If Forgot Password On Apple Watch

Forgot password on Apple Watch: how to reset to factory settings.

Like the iPhone, Apple Watch has a data protection feature with a screen lock password. After the sixth attempt to enter the wrong password, the device will be blocked, and a message will appear on the screen asking you to repeat the process in a few minutes.

If you still do not remember the password, you will need to delete all information from the smart watch. This can be done using the instructions published below. After deleting data from the Apple Watch, the gadget owners can pair with the associated device again and restore the clock from the backup. Note that the password is not saved in the backup.

Before using this guide, make sure that you really remember the password for your Apple ID account. You can verify, change, or reset your Apple ID using this guide.

How to reset and delete data from Apple Watch

In order to erase information and settings from the watch via a synchronized smartphone, you must open the Apple Watch program on the phone. During the process, the watch should be close to the iPhone.

1. Open the program Apple watch and select the “My watch”;
2. Select “The main”. “Reset”;
3. Click on the option “Erase Apple Watch content and settings”, Confirm the action. Enter the password for your Apple ID, if necessary.

In the absence of a paired iPhone, you can do the following:

1. Connect the Apple Watch to the magnetic cable to charge Apple;
2. Press and hold the side button until the slider “Switch off”;

3. Press with force the option to turn off the clock;
4. Select “Delete all content and settings”.

After deleting the data, you can re-sync with the iPhone (create a pair), and when prompted, select the “Restore from backup”.

What to do if you forgot your Apple Watch password?

Like the iPhone, Apple Watch can use password protection. With several attempts to enter the password incorrectly, all data will be erased on your Apple Watch. Read on if you forgot your Apple Watch password.

Fortunately, owners who have forgotten their password have a quick and easy way out of this situation. The main thing is that the Apple Watch is paired and within sight of a paired iPhone. This ensures that your Apple Watch is backed up on the iPhone. The first step to regain access to your Apple Watch is to erase its data as follows.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app and tap My Watch.
  2. Click General Reset
  3. Click Erase All Content and Settings, and then press again to confirm.
  4. If you do not have a phone, you can also erase all data by holding the side button until the Power Off slider appears.
  5. Then using ForceTouch, press and hold the Power slider (power button) to erase all content and settings.
  6. Click “Erase All Content and Settings” and follow the instructions to reset the device.

After the device is reset, you can sync it again with your iPhone and when prompted, select “Restore from backup”. The backup does not contain access code information, so you must access the Apple Watch with all your data and all previous settings.

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If Forgot Password On Apple Watch

Apple Watch is not protected from theft. Watch OS allows you to “reset” the clock without a password .

For Apple Watch, Apple’s developers have provided a password lock feature. it turns on whenever a user removes the device from his hand. However, it will not protect the watch in case of theft. an attacker can “reset” the password on the device.

On smartphones and tablets, Apple has implemented data protection against theft and access by third parties. Starting with iOS 7, you cannot disable the built-in Find My iPhone service or reinstall the OS without knowing the Apple ID and owner password. The spread of this technology makes the theft of iOS devices pointless. In the case of the Apple Watch, this technology does not work. you can delete all the data and reconfigure the Apple Watch without knowing the password.

Resetting data in the Watch OS operating system is performed by holding the side button of the watch for a long time. Three options appear on the screen: “Turn Off”, “Power Reserve Power Save Mode” and “Device Lock”. Now, if you press the “Force Touch” button with effort, Apple Watch will offer to perform a complete data reset.

After “resetting” the Apple Watch, you can connect to any iPhone and perform the initial setup of the gadget

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