Instagram Video Not Published Cause Of Problem

Instagram Not Published Cause Of Problem

There is no such smartphone user who at least once has not heard about Instagram. Every day, hundreds of thousands of unique photos ands are published on this social network, so there is always something to see. Below we will consider a common problem when a is not published on this social network.

First of all, Instagram is a service for publishing photos, and when the application only appeared for iOS gadgets, only they could be laid out. Over time, more and more users began to join the service, and therefore it was necessary to expand the capabilities of the application. Then it was possible to publishs. At first, the duration of the could not exceed 15 seconds, today the limit is expanded to one minute.

Everything would be fine, but Instagram users often began to face the problem of uploadings to their account, and a similar problem can occur for several reasons.

Why doesn’t the upload on Instagram?

If you are faced with the inability to publish the on Instagram, then check below for the possibility of this or that reason. It is likely that by the end of the article you can find the source of the problem and, if possible, eliminate it.

Reason 1: low speed internet connection

Although 3G and LTE networks have long been present in many regions of Russia, often the available speed is not enough to publish a file.

First of all, you need to check the current speed of your Internet connection. You can do this, for example, using the application Speedtest, which will select the server closest to you to obtain more accurate data for measuring Internet speed.

If, according to the results of the check, it was found that the Internet connection speed is normal (there is at least a couple of Mbps), then there may be a network failure on the phone, so you should try to restart the gadget.

Reason 2: outdated firmware version

If updates were received for your phone, but you did not install them, then this can become a direct source of incorrect application operation.

For example, to check for updates on iOS, you need to go to the menu “Settings”. “General”. “Software Update”.

Check for updates for Android in the menu “Settings”. “About Phone”. “System Update” (menu items may vary depending on the shell and version of Android).

It is strongly discouraged to neglect the installation of new updates, since not only the functionality of applications depends on this, but also the safety of the gadget.

Reason 3: Standard Gallery

Option regarding Android users. As a rule, with this type of problem, the user sees the message “An error occurred while importing your. Try again”.

In this case, try using not a standard Gallery application, but a third-party one, for example, Quickpic.

Reason 4: outdated version of Instagram

If the function of automatically installing updates for applications is deactivated on your phone, then you should think about the fact that the does not load due to an outdated version of the application.

Reason 5: Instagram does not support the current version of the OS

Bad news for users of old phones: your device may have long ceased to be supported by Instagram developers, and therefore there was a problem with the publication.

So, for example, for Apple iPhone, the OS version should not be lower than 8.0, but for Android there is no fixed version installed. it all depends on the gadget model, but, as a rule, it should not be lower than OS 4.1.

You can check the current firmware version for iPhone in the menu “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

For Android you need to go to the menu “Settings”. “About Phone”.

If the problem really is the irrelevance of your smartphone, unfortunately, there’s nothing to be advised about except replacing the device.

Reason 6: application crash

Instagram, like any other software, may fail, for example, due to the accumulated cache. The easiest way to solve the problem is to reinstall the application.

First of all, the application must be removed from the smartphone. On iPhone, you need to hold your finger on the application icon for a long time, and then click on the icon that appears with a cross. On Android, most often, the application can be deleted by holding the application icon for a long time, and then moving it to the basket icon that appears.

Reason 7: unsupported format

If the was not shot on the smartphone’s camera, but, for example, downloaded from the Internet with a view to its further publication on Instagram, then perhaps the problem lies in the unsupported format.

The most common format for mobile is mp4. If you have a different format, we recommend that you convert it to it. To convert to another format, there are a large number of special programs that will allow you to perform this task quickly and efficiently.

Reason 8: smartphone failure

The final option, which may be the malfunctioning of your smartphone. In this case, if you completely exclude all the previous points, you can try to reset the settings.

Reset iPhone

  1. Open app “Settings”, and then go to the section “Basic”.

Scroll to the very end of the list and select “Reset”.

  • Tap on the item Reset All Settings, and then confirm your intention to complete this procedure.
  • Reset Android

    Please note that the following steps are approximate, since for different shells there may be another option for switching to the required menu.

      Go to “Settings” and in the “System and device” block, click on the button “Additionally”.

    Go to the bottom of the list and select “Recovery and reset”.

    Choose the last item “Reset”.

  • By choosing “Personal data”, You agree that all account data, as well as application settings, will be completely cleared. If you do not activate the item “Clear device memory”, then all user files and applications will remain in their original place.
  • These are all reasons that can affect the issue of postings on Instagram.

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