In ear gaming earphones. 10 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2023

Best Gaming Earbuds in 2023

Gamers have special requirements. Be it the computer they play the games on or the chair they sit on. Everything has to be designed to take the extra pressure of gaming. So wouldn’t the same rule apply to earbuds and headphones as well? Yes, as a gamer, you need the best gaming earbuds for an immersive gaming experience.

While a section of gamers swear over-the-ear or on-ear headphones and headsets are the best, the others love in-ear headphones or earbuds. Some only want the most expensive gaming headsets.

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Earbuds are lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to use. They hardly consume any space, right? And some also come with built-in microphones. So what are the best gaming earbuds in 2023? How do we pick and choose the best from the rest? We’ve done profound work on your behalf and listed the 10 best gaming earbuds available in the market. We’ve also got a buying guide and FAQs to provide you with more information. Let’s not wait any longer.

Roundup of the Best Gaming Earbuds

How to Find the Best Gaming Earbuds – Buying Guide

Earbuds come in different sizes, shapes, and models. You can get wired and wireless models. Some are suitable for small ears, while others are compatible with different ear sizes. Some earbuds cost a bomb, and a few models are available for less than 50. Knowing what factors affect the performance of the earbuds will help you make an informed decision.

The following are 8 important factors to consider when buying gaming earbuds:

Compatibility with Different Platforms

Do you play games on mobile phones? Do you prefer computers instead? Or, are you a fan of Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch? Depending on the games you prefer, you will need earbuds that are compatible with the respective platform. We’ve listed some of the best gaming earbuds for Xbox Series X below. Check them out along with other models to get a better idea.

Style and Design

Gaming earbuds are usually sleek, trendy, and stylish. Some models are super cute, while others FOCUS more on comfort. However, make sure to invest in earbuds that have silicone ear tips and are made of quality materials. Metal earbuds are quite popular for being stylish and lightweight.


As much as style is important, comfort is even more crucial. How long do you use the earbuds at a stretch? What do other users say about the comfort provided by the earbuds you like? Do they come with ear tips in different sizes?

Noise Isolation vs. Noise Cancelation

Noise isolation seals off the ear canal (through ear tips) and prevents the outside noise from disturbing you. These earbuds are cheaper than the noise cancelation models.

Noise-canceling earbuds have another dedicated mic that listens to ambient noise and cancels it to provide a disturbance-free sound.

Budget Limitations

You can find gaming earbuds for less than 20 or more than 300 and in between. Of course, the quality and features will be different, but then there is only so much a company can provide for what we pay.


A driver is a device inside the earbud that lets you listen to the sounds. A bigger driver or a dual driver is going to provide better sound quality.

Sound Profile

In simple terms, the sound profile is the bass and treble quality of the earbuds. We have listed models that have been designed for bass in case that’s where your taste lies. The best gaming earbuds would be ones with a balanced bass and treble ratio. This will result in clear and precise sounds.

Wired vs. Wireless

Both models have their advantages. Bluetooth connection can be easy and hassle-free, but you cannot use wireless earbuds on the flight. You also don’t run the risk of ending up with a low battery. Of course, you can connect other wireless earbuds to your iPhone, apart from Airpods. Similarly, wired earbuds cannot be compatible with all devices. The wires can get tangled or possibly too short for you. The best way to decide would be to go with your preference.

Benefits of Gaming Earbuds

Here are 5 key benefits of using the best gaming earbuds:

  • The gaming earbuds are easy to carry, as they are small and compact.
  • The price range is wide enough that every gamer can find a favorite model within their budget.
  • Gamers who like to play on the go prefer earbuds rather than bulky headphones.
  • Earbuds are stylish and trendy.
  • Earbuds offer total immersion of the audio for better sound clarity.

Best Gaming Earbuds for an Immersive Gaming Experience

Short on time? Check this quick video covering our top 5 picks.

Let’s look at the detailed reviews of the 10 best gaming earbuds on the market right now:

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Best Gaming Earbuds for Mobile Gaming

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Comes with three interchangeable tips – small, medium, and large
  • Great sound clarity
  • Universally compatible earbuds
  • Comes with a detachable microphone
  • Portable and affordable
  • Not true wireless

Turtle Beach Battle Buds are great for making phone calls and gaming. Yeah, these are versatile and offer good value for the price. Here’s what we love about these earbuds:

Firstly, the audio clarity is good. The sound of footsteps and pings from the guns (in the games) is precise and easily audible, just like the music notes if you are listening to your favorite song.

Using IEMs for Gaming — My Experience

Secondly, these portable and lightweight earbuds come with an inline controller right on the device. You can adjust the volume, mute the mic, and use the multifunction support button with ease. To conclude, Turtle Beach Battle Buds are the best gaming earbuds for mobile gaming, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo. They are universally compatible with multiple platforms.

View on Amazon: Turtle Beach Battle Buds

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

Best Gaming Earbuds for PC, Laptops and Tablets

  • Made of metal – durable and reliable
  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Good finish
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Come with multiple ear tips
  • Come with a carrying case
  • Intelligent control technology
  • Certified by THX
  • Tuned by a Grammy winning engineer
  • Perfect for gifting; luxurious packing
  • Prone to getting tangled

The Triple Driver earphones by 1MORE are great for people who own multiple devices and like to use earphones with a wire. It offers quite a lot, considering we get them for much less than 100.

Firstly, the earphones are made of metal. The aluminum finish gives them a classy look. The multi-sized silicone ear tips ensure a tight seal when you fit the earbuds into your ears. All in all, these earbuds come with 6 sets of silicone ear tips and 3 sets of foam ear tips. Also, the ear tips are fitted at an oblique angle to ensure fit perfectly in your ears.

Secondly, the sound quality of these gaming earbuds is excellent. After all, they comprise 3 drivers: 2 balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. They deliver powerful bass. The lows, mids, and highs are clear and precise.

Thirdly, the control panel/ module is in a convenient place and easy to operate. The buttons are defined and separate so that you don’t end up pressing one instead of another.

To conclude, 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones are good-looking earbuds that offer good clarity of sound (with decent bass) and are durable enough to last for a long time. We tested them on a Windows PC and laptop, and they worked perfectly.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

Gaming Earbuds With Best Bass

  • Affordable earbuds
  • Loud sound – Perfect for bass lovers
  • Come with four sets of ear tips with different sizes – XS, S, M, and L
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Well-built and reliable
  • Excellent call quality
  • Great audio quality
  • Available in three colors
  • Perfect for Android users
  • Not water-resistant
  • Cannot be used wirelessly
  • The heavy bass is not for everyone

Sony has always been a popular brand, especially when it comes to creating earphones for music lovers. MSRXB50AP is no exception either. Even gamers are going to love this model for the price and convenience of use the earbuds offer.

Firstly, despite the large size, the earbuds don’t weigh much. They also sit comfortably in the ears, even if the other end pokes out a bit. The drivers are 12mm in size and hence, demand a bigger casing.

Secondly, the earbuds provide a tight fit; given you choose the right size of the ear tips. The noise isolation is above average (considering the price we pay for the earbuds).

Thirdly, these gaming earbuds comprise a 1/8-inch TRRS audio cable with an inline remote microphone that’s compatible with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one controllers. They will also be microphone and audio compatible with PCs if you have a headset adapter or a 3-pin audio jack like on most tablets, laptops and phones.

To conclude, Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds are tangle-free, lightweight, durable, and affordable earbuds that are great for both gamers and music lovers.

FlydigiCyberfox T1 True Wireless Bluetooth 60ms Low Latency Gaming Earbuds

Best Gaming Earbuds for FPS Games

  • Water-resistant earbuds
  • 60 ms low latency
  • Game/music dual mode
  • Reliable and long-range Bluetooth connection
  • 16mm active drivers for clear sound
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Looks great – futuristic design
  • Long battery life
  • Perfect for PUBG and other FPS games
  • Doesn’t perform well when the battery is low

The Cyberfox T1 wireless earbuds by Flydigi come in two colors (grey and black) and three differently-sized ear tips. The earbuds deliver the best results for mobile gaming on PUBG, CODM, etc.

Firstly, the Cyberfox T1 wireless earbuds have been designed exclusively for gamers and provide a unique and wonderful gaming experience for those who play on their mobile phones. The earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Secondly, earbuds are sweat and water-resistant. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t have to worry about their performance not only during an intense game but also when you are running or working out in the gym.

Thirdly, these earbuds have the lowest latency (60 ms) for mobile gaming. Therefore, they are one of the fastest and most reliable true wireless gaming earbuds in terms of connectivity. You can easily pair the earbuds with each other.

In conclusion, FlydigiCyberfox T1 True Wireless Bluetooth 60ms Low Latency Gaming Earbuds are one of the best gaming earbuds for FPS, with a battery life of up to 16 hours.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds

Best Noise-Canceling Gaming Earbuds for Mobile and PC

  • Great sound quality
  • Advanced hybrid active noise cancelation
  • Certified by THX
  • Come with an in-app equalizer
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Customizable touch controls
  • Reliable Bluetooth 5.1 connection
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Balanced soundstage
  • Not compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Razer Hammerhead has created these gaming earbuds similar to the Apple Airpods Pro design. The in-ear fitting is highly comfortable and provides great sound quality. What else do we like about this model?

Firstly, the noise cancelation earbuds offer a 60ms latency, which attracts many gamers. These earbuds are wonderful for streamers, as there is no audio-visual lag. The sync is perfect.

Secondly, the earbuds are rated by IPX4 as water-resistant and durable. This makes them a worthy choice for not only gamers but also athletes.

Lastly, other outstanding features of the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds are the “Gaming Mode” and the “Quick Attention Mode.” The former enhances the performance of the earbuds during highly competitive games, minimizes connection-related latency, and improves the audio-video synchronization. The latter allows you to listen to outside noise when traveling or talking to people around you.

In conclusion, Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds are one of the best gaming earbuds and quite famous among the gamers for the ANC feature and a comfortable fit in the ear canal. They don’t fall out easily; so the next time you win a tense game, you can jump or dance without worrying about these earbuds falling out.

Also, these earbuds provide you with almost 18-20 hours of battery life with the charging case. Since these earbuds are Bluetooth-enabled, they are not compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

MINDBEAST Super Bass 90%-Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone

Best Gaming Earbuds for Xbox One

  • 135-degree easy plug-in
  • Three sets of ear tips– small, medium, and large
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Durable and compact
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Easily affordable price
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Waterproof and dirt-proof carry case
  • We did not experience any issues with these earbuds

Mindbeast has designed earbuds that are great for gamers, athletes, travelers, and kids. Yes, these are some truly versatile earbuds available in the market. Here’s what we liked about them.

Firstly, the earbuds are lightweight and come in a comfortable carrying case. They snugly fit men, women, and kids, thanks to the differently sized ear tips that come with the set. These tornado-shaped earbuds look stylish for gaming.

Secondly, the sweat-proof technology keeps them safe even when you use the earbuds for long hours in sweaty conditions.

Thirdly, the sound clarity is amazing due to the noise isolation feature. Also, these earbuds comprise a powerful driver that delivers strong bass.

To conclude, MINDBEAST Super Bass 90%-Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone are one of the best gaming earbuds for Xbox One with their powerful noise isolation feature and high-quality bass. Not only this but they are also compatible with other gaming devices and platforms, such as Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Google mobile.

XIBERIA W3 True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds with Mic

Best True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

  • 50ms low latency
  • The bar-like shape of the earbuds ensure a secure fit
  • Multi-use charging case
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • Support Bluetooth 5.0
  • Affordable
  • Ultra-lightweight model
  • Quick one-step pairing
  • Good battery life
  • We did not experience any issues with these earbuds

The XIBERIA W3 True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds with mic are yet another wireless Bluetooth earbuds that have been designed for gamers and athletes alike. The company promotes them as pro-level gaming earbuds, and we do have to agree with the claim.

Firstly, the earbuds are water-resistant and have a unique design so that they comfortably sit in your ear canal. They come with two extra pairs of ear tips, apart from the one pair that’s already on the earbuds.

gaming, earphones, best, earbuds

Secondly, the one-step pairing lets you connect them to your phone instantly. Though the charging box is a little big, it makes for a great phone stand so that you watch movies and videos without holding the phone in your hands.

Thirdly, these earbuds deliver 7.1 surround sound

To conclude, XIBERIA W3 True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds with Mic are ultra-lightweight and offer low latency (50ms) that’s suitable for gamers, especially for FPS. These earbuds instantly connected with one another when removed from the case. They are comfortable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing.

Razer Hammerhead Duo Wired Earbuds

Most Durable Gaming Earbuds

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Small and lightweight earbuds
  • 4-feet long cord for easy movement when playing
  • Easily affordable price
  • 3 sets of ear tips for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Convenient in-line controls
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Can only be used as wired earbuds

We have another Razer Hammerhead model on our list. The duo-wired earbuds are known for their compatibility with various systems. The sound quality is decent, which makes this model attractive to non-gamers as well.

Firstly, the earbuds are made of aluminum and are a lightweight model. However, they are extremely durable. We were really impressed by the durable construction of these earbuds. The braided cable and aluminum frame enhance the durability of these headphones.

Each earbud has a dual-drive unit – one deals with the bass while the other works on mids and treble. That results in a clear and precise output.

Secondly, the earbuds may seem like they don’t have much to offer compared to other Razer Hammerhead models but they are small and comfortable enough for routine use. It might take a while to find the right fit (position) for your ears, but once done, you’ll love these earbuds.

I Found the Best EARBUDS for Gaming!

To conclude, Razer Hammerhead Duo Wired Earbuds are budget-friendly earbuds for gamers who don’t want to invest in expensive models.

BlueFire 3.5 MM Wired Gaming Earphone

Best Gaming Earbuds for PlayStation 4

gaming, earphones, best, earbuds
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Long, flexible and 120-degree rotatable mic
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Noise-isolating
  • Great call quality
  • Suitable for clear communication while playing
  • Excellent audio quality and bass
  • 3 pairs of ear tips for a perfect fit
  • Available in 3 colors
  • You need an extra Microsoft adapter to connect these gaming earbuds with the older version of Xbox One

Who doesn’t want to buy gaming earbuds for a cheap price? And when BlueFire 3.5 MM promised decent sound quality, many gamers were excited to try this model, and so were we.

Firstly, the earbuds are compatible with PlayStation 4, Switch, and other gadgets. You can play your game on more than one system. While the microphone is not that good, the drivers in the earbuds are good at noise isolation and deliver quality and clear sound.

Secondly, the 7 feet cable makes it easy to sit comfortably when playing games. The earbuds have a compact design and fit well for most people.

In conclusion, BlueFire 3.5 MM Wired Gaming Earphones are one of the best gaming earbuds for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, laptops, mobile phones, and computers.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Most Comfortable Gaming Earbuds

  • Great design and a good fit
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Crisp and crunchy bass; not too overpowering
  • Available in two variants – one for Android and the other for Apple (QC20i)
  • Lithium battery with up to 16 hours of life
  • 2 hours charging time
  • Comes with three sets of ear tips– small, medium, and large
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Value for money
  • Short cable

Do we even have to say anything about Bose? It is one of the market leaders for a reason. The QuietComfort20 earbuds are just as good as we expect a product from Bose to be. In fact, they are one of the best Bose headphones on the market.

Firstly, the noise cancellation is just amazing. The design of the earbuds is such that the ear tips sit well in the ear canal while the wings fit the cup of the out ear. This allows you to use the earbuds for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. As the name suggest, they’re the most comfortable gaming earbuds on the market right now.

Secondly, the control module is easily accessible and made of quality materials. The earbuds are reliable and durable.

To conclude, Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are high-end gaming earbuds that deliver what they promise and are comfortable to use even for long durations. They compatible with all platforms; Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Switch and PC.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gaming Earbuds

Well, both earbuds and headphones have their advantages and disadvantages. With earbuds, you don’t need to struggle with annoying wires and they are lightweight. Therefore, they allow you to FOCUS better on your games. However, we suggest you choose what suits you the best. Earbuds are good for gaming given you pick the ones crafted with precision.

This depends a lot on the voice of the game the professional is playing. Razer Hammerhead is one company many pro gamers prefer when it comes to earbuds. Bose QuietComfort (for noise cancellation) and Sony are two other brands leading the list.

The earbuds fit in the ear canal and deliver the sounds straight into their ears. Some pro gamers prefer this, as it reduces the chances of outside noise disturbing (noise isolation) them during the game. Pro gamers know good-quality gaming earbuds can improve their performance because of the quality features the earbuds offer.

Apple earbuds are the epitome of great quality. Though the wireless Apple earbuds don’t always connect to Android devices and computers, they still are compatible and can be used. You can connect the Airpods to Playstation and enjoy your game. However, when it comes to core gaming, you can get better options than Apple.

Streamers use earbuds to listen to the actual sounds from the game. The earbuds isolate the noise and deliver clear sounds right into the ear canal. These devices look cool and classy and minimize external disturbances while streaming.

Of course, they are good enough to play PUBG. The game needs a high-quality surround effect to know where your enemy is approaching from, and Airpods are efficient in proving it.


Our list of the best gaming earbuds in 2023 includes a wide range of models and brands suitable for all kinds of gamers. However, if you would like us to recommend a model, we suggest going for Turtle Beach Battle Buds. These are affordable, lightweight, compatible with various platforms, and worth the price you pay for them.

That said, it’s up to you to decide which model of gaming earbuds is more suitable for your gaming requirements and budget. Take your time, compare the different brands, and make the right decision.If you’ve got any queries or questions, drop them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Best Gaming Earbuds 2023 – Noise Canceling, Microphone, and

Many people prefer earbuds over larger over-ear (or on-ear) headphones, and while some audio snobs might look down upon such a preference, we don’t blame you; nor do we judge you. Earbuds are lighter, more portable, offer excellent noise isolation, and these days can even produce very comparable sound quality to the huge cans that some people walk around with.

If you’re a gamer who prefers the portability and noise isolation provided by in-ear audio with perfectly fitting war tips, then you’ve probably tried looking for the best gaming earbuds and found that there aren’t many options. We feel your pain and come to you with answers. Below are reviews of our best picks for gaming earbuds as well as a short guide to help you pick the right ones for you.

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Products at a Glance

Koss ‘The Plug’ In-Ear Headphones

How we picked

When narrowing down the wide selection of wireless earbuds on the market today we aimed to consider three key aspects; battery life, types of gaming earbuds, and wireless range. We believe that these three factors separate the best from the rest, especially when we are looking for a set of earbuds that will truly stand out in the heat of a tense gaming battle or even if you are simply looking for the best tech for a great night out!

Let’s find the best earbuds for gaming

So to find out what PC Guide believes to be the best earbuds for gaming, pop in your best noise cancelling ear-wear directly into the old ear canal so nobody disturbs you, and then join us on our deep dive into the subject.

Best Gaming Earbuds 2023 – Noise Canceling, Microphone, and

Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose was not trying to deceive anyone when they came up with the name for the Bose QuietComfort 20. These really are the two words that best describe the experience of using these earbuds.

Before the release of the QuietComfort line of headphones, Bose had been manufacturing audio equipment for a couple of decades. One day, however, while on an airline flight, Amar Bose himself began to scribble down the formulas for how to cancel out noise on the back of a napkin (this is not a myth, this is actually how they were invented). Roughly eight years later, in 1989, the first noise-canceling headphones were brought to market.

In 2013, Bose added another achievement to their illustrious legacy when the QuietComfort 20 became the first pair of active noise-canceling earbuds making them the best in-ear gaming headphones for those who often find themselves in noisy environments. In addition to the serene bubble of peace they can provide, the comfort is hard to parallel thanks to the carefully designed StayHear tips.

These tips are made of soft silicone, which means they are just as comfortable after 3 hours of listening as the moment you put them in. The shape of the tips also helps them stay snuggly in your ear while active and blocks out more noise than standard earbuds.

As for audio quality, it is what you’d expect of a company that has been at the cutting edge of acoustics for over 50 years. Bose tends to have a very neutral tuning, and these earbuds are no different with rich bass, surprisingly pronounced mids, and incredibly clear highs. These Bose earbuds have absolutely no distortion even at very high volumes and will amaze anyone you let try them.

If you are planning on a little wireless gaming then without a doubt, these are the best earbuds you can plug into the side of your head for the money.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth

  • Good value for money
  • Gaming microphone
  • Excellent build quality
  • Low sound leakage

If you are looking for the best gaming earbuds for PC, then this option is for you. Razer is a crowd favourite when it comes to gaming peripherals and these earbuds are no exception.

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds have a very sleek design and come with a charging case that can hold around three full charges.

They also feature touch functionality allowing you to accept/end calls, pause/play music and skip tracks among others.

When it comes to the sound quality, these come in around average compared to over-the-ear headphones but are still pretty decent considering their low price tag.

Unfortunately, the quality of the built-in microphone isn’t amazing but definitely not bad. For a mid-range earbud though, this is a pretty good option.

Koss ‘The Plug’ In-Ear Headphones

Next, we have the best pair of cheap gaming earbuds on the market, The Plug from Koss. These earbuds are the most affordable on our list, but even some audio snobs would probably be fooled.

They come with conformal foam ear tips that offer a super comfortable and very noise-isolating fit. The sound is better than we anticipated especially in the low range with powerful bass for all the hip-hop heads and EDM fanatics. Unfortunately, however, these do not have a mic relinquishing them to mainly single-player or non-teamwork-oriented games.

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear (iOS version) – Black Red

Sennheiser is a name that will not be new to those who have shopped for audio equipment before. Sennheiser has an illustrious history making recording and audio equipment ranging from consumer-level to professional recording studios.

The Sennheiser Momentum line is a family of products Sennheiser designed for, “people with momentum”, while this is definitely self-aggrandizing advertisement talk, what this basically boils down to, people who have stuff to do and would like more features than just good audio, rings true. Sennheiser delivered just that with these Momentum in-ears by incorporating a number of quality of life improvements over previous earbuds they have produced.

For gamers, the presence of a surprisingly decent microphone is a huge boon. It might not be as good as a desktop mic, but it lets you communicate clearly with your team. These also have a naturally favorable tuning for use as an in-ear gaming headset with similar treble and bass presence to the Razer Hammerhead Pros.

The thing that really irked us about these earphones is that the in-line controls are not cross-compatible with iOS and Android devices. While this is fine for some and all you need to do is make sure you’re getting the right version on the Amazon listing, it makes it difficult for those who might share headphones or change phones often.

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earbuds

1MORE is a brand that many don’t necessarily know but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce some stellar wireless earbuds. The Piston Fit wireless earbuds’ design doesn’t jump out as revolutionary and they aren’t true wireless, but that enables them to have a slightly better battery life off a single charge and appeal to those sport users that little bit more. Looking at that battery life we can see that you’ll receive 8 hours of playback, 200 hours on standby, and an impressive 1-hour wait to get them back to full charge. Moving to Bluetooth connectivity, they use 5.0 architecture with the 1MORE triple driver providing 10 meters of range, allowing you to leave your device indoors when doing some outdoor activities. It also means you’ll receive faster transmission speeds and a more stable connection overall. Looking at the durability, we can see that 1MORE has included IPX4 water resistance to ensure resilience from outdoor conditions and long workouts as well as a plethora of earbud tips in case your either break them or lose them out and about.

These wireless earbuds actually come in at the lower end in terms of cost compared to the other picks so I’m sure you’ll be wondering if they compete in terms of sound quality. Thankfully, 1MORE has not skimped on this aspect. They brought in Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi to created a well-tuned and precise sound stage in conjunction with 10mm dynamic drivers, producing some really high-quality sound that’s true to how artists intended. You’ll be able to listen to some deep base as well as the smaller, detailed notes in crystal-clear fashion pushing these wireless earbuds to the top of the field. All in all, it’s quite easy to see why we’ve selected the 1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earbuds as our best overall wireless earbuds under 50, they boast brilliant sound quality, impressive battery life, and overall durability that enables you to use them no matter what you’re doing. You can use these in the rain while working out, and customize them with the array of ear tips that get bundled in.

How To Pick The Best Gaming Earbuds For Your Needs

Now that we’ve covered our top picks for the ten best gaming earbuds, you probably still have a lot of questions. We’ll start by looking at some key terms and finish up by selecting a few winners in some key areas.

Audiophile Lexicon

  • Frequency Response: In short, frequency response is the range of frequencies that a given pair of earbuds can hit. Human hearing is generally limited to around 20Hz to 20kHz which is the frequency response that most earbuds have. Going higher and lower than this though allows for more true sounds to be produced within the range of human hearing.
  • Active Noise Canceling: Noise-cancelling and the next term we are going to look at, noise isolating, are often confused (even some of the Amazon listings for audio products can get them mixed up). Noise-cancelling, or ANC, is when the earbuds themselves produce a “negative” version of ambient noise to literally cancel out the sound waves of ambient noise around you. This is an active process that requires a lot of technology to detect and cancel the noise with an opposite wave.
  • Noise Isolation: Noise isolation, unlike noise canceling, is entirely passive. This term only refers to the ability of a pair of earphones to block out outside noise with things such as sound insulated housing and foam ear tips to block out more noise. In this way, you can basically think of all over-the-ear headphones as providing some amount of noise isolation.
  • In-line Controls / Mic: When earbuds have an “in-line” microphone or in-line controls, it means they are attached at some point to the cable. In-line microphones are common on earbuds but often pick up unwanted sound when they rub against shirts or other nearby things.

Boom mic: Two of the earbuds on our list actually have detachable boom mics. This is the style of microphone found on headsets that extends from the earbud to directly in front of your mouth for the most focused

Top Picks

  • Noise Cancelling: If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that will offer you a bubble of solitude in today’s busy world, then nothing beats the Bose QuietComfort 20. Bose invented noise canceling technology and remains the leader in the field today.
  • Sound Quality: This category can go one of two ways. If you’re looking for the best earphones that are specifically tuned for the kinds of sounds most often found in gaming, the Razer Hammerhead Pro is at the top of our list with punchy bass and crisp highs. If you want more direct audio for listening to or even mastering music or just out and out audio quality with a comfortable fit, then the Bose set is a fantastic choice.
  • Performance per Dollar: For those who want to get the most bang out of their buck there are a number of options on our list. If we had to pick one though, it would be the Edifier P270s since they are within almost anyone’s price range and offer very solid sound quality for the price along with a decent microphone. Some honorable mentions would be the Razer Hammerheads (certain models, the in-line 3.5mm model specifically) and the Somic G618 Pro for its Bluetooth wireless and boom mic.

Best Gaming Earbuds in 2023: Budget, Mid-range, Premium

In the wide world of video gaming accessories, over-ear headphones tend to be thought of as king. They are good for isolating the game’s sound into the player’s ears, and they tend to provide superb sound quality overall.

However, some players prefer in ear gaming headphones, also known as gaming earbuds. They tend to be much smaller, and as their name suggests, they are placed in the player’s ear. They have certain benefits and downsides, just like any accessory, and not all earbuds are created equal. It is important to tailor your earbud choice to your specific needs, and this article will help you do just that.

General tips for buying earbuds

There are a wide variety of considerations to make when looking at the vast selection of earbuds on the market. For the purposes of this article, however, let’s consider some of the upsides and downsides to earbuds.

On the upside, earbuds are small and lightweight, and they often carry a microphone built in for talking on the phone. Some have navigation buttons as well. Because they go directly in the user’s ears, they can provide a degree of isolation similar to that of over-ear headphones because of their location in the ear canal. Also, while it may seem trite, many people prefer earbuds because they do not get in the way of earrings or mess up the user’s hair during use.

On the downside, however, earbuds often do not have the sound quality that might be possessed by larger and bulkier headphones on the market. Some can be difficult to insert and remove, and the two-cable design that is inherent in even the best gaming earbuds can prove to be downsides.

Frequency response

One big consideration to make when buying headphones is a concept called frequency response. Frequency response is the measure of a headphone’s capability to reproduce the recorded frequencies equally. This means that the bass and treble should be on an even keel, with equal highs and lows. This is a theoretical measure, and it cannot be measured exactly. Frequency response is measured in a number beginning with the deepest bass frequency, the lower the better, and the second number refers to the highest frequency that a headphone is able to produce.

Sound profile

Certain headphones offer the unique ability to profile your ears by sensing your hearing ability and tailoring its sound according to a personalized listening experience that the headphone itself develops for you. This option is not for everyone, as you may not be able to afford such headphones, but a sound profile is something important to consider as a whole because knowing your sound profile can help choose headphones.

Noise-isolating versus noise-canceling

Noise-isolating headphones and noise-canceling headphones are two very different concepts, and they must be paid attention to when purchasing headphones at any price level.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones use a microphone to listen to incoming sound and create inverse waves fed into the headphone in order to cancel out the sound outside of them. Noise-canceling headphones tend to work best when they are tasked with canceling out the noise of a car or airplane engine. Voices don’t generally get filtered out, as they are at a frequency that noise-canceling headphones sometimes don’t detect or affect. Essentially, noise-canceling headphones simulate that you are sitting in a much quieter place.

Noise-isolating headphones

Noise-isolating headphones function differently. Noise-isolating headphones physically isolate the user from ambient noise. This is what in-ear and on-ear headphones often do. In-ear headphones such as earbuds can often create a good seal in the user’s ear, making their noise-isolating capabilities that much more heightened.

Now, without further ado, let’s run down the best gaming earphones on the market in 2022.

About this item

Pairing earphones shouldn’t be difficult and we made the Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds’ pairing process straightforward and effortless.

Simply take the earbuds out of the compact charging case and the earbuds will automatically enter discovery mode (both earbud’s led will start blinking blue and red). Once in discovery mode, take your smartphone or tablet and identify iLuv SG100 to connect with the earphones.

If your earbuds are already paired to your device, they will automatically reconnect whenever it’s taken out of the charging case.

Independent Transmission

Both Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds independently connect and transmit to the paired device which allows for either the Left or Right earbud to enter mono mode or stereo mode seamlessly.

Other true wireless earphones use a Parent-Child connection and are dependent on one another to complete signal transmission to the paired device. This type of connection prohibits seamless mono mode and often results in poor connection leading to constant disconnection.

Enjoy the Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds as mono or stereo mode anytime, anywhere without worrying about any disconnections.

Buttonless Touch Controls

The Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds features a sleek buttonless user interface which allows for simple yet functional controls. Earbud controls listed below:

  • Power (On): Hold touch area for 2 seconds
  • Power (Off): Hold touch area for 5 seconds
  • Calls (Answer/End): Tap touch area 2 times
  • Calls (Reject): Hold touch area for 2 seconds
  • Dual Mode (Game/Music): Tap touch area 3 times to toggle
  • Music (Play/Pause): Tap touch area 1 time
  • Music (Skip): Tap touch area 2 times; Left for previous and Right for next
  • Volume (Up/Down): Hold touch area; Left for decrease and Right for increase

Clear Crisp Dual Microphones

The Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds built-in microphones reduce wind noise, filter ambient noise, and transmit voice clearly in any noisy environment to ensure high quality clear crisp phone calls. Both earbuds are equipped with a high-performance MEMS mic, Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and Wideband Speech.

For Apple iPhone users, please note that calls will default to the smartphone. You can switch the call over to the earbuds by using the audio button on your phone call screen. For most Android smartphones, calls will default to the earbuds.

IPX6 Waterproof Protection

The Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds and portable charging case are both sealed with IPX6 rated protection for heavy rain and water splash resistance.

This level of resistance ensures that the earbuds and charging case can endure a minimum of three minutes of powerful jets spraying at least 100 liters of water per minute without water penetrating the hardware.

We got you covered! You’ll never have to worry again with accidental spills while playing your games.

What’s Included

Metal Forge TWS air, Charging case, 4 size eartips, USB C charging cable, User manual, Tip Card

Wireless Compatibility

The Metal Forge TWS Air earbuds are compatible with most gaming consoles and devices; such as the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Gaming PC Desktop, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android Device.

The cordless gaming earphones will pair to any gaming platform that has Bluetooth capabilities as well as any VIOP or Communication Software such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo, Raidcall, Curse, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Messenger and Twitch.

iPhone: iOS 10.0 or later. iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone X series, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S

Samsung phones: Android 5.0 or later. Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8. Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 5

RS Recommends: The Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Gaming On the Go

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If you’re a gamer, a headset might seem like the go-to choice to wear while playing. But earbuds have their advantages over headsets, both when you’re gaming on a PC or tablet at home, or while you’re on the go.

For starters, they’re generally more affordable and have plenty packed into their small size. These buds are designed with powerful drivers to produce deep bass, balanced mids and shimmering highs, with the goal of bringing out pure, crisp sound from your favorite games.

While some work better than others on different consoles and devices, a good pair of wireless buds should pair with pretty much everything that has Bluetooth. The built-in mic matters too, especially if you’ll be playing collaborative games with others.

Fit is another factor. Most buds will come with a few different options of rubber tips and grips, to find what best matches the shape of your ear. The better seal you can form, the more immersed you’ll be in the audio. And even if it fits perfectly while you’re sitting still, keep in mind that the more you’re talking and shouting (either at your teammates or at the game itself), a loose-fitting bud can fall out at the worst times if it isn’t in there securely.


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Along with forming a snug fit in your ears, ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is another big perk if you want to totally block out any distractions and FOCUS solely on the game. Most buds give you the option to switch it on or off, and the boost of decreased distractions is instantly noticeable. Some buds now even have a third hear-through option, where you can keep track of your surroundings via the bud’s microphones. This comes in handy to stay alert and safe while enjoying your game, particularly for mobile users outside and on the move.

These four pairs will deliver big sound directly to your ears, immersing you in the game and enjoying it on a whole new level.

Razer Hammerhead Gaming Earbuds (2nd Gen)

The Hammerheads’ sound is deep and satisfying, with strong 10mm drivers, and these can multi-task for music, exercise and calls throughout your day.

There’s a designated low latency game mode, which means you’ll face minimal lag times with your gaming audio while paired to a Bluetooth device.

These gaming earbuds also feature Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) to keep background noise low for a more immersive gaming experience and are powered by Razer Chroma RGB, which means you can customize the lighting on these buds to any color you want (with millions to choose from). We particularly loved this stand-out feature, as well as the upgraded battery life which went up to five hours on a single charge even with RGB lighting on — a big upgrade from their predecessor. Get more than 30 hours with the included charging case.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds

HyperX is known for its over-ear headphones but the brand just released its first-ever Bluetooth-compatible wireless buds.

The Cloud Mix Buds have Bluetooth built-in and also come with a USB-C dongle, allowing you to connect these buds to your smartphone, PC, Playstation 5 console and even your Nintendo Switch — I had no trouble connecting these earbuds to any of my devices. You won’t be able to use these wireless earbuds with Xbox though, so make sure to pick one of these wired gaming headphones instead.

Battery life is the best feature of the Cloud Mix Buds, lasting about 33 hours in total. I was able to game around two to three hours every day for a week without having these buds give out on me. That said, if you are using the low latency mode on these earbuds, prepare for battery life to drop faster.

The sound quality is pretty decent on HyperX’s new buds. Whether I was replaying Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or listening to some music on my smartphone, the 12mm drivers delivered bass and vocals that were both crisp and clear. There’s no noise cancellation mode though, but you can adjust the equalizer through the NGENUITY software app. Through the app, you can also modify what the touch controls do from playing or pausing your music to activating voice assistance.

The fit is quite comfortable, and you’ll get three sizes of silicone ear tips allowing you to customize your fit. I do suggest finding your fit before you take these buds on the go as otherwise, you may notice them falling quite easily out of your ears.

All in all, the Cloud Mix Buds deliver strong battery performance, decent audio quality, and quick connectivity, making them a strong choice for casual gamers.

Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Earbuds

If you were a fan of Jabra’s last generation, the 75t, these new ones prove that it’s only gotten better. The 85t features improved ANC that does an excellent job of reducing surrounding noise, as well as a hear-through mode to keep an ear on everything going on near you. But even without ANC, the oval-shaped ear tips do a nice job of securing the buds in while keeping unwanted sound out.

The case is conveniently compact and well-built, snapping shut tightly and providing a charge as well as an indicator light on the front. Unlike other cases, these can stand upright while charging, with the port on the back instead of the bottom. They can also charge wirelessly through Qi technology, which is super convenient instead of searching for the charging cable every time.

Three mics per bud, six total, pick up every nuance in your voice clearly. With ANC on, these last about 5.5 hours, or up to 25 with a fully charged case.

Once paired with a device (or two devices at one time, a refreshingly great feature), the Jabras pick up right where they left off, instantly connecting you back up as soon as you take them out of the case. You can also set your own EQ, along with other personalization options, in the free accompanying Sound app.

They’re rated IPX4 but probably best to keep these inside, and save the rainy-day jogging for the Jabra Active 75t.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

These gaming earbuds combine style, elegance and stellar noise-cancellation, built in mind for people always on the go. Since they also feature noise-rejecting microphones, your speech will sound loud and clear when you’re amidst a Fortnite tournament with your friends. You can also use these earbuds for more than just gaming — wear them on your daily run, trip to the grocery store, or while commuting to work. Since they’re IPX4 rated, they’ll be able to withstand light rain, sweaty workouts, or even the occasional accidental splash in your home.

The soft silicone fit is pretty comfortable, and they’re small enough to easily fit into your They also have 5.3 Bluetooth connectivity, staying connected even if the wearer is 30 feet away, which means you’ll never miss a beat, even while you multitask. You’ll also get six hours of battery life on a single charge, with enough juice in the charging case for an additional 18 hours of listening time.