Improving Camera Sound Quality In Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Improving Camera Sound Quality In Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Many users complain about the very poor sound quality when shooting with the Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Judging by the questions on the MIUI forum, this problem is also present in other Xiaomi Redmi phones of the 4th and 3rd series.

The thing is that by default noise reduction is turned on in the sound settings, and at the time of this writing, there is no switch in the MIUI interface to turn it off.

Already many owners of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A smartphone (and other models) have sent complaints to the developers about this bug, but the situation with the camera sound quality has not improved in the new MIUI firmware ( at the time of writing). Therefore, there are two options: wait and hope that in future versions of the firmware they will nevertheless fix this defect, or fix the bug yourself.

To disable noise reduction yourself, you need to edit the system files. To gain access to system files, you must first root the device.

For the convenience of making changes to system files, you can use any file manager that allows you to view and edit system files, but we will use the popular ES Explorer file manager (ES Explorer) with the built-in ES Note Editor (ES Editor).

Noise Cancellation

First of all, you need to enable the ability to view system files. To do this, activate the option in the left menu in ES Explorer “Root conductor”. If the root is correctly installed in the phone, a request for granting rights will appear.

Expand the group in the same menu. “Local storage”, select “Device”go to the directory “/ system / etc” on the device and find the file “audio_platform_info.xml”. For the convenience of viewing files, you can switch their display in a list. To do this, click on the vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner and select “View”then “Medium Detailed”.

Be sure to copy it somewhere (for example, to a folder “Downloads” on the memory card) file “audio_platform_info.xml” (and other system files that you will modify) before editing it, as if something goes wrong, you can always restore it from a backup. Open the file using the built-in editor in ES Explorer (ES Editor or ES Note Editor) and switch to the editing mode by clicking on the icon “Edit” in the bar at the top. Find the line:

and add the following 2 lines below it:

When typing, it is advisable to disable AutoCorrect on the keyboard, as additional characters may be added, which will lead to inoperability of the configuration file and, as a result, inability to record on the phone or even damage to the operating system. To type in capital letters, hold the power button for a few seconds to return to the lower case, briefly press it again.

Save the file and check that its permissions are “rw − r −− r−−”. To do this, press and hold the file until a green checkmark appears in front of it and the context menu. Then click on the vertical ellipsis () in the lower right corner and select “The properties”.

If in line “Resolution” rights differ from “rw − r −− r−−”press the button “Edit” and check the letters “G”.

Increase recording volume

After turning off noise reduction, the recording sound becomes too quiet. To enlarge it, in the same folder “/ system / etc” need to edit the file “mixer_paths_qrd_sku2.xml”, but do not forget to backup it before doing this.

Find the code snippet:

And add lines to it so that the resulting passage is as follows:

Do the same with the passage:

The resulting code should be as follows:

Save the file and do not forget to check the access rights to it (see above).

Reboot the phone. Everything, you can check the sound of the camera. By the way, the above steps will also improve the quality of the recorder on the Xiaomi Redmi 4A phone.

In the below, you can hear the sound quality before and after performing the above steps.