I pressed reset on the router disappeared the Internet. Why the connection is lost

The router dropped the settings how to restore

Hi, dear readers of the Wi-Fi Guide portal! Today we will talk about a rather rare, but important problem. what to do if you have lost the setting of a router. This is exactly the question to me in the post office this morning. There is gently clarify whether they were definitely dropped. Perhaps you just think. Just in case, I would just reboot it. To do this, find the on and off button and press it twice.

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If you are afraid to click somewhere wrong, just pull it out of the outlet and insert it back. After that, check the connection. I must say right away that you can only reset the settings by holding the Reset button (reset) on the router. It is squeezing exactly 10 seconds. Many models have protection against children, that is, if the button is clamped longer or less, then the reset will not occur.

The wireless network to which you constantly connected will be absent. When resetting on many modern models, a Wi-Fi network is already turned on, but it has a standard name. It can be seen on the label under the case. By the way, it usually duplicates the full name of the model.

Reasons: Why are the router settings get down

As I said earlier, they get down only if you press the reset button. The fact is that usually manufacturers dummy it into the case, and you can press it only with a paper clip or needle. But there are buttons combined with “WPS”.

Still, before repeated setting, I would advise you to make the right discharge. Just in case, so that the reset occurs correctly. So we find a button, clamp it for 10 seconds. You have to wait a bit. After resetting the settings, you need to connect to the router network. This can be done by wire or Wi-Fi. The name of the network you already know where to look. there will also be a password from it by default.

Accidentally pressed Reset and the settings on the router were dropped?. It does not matter, we will eliminate the problem in a couple of clicks using our instructions. With the advent of such a device as a router, many Internet users have discovered new horizons and capabilities for themselves. Still. now the wires are not needed, and from one point you can get the Internet to various devices. However, a number of purely technical problems arose. Sometimes a configured device, which has just worked like a clock, refuses to perform its functions. What’s the matter? Either the network will disappear, then the installations are lost. Maybe it has broken? May be. But, as a rule, everything is much easier. About this below.

Random presses Reset

A separate category of cases. random pressing the reloading button (Reset). In this situation, the router parameters automatically return to the values ​​set by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers of routers took this circumstance to take this circumstance, and constructively complicated a random pressing, “drowning” Reset into the case of the device. However, some models have far from the best constructive solution. combining Reset functions and activating WPS on one button or key.

The presence of a Reset function is very useful, since at any time when the failures appear and poor.quality, as a rule, independent, setting up your router, you can return it to the state that it had when extracting from the factory packaging box.

Why drop the settings

Some confuse the dropping of the router with rebooting. So, rebooting is a shutdown and turning on the device. All parameters are preserved. And reset is a return to factory settings. That is, all parameters will be returned to its original state.

The reasons for resetting the settings of the router are different.

  • You cannot enter the web-integer-forgot the password or someone changed it.
  • You got a router who have already been used before you, and you need to configure it again.
  • You changed something in the settings, the Internet does not work. But you don’t remember what parameters have changed.

It happens that due to the voltage difference or software failure of the router settles. Then it should also be reset and reject it again. It is worth dropping the settings of even a new router just bought in the store. It is possible that he was already included there for the purpose of checking or demonstrating and changed something.

Hardware reset button Reset

The easiest way to drop a router is to use the Reset button. The advantage of this option is that you do not need to enter the settings. This is especially true when you do not know the password. The whole procedure takes no more than a minute.

Almost all Reset routers are on the back panel, next to the network ports.

There are exotic options for the location of the reset button, but they are rare.

Most often the button is drowned in the case. To press it, take a clip, straighten and insert it into the hole. The power of the router must be included.

You need to hold the button for ten seconds or longer. Look at the LED indicators. When they blink and go out, the settings are reset and the button can be released. The router will load with factory parameters.

Incorrect conservation of settings

Review and configuration of the D-Link DIR-320 modem as practice shows, in most cases, it is not discharged due to a modem malfunction, but due to errors in the work. Some modem models do not have an adaptive web-intake, therefore, to maintain changes, additional confirmation is required. Many users, especially beginners, may not know this, and soon after the changes they close the toolbar. Depending on the manufacturer and the modification of the router, the changes made can be lost immediately or until the first shutdown.

The latest TP-Link models to preserve new data request a reloading of the device. If the main parameters in standard software have been transformed, then a reboot is needed to enter into force. The operation is confirmed by a click on the corresponding button with the inscription “Reloading”. If you neglect this, the changes will be reset and will not be preserved.

How to set up a lost router?

So, the settings on your Wi-Fi router were dropped to factory values, which, of course, is absolutely unacceptable and something needs to be done with this. If you yourself have set up your router, you should already know the necessary steps for your actions: correctly connect the router to the computer, go to the device web-integer, select the desired type of network connection and configure the Wi-Fi network.

Describing in detail all the steps of the router settings are the amount of material that is enough to write an entire article. However, it is an article with detailed instructions about setting up any router model that you can find on our website.

It remains for us to answer the last question-what to do if the settings of the router TP-LINK are lost? The routers from this manufacturer are perhaps the most popular choice of users. However, the TP-Link router is shot down exactly for the same reasons as all other routers and its configuration can be performed using the article already specified above.

Well, let’s summarize. If you have lost the settings of the router, then you have no choice but to carry out its repeated setting. We also recommend that you carefully consider the router’s body to find the reset button or reset on it.

Perhaps you pressed it by chance, after which the settings of the device, as expected, were dropped. If such a button was found, then for the future you will already know that it is necessary to interact with the router more carefully, especially those who have this button located next to the button or cable of power.

I have lost the settings of the TP-Link router. How to configure it again?

If the settings are lost, connect the router to the computer via the wire (to any port of LAN) and try to go to the control panel at: http: // or http: // tplinkwifi.Net/. If this does not succeed, make a reset of settings to the factory, as described above. In any case, you will have to enter the values ​​that are needed to connect to your provider. This procedure is described in detail in the instructions for connecting and setting up TP-Link routers.

If you forgot the password from the Wi-Fi network, you can see it in the control panel in the “Wireless Mode” section and the “Protecting Wireless District” subsection. It is indicated in the “Password PSK” line. If in your control panel the name of the sections are others, look for them similar to the meaning. Read about the entry into the control panel higher in the point “How to enter the TP-Link router settings”.

The situation is worse with the password from the control panel itself. If the option indicated on the router’s label does not apply (you changed the password to your own), then you will have to reset the router settings (see. Section “How do I throw off the settings” above).

How to change the password on a tp-link Wi-Fi Roeter?

You can change the password for the control panel of the router or to the Wi-Fi network. In both cases, you need to enter the control panel by connecting the router to the computer, and find the corresponding section. The password to the control panel most often changes in the “System Tools” section and the password subsection or similar to it. Enter the current data (if you have not changed, then look at the router’s label) and come up with a new name and password. To change the password from the Wi-Fi network, go to the “Wireless Main” section and the subsection “Protection of the Wireless District”. Enter a new password in the PSK password line and click the “Save” button. This action usually requires a reboot of the router, so click on the corresponding button and wait for the end of the reboot.

The process of updating the firmware of the router is as follows. You need to find and download the firmware file, download it through the web-intese and wait for the update. Consider these steps in more detail.

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TP-Link router update procedure

To update the router, you need to connect it to the computer. When updating, it is recommended to connect the devices not via Wi-Fi, but by the wire through the port of the LAN. For updating, find the right section in the control panel. For example, in many cases, the “System Tools” section and the subsection “Update built.in software” are used. The procedure is this: upload a file downloaded earlier, press the “update” button and wait for updating. During the update, you cannot turn off, reboot the router or close the browser. Firmware files are often downloaded in the archive, so before loading the file archive you need to unpack and take a file from it with the extension.Bin. See an example of downloading the firmware and updates in the instructions for setting up tp-Link TL-WR940N.

How to prepare for a reset of settings

If you yourself did not set up the Internet or have already forgotten the details of this procedure, then we recommend that before reset, view the settings in the control panel. Naturally, if you have access to it. To enter the web panel to the router, a control device, such as a laptop or smartphone, should be connected by a wire or Wi-Fi. If you find it difficult to connect it, read the section “Connect the router to the control device” in this instructions. To enter the control panel, go in the browser at the address indicated on the label of your router and enter the password.For repeated basic settings of the router, you will need the following data: the type of connection and the data of the provider, the current name and password of the Wi-Fi network. We will analyze in more detail where to see them on the example of the TP-Link route web panels. In your case, sections and commands may be different, so look similar in meaning. The “Network” section displays the type of connection and the necessary data. If the dynamic type is chosen, then for it no data needs to be remembered, since they will be determined automatically. For other cases, just take a screenshot of the page, save it to the file and then you can enter this data from it when setting up a router. If you have a firmware with a blue design, there also look at the section “Network”.To view the name of the Wi-Fi network in a green web panel, open the “Wireless Wireless Settings” section. To view the password of the Wi-Fi network in the “Wireless Main” section, Open the “Wireless Defense Protection” subsection and look at the PSK password line. In the blue panel, the name and password of the wireless network are indicated on the “Basic Settings” tab and the “Wireless Mode” menu. You may not write them down, since when resetting, they will return to the factory, but then you will have to enter a new name and password for a wireless network on all home appliances.

Find the Router case on the Router case, click it for a few seconds (usually 5-10) and release it when you see changes in the indicators. In some models, all indicators are blinked, in others there are only one. If you release the button before the indication change, there will be a conventional download of the router with the current settings. The button itself can be either a regular and hidden hole, so you will need to arm yourself with a sharp object. In many models, it is located on the rear end of the router, but in some you will barely notice it from the bottom of the case. In models with a battery, it can be hidden under it.In some routers, the button can be called differently, for example RST or be combined with others. So, in Tenda AC6 (AC1200) models, it is indicated as follows: RST/WPS (combined with WPS function).

How to reset through the control panel

Recall that to work through the control panel, the computer must be connected to the router through the wire or via Wi-Fi network. Consider the procedure for resetting several popular brands in the web panels. For TP-Link models in a green web panel, go to the “System Tools” section, subsection “Factory Settings” and click the “Restore” button. In a blue web panel, this team is located in the “System Tools” section and the subsection “Reserve Copy and Restoration”. In Keenetic routers, select “Management” and “General Settings”, in the D-Link models go to the “System” section, “Configuration” subsection and click on “Factory Settings”. As you can see, this team is usually hidden in a certain general section called a system, administration, management and a similar term.

After reset, you will have to configure the router in the same way as for the first time when buying from the store. To do this, connect a computer to the router if you haven’t done it before. Find the label on the router and read the factory values. In particular, at first you will need an address for entering the control panel, name and password to the panel. Drawings below will help you understand where to look for them. Some models of routers indicate only the password or nothing is indicated. The lack of a password means that it will be set at the first step when starting the setting master.After entering the control panel, the service will offer you to start a quick setup. Do this and answer all the questions of the master. For the right settings, the clarification of information in the contract or in an interview with the provider will help you. You can see examples of settings in these articles:


Another no less popular reason for the lack of Internet can be connected directly with the computer, in particular the presence of viruses. Such tenacious “microorganisms” are familiar to any user. over, the installed antivirus software (software) does not give a complete guarantee that the virus will not be randomly. And if the subscriber spends most of the time in the virtual space, then the risk increases significantly.

Every year viruses are becoming more and more for a good hundred, if not more and many companies are simply not able to keep up with such a development. It is noteworthy, but there are such harmful programs that block access to the network.

Only licensed antivirus products should be used to minimize risks. In any operating system there is a firewall that should not be disconnected if there is no antivirus. This will protect itself from infection.

And in order to arise as much as possible when the Internet periodically disappears through a router, some computer security measures must be observed. In no case do not cross on suspicious links, especially from the sent letters. It is also extremely not recommended to download files from unverified sites. In addition, each time, connecting some drive (external hard drive or flash drive) to the computer, it is worth checking them for viruses.

Unsatisfactory signal

Each router is equipped with a Wi-Fi transmitter and has an antenna or even several. And if there is no Internet, then the first thing is to check the contact of the antennas. They can be removable or non.removable. In the first case, problems should usually not arise. Otherwise, you will first have to make sure that the wireless router has run out of the warranty period. Only then can you disassemble the device and inspect it from the inside. perhaps the antenna contact is violated.

If the Internet periodically disappears on a laptop via Wi-Fi, this may be due to a weak signal. If, for example, everything is in order on the computer, but there is no communication on the laptop, you should place a wireless router in a place where the signal spreads evenly throughout the apartment.

It is worth paying attention to what frequency the equipment works. If it is 2.4 GHz, then working microwave or a stationary radiotelephone can interfere with a Wi-Fi signal.

Whether it will help?

Unfortunately there is no unequivocal answer to this question. If the router refused to work after falling or a sharp outburst of the power, it is highly likely that its days are numbered and the device cannot be repaired. If the Internet disappears after your intervention or a change of access point, then you can count on the fact that after the settings on the router are dropped, it will return to life.

It is important to understand that some settings are not reset even after a hard reception. Probably, in this case, only a flashing can help, which, in fact, is one of the subspecies of a program reception or replacing the router itself.

pressed, reset, router, internet, connection, lost

“Without access to the Internet”-check the provider’s settings on a Wi-Fi router

I will show on the example of TP-Link TL-WR841N, as always :).

First of all, we need to find out what technology your provider uses for connection. For example, in TL-WR841N in the WAN tab, you can specify one of the technologies:

And depending on what technology you choose, you can specify the additional information that the provider most likely provided when connecting. For example, if the Static IP technology, then the provider must give you an IP address and other information for connection. If the PPTP/Russia PPTP technology, you can specify the login, password, IP (if necessary). If the provider selects a dynamic IP address, then just put Dynamic IP and everything works. This is my case, the provider Kyivstar home Internet uses dynamic IP.

So you need to find out what technology your provider uses. How to do it? You can see in the documents that you received when connecting, you can look for information on the provider’s website, or you can just call and ask. Say that you are setting up the Internet on a Wi-Fi router, and do not know what type of connection and what settings to indicate in the settings of the router. You must provide the necessary information.

You learned what settings should be indicated, now for clarity, I will show how to indicate these settings in the router itself.

We go to the control panel of the router. To do this, we will take 192 in the address bar of the browser.168.one.1 (if it does not work, then look at the address from the bottom of the router). Enter the username and password, by default it is admin and admin (if you did not change it).

We go to the Network tab, then “wan”.

pressed, reset, router, internet, connection, lost

For example, I show the settings for Kyivstar home Internet (Ukraine). This provider, as I already wrote, uses dynamic IP. Therefore, in order for the Internet to work, opposite the Wan Connection Type: indicate the Dynamic IP, click the “Save” button, reboot the router and rejoice (I hope :)).

For example, setting up for Beeline.Corbin Provider.

As far as I know, this provider uses L2TP technology (Russian L2TP). Therefore, opposite the Wan Connection Type: indicate L2TP/Russia L2TP.

User name and password. indicate the data of your connection (most likely, you received them when connecting).

Server IP Address/Name:. VPN TP server.Internet.Beeline.ru

Wan Connection Mode:. Choosing Connect automaticillally.

To save, press the “Save” button.

After making these settings, everything should work. If I am not mistaken, then none of these providers uses binding to the MAC address. Well, if your provider is binding to Mac, then we read on.

Clon MAC address from a computer on Wi-Fi router

If your provider binds a connection to the MAC address, then for the operation of the Internet connection, you still need to clone the MAC address from the computer to the router. You can read more about the MAC address here.

In the router settings, go to the Network. “Mac Clone” tab. Press the “Clone Mac Address” button and the “Save” button. Reload the router.

Everything, the setting is completed. I hope you succeeded.


I tried to make this article simple and understandable, it seems to have happened. Most importantly, this is to post the material in the right sequence and remove the unnecessary information that will only confuse the reader.

You can leave your questions, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and additions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Good luck!

Setting up a local network

Next, consider how to set up a local network.

To do this, you need to perform several simple steps in the control panel:

  • Go to “Network Connections”;
  • Go to the “connecting local network”, select “Properties”;
  • In the window that appears, it is necessary to select the “Internet (TCP/IP) protocol”, and below “Properties”;
  • Depending on the services provided by providers, the item “Get IPDires automatically” or “Use the next IP address” is selected.

If, under the concluded agreement, customers are provided with a static IP address, then enter the addresses indicated in the IP address field, the subnet mask, the main gateway.


Many people wonder how to configure TP-Link if the router has lost. There are no fundamental differences with a standard primary algorithm. With proper operation of the modem, all parameters remain unchanged, more often the computer settings and/or directly the network card are lost.

In order to avoid problems during the settings for creating a remote access point, a special button in the administrator panel called “Systemsetup” is often used, then you need to go to the “Setting Managment” section. Elements of control of the last section allow you to export the parameters of the router, and in case of emergency and emergency situations, import these settings. The function is extremely useful, since many curious, but uncertain PC users can accidentally reset.