If you forgot the graphical password on your Android phone

How to reset, bypass or unlock your Android phone’s pattern key: unlocking and hacking

WARNING! All instructions below are designed to unlock only YOUR PERSONAL phone. If you want to unlock the pattern key on someone else’s smartphone to take possession of confidential information, then we strongly recommend closing this article as it would be considered hacking. This article was written for informational purposes.

Hi all! I keep getting emails with the same question: “How do I unlock my phone if I forgot my phone’s Pattern Lock, and what should I do??”. Be warned that there are a lot of ways to bypass authentication and I have tried to show all of them. You have to understand that the smartphone systems are all different, and one method can help and another not. Therefore I strongly recommend you to read the instructions carefully and do everything strictly by step. It might take a lot longer than 5 or 10 minutes, so be patient. If you have any questions. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

NOTE! The best option, which will save a lot of time and nerves, is to try to remember it. I do not advise to pick up variants if you do not remember it at all, because in this case the device will be blocked. We won’t hack anything, but try to use workarounds to tear down, skim or bypass screen authentication.

Connecting to the Internet

I’ll be describing a way to unlock Android using the Google provided feature. The only snag. In the Internet connection, because we can not go into the settings for this. But it turned out to be quite solvable too. If your Android was already connected to the internet before the lock, then you should have no problem at all. Go straight to the next point.

If you had Wi-Fi enabled. You can go to any place where you were already connected and you didn’t change your password there. If such a Wi-Fi network is found, your Android will automatically connect to the Internet.

Insert another SIM card with activated internet and minimal traffic. If you change your SIM card, your 3g-enabled phone or tablet will automatically turn on the mobile data connection. If this doesn’t happen, try resetting your device or using a SIM card from a different operator.

Once you have connected your Android to the internet, go to the next point on how to unlock Android.

Forgot Pattern Android | How to Change Screen Time Password

Key assignment

The direct purpose of the graphic key is considered to be its protection from direct access to the information stored on the mobile device for others.

The lock gives privacy to your data and protects many gadgets from hacking.

Additionally the owner of a mobile gadget can also independently install additional protection systems from third-party developers.

However, the graphical security system will always be present in the system settings of the Android OS.

Even if the phone is lost or stolen, an intruder is more likely will not be able to gain access to the phone, because the password will contain an unlimited number of combinations, which greatly complicates the selection of the right moves.

It is also noteworthy that in addition to the graphical key itself to unlock a limited number of attempts to enter it.

This is the number of the latest Android OS updates the user can install on their own.

It is not uncommon to see cases where, as a result of accidental tapping on the screen or inattentive typing, the device completely locks after expiration of the attempts. It is better to set the number of possible repetitions to 5 to 10, as 2-3 repetitions can cause a lot of trouble.

System message about the number of attempts to enter

As noted in the image with the wrong graphics key, the system notifies the user of the error and the number of remaining attempts.

If they are used up completely, then according to the internal system settings, you will have to wait a certain amount of time until new attempts appear.

forgot, graphical, password, your, android

If it is blocked!

On Android, it is possible to remotely install apps on the device!

If the device is now connected to the Internet (method 4.4,75)

There is a Google account entered in the Android device

By default, there is a special text 1234 in the app! Send an SMS from any phone to the locked device with the text

After this Android will reboot, after booting enter any graphic password! Android unlocked!

Resetting graphical password on Sony phones and tablets

You can reset Android phones and tablets by resetting them to factory settings. Press and hold the on/off and home buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. Other than that, reset your Sony Xperia devices with Android version 2.3 and higher can be unlocked with PC Companion.

Similarly to previous phones, when unlocking LG Pattern Lock by factory reset, the phone should be switched off and charged. Resetting the phone will erase all the data from the phone.

  • Lgnexus 4. Press and hold both volume button and power button simultaneously for 3-4 seconds. You’ll see an image of an android lying on its back. Use the volume buttons to find the Recovery Mode item, and press the on/off button to confirm the selection. The device will reboot and display android with a red triangle. Press and hold the power and volume up button for a few seconds until the menu appears. Go to Settings. Factory Data Reset, select “Yes” with the volume buttons and confirm with the power button.
  • LGL3. Press “Home” “Sound Down” “Power” at the same time.
  • Lgoptimushub. Press volume down, home and power button simultaneously.

Hopefully with these instructions you were able to unlock the Pattern Lock on your Android phone. Also, hopefully you needed this instruction because you forgot your password and not for any other reason. If this manual did not work for your model, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

How to unlock iPhone

If you’ve forgotten your Apple smartphone password, you only have one option: reset to factory settings. This procedure will delete the passcode, but it will also erase all photos, notes, apps, and other data from your iPhone. If you have a backup in iCloud or on your computer, all information and settings will be easy to restore.

To reset, you’ll need a USB cable, a Windows or macOS computer, and iTunes. If it’s not installed, download it from Apple’s official website. On macOS Catalina or later, use the Finder app instead of iTunes.

First, turn off your smartphone through the standard menu by holding down the side or top button. Next, make sure the gadget is not connected to your computer, and proceed depending on the model:

  • On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE (second generation), iPhone X, and newer models: Hold down the side button and connect the device to your computer with the USB cable until the restore screen appears.
  • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Hold down the Volume Down key and connect your smartphone to your PC through the USB cable until you see the restore screen.
  • On iPhone SE (first generation), iPhone 6s or older models: while holding down the home button, connect the device to the PC with the USB cable and do not release it until the recovery screen appears.

When the PC display shows a dialog box, click “Restore” and follow the iTunes or Finder prompts. The system will first return you to the factory settings and then prompt you to restore your saved data. As a result, the password will be removed and the device will be unlocked.

If the waiting time exceeds 15 minutes, iPhone will exit the recovery mode. In this case, reconnect your smartphone to your computer by pressing the corresponding button again until the necessary window appears. Then click “Restore” button again.

This piece was first published in July 2019. In December 2020, we updated the text.

How to remove the password from the phone

The most convenient way to remove the password from your Android smartphone using specialized software. The PassFab Android Unlocker utility is best suited for this role. It allows you to quickly and painlessly remove the password and gain access to the working device and start using it again. But the most important thing is that it does not require any special skills or knowledge.

Passfab Android Unlocker allows you to reset your Android password in any state

Connect your smartphone to your computer via cable. Without it, nothing will work

6 Ways To Unlock Android Lock Screen Without Password!(2020 WORKS)

Confirm the data reset and wait for the result

The only inconvenience of removing Android password with PassFab Android Unlocker is the need to clear the built-in storage of your smartphone. However, some Samsung smartphones running earlier versions of Android allow you to keep the data in memory, but delete the password as if nothing had happened. However, keep in mind that this is not a general rule, but rather an exception.

Use your Google account

Almost all Android phones use a Google account, so it’s usually very easy to unlock the pattern key after a child’s pranks.

You are prompted to register an account or sign in when you first start up. You may skip this point, but then some functions will be blocked. For example, you will not be able to install apps through Play Market.

To reset your password using your Google account, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the wrong Pattern Lock several times in a row. The exact number depends on the model. Sometimes 5-7 attempts are enough, and sometimes you need to do 20.
  • When a message appears that too many attempts were made, you will see the “Forgotten your password” button at the bottom?”. Click on it.
  • Enter your email and password for your Google Account.
  • Press the “Login” button.

Your gadget will be unlocked. Disable your username and password right away to prevent the situation from repeating.

If you can’t remember your Google account password, you can recover it on any other device that has internet access.

If you don’t have such a device, or if you haven’t set up a Google account in general, there are other options.

Important! This method is only available on devices with an Android OS version below the fifth. If you have a newer one, then use other ways to unlock.

If you forgot your Google account information

It’s hard to imagine how much functionality Android loses without tethering to Google services. You won’t be able to fully save your phonebook, search history, Gmail, Google Play settings, installed apps, and their data. You can’t do system and app updates, either. In our case, it is important that the right Google account helps you bypass the locking of the picture key, if you forget it.

But what to do if you do manage to forget your Google account details?

forgot, graphical, password, your, android

There are several ways to live with it:

    Restore account. When you created your Gmail account, you gave your phone number or a backup email? Sign in to Gmail from your computer.You’ve forgotten your password, which means you’ve forgotten your account. The system will offer you several ways to regain access.
    Create a new account. It’s unlikely that you’ve been able to forget the password to your important account. Which means that your Google account specifically is not that critical. Although, of course, if you have purchased paid applications and games, you won’t be able to link them to your new account. So try the previous way.
forgot, graphical, password, your, android