If you block the contact in the iPhone. How to block the contact on the iPhone in the “Phone” application

Black list on iPhone: how to add, remove, see

With the development of information technology, new tools for automation began to appear, including a variety of advertising bots that can automatically call users in the selected range or send messages. And often it is just a “dumb call”, from which, as a rule, no benefit. To protect himself, the owner of the smartphone can bring the number in the “black list”. This is a kind of separate category of subscribers who will no longer be able to get through or send messages if you place them there.

In iOS, the ability to add to the black list appeared with the 7th version, and before this period, subscribers had to use third.party applications that appeared in the Apple Store. Actually, in the framework of this material, we decided to describe in detail the entire process of working with black lists and reveal a few secrets.

What is a black list?

“Black list” is a separate category of numbers that are added in manual mode by the owner of the iPhone. If you are called from this number, then they will not be able to get through. over, a person at the reverse end is not notified about this in any way. You decide on your own who to enter the list, whom to delete. There are also separate databases formed on the Internet on specialized sites and in applications, but more on that later.

If you are tired of one or more numbers constantly calling your iPhone, you can add them to a list of unwanted numbers in a few clicks. This can be done in different ways, and we described them all.

Phone book

Keep in mind that this method is suitable only if the number is in your phone book under a specific name. If not saved, go to the next option.

Recent calls

This method is universal in its own way, since from here you can make a black list of those who are in contacts and those who the last time called you.


Blocking is possible through messages. Very often they send various SMS, which offer new products, services and other information. over, you can block both standard cell numbers and short. The ban is superimposed on everything: messages and calls, including Facetime.

  • In the very first line there will be a phone number and an arrow to the right. Click it;
  • In the additional menu, click the “Blok Subscriber” button and confirm the operation.


You can also add any number through the settings of your device. The only negative is that you can’t quickly attach a number from the latest calls from here. Data is taken from the phone book or entered manually.

How to add a person to black list on iPhone

Any owner of the iPhone can at any time and anyone can add to the blackberry. Having performed the operation, a person will no longer receive messages. You can block a certain number in several ways. Regardless of what of them you choose, calls and SMS will be blocked.

Phone number from the phone book

The easiest way to block the contact is to find it in the phone book and press the add.on button on the black list. This option is suitable in the situation when the number of the unwanted subscriber is recorded on the iPhone. If this is not the case, we recommend that you consider other blocking options.

To add to the human emergency, you need:

How to Block a Number on iPhone

  • Open the “Phone” application.
  • Go to the “Contacts” section.
  • Click on the name of the subscriber.
  • Click on the “block the subscriber” button.

As soon as you take all the steps from the presented algorithm, the number will be added to the black list. About how to remove a person from emergency, we will talk further. Therefore, carefully read all points of the material.

Call number

Often people want to add an unknown number to the black list, which often makes calls or sends messages. It can be a spam mailing or simply undesirable subscriber. Such numbers, as a rule, users do not enter into the phone book. Therefore, you have to look for a different way of blocking.

One option is to contact a call log. All numbers and subscribers that you dialed or from which you received calls are displayed here. If unwanted contact is here, you will need to take only a few steps:

  • Open the “Phone” application.
  • Go to the “Recent” section.
  • Click on the icon “I” opposite the unwanted subscriber.
  • Click on the point “block”.

This locking method will work even if the number is already listed in the phone book. The main thing is that he will make a call at least 1 time or receive a call on your part.

From the SMS list

Previously, we said a few words about spam newsletters. They are carried out with short or full.fledged numbers that are dishonestly received by your contact details. Of course, if you received only messages, the number will not be displayed in the phone book or call journal. But a similar method of blocking will work in the event that you need to add to the emergency person who is recorded in the contact sheet.

Some services carrying out an advertising newsletter after blocking the main number use auxiliary. In such a situation, adding to emergencies will help solve the problem only partially.

If you decide to block the number proposed, follow the following actions:

  • Open the application “Messages”.
  • Open correspondence with an undesirable subscriber.
  • Choose the item “Details”, located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “i” button.
  • Click on “Blok the subscriber”.

After blocking, you will stop receiving annoying messages. Also from the subscriber added to the emergency via SMS, calls will not receive.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone

Back to the topic, casually mentioned at the beginning of the material. We said that blocked numbers do not disappear from the iPhone. They are stored in a special section so that the owner of the phone at any time can change his decision regarding the addition of contact in the emergency.

To see the list of blocked subscribers, you need:

All the numbers added to the black list will be displayed here. If earlier any of the subscribers was recorded in the phone book, you will also see his name. With the rest of the numbers, such an option does not work.

Remove the lock from the numbers

Typically, the function of viewing blocked contacts is used so that a person can change his decision. After all, often the subscriber gets into the emergency due to a banal quarrel, which has the ability to end sooner or later. If you are in a similar situation, then you need to remove the lock:

  • Open the settings of the mobile device.
  • Open section “Phone”.
  • Go to the list of blocked contacts.
  • Select a number or list of rooms.
  • In the options, note the item “Unlock the subscriber”.

If everything is done correctly, this contact will be able to make calls again or send messages. In a situation where it is required to add a subscriber to the emergency again, it will be enough to perform the actions described earlier in our material.

Open and hide our number

Do you want your number to be hidden from the eyes of another user? It is easy to do this using a special function on the iPhone. However, most often its inclusion depends on the operator and its conditions.

We analyzed how to add another subscriber to the black list through third.party applications, standard tools “Contacts”, “Messages”, and also learned how to hide or open their number for other users when calling.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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How to see blocked contacts

Periodically, there are so many numbers in the black list that the owner of the iPhone no longer remembers who got into it. To recall all blocked subscribers, you need to use the instructions:

Here all the numbers listed in the black man will be displayed.

By the way, through emergencies you can not only look at blocked subscribers, but also add another person here. For this, you need to scroll down down, and then click “Add new”.

After entering a number or adding a person from a notebook, the subscriber will be blocked. But in the future it can be unlocked at any time.

Blacklist: Caller ID Blocker

The application perfectly adapted to the Apple iPhone integration. It offers the user not only to block numbers in manual mode, but also to drop the challenges of spamers. In this case, the corresponding notification will appear on the screen screen.

Mr. Number Lookup Call Block

Another worthy program that received mainly positive reviews of the owners of Apple iPhone. Through mr. Number lookup Call Block A person gets the opportunity to block all unwanted numbers. In addition, the application has an extensive base of spammers, which allows you to break through almost every subscriber. Thus, the user always remains closed for unwanted calls.

Call Control: #1 Call Blocker

The application positions itself as the best lock of unwanted calls. And it’s hard to disagree with this, because the program has been downloaded more than 12 million times, and the rating in the App Store reaches 4.5.

Software is absolutely free, but at the same time extremely functional. It allows you to block even those numbers that remain not subject to other applications with a black list.

Call Blocker: Block Spam Calls

A regularly updated program that can satisfy any needs for blocking unwanted calls. A feature of the application is the fact that a large community has formed around it. Through it, people share the numbers of fraudsters, whose calls in no case should be answered.


Superpopular caller with the function of locking spam ranges. than 200 thousand users of the App Store have already appreciated TrueCaller, setting an average score 4.5. Among the interesting functions of the program, in addition to a blackclist, it is worth noting the possibility of finding contacts from around the world, as well as an intellectual message system.

How to unlock contact on iPhone

To unlock the contact previously included in the black list, go to the “Settings” menu → “Phone” → “Block. and identification of the call ”, click“ Edit ”in the upper right corner of the screen, then the“. ”icon and select“ Unlock ”.

Similarly, unlocking can be performed in the “Settings” menu → Facetime → “Blocked” and “Settings” → “Messages” → “Blocked”.

How to block the phone number from the list of contacts

In order to block the phone number on the iPhone, open the “Phone” application and go to the “Contacts” section. Here you need to find contact with which you do not want to communicate, and press it.

As a result, you will get to the page with information about the selected contact. Here you need to scroll at the very end of the page and click there on the “Blok Subscriber” button.

After that, a pop.up window will appear with a demand to confirm the lock of this phone number. Here we just click on the “block contact” button.

That’s all, you have entered the selected blacklist and now it is completely blocked. Now all calls, SMS messages and calls on Facetime from the subscriber with this phone number will be automatically dropped.

What happens when you block someone on your iPhone?

How to block a phone number from recent calls

In addition, you can block the phone number directly from the list of recent calls without adding an unwanted subscriber to the contact list.

To do this, open the “Phone” application and go to the “Recent” section. As a result, you will have a list of calls that you have recently made from your iPhone. In this list you need to find a phone number that you would like to block and click on the button with the letter “I” next to this number.

So you will fall on the page with information about this phone number. In order to block it, you need to scroll through the page at the very end and press the “Blok Subscriber” button there on the button.

These simple manipulations are enough to add the phone number to the black list and completely block all the possibilities for communication.

How to block a person on iPhone. detailed instructions

Often there is a need to block a particular person on the iPhone. Perhaps you had a fight, you simply don’t want to continue communication. Perhaps the former lover/former lover announces you. Or sends SMS or calls an annoying spamer or telephone scammer. How to be? How to stop communication once and for all?

How to block the calls on the iPhone

Just go to the settings, click on the phone’s item, then select the drowning of unknown. This will make calls only from contacts in your list. Everyone else will pass by you.

And if you need to block someone specific? Then we go along the same path (settings, phone) and go into blocked contacts. Here we independently indicate who we do not want to speak with.

You can also do this right in the call menu. Someone unwanted recently called? Click on contact, go down, choose to block the subscriber.

From them you will no longer receive challenges, SMS, postal items and even Facetime calls. Class.

Blocking subscribers on iPhone using the phone application

You can and should be blocking unwanted numbers on the iPhone in the phone application (1 on rice. one).

Tap on the “Phone” button. There are several tabs below the opened application. Choose one of them. this is the contact tab (1 on rice. 2).

Yes, yes, you need to open contacts in the application of the phone, where there is the possibility of blocking subscribers. And not try to block contacts in an intuitive addition to the additions. contacts where there is no such opportunity at all (for unknown reasons that only iPhone developers could inform us).

A list of contacts opens. It is completely similar to the list that could show us the iPhone addition. contacts. In the list presented, you need to find the subscriber who must be blocked. Suppose it will be a subscriber named Andrey (2 on rice. 2).

Taping the subscriber “Andrey”. A window opens with a description of this contact. You need to scroll this window at the very bottom. It is there that the line of the “Block the Subscriber” menu is located (1 on rice. 3).

Taping on “blocking the subscriber”, it remains only to confirm your intentions in the service window: “block the contact”. This is what this confirmation looks like (1 on rice. four).

Actually, the subscriber’s blocking is completed on this. On the contact page, instead of the menu line “Blok the subscriber” (1 on rice. 3) the line “Unlock the subscriber” will appear. It is necessary in case it is decided to restore communication with a blocked person. After all, life does not stand still, everything changes. And the relationship is changing too.

Blacklist unknown subscribers

Not all with whom we contact are recorded in the phone book “Contacts”. But what if you need to block an unknown subscriber whose number is displayed on the screen when calling, but there are no other data?

Such blocking of unknown subscribers is even more important in some way. Especially if they call from unknown phones to promote dubious services (obsessive marketing), for various kinds of surveys (sociology) or even with fraudulent purposes, in order to fraudulent way to access passwords of accounts and bank cards.

In this case, “unknown” phone numbers (numbers, of course, are known, but it is not known who is behind these phones) are recorded on the “Recent” tab (1 on rice. 5) Applications “Phone”.

Suppose you need to block the very first number from which unknown ones called (2 on rice. 5).

We slip through the chosen “unknown” number 7 (xxx) xxx-xx-xx. The contact page opens. It must be slipped to the very bottom where the long.awaited line of the “Blok Subscriber” will be located (1 on rice. 6).

After the TAP to “block the contact”, an official confirmation window of “block contact” or refusal to “cancel”, similar to how this was shown in rice will appear. four. After that, on the page of the “unknown” contact menu “block the subscriber”, it will change to “unlock the subscriber”.

Unlocking the “unknown” subscriber can be useful in the future, if it still turns out that the unknown person who called was really needed, it is useful to continue further communication with him.

How to add an iPhone black list number

Go to the phone. Recent

Click on the “I” button located to the right of the contact that you want to block

Scroll the page down and click block the subscriber

How to add a black list of iPhone from messages

Go to messages and select annoying contact

Click the contact in the upper right corner

In the line opened, click the “i” button

Scroll the page down and click block the subscriber

The subscriber added to the black list will hear short beeps during a call to your number, and SMS messages emanating from him will not be displayed at all. The latter is now very relevant, given the huge amount of unwanted SMS spam.