Increase the volume of the headphones JBL TWS. Add the volume buttons on headphones


You need to find out the root cause of the problem in order to eliminate it. Then the headset will function properly:

  • We turn on the headphones. On the headset can use the on/disable button. It is necessary to press it once so that everything works.
  • We charge the headphones. This is the most common reason. It is likely that the headset battery no longer withstands large loads. Such batteries wear out very quickly, and Chinese accessories may not match the indicated battery capacity parameters.
  • We activate the conjugation of the devices. On the phone we turn on Bluetooth, after which we find wireless headphones and connect them. The headset needs to activate the mating mode. Then all the problems with the headphones will be resolved.
  • We reduce the distance to the phone. The headset can operate stably only at a certain distance from the gadget. If you get out of this distance, then the connection will completely disappear or become intermittent. If the battery charge level is reduced, then the range of normal operation will begin to decrease. When working at close range, you just do not need to go far from the smartphone.
  • Check the headset for compatibility. All Bluetooth devices are back compatible, but there are cases when conjugation is not performed due to different versions of this technology. It is necessary to check the headphones on another device with a different version of Bluetooth. If everything works fine, then the reason for the problem is precisely this.
  • Change or repair the headset. This method is used only in extreme cases if the hardware is broken. Often to repair headphones is useless, The cost of repair will be more expensive than their cost.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are not connected to the Android phone

Why does Android do not see the headphones

Program method

After the force is put to the maximum on the headphone, you need to do the same on a smartphone: that is, with an active conversation, press the swing on the phone case. After the operations done, you can be sure that the sound is put to the maximum.

But in the most difficult situations it happens that the speaker of the Bluetooth headset has too low volume. In Android in this case, you can use a special program. It is called Speakerboost, and its task is to enhance the sound above the maximum value that you can set in a standard way. The program can be applied both for Bluetooth and for ordinary headphones, as well as just for the dynamics.

can be downloaded from Google Play. We want to note that this application must be used wisely, and not to put an increase by 100% at once. this is how you can damage the speaker or completely disable it, as the developers themselves warn.

    After the application has been downloaded and installed, run it.

A little theory

Any acoustic system is formed by standard components:

  • Signal source,
  • Sound emitter,
  • Elements enhancing sound,
  • volume in which the sound spreads,
  • the external environment in which the acoustic system is located.

And it does not matter at all. that plays the role of a particular element in the type of speaker system (AS). For example, for closed (monitor) headphones, the main role is played by a closed volume of air between the auricle and the speaker, since the external environment is a small volume of air behind the speaker, closed by a cup.

In this case, the external environment is not accepted for an additional factor, it works only for some development masters. Even if it is associated with the volume of air inside the headphone with phase.inverter holes.

Open headphones almost completely copy the work of desktop acoustic systems, differing only in distance to the listener and the lack of reflection of sound from the walls. But there are reflections from and in the auricle, often stronger than in desktop or floor speakers.

What is a pleasant sound made of?

The correctly selected radiation system “Dynamicru C of Robbets” affects no less. Maybe even more: I have met a lot of speakers that make the low.quality mp3 sound better; and no less than those that easily spoil even the most saturated FLAC, made from the master-record.

It is the emitting system that determines the nature of the radiation and rejection of sound waves. The wider the reproducible frequency range, the more we will hear (sounds outside the audible range are also important). The greater the sensitivity, the faster and more accurately they reproduce sound.

Enhancing elements. sounders, all kinds of ships. For dynamic drivers, you can even record the dynamics membrane itself here and even more so damping elements through which the speakers are attached to the buildings. Easy movement provides reaction speed, high volume, but can enhance undesirable frequencies and lead to unpleasant resonances. The net in front of the speaker not only protects it, but also affects the frequency range. She can even participate in sound due to parasitic resonans. or work as a filter for too sharp sounds.

The volume of air in which the waves are created is surrounded by walls. On the one hand, this is an auricle, on the other, the hull of headphones. They can strengthen, reflect the waves of certain frequencies unchanged or extinguish.

The absence of a wall behind the speaker makes the sound more transparent, more voluminous. but more flat and quiet. The holes can both take off the sound of excessive pressure and extinguish unwanted frequencies. Ambeshurs not only isolated from external noise. They create an isolated volume of air for the circulation of sound waves: they can reflect, can extinguish.

What and how affects the sound, now approximately clear. Let’s try to make out the main methods of improvements. Will work with any invoices, the sound will change in the right direction.

How to increase bass in headphones on PC

Increase low frequencies in headphones when listening from PC can be described in the same way. All methods are suitable, consider the features:

Make Your Android Bluetooth Audio Volume LOUDER

  • Equalizer in the player. We find it, select a pre.installation with raised bass and \ or adjust it yourself.
  • System tinctures. You can configure the equalizer at the system level. then changes from it will apply to all sounds (systemic and from any program). To do this, just go into the sound settings (on Windows 10: with the right button “speaker” in the watch. open the sound parameters. the sound control panel (in the right corner)), select the active sound device (dynamics), go to the “improvement” tab and enable and turn on equalizer. In addition, the other settings on this tab can also affect the bass. experiment. 2.1 system settings can also be changed in the application for your sound card. Even for chips from Realtek there is an application. There is both an equalizer and other settings. In addition, a set of functions that is in the system settings, as described above, depends on her. Often there is a separate point “Bass Boost”, in this case it should also activate it.
  • Buying a good sound card or amplifier. The better the source, the better the sound, including the bass. And “tools” for configuration (physical and software ”are becoming larger.

How to increase bass on the phone. Android and iPhone

Increase the bass in headphones when listening from the iPhone or phone on Android can be described in the main instructions above. You can only make a couple of clarifications:

  • Equalizer. In the player or systematic. This is the easiest and most effective way to add (“increase”) bass in headphones on Android and iPhone. In each application-player there is almost certainly an equalizer, in addition, there are separate programs. All this is analyzed in detail in the corresponding article. There are also examples of applications. one.1 on Android equalizer can be found in sound settings. However, it all depends on the version and shell. Sometimes it may not be at all.

one.2 on the iPhone can be increased by equalizer can also be through system settings. Naturally, this will help increase the bass in Airpods and any other headphones.

  • Buying an amplifier for an Android or iPhone phone can also improve bass in headphones. Most modern portable amplifiers are connected via USB and take on not only strengthening, but also digital-analysis sound transformation, as they have “on board” DAC. Thus, you get a “sandwich”: a phonothek on the phone, all sound processing in an amplifier.

Of course, if you plan to purchase an amplifier for your iPhone, note that it can connect via Lightning. Or buy a quality adapter.

Check restrictions on the general level or volume if the sound is quiet

If the headphones are still playing quietly, you need to check the system settings of the volume at the source. Perhaps restrictions on the general level or volume of a particular application are set. Also, in the case of a computer, you can try to reinstall the drivers.

In Android phones often there is a systemic restriction of the volume to protect hearing. Usually the system warns about this. For confidence, we go to the settings and check this moment.

Check the connector in wired headphones

If the headphones are wired, then the inserted connector is not the cause of a quiet sound. In addition, a breakdown can be in the plug itself or further along the wire. Either in the source connector (the contacts have departed, “shattered”, etc. D.). If there are suspicions that the malfunction is physical, but the initial check did not give anything, we go to paragraph 7.

Perhaps the problem is in the speakers themselves. Pollution (paragraph 5) or malfunction (wear, marriage). If this is wear or marriage, then it is better to contact the service center right away.


Hardware problems

These problems can very rarely be fixed manually, The breakdown is associated with the components and the physical condition of the phone. The smartphone may not connect to the headset due to its careless use.

Negligence is understood to mean the frequent use of the device with dirty hands, getting water and falling. You can quickly restore the performance of the headset if the device port is contaminated. Using a match, you can remove all available garbage.

How to understand why the sound in one headphone is quieter than in the other?

A few important points on which I recommend walking before applying any solutions from this article.

  • If the headphones fell, moisture fell into them, you left them somewhere in the cold, or something else, then this may cause one headphone to play quieter. Or the volume in both headphones has become less. In this case, it will not be easy to solve the problem yourself. You can try to dry them. Disassemble, check the contacts and clean, but as a rule, this all ends with the purchase of new headphones. Or repair in the service center, if it is some headphone from a normal manufacturer.
  • To exclude the software problem (with volume settings in the left and right headphones). You can simply connect them to another device. This applies to both wireless and wired headphones. If the sound is normal on another device, then you need to check the balance on the phone or computer from which the headphones play quieter. I’ll tell you about this in more detail.
  • If the headphones are no longer new, you use them of frequencies, then the cause of poor sound is most likely a contaminated mesh. This is the most popular reason.
  • Give these headphones to listen to someone else. Maybe you just think that the volume is not the same in the right and left headphone, or there are some problems with hearing.

We check the sound balance settings between the right and left headphone

As I wrote above, a volume balance between the right and left channel can be shot down. In Windows settings, on phones, there are such settings. But this happens very rarely. If you find out (by connecting headphones to another device). that the problem is precisely this, then you need to check and adjust these settings on the device on which problems are observed.

Tip: if there are hardware problems with the volume of sound on one headphone and it does not work to fix it, then using the balance on the device you can align the sound. Make the volume of the same in both headphones.

Windows 10

Connect the headphones to the computer. Press the right mouse button on the sound icon in the tray and select “Open the volume mixer”. Then click on the “headphones”. In the new window, go to the “Levels” tab and click on the “Balance” button.

Put the same balance for the left and right headphones.


On phones with Android, you can configure the sound balance in the “Special. Opportunities “in the settings. There should be a point “Hearing”, where you can configure the balance between the left and right channel.

Customize your sound with My JBL Headphones App | JBL Tune 230NC TWS

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

On the iPhone, you can configure the volume balance between the left and right channel in the settings, in the section “Universal Access”. “Audiovisualization”.

increase, volume, headphones

Just move the slider to the left or right side.

Why is one wireless headphone playing quieter?

All headphones that are inserted into the ear suffer from pollution of ear sulfur. This is especially true for (vacuum) headphones. The speaker itself inside the headphone itself is closed with a small mesh, which over time is clogged with ear gray and because of this the sound in the headphones becomes quieter.

increase, volume, headphones

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Through the functionality of the engineering menu

This method is suitable for advanced users who, in case of failure, will be able to return all standard settings back. But! Each model has its own commands to call this special settings menu:

After the set and pressing the Valin button, you fall into the engineering menu, where you can adjust the necessary parameters.

increase, volume, headphones

There are other parameters, but it is better not to touch them at all:

Each of these modes has its own thin settings, and to understand what’s what, we give a standard list of sound adjustment:

Tips: Before changing standard settings, write down all the values ​​on a piece of paper. this may come in handy if you overdue and put the wrong parameter, for example, too low reproduction of sounds.


For many users, when recording video, the sound is incorrect, that is, either too quiet or loud. To fix this, we go to the engineering menu, a set of commands for your smartphone (see. above):

Ways to eliminate the problem

Important. Only the result of diagnosis of the cause of the problem with sounding can suggest what to do if one headphone plays quieter than the other.


The ear sulfur and dust gradually clogs the metal nets of outpatules, the conductivity of sound waves decreases. In such conditions, headphones will inevitably work quieter.

They noticed that one headphone noticeably began to play quieter than the other, and the sound production has become worse, it is time to start removing pollution.

  • Gently remove foam nozzles from the “ears”;
  • Pour alcohol or hydrogen peroxide into a small container;
  • Gently immerse the grid part of the headset in the product, fix the clothespin, trying to so that the liquid does not get into the speakers;
  • Leave the accessory immersed in the product for 10-15 minutes;
  • take out the headphones and let it dry for a couple of hours by hanging or putting down on a napkin;
  • Remove the remaining dirt with a napkin, holding the “ears” with mesh down;
  • Return the ear nozzles to the place.

Check the sound. If the sound has become better, then the problem was in excessive clogging of the sound channel.

The wires are damaged

In a wired headset, one headphone plays quieter than another?. Inspect carefully connecting wires for the presence of places of excesses and the exposure of braids. Pay special attention to the places at the plug and outpatients. If there are damage to the wire, it is likely that the reason that one of the liners began to sound quieter in poor condition of the wiring.

With certain skills and skills, the malfunction is eliminated independently. You can contact a specialist.

Connection problems

The headset operating using wireless technology has a problem like: Left headphone plays the right one or vice versa or can be associated with software failures when connecting via Bluetooth. The wiring accessory has a volume imbalance when connecting, it is possible due to a loose placement of the plug in the nest. In this case, one headphone can play louder than another.

The failure of the correct connection of headphones to the sound source is eliminated. In the first case, you need to drop a crooked connection and synchronize by the new. In the second option, the plug in the nest should be corrected.

Increase in headphones on android

When the user does not suit a quiet sound in headphones when listening to musical compositions, or on the contrary, the volume level seems too high, you have to adjust the volume. The owner of the Android smartphone is available the following ways:

  • Volume.
  • Through an external enhancer for headphones.
  • By adjusting system files.
  • Android smartphone.

Interesting. Separate wired models of headphones can be equipped with their own volume control located at the junction of the right and left channels. On expensive wireless accessories, manufacturers integrate the function of voice control of sound intensity.

Sound strengthening applications

With the help of smartphones based on Android OS, you can expand the possibilities of managing sound reproduction. Through an additional installed program for the user, control over the volume of the speakers and microphone is simplified. And also additional settings are available: strengthening sound frequencies if they play in the Bluetooth headset quiet. As an example, the leaders of the segment of software regulators of sound production on Google Play: Volume Booster applications, sound amplifier from Feniksenia.

Headphone Amplifier

When listening to music through a wired headset, an external enhancing device can be used to enhance sound. The amplifier through the headset connects to the Android smartphone. If you want to purchase an amplifier, you can in stores specializing in the sale of equipment. Wireless headphones will not be able to use sound with an external amplifier.

Changing system files

In order to finely configure sound production, an advanced user can take the ability to change system files on the phone. It is used when the sound transmitted through the headphones becomes quiet, and the standard volume control methods do not work as it should.

The complexity of the method is that it is necessary to clearly understand how to perform the following manipulations with the rights of the root:

  • Using a conductor with a route (installed in advance), you need to find and open a system file/system/etc/mixed_paths.XML.
  • Go through the search engine to go to the PATH NAME = “Speaker” unit and remember the numerical parameter value.
  • Next, you should return to the beginning of the file, find the line CTL NAME = “RX Digital Volume” and set the parameter value mentioned above.
  • Similarly, replace numerical values ​​in the file lines Ctl Name = “HPHL” and CTL NAME = “HPHR”.

The staff of the phone

Android provides standard sound control products through speaker or headphones. On the side panel of the gadget case there is a physical button “swing”, pressing on which it opens a jackal on the screen of a smartphone so that the sound can be made quieter or louder.

Through the device settings menu, you can adjust the volume of sound signals for calls, melodies, alarm and multimedia.