Improve the print quality of the Pantum printer. How to increase the clarity of print printing?

Improve the print quality of the Pantum printer

Introduction about “Sapozhnik without boots”.

The old All-in-One Printer Samsung sent his parents to the province, the new Xerox gave a friend and was left without a printer. Because of the need to print various acts, accounts and auction-12 from 1C sequential reaction-buying a new printer. To my surprise, I did not find anything good in the store (Xerox etc.), HP did not want to take, and Samsung has long absorbed the best Hewlett-Packard. Thus, my gaze fell on the brand new Pantum M6550NW. and bought it.

This printer has many varieties of many useful and useless functions that are very convenient for a person working with 1C accounting, as well as any office. Unfortunately, information on the firmware, refueling and replacing cartridges at the beginning of 2021 is very few. Therefore, I took a chance and thought that this printer would definitely have time to beat himself until the next gas station.

After half a year, Pantum has a problem

As it turned out that this problem may appear in the entire range of printers data (P5000DN, P3305, P3300, P3010-P3060, P2510, 2200-P2500-P2600-S2000 SERIES, M7600FDN, M7300, M7100-M7200, M6700-M6760-M6800-M68600. M6200-M6500-M6550-M6600 and other models).

The problem was the print of incomprehensible vertical stripes of different longs on sheet A4. over, the problem was floating in nature. For example, from a notebook it is either printed normally, then it takes incomprehensible symbols on a sheet. PDF Open Acrobat-it is printed crookedly, and through Google Chrome or Edge-and then with varying success. At the entrance to the RDP server and 1C, the situation looked much worse. In 100% printing from the server, these stripes were withdrawn and nothing could be done.

The solution was to remove the printer in the section of the device and printer and reinstalling the driver from the official Pandum website to the computer and to the server. The most interesting thing is that the reinstall of the driver helped far from the pen.

How to refuel the PC-110, PC-210, PC-230, PA-210 cartridge Pantum M6500, M6500W, M6500NW, M6607, P1000, P2000, P2207, P2200, P2500W, P2507

Pantum laser printers of the M6500, M6600, P1000 and P2000 series appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to win the market of budget multifunctional printing devices. They attracted attention with a large set of capabilities, low cost and re-refuelled cartridges PC-110, PC-211, PC-230, PA-210 (depending on the model). In addition, the devices themselves turned out to be quite high quality. And this should not be surprised, since at one time Pantum absorbed Lexmark, a well.known manufacturer of office equipment.

HP Color LaserJet CP5525.Print Quality Test dopo sostituzione MAINDRIVE.- ALL SERVICES SRL

Despite the fact that the Pantum M6500 cartridges are re.refuelled, many consumers regularly have difficulties with the replenishment of toner and the operation of these consumables. In this article we will tell you how to correctly refuel a cartridge for the Pantum M6500 printer. In addition, here you will find out what are the ways to replenish the toner of the PC-110, PC-211, PC-230, PA-210 cartridges, and you can also familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for the restoration and refueling of the Pantum M6500 cartridge.

Instructions for refueling the PC-110, PC-211, PC-230, PA-210 cartridge Pantum M6500, M6500W, M6500NW, M6607, P1000, P2000, P2207, P2200, P2500W, P2507

If the Pantum M6500 printer writes the cartridge ended, then it is time to replenish it with a new toner. It is not difficult to do this, but you need to understand that the refueling of the Pantum M6500 cartridge can be carried out in several methods. over, each method has both advantages and disadvantages.

Attention: all instructions for refueling cartridges for Pantum printers will be based on an example for M6500 model. Depending on the model of the cartridge (PC-110, PC-211, PC-230, PA-210), some points of its refueling may differ, but the process itself is completely identical.

Quick method for refueling a cartridge for the Pantum M6500 printer

The fastest and most simple way to refuel the Pantum M6500 cartridge is the one that is offered to you by the manufacturer (there is an appropriate instruction in the user guide Pantum M6500). To do this, you should buy a special PC-211RB gas station with a chip and perform a number of simple actions:

  • Remove the plug from the holes of the hopper for the spent toner (usually located on the front/ upper part of the cartridge).
  • Shake out the well.developed toner and pour its residues (completely clean the bunker from working out).
  • Clog a hoop hole with a spent toner with a plug.
  • Remove the plug from the holes of the hopper with the toner (is located on the end part of the cartridge, usually additionally sealed with a protective sticker).
  • Shake the remains of the toner and vacuum the container (it is not recommended to mix the toner of different batches/ models).
  • Pour a new toner into a container (about 65 grams).
  • Clog a hoop hole with a toner with a plug.
  • Replace the Pantum cartridge chip (the new one should go with the toner).

That’s all. The cartridge is refueled and ready for operation. The pluses of this method should be attributed to its simplicity and high reinforcement speed. But this method has more minuses than pluses. The most basic is that there is a lot of worked toner, which negatively affects the work of the product as a whole, inside the consumer. In addition, a plug on a bunker with a toner can get out and start to fall out, which will lead to waking up a coloring substance.

A reliable way to refuel a cartridge for the Pantum M6500 printer

This method is partly the same as the previous one, but only replenishment is carried out through another hole. The second gas station, is parallel to the standard (on the opposite end of the cartridge), only it is hidden by the side cover of the consumable. In order in this case to refuel the PC-211EV cartridge, it is necessary to cut off the adhesive seal and unscrew several screws holding the side cover. Removing the lid, you will see another plug that closes the gas station. Uncorn it and refuel it, as well as in the first case. After gather the product and do not forget to change the chip cartridge pantum. The plus of this method is that the outer cover of the gas station does not span, which excludes the accidental rash of the toner from the cartridge.

The correct way to refuel the cartridge for the Pantum M6500 printer

Above, we examined two quick ways to refuel the cartridge Pantum M6500. However, they are not entirely effective, since subsequently after such a refueling, the print quality may noticeably deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended to refuel a cartridge for the Pantum M6500 printer through its complete disassembly, cleaning and replacing worn parts (the so-called PC-211 cartridge). To do this, you will need to do the following:

  • Unscrew the screws on the side lids of the Pantum cartridge (only 5 pieces).
  • Remove the side lids from the cartridge case and pull the buffer from the holes so that they do not get lost.
  • Disconnect the cartridge into two halves (you need to hold a photo bank so that it does not fall out).
  • Take half with a block of the drum and disconnect the photo (photobar should be gently wiped with a soft cloth).
  • Disconnect the shorter (the shaft of the primary charge) and wipe it with a soft cloth with a cleaning agent (for example, isopropyl alcohol).
  • Unscrew two screws holding the rocket, remove it and wipe it in the same way as a shorter.
  • Shake out work out from the hopper and vacuum it.
  • Collect this part of the cartridge in the reverse order (fasten the rocket greased with talcum, attach a shorter and photo bank).
  • Set up with a bunker for working out and take part of the cartridge with a toner hopper.
  • Disconnect a small spring, which is visible from the end of the cartridge (you need to postpone it and not lose it).
  • Disconnect the magnetic shaft and clean it from the worked toner (separately you need to disconnect the gear from the shaft and postpone it so as not to lose).
  • Shake the remains of the toner from the cartridge container (only neatly so that the gears do not get lost).
  • Pour this part of the cartridge, wipe the metering blade and seal (we do not recommend taking off the blade, since it is quite difficult to install it back).
  • Wipe the edge of the dosing blade with a cotton wool moistened with alcohol.
  • Collect this part of the cartridge in the reverse order and connect the product into a single whole.
  • It is necessary to replenish the cartridge with a new toner through a refueling hole according to the first or second method described in this article.
  • Replace the chip (you can put both the original chip and an analog “eternal” chip for PC-211 cartridges).

Attention: at the end of the gas station, you should manually scroll the photo bus, so that the rocket does not turn out in the printer during printing. If you do not want to start refueling the consumable, you can contact the appropriate service center at any time or buy a new cartridge for the Pantum M6500 printer.

How to increase the brightness of paint in a printer?

How to improve printer printing quality

  • Experiment with the settings of the brightness and contrast of the press.
  • Clean the printing head of the printer.
  • Clean the internal parts of the printer.
  • Reduce the toner.
  • Use only original components.
  • Print on quality paper

How to change the image size when printing?

To change the size when printing, call the command Image → Permission when printing. This team will open a dialogue “Change of permission during printing”. Choose the units known to you, such as “inches”. Indicate one dimension, and GIMP will change another proportionally.

Select the user color settings method in the area basic color settings. Install the flag limit color printing based on permits for users or groups.

Use only original components

For popular models of office equipment, it is not difficult to find cheap cartridges:

restored, who have already developed their resource, but were re.referred by craftsmen;

compatible consumables of manufacturers;

fake, outwardly copying original cartridges.

With fakes, everything is clear at once. Seeing a “branded” cartridge at a very favorable price or with a big discount, one can doubt. we are talking about a cheap imitation. It is capable of not only sharply worsening print quality, but also provoke a breakdown of the device.

However, two other options are also extremely doubtful. Manufacturers do not sell their branded toner with private workshop for re.refueling. You must understand that the Xerox toner is only in the original Xerox products, and when restoring, counterfeit of unclear origin is used. The same applies to compatible cartridges. The paint in them is worse to be transferred to paper, it is consumed faster, and it can also release toxic substances when heated.

Print on quality paper

Paper requirements are as high as the toner. The following signs may indicate its low.grade or mismatch of the specifications of the device:

Deformation of individual image elements.

A few more problems usually arise due to ignoring the paper settings in the printer driver or the “print parameters” window:

In addition, inappropriate paper when printing can be twisted, crushed, gathered in an accordion. Use materials that correspond to the printer manufacturer’s recommendations. In the print settings, indicate the correct density, color, type loaded into the paper tray each time. This approach allows you to reduce the percentage of defective prints, extend the service life of office equipment and ultimately achieve significant savings.

Carriage cleaning

Sometimes there are situations when the printer does not print poorly immediately after refueling or in the inkings there are still many paint, and the image appears pale. Then the reason is the cartridges themselves and their pollution. You can get rid of the problem in two ways, however, each of them implies the preliminary extraction of parts from the device and manual performance of all actions, which you can read from our next material.

Above you were familiarized with all available methods for solving problems with the quality of the press. Of course, almost all of them can be solved independently, but inexperienced users are best addressed to the master about the replacement of components. In addition, it should be borne in mind that work in a room with high humidity also provokes the appearance of defects during printing.

How to Print Dark in HP LaserJet Printer M1136 MPF | Printer Light Print Problem Fix | Laser Printer

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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We solve the problem with the quality of the printer print after refueling

The methods below, with the exception of the first, are suitable only to owners of jet devices. If you have a laser printer in your use, it is better to contact the service center to solve a problem that has arisen, since the design of such inkwells is a little more complicated, and the malfunction can be in completely different components, this is able to diagnose exclusively a professional.

Periodically, users intend to or accidentally include an economical or quick print mode in the printer settings. In addition, system failures sometimes occur, which provoke a change in configuration. Put the device into normal mode is a pair of minutes, so we will consider this method the first. You will need to complete the following:

It so happens that the periphery is not displayed in the list, then you need to manually add it or correct the problem that has arisen. Our other article on the following link will help you to deal with this.

Now you can restart the printer and try to make a seal to get acquainted with the quality of the finished document.

Program cleaning

Most printers in their driver have several additional functions that allow calibrating or cleaning the components. In case of poor quality, we are interested in the tools “cleaning the print head” or “cleaning”. To start this process, do the following:

After the procedure, check the print quality. If it is still unsatisfactory, repeat the actions several times. In the absence of a result, proceed to the next method.

What to do if the jet printer prints in stripes

The mentioned problem arises as a result of the breakdown and pollution of the component elements of the printer, as well as due to the drying of ink. Often the jet printers of HP, Canon and Epson are printed in stripes during the use of ink residues and when the printing head is damaged. Therefore, initially you need to figure out what exactly caused the incorrect printing. It is not necessary to immediately carry office equipment to the SC. In many cases, you can find and eliminate the defect yourself.

So what to do if a jet printer prints with stripes? Consider the steps to restore the cleanliness of the press in most situations.

Checking the remaining volume of ink

Often printers print in strips when ink is already ending. Therefore, the remaining volume of the consumable must be checked first. For this:

  • Turn on the Printer Management Program (it can be found on the official website of the device manufacturer and on the disk that is included with office equipment);
  • Select the “Service” or “Service” menu item (the choice depends on the features of the utility);
  • Activate the option of checking the level of ink and see if the refueling is needed.

Important: the method works only in relation to original non.destroyed cartridges.

If ink is running out, replace or season the cartridge. After that, with a high degree of probability, the printer will begin to print normally. If ink is enough or the solution did not help, and the printer prints in strips, then proceed to study the following steps to correct the situation.

Important: if there is an installed SNPC system, the implementation of the listed actions is not necessary, because the current level of ink is quite easy to evaluate visually.

Cleaning the print head

For some models of inkjet technology, the placement of the print head (PG) in the cartridge is characteristic, for others. directly in the printer. In the first case, the most simple solution is the acquisition of a new cartridge. However, in some situations, the option is inappropriate (for example, if there are still many paint in the cartridge). Therefore, a qualitative cleaning of PG is an alternative solution. If the PG is in the printer, then its replacement will cost it very expensive, which means that the question will have to be solved by the same cleaning of the print head.

The easiest way to achieve the goal is to use specialized software. Therefore, if the printer Epson, Canon, HP prints in stripes, then perform the following actions:

  • Add a sheet of paper to the flowing tray, then turn on the software to control office equipment and go to the “Service” section (“Service”);
  • Closely activate the options for checking the DUZ and cleaning the head (in some programs, these actions are combined with a deep cleaning function).

Similarly, the problem in printers from other manufacturers is eliminated. The technique is universal and helps in most situations when the printer prints black stripes.

Important: the mentioned options are present in the company software of any large brand. If it seems to you that there are no such functions, then they are probably indicated by other names. In such cases, we recommend clarifying the details in the user manual.

If the software method did not help completely (the stripes remained, but they become smaller), repeat the procedure 1-2 times. In the absence of a result, try to remove dried ink with a specialized cleaning agent. Detailed instructions for washing the PG on the example of the Epson printer are attached.

In the case of using SNPC, additionally check the condition of the air filters (if contaminated, you need to replace). The openings for the incoming air should be free.

Important: To prevent dried up ink, use the technique weekly. It is enough to turn on the printer and keep it on until the moment of readiness. This simple preventive measure will help to avoid many potential problems leading to a deterioration in the functionality of the apparatus.

Cleaning PG also helps with failure (which is often a consequence of incorrect cartridge refueling). The option is useful. Its periodic conducting the printer will definitely not harm. Read more about the removal and methods of removing air from the SNPCh in the thematic article.

Checking the serviceability of the print head

If the previously mentioned methods did not help improve print quality, and the printer continues to print in stripes, then it is advisable to check the PG for serviceability.

PG fails due to inaccurate handling or excessive load (too frequent printing). In any case, it is almost useless to engage in an independent repair of the head. Even many masters do not take on the implementation of this procedure. Therefore, one option is to replace the damaged part. Lucky if it is located in the cartridge. You can buy a new compatible (and sometimes original) cartridge at an adequate price. But changing the PG directly in the printer is very expensive. Sometimes the cost of spare parts is equal to half the price of office equipment.

What to do if the laser printer prints in stripes

The stripes make the documents partly unreadable and simply spoil their appearance. Therefore, getting rid of these interference is necessary immediately after their detection. Typically, the dirty seal is explained by the following reasons:

  • Toner ending in the installed cartridge. It is enough to season the consumable used or buy it with a new analogue.
  • Violation of the tightness of the cartridge. The replacement of the consumer is definitely required. Temporary sealing measures can help, but usually for a short time.
  • Container overwhelming for working out. Very thorough cleaning is required to get rid of the accumulated toner residues.
  • Damage to photoval or developer. Elements will have to be changed. Exception. if a lot of toner has accumulated on the shaft, then it is enough to simply clean the coloring substance from it.
  • Pollution of the rollers. With prolonged use, the rollers are contaminated (due to the hit of the toner and for other reasons). The simplest cleaning helps.
  • Wear of the thermo element of the stove. Dismantling the printer and replacing the worn part will help.

The main thing is to correctly determine why the laser printer prints in strips, and then apply the counteraction method from among the above options. In the following sections, we will examine in detail the different situations leading to the appearance of the stripes.

Important: if the printer prints in strips, first of all you need to check the volume of the available toner. If there is not enough it, refill or replace the cartridge. Then you need to proceed to the assessment of the condition of the printer elements responsible for printing. make sure the integrity of the cartridge and its components, as well as clean them from the adhering toner.

What to do if the printer prints in stripes in arbitrary places

Chaotic appearance of strips indicates a malfunction of the cartridge. Remove the consumable and study it for tightness. See if there are traces of toner on the surface of the device. If they are, look for damage to the cartridge case. Pay special attention to the state of sealing gum. Then eliminate the found defects. If you find the cause or repair the reason, replace the cartridge.

Why the printer prints in stripes consisting of many points

Sometimes printers of the production of any popular brands are printed in stripes with dots. This problem usually occurs due to the illiterate attachment of the dispenser during the rejuvenation of the cartridge or due to the excessive filling of the bunker with toner particles. The solution was to clean the bunker and adjust the position of the blade.

Why the printer prints white stripes

This phenomenon usually occurs when toner is left very little. It is enough to season the old one or purchase a new cartridge. Poorly printed stripes also appear due to a third-party object hit the developer. Occasionally, the accurate removal of the subject saves, although in most cases this action does not help and you have to change the detail.

What to do if the printer prints with vertical stripes along the edges

If the central part of the document is printed normally, but on the sides there are stripes (are continuous and intermittent), it is a matter of washing the photosensitive element of the drum. Solution. replacing the photo bank.

Why the printer prints with horizontal stripes

Estimated stripes indicate poor contact of the drum and developer, although sometimes the reason for their appearance is the complete filling of the bunker. Often such stripes arise due to an incorrect installation or deterioration of the condition of the cartridge elements. Proper assembly of the cartridge with cleaning the bunker and replacing damaged parts of the structure helps.