Improve the cooling of the HP OMEN laptop. System optimization: Close not used…

Cooling for power

One of the main problems of modern technology today is the heating of electronic elements. Every year, engineers improve cooling systems and reduce heat generation, improving both the design of the processors and their work, but it is too early to write off this side effect of this side effect. Together with the HP, we decided to figure out how the cooling systems are arranged, and also learned about Omen Tempest technology, which is used in OMEN 15 laptops since 2020.

First, let’s figure out where the heat released in electronics comes from? The main heat sources in computer systems are processors: central and graphic. They are the main consumers of electric energy and, as a result, the main sources of side heat. As is known from the school course of physics, thermal energy appears due to the chaotic movement of atoms and molecules. So, electrons, moving along the conductor, encounter its atoms and molecules and the kinetic energy of the current of electrons is converted into thermal energy released into the environment.

Any processor consists of billions of transistors, closing and opening billions of billions per second. The speed of transistors is directly related to the clock frequency of the processor, which means the higher the frequency, the more the processor will release thermal energy. In addition, the amount of energy is associated with the physical dimensions of transistors, therefore, reducing the processor manufacturing process, the linear size of the transistors decreases, which means that their heating is reduced.

The processor temperature is a very important parameter that needs to be monitored, because the higher the temperature of the semiconductor is the lower resistance, the lower the resistance. the greater the current flows, and after the current the release of thermal energy grows and, when a certain temperature is reached, the semiconductor is destroyed and the exit of the processor out of order.

Правильный ноутбук за правильную цену. Обзор HP Omen 15 — Железный цех Игромании

Two main tricks are used to combat excessive heating engineers: reducing performance by lowering frequencies and developing effective cooling tools. Since a decrease in performance for a gamer is unacceptable, we will not consider the first option in the article and we will immediately move on to the second.

In order for the thermal energy to move from the processor crystal to the space outside the computer or laptop body, it needs to be made the following path: the heat from the crystal is removed by the processor with a metal cover, then the heat is transmitted from the processor cover, from which, depending on the design of the cooling system, it is removed, depending on the design of the cooling system, in different ways it is transmitted to the radiator plates, after which it is dissipated by the air flow.

Of course, each “line” on the way of heat gives rise to additional losses in the efficiency of the heat. If there is no doubt in the thermal conductivity of metals, then the air in the roughness between contacting metal surfaces prevents the effective transmission of heat. This is mainly noticeable when contacting the processor cover with the base of the radiator. Thermal paste helps to reduce these losses: it fills microscopic roughnesses and improves thermal conductivity.

Some enthusiasts dismantle the central processor cover and replace the standard thermal pavement between the crystal and the lid with a more effective one, which also improves the efficiency of the heat.

What cooling systems exist?

The cooling system, which has already become classic for most computers, consists of a metal radiator and a fan that provides heat dispersion from the radiator. The choice of material for the manufacture of the radiator is determined by two parameters: its heat voltage indicator and its cost.

Aluminum was the most suitable in these two parameters, most of the budget level cooling systems are made from this metal. This design is able to effectively disperse thermal energy within 65-75 watts, is widely used in assembling systems for multimedia and office tasks, but not suitable for productive systems.

The more effective and most popular in game systems is the design using copper heat pipes filled with coolant. Copper itself has better thermal conductivity than aluminum. The coolant inside the tube, heated at the hot end, evaporates, absorbing thermal energy, cools at the cold end, condenses and returns to a hot end, repeating the heat transfer cycle. At the end of the tube is an aluminum radiator, the heat of which is dissipated by one or more fans. The effectiveness of such a system depends on the number of heat grips, the physical dimensions of the radiator and fans, and is capable of dispersing 130-150 WATT of thermal energy. At the same time, unlike budget decisions, special attention is paid to the direction of movement of the air flow. the fans are located in such a way as to ensure a continuous air flow from the outside and the directed output of heated air outside the body.

Air cooling systems are limited by the dimensions of the space around the element that they cooled, and although 150 watts is enough to cool most of the game systems. there is no limit for perfection. Enthusiasts operating central processors and video cards in emergency modes, and simply users who want to have a “safety margin” use liquid cooling systems. The principle of operation is similar to the previous system considered by us: a liquid coolant is used, circulating from the “hot” element to the radiator, the thermal energy from which is dissipated by the air flow.

The effectiveness of such a system is due to the fact that the number of coolants is much larger and it is possible to force the coolant to move forcibly, using the compressor. An additional plus is the lack of restrictions in the size of the radiator of such a cooling system. The contact sites of liquid cooling systems are mounted not only in return for the coolers of the central processor, but also instead of standard graphic cards cooling systems. In addition, the ability to use transparent tubes for the coolant and tinting the liquid gave rise to a separate type of art from building liquid cooling systems.

All of the listed types of cooling systems can easily be used in the desktop computer, however, as regards laptops. here there are a number of features that need to be taken into account when developing a cooling system: it is important to maintain a compact size of the laptop, the minimum weight, but not lose the performance of the system. First of all, it is important to eliminate unnecessary losses of heat production efficiency, which is why the processors in modern laptops are deprived of a metal cover: the contact site of the cooling system contacts directly with the processor crystal. Also, the efficiency of the cooling system allows you to polish the contact sites. in this way, better contact and effective heat transfer between the crystal and the cooling system are achieved.

Separate attention is paid to the design of thermal tubes. for compact placement in the limited space of the laptop body, they are “flattened”, while maintaining effective thermal conductivity. The number of tubes is also important. in budget models you can often find one heat tube that allows heat from the central processor and from the graphic processor at the same time. This decision leads to the fact that one of the processors may not cool enough. For effective cooling, 2 or more heat tubes are used, while separately for both the central processor and for the graphic. Attention is paid to the geometric parameters of the tubes. a large length and extra bends reduce the effectiveness of cooling. In addition, all the listed features of building a laptop cooling system should be calculated taking into account a long load. the laptop should not overheat and reduce the system performance even after several hours of operation.

It is important to increase the efficiency of all components, so OMEN engineers took into account all the important points when developing new OMEN 15 (2020) laptops equipped with Omen Tempest’s innovative cooling system. The laptop maintains the optimum temperature, avoiding overheating even at high load, thanks to holes from three sides to ensure air flow in five directions and coolers on 12 watts and equipped with a three.phase motor and hydrodynamic bearings.

The Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid.metal thermal complex provides effective heat supply due to the fact that its heat transfer is 10 times higher than that of silicone thermal paste, which positively affects the overall efficiency. And the infrared temperature sensor allows you to optimize the system for maximum performance in real time. And all this fit into the thin case, 22 mm thick and weighing up to 2.5 kg.

Any computer is important to serve timely. Many manufacturers of computer buildings to reduce the number of dust falling into the computer equip the cases with removable filters. Nevertheless, once a year, regardless of the load, any desktop computer or laptop requires a deeper prevention with the replacement of thermal paste and the revision of thermal straps, regardless of whether the computer began to “lag” or not.

For example, drying out, thermal paste loses its properties, and although it will not dry over a year, at least viscosity will grow, which means its thermal conductivity will decrease. In addition, the dust inside the laptop body can be lost in a lump on the radiator, blocking the output of hot air, which is why it circulates inside the case, excessively heating electronic elements.

Why does the laptop overheat

The main reason is the greed of the manufacturer:

It is difficult to argue with the fact that things are now doing not as before, but to quickly break, gaming laptops work stably with the strength of a year, just the entire warranty period, then trottling, overheating and auto shutdown begins (protection is triggered). As a result, the top gaming laptop with i7 behaves like a cheap puflo with Celeron on board and an integrated video card. Get used to this business and pursuit of mobility.

Every year, the quality is worse, not a question contact the service, but it is unrealistic to prove something, the laptop starts? Yes, it works, then what are the questions to us, here is the answer of the service employee to your claim, he is not eager to work for the salary. Laptops often die from overheating and quite quickly, but not before the warranty period, everything is calculated so as not to return the money! Or does not die, but it becomes a vegetable, as it would work, but it will not work to use normally.

You can turn to the manufacturer, but he is deeply sideways, he is behind the ocean, you will not get a bastard to hit the table on the table | You can contact the manufacturer, but you will simply be ignored, he is behind the ocean and he has first-class lawyers, and you are somewhere in CIS.

The HP OMEN 15-DC1074UR laptop overheats and turns off. What to do?

There are also collective farm cooling methods such as a bag of ice under a laptop or several plastic bottles of ice.

Dust and ventilation holes. Check, clean

One of the main reasons for overheating, and the noisy work of coolers is dust. Over time, even in fairly clean rooms, dust settles on the ventilation grill of the device and worsens the circulation of air.

It is recommended to clean from dust 1-2 times a year. It is enough to disassemble the device and get everything well.

To help!

How to clean a laptop from dust. independently at home. see. Instructions.-

Often, when the light of dust accumulates in the laptop!

Cooling stand and home analogues

Also reducing the temperature by several degrees (up to 10-15 ° C) is helped by a special cooling stand. They have a variety of sizes, with different power of fans and structures.

For those who have not yet decided to buy a stand, you can go in a simpler way: put something under a laptop, for example, a book. The main thing is that the height between the surface of the table and the laptop increases! Cm. Photo below.

Important: the book (or something else) needs to be laid architectively: the fact is that on some models of laptops-this action can be blocked by ventilation holes!

Tips for experienced users

On the question of how to upgrade a laptop, many experienced users advise changing it. In fact, it turns out that the improvement of the laptop will not give much growth to performance. Therefore, if you really want to make a serious upgrade, it is better to look at the new models of devices.

Of course, many who think about how to upgrade the Acer laptop or the device of any other company believe that an improvement. A more budget option. Everything will depend on the laptop model here.

In some cases, you can spend more than half of the cost of a new laptop, but get not such a serious increase in performance. Therefore, it is worth carefully calculating expenses for new components and remember that the upgrade of the laptop only temporarily helps to forget about the lags of the system.


How to find out if it is possible to upgrade a laptop? This is a very important question, which largely depends on the model of the device. Most old models that were released 5-6 years ago can be modified, but there is a certain risk group.

Each laptop has a repair instructions in which the manufacturer explains to the user how to disassemble the laptop.

If the instructions are not clear for some reason, you can find video guides on the Internet. It is usually easy to understand which bolts should be unscrewed, which covers are easy to remove, where the components are located, etc.

But there are among laptops and those that are practically unsuitable for modernization at home. Most often, such models include tablet, ultrabooks and other similar options. They are almost impossible to improve and even disassemble.

Ways to eliminate overheating factors

Control over computer indicators. the key to a long operation of the device. If the fact of overheating is evident, consider all methods of reducing temperature: from proper operation up to the purchase of special equipment for better air circulation.

Work with a laptop correctly

  • Install a laptop on a solid even surface not subject to rapid heating. For example, a wooden or glass table.
  • Do not move the outputs for circulation of the laptop air to other devices or close to the wall. Set aside a gap of at least 20 cm.
  • Try to use less as a laptop sofa, carpets, blankets, beds and other uneven and rapidly heating surfaces as a stand. If you can’t do without it, purchase a special stand for a laptop with special holes for the output of hot air.

Install programs for monitoring the temperature of the laptop to warn T in advance.

Обзор игрового ноутбука HP OMEN

Close unused processes and software

First of all, a laptop is a portable device used for office tasks. Accordingly, many high-performance tasks this device will simply not pull due to iron characteristics. If the laptop is not a gaming and working with several dozen tasks for it, it is recommended to close all the unused software right now. Open the task manager and check what tasks give a large load on the components of the system. If they are not needed for your work or Windows operating system, close them.

It is recommended to close the remaining unused tasks and processes.

Power supply regulation

  • Energy savings. PC performance is reduced (heating is reduced in parallel) and less electricity is consumed.
  • Balanced. Balance between electricity consumption and performance.
  • High performance. PC capacities are used without restrictions, even if more energy is needed for this (and accordingly there will be greater heating).

Put up 1 or 2 point and follow the work of the portable PC. You can open these parameters with a CTRLR combination by completing the Control command.EXE PowerCFG.CPL ,, 3.

Temporary shutdown of the laptop

If the laptop is very heated and slows down, turn it off. It is recommended to turn off in the operating system by pressing Altf4. But, if the laptop practically does not respond to commands, turn it off hardware, holding and holding the power button 3-10 seconds.

Gradually, the non-working device will cool down, and after 10-20 minutes it will be possible to turn it on.

Dust cleaning and replacing thermal paste

Periodic cleaning of the insides of the laptop is recommended to be carried out once a year. If the device is operated on an ongoing basis or in conditions of high dust concentration, you can clean it from dust more often.

Replacement of thermal paste can be carried out while cleaning the laptop. Good thermal paste is durable and you can not worry about its replacement for 3 years since the acquisition of a laptop. If there is an increased T processor during downtime, perhaps the manufacturer saved on a thermal package and it will have to be replaced.

For high.quality cleaning, you need to disassemble the entire laptop, and later be able to fold it together. If you are not an electrician and you did not have an experience of analyzing such a technique, it is recommended to give this gadget for cleaning in a specialized service.

  • Unscrew the bolts with a cross.shaped screwdriver and remove the lower body cover.
  • Remove dust with napkins or cotton wands.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner or spray with compressed air, blow the dust accumulated between the radiator plates.

Fan replacement

Determine that the cooler has come into a malfunction, you can by extraneous knock while moving the blades. Also, it should be replaced if its turns are weak or completely at zero.

In some cases, you can do with the lubrication of the bearing. If you do not have any experience in disassembling portable devices, provide computer equipment repairs to professionals.

Program cooling

Some programs allow not only to control the temperature and speed of fan rotation, but also provide access to the management of these coolers. For example, in the BIOS of some nows models there are operating modes of the cooling system.

Rating of the best coolation stands for cooling

  • Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat 5. Five of the five fans, the stand will provide the best cooling to any laptop. One 120 mm cooler in the center and 4 70 mm on the sides look organically, work quietly and cover the entire possible area of ​​the bottom of the laptop. You can choose which fans will be included. Stand size 380 x 300 x 35 mm. Suitable for devices with a diagonal display from 12 to 17 inches. There are six height adjustment modes. Two stoppers in the front fix the laptop when tilting the stand.
  • Cooler Master Notepal XL. One quietly operating 230 mm fan provides an optimal laptop air flow. The dimensions of the stand 305 x 379 x 47x mm, which means they will cool 17 inch portable device without problems. If there is only 2-3 USB in the laptop itself, then three additional USB ports on the case go to the stand with a bonus to the stand. The stand can be tilted, for example, for convenient viewing video.
  • ENERMAX Twister Odio 16. The advantage of this accessory is the speakers of 2W. Minus-not suitable for 17 inch laptops. Fat, strong and qualitatively made stand has dimensions 352 x 270 x 52 mm. The speakers and speed of rotation by the fan are adjusted by hand.
  • Tree New Bee Cooling Pad. The designer form has four 110 mm fans. You can turn off 2 of them and manually adjust the speed of rotation of the coolers. The angle of inclination allows you to provide comfortable work when watching a movie or for printing text in a comfortable chair. Dimensions: 408 x 287 x 28 mm. 17 inch devices are excellent. Minus. no height regulation.
  • Zalman ZM-NC2500Plus. The secret of the stand is that the coolers are not placed from below and just look at the floor, but on the back panel. This achieves minimal noise and the maximum possible performance from two 70 mm fans is possible. Well, so that the excess space does not idle just like that, there is a compartment for a 2.5-inch hard drive from below, and there are 3 USB ports on the side panel.
  • Zalman ZM-NC3000S is intended for those who are not suitable for a concept with two side fans. One bulky 220 mm fan, located below, will allow at a lower rotation speed to provide a larger air flow. Two hares are killed by such a shot: high.quality cooling of a 17 inch laptop plus low noise from rotation of the fan.

Claims with effective cooling will help reduce the total temperature of the laptop by 5-10 degrees during the maximum loads of the portable PC (game, video converting, compilation in and so on). With such a load, the noise level of the stand can be neglected, because the noise from the cooler of the laptop will be from 40 dBA.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to achieve more cooling using a laptop stand, since 90% of the work depends on the standard cooling system of the portable device.

The reasons for overheating of the laptop, as affects its work

Why is the laptop heating? The hottest element of a computer is a processor (CPU). This is a real stove, because almost 100% of the received electricity goes into heat. Heating the CP to the mark of 100 ° C and higher in a few seconds. And at such temperatures, he is not able to process information qualitatively, because the protection system is triggered and the frequency discharges, called Trotling, begins.

To avoid overheating, the processor requires cooling. In personal computers for powerful CPUs, a radiator and cooler are used to remove heat by tubes and blowing.

You can’t install such a overall tool in the body of the laptop, so you have to be content with compact tubes and the same fans.

  • A lot of dust gathered in the cooler and other parts of the laptop body. This makes both blowing and forced convection difficult. The cooler can drive hot air in a circle.
  • Fan wear. Damage or wear of the fan blades adversely affects convection.
  • Structural features. Different models of laptops differ in assembly. It should not be expected that the heat of the device from the budget line will cope with large loads.

This can be avoided if you follow the rules of operation of computer equipment.

Proper operation

The first and main rule. work with a laptop at the limit of its capabilities, controlling temperature indicators. If the gadget fulfills the programs demanding on the resources, it will work at the limit of its capabilities. The cooling system may not cope with the task, and you will either have to stop the execution of a difficult program, or force coolers to work at maximum speeds.

Also, the proper operation includes periodic cleaning of the laptop from dust. The frequency of this operation will depend on the frequency of the laptop itself and the environment surrounding it.

You can check the workload of the components of the computer using the “Task Manager” in the Windows operating system.

But temperature control should be given to specially created programs for this.

Laptop cooling using programs

How to cool a laptop using a program? The bottom line is that you need to use a program that will control the fan speed. If you increase the number of revolutions per minute, the cooler will be able to cool the heated tubes faster, thereby lowering the temperature of the CP and the video card.

It should also be borne in mind that the fans working at the maximum will make noise. In some cases, noise can reach 55 DBA and more. Especially if the coolers are poorly balanced.


Popular utility control cooler and computers. I received public gratitude because of a simple, understandable Russian-speaking integrate and use on a free basis. It allows you to adjust speed depending on the set temperatures. In addition, Speedfan determines the temperature of all the main components of the laptop.

  • Download and run the utility.
  • Go to the Readings tab. The left column displays the number of revolutions of each cooler connected to the board.
  • To control the cooler’s revolutions, click the “Configure” button.
  • In the first tab, activate the desired parameter. For example, GPU (video card control). In the lower field “Desired”, select the temperature regime, which should support the cooling system (should be in the range of 40-45 degrees).
  • In the “Speeds” section, change the speed of rotation of the blades. With the help of two options, you can adjust the lower and upper straps of the cooler speed.


  • Open the utility.
  • In advanced parameters, click on the point “FAN”:
  • Coolers’ revolutions are used by pulling the slider from minimal to the maximum value. The set parameter is shown in percentage ratio.
  • Click OK to apply the parameters.

Having set the speed, the cooler will work in this mode constantly, until the next change in the parameters.


The purpose of this program is to accelerate cards from MSI. Designed for AMD and Intel graphic cards. Powerful functionality includes a change in voltage, frequency monitoring and cooler control. The last parameter is located below, and is designated as fan sleeped.

For manual power control, remove the box from the “Auto” point and move the slider in the right direction.

AMD Overdrive

  • Open Overdrive.
  • In the initial menu, go to the “FAN CONTROL” section and select “Performance Control”.
  • Put the maximum value for air cooling and click “OK”.

BIOS settings

  • Open the BIOS by pressing the DEL button or one of the functional keys F1-F12.
  • Select the QFAN CONTROL section or find the same in the settings.
  • Choose which of the coolers will work at maximum speeds, and set “Full Speed”.
  • Click Apply to apply changes.

Getting rid of a high.frequency whistle in a laptop

Quite often, as another problem associated with the cooling system of the laptop, the appearance of a high.frequency whistle with increased loads on the computer is called. The vibration of the fan is transmitted to the gadget case, which can create an unpleasant sound background, the tone of which changes depending on the load on this system. If the laptop is modernized, then this problem is also paid to certain attention. In this case, not only careful sound insulation of the laptop cooling system is important, but also a decrease in free contact points of this system with the body and other parts of the laptop. Often, various dielectric thermal conductive compounds are used for such purposes. Usually they are poured with a syringe. And when hardening, it becomes like a soft rubber mass. So, the modernization of the Acer Aspire laptop with the help of such a composition gives wonderful results.

External laptop cooling systems

Sometimes some users of laptopes, afraid to lose a guarantee on their gadget, do not dare to open it, and in this case, the modernization of the laptop is impossible. The only acceptable option is the use of external cooling systems. Currently, quite a lot of different stands are produced for devices that are mounted by the pumping fans. The number of fans determines the power of the cooling system of such a stand. Their cost may differ depending on the power of such a cooling system and the manufacturer who manufactured this accessory.

If the laptop is under warranty, then any change in its configuration will lead to its automatic loss. Therefore, many users do not dare to independently open the laptop or consider their own knowledge and skills insufficient for this kind of work. In this case, the most reasonable solution would be to contact the service center for the service of devices of this manufacturer. Although its experts will not make changes in the design of the laptop, nevertheless they will clean the fan and replace the thermal conductive paste while maintaining the warranty with your gadget.

Testing in games

The processor of this laptop has an integrated graphic nucleus, but in games NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2070 Max-Q is not just used in games: by default, the video subsystem is configured so that the built-in graphics are generally disconnected, a discrete video card is always working. Switches (and requires rebooting) this setting in the company’s proprietary utility Omen Gaming Hub.

Of course, in the games we will carry out testing in games using a discrete card. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is already referring to the past generation (Toring), since 2021, the GEFORCE RTX 30 Laptop video cards have been placed in game laptops, in general, faster (and expensive). However, the availability of such decisions leaves much to be desired, so laptops of the model range last year are still completely relevant. In this case, a modification of the Max-Q video accelerator is installed, optimized in consumption, that is, it has higher energy efficiency. However, the absolute performance, of course, below. On the HP/OMEN website, we did not find the declared characteristics of the video card, theoretically there are two options with consumption of 80 and 90 watts, and judging by our testing under load, the Senior version is used in the HP OMEN 15-EK0039ur, and even with additional overclocking (consumption (consumption 95 T). For comparison, the “full.fledged” mobile GeForce RTX 2070 consumption is 115 watts. The GPU frequency in tests was approximately 1300 MHz, the memory frequency was 11 GHz.

The screen resolution of the HP OMEN 15-EK0039UR is 1920 × 1080, so we decided to drive away all our game tests in this resolution with maximum graphics quality. The table below is given through the fraction of the average and minimum FPS indicators in this mode, as (and if) they are measured by the benchmark game.

Game (1920 × 1080, maximum quality) HP OMEN 15-EK0039UR (GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q) Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED XC (GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop)
World of Tanks 154/96 211/136
World of Tanks (RT) 101/65 148/100
Far Cry 5 99/87 112/88
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands 50/43 67/57
Metro: Exodus 47/26 66/32
Metro: Exodus (RT) 37/22 55/31
Metro: Exodus (RT, DLSS) DLSS did not turn on DLSS did not turn on
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 61/48 81/61
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (RT) 40/25 61/51
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (RT, DLSS) DLSS did not turn on 67/54
World War Z 129/108 159/133
Deus Ex: Mankind Divateded 64/51 77/60
F1 2018 99/84 127/100
Strange Brigade 133/59 175/85
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 55/25 71/35
Borderlands 3 54 76
GEARS 5 79/62 99/80
Total War Saga: Troy 58/46 68/56
Horizon Zero Dawn 70/36 85/45

If we talk about absolute results, then in general the video card is suitable for playing Full HD with the maximum quality of the picture, but not all games, especially with the inclusion of ray tracing. Perhaps it will be reasonable to use just high quality of the picture or configure the level of graphics individually.

Comparison with Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED XC is primarily a comparison of video cards. The OMEN laptop uses the GEFORCE RTX 2070 MAX-Q-Queen, and the Gigabyte laptop-GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop, which works below the lower official limit. That is, the competition of two “weakened” video cards is obtained, and in this sense it is “honest” and interesting. However, the result of the comparison is a little predictable: HP OMEN 15 lost in all tests, losing up to one and a half times, although usually 30-40 percent. This is fully consistent with the theoretical ratio of forces.

In general, we liked HP Omen 15. It is unconditionally gaming, allows you to play Full HD with high quality graphics, displaying a picture on a quick screen with a frequency of update 144 Hz, although the video card here is not top.end by current standards (but in the last generation it was one of the top.end solutions). At the same time, the laptop is quite universal: it has a quick processor, a decent volume of expanded memory, you can install a second SSD drive, enough intense ports, there is a cardboard. The keyboard will please the custom-made RGB-backlight and excellent, unique layout for editing text.

What is clearly confusing is a plastic case, and not plastic itself, but the fact that the cover is very and easily bending under the fingers, so that the screen can even “imprint” into the keyboard when transporting in a soft backpack or bag. Probably, the laptop is not particularly intended for dragging with you. For the rest, however, there are no complaints about the corps, it does not creak when presses, has no diverging cracks, is pleasant to the touch and not only deprived of the “children’s” game aggressiveness in the design, but even sympathetic in its minimalism.

Autonomy is at best average, and the noise under the load is high, but this is quite typical for a gaming laptop. But in a simple laptop is quiet, and overheating in real operating conditions is not observed. At the time of preparation of the HP OMEN 15-EK0039UR review, 115-130 thousand was in retail, we consider it an adequate price.

We suggest watching our video review of the HP OMEN 15-EK0039UR laptop: