Imessage Waiting for Iphone 7 Activation

Imessage Waiting for Iphone 7 Activation

Quite often, iPhone users face an issue with iMessage activation. The smartphone can report waiting for iMessage activation, write that it is not possible to connect to the iMessage server, or simply not send messages, even if all the settings seem to be made correctly. What to do if iMessage is not activated was described in this guide.

Note: in the instructions we have listed various ways to fix the error with the inability to activate iMessage, starting with simple methods and ending with rather non-standard ones. If you have already tried one or more of these methods, just move further down the list. something will definitely help!

Updated May 18, 2018! Due to the blocking of Roskomnadzor by many Beeline subscribers iMessage stopped working. The problem in this case is solved only in one way. using a VPN, for example, here this free app or verified application It is expected that the problem with iMessage for Beeline subscribers will be temporary.

Reboot iPhone

Let’s start with the simplest way to solve the problem by forcing a reboot, which helps reset iOS software errors. Pinch buttons Nutrition and Home (volume down button on iPhone 7/7 Plus) and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Top up account

Activation of iMessage occurs after sending a service message, valued at several rubles. Make sure that your phone has funds and replenish the balance if necessary, then try to activate iMessage again.

Very often, users are faced with the fact that iMessage randomly “falls off”, which results in multiple charges from a mobile phone account. If you came across this instruction in order to find a solution to this particular problem, then try the methods listed below. they can help get rid of the problem.

Reset network settings

Go to the menu “Settings“→”The main“→”Reset” and press “Reset Network Settings“. This operation is often salvage in the case of various problems associated with iMessage. Please note that when resetting the network settings, the saved passwords for Wi-Fi points will be deleted.

Enter information about yourself in the settings

Not everyone knows, but iMessage may be interrupted by the lack of information about the owner of the iPhone in the smartphone’s settings. For this:

Step 1. Fill your contact in the iPhone contact book to the maximum.

Step 2. In the menu “Settings“→”Mail, addresses, calendars“→”My details»Select your contact.

Activate automatic time setting

And one more simple but extremely effective way to solve problems with iMessage activation. Go to the menu “Settings“→”The main“→”date and time“And turn the switch”Automatically»In an active position. Also make sure that “Timezone»In the same menu is indicated correctly.

Activate iMessage from another SIM card. Wait a few days

And one more addition from forum visitors. In most cases, the problem with activating iMessage by phone number occurs after installing a new version of iOS or changing the Apple ID password. And very often it is solved by itself, after a few days.

Link iMessage to mail

If nothing helps, and sending iMessage is vital, it will help to bind the messenger to the email box, which will begin to act as your number. For this:

Step 1. Go to the menu “Settings“→”Messages“And turn off iMessage.

Step 2. Remove the SIM card from the iPhone and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Go to “Settings“→”Messages“And turn on iMessage.

Step 4. In the same menu, select “Sending / receiving“And in the section”Your iMessage Message Address»Check the box next to the mail address, which should be the iMessage login.

After completing these settings, iMessage is successfully activated and you can continue communication through the messenger.

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