an active desktop (or any of the available desktop), “photograph” an arbitrary window with an application running in the system, and create pictures of a separate element of the window or an application of the application of the application.

The program integrates is as follows:

When capturing a rectangular area, 2 options are available: an improved choice tool. makes it possible to more accurately choose an area for the picture, and a simple choice tool. an option for quickly creating screenshots.

When using an improved selection tool, the program displays a hint on the quick key combinations, the use of which gives you the opportunity to more accurately capture the desired area:

By default, after creating a screen of the screen or part of it, the screenshot created opens in the SHUTTER graphics editor:

A lot of customizable tools are available in the editor, giving you the opportunity to add arrows, lines, rectangular and oval frames of the desired thickness and color to the picture, add text Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the picture, as well as erode or wash personal information on screenshots. The graphic elements available in the Shutter editor look very beautiful, and give you the opportunity to take a screenshot created using this program more informative.

Also, you can edit pictures created using this program in another graphic editor that you have installed. To do this, you need to select the editing in the top panel of Shutter.) Options.) open the action tab.) choose the desired program in the option to open using.

The Shutter program solves the problem of creating screenshots in Linux, is convenient to use and can be very useful in creating illustrated software instructions.

  • the possibility of accurate and accurate selection of the area for the picture;
  • the ability to turn on the delay before creating the picture (the delay time can be changed in the right corner of the SHUTTER application window);
  • graphic editor;
  • the ability to automatically fill in the edited picture on the services of Imageshack, Omploader, Itmages, Imgur, Minus and Imagebanana;
  • the ability to connect for editing pictures created using Shutter, graphic editors.
  • I noticed a small glitch about which I will write to the developers. In general, serious disadvantages were not noticed.

Detailed illustrated instructions for working with Shutter Read here: Shutter. a convenient tool for creating screenshots in Ubuntu

You can compare the capabilities of these 5 programs according to the table that I bring below:

To increase the table, click on it.

Summarizing, I will add a brief description of each of the programs described in this review:

Jing. a program that makes it possible to quickly take a picture or write a video from the screen, after which, immediately pour this image or a shot video on the Internet. Testing software products, fast help via the Internet. these are the tasks that this program solves.

Faststone Capture 7.2. a quick program for creating screen images and video capture, which is quite suitable as a full.fledged tool for creating illustrated instructions, as well as video instructions on software products for Windows.

Snagit 11. a tool that also makes it possible to create training materials from various programs for Windows from beginning to end. This program is inferior in speed by the first two, but, thanks to the excellent possibilities of the graphic editor, it makes it possible to do very beautiful things.

install, application, picture, screen

Ksnapshot is a tool that is suitable for you if the task of quickly creating pictures with subsequent editing in GIMP is worth. There is no editor in the program, but when working in conjunction with other graphic utilities, Ksnapshot solves the tasks of the tasks quite well.

Programs for creating ccreths for free

Section with programs for creating screenshots of the screen or region, have advanced capabilities and additional tools for more convenient work with screenshots.


Greenshot is a multifunctional and at the same time a simple and very convenient program for removing screenshots for Windows users.

JOXI. screenshots linked.3.0.fifteen

JOXI. This is a program for removing screenshots from the computer desktop that can be edited and shared with friends over the network.


ScreenPresso is a free software tool for creating screenshots and their subsequent processing, which is ideal for everyday work with screenshots.

Screenpic v.0.fifteen.2

Screenpic. a free computer program for quick and easy screenshots (screenshot) from the desktop, windows based on the Windows operating system, support versions from XP to 10.

Picpick v.5.0.6

install, application, picture, screen

Picpick. This is free software for capturing and processing screenshots on Windows computer. Pickpick offers a convenient Russified Inte Weeled Intuitive edit.

Faststone Capture v.9.2

Faststone Capture. A powerful tool for creating screenshots on a computer. Free download in Russian.

Lightshot. Screenshots program v.5.5.0.four

Lightshot is a small and free program for creating screenshots on your Windows computer.


Screenshooter. Screensher program is used to instant creating pictures from the computer desktop.

Postman. API testing tool

How to open pictures with Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 (.jpg.jpeg.png.tif.tiff files)

Postman is a great choice of testing API for those who do not want to deal with encoding in.

Zello. This is a small and very easy to use application for voice communication through the Internet.

Winhex. This is an extended hexadecimal disk editor for low.level analysis and modification.

SOAPUI is a console tool designed to test the API and allows.

Huawei Hisuite. This is a program for managing data stored in the memory of the mobile device Hu.

IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is a website of social entertainment in which people.

A word is a simple tool with which you can promote your own ownership without any special knowledge.

OOVOO. an application for the exchange of messages and the organization of video conferences. Service works for a person.

Opera Neon is a free new generation browser that allows you to make Internet sering and view VI.

Microsoft Edge is the only browser with tools that help save time and de.

Comodo Dragon is a free and fast program for safe sewing on the Internet, created on the BA.

Guitar Pro. This is a professional tool for convenient work with tabulatures and affordable training.

Asio4all. universal driver for sound cards, the main and only task of which. reduced.

Mobaxterm. This is a tool for remote computer management, protocols are supported such as.

ICOFX. Free application for creating icons and cursors. Supports the regime of the inspection.

Verb is a new social network that allows you to publish information about any user actions.

Hangouts is a free service from Google, designed to send instant messages.

Psiphon Pro 3 is a free program created to bypass Internet resour prohibited by the government.

Slack-Android version of a private network for information exchange, which is designed to communicate between.

Picsart Photo Studio. universal graphic and video editor for Android with rich functional.

GTA San Andreas (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) is a game for Android, developed in the genre of “crime.

Snapchat is a popular messenger for communication by chat or video communication. He is developed.

Yandex.Messenger. a simple and convenient application for correspondence in chats or video calling.

ODDMAR is a game for the “Android” platform, in which a gamer can plunge into the world of Scandinavian mythologists.

Mi Remote is a program for Android devices that allows you to remotely control various household.

Telegram X-Android application for communication between users through correspondence and execution.

Avito is a free Android application that allows you to view and monitor new ads for it.

AliExpress Shopping Apps (Aliexpress). an application for access to the database of products of a well.known int.

Keepsafe-Android application that allows you to hide folders with photos and other personal information.

IMGUR-free and easy to use online storage of user images written.

Screenshot for Android

Screenshot. A very simple but effective application for quick editing screenshot of your Android device screen. There are situations when you took a picture of the screen of your smartphone or tablet and want to quickly send it to a friend or at Support, and at the same time also highlight some elements that you need to pay attention to. Usually for this you have to make a lot of various body movements, which is inconvenient and takes precious time. In this case, the application screenshot will come to the rescue.

Managing the program is very simple. Your task is to install this application and start tracking the screen capture. The screenshot itself is performed in the usual way:

  • volume reduction regulator down the power button,
  • Power button button “Home”,
  • If realized. Separated touch touch button for screenshot.

As soon as the screen of the screen is created, the application menu will open and simple editing methods will be available: the caption of any part, the application of the picture, the creation of mosaics, and the input of any text. The finished image can be saved on the device in the place you specified, as well as sent by e.mail.

Screenshot is a simple utility that allows screenshots and edit pictures.

Free video recording from the screen of a mobile Android device screen. Besides.

Free application for Android devices, with which you can easily do.

An application convenient to use, with which you can quickly and easily write down.

Easy to use, free screen recorder with sound for Android devices.

A convenient to use application for creating screenshots and recording videos from the screen to.

S-SHOT: site screenshots

The service will come in handy when you need to take a screenshot of the page of a certain site. For example, when you need to launch an advertising article on Yandex.Zen with a seamless transition to the site. For this advertising format, you need to download two images into the office: screenshot mobile version of the site and desktop. Using S-Shot, you can take screenshots of pages of different resolutions, depending on the device.

Enter a link to the site, select the dimensions in which you need to take a screenshot (you can enter your own or select from the proposed), configure the rest of the parameters and click “Create”:

Bonus: How to make good screenshots in a browser without programs

When you need to take a screenshot in the browser, you can use the tool. it will be faster than downloading the program. It’s about the “developer tools”. there you can see the page code, stop or run scripts and much more. Including, here you can take a screenshot.

The “developer tools” are called using the keyboard command when you are in the browser:

How it works, we will show with the example of Chrome. When we have already called the tool, we can choose how this or that page will be displayed. you can configure your size or choose a device from the proposed:

We have chosen a format of images that are supported by retina displays, but you can choose any other

Next, you need to click on three points in the upper right corner of the screen and select “make a screenshot”:

The full.size screenshot “photographs” the entire site, you will get a long scroll

The screenshot will remain in the format that we have chosen. That’s what happens:

It is like working with S-SHOT-you can take a screenshot of a whole page, but nothing can be edited. The Developer Tool simply reflects everything that the user sees.